Readers' Submissions

DirecTV vs. Dish Network

Is one really better than the other?

When it comes to satellite and cable TV services, the whole issue is more complicated than just the channels on offer, pricing and overall service packaging; here is what our readers had to say!

Dish All The Way

(Mansfield NJ)

COMCAST is the worst on all levels! Service is ALWAYS out, the menu is always wrong, on demand is never working, it even gives its own error code so Comcast knows of the problem. Lots of artifacts/tiling, some very loud channels whiles others you cannot hear.

Customer service HA what a joke! It is non existent; there only answer is "we will need to send out a tech", then a rude tech with muddy boots ruins your carpet, swaps the box and you have the same issues 4 boxes later!!

They transfer you from department to another. No one wants to deal with the issue. Meanwhile I have no TV, yet they keep billing us!!!!

Internet is horrible too, slow, terrible GUI, bad customer service. Go DISH! Much cheaper too!

Dish Network

(by Zack)

If you are into HD and cutting-edge technology, then I would suggest going with DISH Network.

DISH Network has an award-winning dual-tuner DVR, receiving CNET's Editor's Choice Award and PC Magazine Editor's Choice for Best DVR. DISH Network also has the most HD channels in the industry, not to mention the lowest all-digital prices nationwide, available everyday.

I have been a long time customer at DISH as well as an employee.

Cable too busy

by: Anonymous

We have cable and frequently lose channels, tiling, etc. We also had Internet with it and we finally went to dsl because our small town cable company just got too busy, you had to wait sometimes for 5 minutes to get on line! So we plan to change to digital satellite now since they are having a local "sale" on installation and packages. This comment has helped me decide, Thank You.

DirecTV vs. Dish Network: Sony Addict-recovering

by lee blume

We have been with DirecTV going on 16 years. When we joined, the consumer bought their own equipment at a price of $1200.00. At this time DirecTV is giving us a whopping $5.00 off our bill for 15 months for customer loyalty.

We now pay $80.00 a month for Choice Plus- HD package-2 drv's and service plan. The service has been great very few storm related outages. Great channel lineup you have to get the HD package if you have a LCD television.

I would NEVER switch to Dish TV; can't stand the remote and on screen format plus they are missing a lot of great channels.

Long time DirecTV customer

by: B. Cameron Mar 25, 2010

I have been a DirecTV customer since 1996 and have taken it with me through 4 moves. It is by far the best solution that is available in my area (Nor Cal).

I have two brothers with Dish and they have frequent equipment issues and, personally, I believe the Dish guide was designed by someone who doesn't have a TV.

I would have given DirecTV 5 stars but despite my loyalty and perfect payment history, they want full price on new equipment and give it away to new customers. I wanted a second DVR and they offered it to me for $199! No way.

Now they have something similar to Dish's two room receiver. You can network their "Interactive" receivers together so if you have one HD-DVR you can watch what is recorded on that DVR on other receivers IF they have an Ethernet port. My HD receiver doesn't so I have to call and see if I can get an upgrade.