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Can't We Pay Only for the Channels We Watch?

by P E Bach
(Chandler, AZ , USA)

I used to have my own satellite 81/2 remote dish. All reception was free. Then somehow someone came up with charging us. Then the dish networks came along.

We can no longer choose what we want to watch but are forced into certain packages. Most of these packages does not cover program content we would ever look at. So we pay for about half of what we actually use. My question is:

Why can't we be allowed the choice of choosing the channels we will be watching and only have to pay for those channels?

I have looked on-line with receivers that allow me to go through my computer, big deal. How can such a package be diverted to my TV? When can someone just come up with a simple plan, that does not cost so much and will allow me to just watch that which is of interest to me and my family?

You can tell that if I had free satellite, then I must be a little older than the rest but... don't feel much smarter. Anyone have ways to improve on what is out there?

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Can't We Pay Only for the Channels We Watch?

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Sep 30, 2010
WOW ! What A Concept!
by: Anonymous

I agree, doesn't take a business degree to understand that if you allow the consumer to choose and it is a reasonable price and it doesn't have channels that you do not watch...WAH-LAH! Definitely, that would be a customer for life!

Wonder when those greedy CEO's will get it? They need to have price packages for channel quantity of our choice.

Oops I'm sorry, that's gone out with customer service.

Nov 19, 2008
I agree
by: Anonymous

It's ridiculous to pay for garbage you don't even want to surf. It seems like a Marxist implementation of programming.

Let the channels fail if there isn't enough demand.