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Update: November 30, 2012

Da-Lite Projector Screens (2)
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Da-Lite Projector screens are sought after by both professionals and home theater enthusiasts. However, the main problem for many in the market for a projection screen solution when faced with a product line like that available from Da-Lite, is not so much the screen array to choose since this is mainly a matter of what one wants to achieve. Rather, it is the choice of the projection screen fabric that most often represents the biggest headache of all.

In this second part of our Da-Lite screens product guide, we continue discussing the various projection screen surfaces available from Da-Lite; we hope that the information presented in this guide will make your front projection screen fabric selection process, a bit easier.

69Inx92In Model B Da-Lite Manual Pull Down Screen Matte White

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In the first part of this guide, we discussed seven of the most important projection screen fabrics available from this manufacturer, starting with the most versatile of all Da-Lite projector screen fabrics, the standard Da-Lite Matte White.

In the process, we have also discussed high contrast surfaces and Da-Lite High Contrast Cinema Perf, a professional grade screen surface with perforations to render the screen fabric acoustically transparent.

In this second part, we look at the some of the more specialized front projection screen fabrics available from Da-Lite. As stated in the first part, all Da-Lite projector screen fabrics are available in various screen arrays. In addition, all Da-Lite screen surfaces can be cleaned, come in flame retardant material, are mildew resistant, and GREENGUARD® certified.

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Which Da-Lite Projector Screen fabric is best for your home theater application?

In this second part, we discuss the following specialized Da-Lite screen fabrics for front projection:

- Audio Vision and HC Audio Vision

- Silver Matte and 3D Virtual Grey

- HD Progressive 0.6 and HD Progressive 0.9

- Pearlescent and Video Spectra

- High Power

The main characteristics for each of these different Da-Lite screen fabrics are summarized below:

Da-Lite Cinema Contour Screen Series with Audio Vision fabric

Da-Lite Cinema Contour 92-inch Projection screen 16:9 Audio Vision

Audio Vision and High Contrast Audio Vision

Da-Lite Audio Vision is an acoustically transparent front projection screen fabric. This Da-Lite projector screen surface supports a screen gain of 1.0 and a viewing cone of 120 degrees.

As expressed elsewhere on the site, acoustically transparent fabrics help render a more realistic soundstage - thanks to the placement of the center speakers behind the screen. The material design is such that it practically results in no sound loss, thus transmitting the full range of sound detail with maximum clarity while still maintaining good image quality.

It is available in sizes from 60" to 240" diagonal in video format and 92" to 159" diagonal in HDTV format.

Da-Lite High Contrast Audio Vision screens come with a reduced screen gain of 0.8 and a viewing cone of 90 degrees. This screen surface is best used when there is good control of ambient lighting.

This high contrast Da-Lite projector screen is basically the same High Contrast Da-Mat material but with a perforated surface for acoustic transparency. In fact, it has the same screen reflectance characteristics.

An affordable electric high contrast Audio Vision screen array is the Da-Lite Tensioned 100" Diagonal Video Format Wall Screen. This has been designed with the home theater in mind, can be either wall or ceiling mounted, is tensioned for improved image quality thanks to the extra surface flatness, and allows for RS-232 networking capabilities for optional video projector interface and related automation options.

Silver Lite 2.5 and 3D Virtual Grey

Da-Lite Home Theater Screen with Silver Matte surface for 3D projections

Both Da-Lite Silver Lite 2.5 and Da-Lite 3D Virtual Grey are mainly screen surfaces designed for 3D front projections, but with a few differences.

The Silver Lite 2.5 screen fabric is a multi-purpose front projection surface optimized for passive linear and circular 3D applications; it is also an excellent 2D screen material. For passive 3D applications, the silver surface maintains 99.3% of polarized light and the 2.5 gain of the material compensates for the light lost in the polarization filtering process.

For 2D projection, the gain and high contrast characteristics of the material make it perfect either for projection under high ambient light conditions, or for use with low output video projectors.

Virtual Grey is very similar to the Silver Lite Da-Lite projector screen fabric except that the 3D Virtual Grey is a flexible screen surface with a reduced screen gain of 1.85 and a narrower viewing cone of just 22 degrees.

HD Progressive 1.1 Perf

HD Progressive represents Da-Lite projector screen fabric endorsed by Joe Kane Productions. This screen material supports an ultra wide viewing cone of over 170 degrees, thanks to an almost flat screen gain response; it also has a screen gain of 1.1.

As with other Da-Lite Perf screen fabrics, the HD Progressive 1.1 Perf is an acoustically transparent screen surface to allow for the placement of speakers behind the screen.

Pearlescent and Video Spectra 1.5

These Da-Lite Screen surfaces both come with a projection screen gain of 1.5 and a viewing cone of around 70 to 80 degrees, with the pearlescent material supporting the wider viewing angle.

DaLite 106-inch HDTV Format Home Theater Electric Screen with Video Spectra 1.5 Fabric

106" HDTV Format Home Theater Electric Da-Lite Screen with Video Spectra 1.5 Fabric

The Pearlescent Da-Lite projector screen surface utilizes an unsupported vinyl creating a very smooth pearlescent coating that provides high reflectivity and brilliance without loss of image quality or resolution. It represents a good choice when projecting video images using lower output projectors or where there a high level of ambient light is present in the room.

Da-Lite Video Spectra 1.5 projection screen material is specially designed with a reflective coating to provide an increased level of brightness at a moderately reduced viewing angle.

The increased gain of this surface makes it suitable for environments where ambient lighting is uncontrollable and with moderate light output projectors.

High Power

Da-Lite High Gain screen fabric comes with a relatively high gain of 2.4 and represents one of Da-Lite projector screen surfaces with the highest screen gain.

Da-Lite 72" Diagonal Video Format Home Theater Fixed Frame Screen with High Power Fabric

72" Diagonal Video Format Home Theater Fixed Frame Da-Lite Screen with
High Power Fabric

As expected, viewing angle for such a high gain material is rather restricted, with a viewing cone of 50 degrees.

This Da-Lite screen surface represents an interesting solution that delivers the same reflectivity and optical characteristics of traditional glass beaded surfaces; however, its smooth textured surface makes this an easy-to-clean surface.

The moderate viewing angle and its ability to reflect light back along the projection axis make this surface the best choice for situations where there is a moderate amount of ambient light and the projector is placed on a table-top or in the same horizontal viewing plane as the audience.  

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