Plasma TV Reviews…a 2013 Update

Despite that for 2013, we have a rather reduced lineup of plasma TVs, choosing a Plasma TV still remains among the most challenging task for those looking for the best that today’s TV display technologies have to offer. Why? The latest premium and flagship plasma TVs for 2013 have reached the apex of picture performance. … Read more

Protecting your Plasma TV Unit

Your Plasma TV is probably the most expensive item in your home theater or entertainment room. It is also that piece of high tech equipment in your home most of us put to use for at least a few hours every single day. Hence, it is only natural that you will want to keep your plasma … Read more

Guide to AV Equipment Racks

Audio Video rack enclosures come in all shapes and sizes, and are great to help you keep your gear well organized and safe – essential for long-term trouble-free operation. However, there is a lot more to AV racks than just a simple storage space for home theater system components. In particular, more elaborate racks used in … Read more

What to look for when Choosing a Plasma TV

Are you planning a Plasma Television purchase? Plasma televisions have become extremely affordable; in particular, the latest budget class 720p plasma HDTVs are among the cheapest HDTVs around. Yet a plasma HDTV is one of the most expensive items in the home theater. Proper planning of your flat-panel TV purchase is thus essential if you want … Read more

Is a Plasma TV still worth considering?

Plasma television sales started their decline in 2006, reaching a record low in 2009 when according to DisplaySearch, these fell to 14.8 million units worldwide from 15.1 million in 2008. This was the result of a surge in LCD TVs sales. Eventually, the bad economic times that followed brought a wind of change towards end 2009 … Read more