Best LCD TV Reviews – 2013 Roundup

Choosing your LCD HDTV out of the myriad of models available from the various brands can make the whole selection process challenging to say the least, at times even frustrating. Help is here! We are presenting a series of LCD TV Reviews and product guides covering some of the best LCD HDTVs available from major brands … Read more

Image Sticking in LCD and LED HDTVs

Image sticking is surely one of the least known phenomena associated with the use of TFT LCD panels. Yet, despite what many may believe, image retention—or ghosting—is not just an issue with plasma televisions. In this short LCD TV guide, we explain what causes image retention in LCD TVs and show you what you can do … Read more

TV Contrast Ratio Explained – Part 1

It has always been industry’s favorite game – playing with numbers, and TV contrast rating is one of the preferred names, with the latest craze in the video industry being the new mega contrast ratings. Dynamic contrast ratings of 3,000,000:1 have become common with LED and plasma TVs. CCFL LCDs have reached 150,000:1 while home theater projectors … Read more

Buying Refurbished Electronics

What You Need to Know Is buying a refurbish TV worth the risk? The economy is still in a very bad state and we all want to make the most out of our hand-earned cash. It is therefore understandable that many in the market for an HDTV, Blu-ray payer, home theater system, or in that … Read more

LCD TV Installation Guide – LCD Mounts

Thanks to the different LCD mounts, installing an LCD−or even more so a LED HDTV, is often a relatively straightforward job that can be carried out by the end user, but… Mounting a flat-panel TV is not like hanging a picture on the wall. In this first part of our LCD TV installation guide, we show you … Read more

TV Installation Guide – LCD TV Mounts

The many different types of LCD TV mounts−from LCD TV wall mounts and pedestal stands to TV ceiling mounts−open a whole new world of flat-panel TV mounting possibilities otherwise impossible with the now almost obsolete CRT TVs and bulkier rear projection TVs. In this second part of our LCD TV installation guide, we look at the … Read more