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Buzz is really drastically different between these two plasma TV sets

by Peter
(Evergreen, CO)

After several months with the Samsung B860, the buzz was intolerable. It was clearly audible from 12 feet away, and very directional. It would drive any audiophile crazy.

I replaced this set with the V10 Panny and it is quiet as a dead mouse. I can almost hear a faint buzz if I put my ear to the set, but there is no buzz audible from a few feet away.

The Samsung plasmas do not work above 6000 feet, that is the real issue. I live at 7800 feet. Samsung is slowly responding and supposedly pulling these sets from the mountainous regions, above 6000 feet.

I don't know how they compare at sea level, but be aware this is a real issue and not just a "normal" buzz, it is very loud.

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