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Most of these readers will prefer to wait

Does it makes sense to keep waiting?

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Waiting for more variety of 3D TVs

by Larry (Alabama)

I am waiting for the 3D HDTVs because you get all of the benefits of the standard HDTV with the addition of an added dimension of 3D.

You can still use the 3D HDTVs for standard 2D viewing of movies in HD, so I believe that it will be worth the wait, instead of buying now and then having to buy later when the technology really changes, and it is coming with this 3D fad.

Just an opinion, but I'll wait.

Don't forget HDMI 1.4 !!

by Ernst (St. Louis)

I'm waiting. There is always something new coming out, I know. But the new HDMI 1.4 protocol is debuting on players, receivers, and displays this year.

THERE IS NO FIRMWARE UPGRADE POSSIBLE, so if your equipment doesn't have it you're out of luck.

Since I am about to take the HDTV plunge in a pretty big way, I believe it would be foolish to invest in equipment that does not have HDMI 1.4. I wish you well.

Who will have a 240hz refresh rate 70-inch or bigger

I`m looking to replace my 70" 2006 Sony qualia kds-70q006 model for a 70" or bigger LCD with at least 240hz. Are there any in the pipeline?

Buying a New HDTV - HDTV Enthusiast

by Darrin
(Dallas, Tx)

I'm ready to upgrade a 3yr old 65in Mits. DLP. As fast as technology changes, I see better value in purchasing a new 2009 HDTV at a reduced price. This TV will look much better than the one I have.

I would rather save the money upfront today and update every 3 years than buy top of the line today. The best TV's today will almost always be outclassed by the HDTV's of the near future.


by Walter Snope
(Lenoir NC USA)

I am looking to buy a 55" Samsung LCD W/LED lighting. The main reason I like this TV is the 1.2 inch width. Is it worth the extra $300 for the Media@2.0? I think the 2008 does not have this option. I would have to buy the 2009. Do you know if it is worth the extra $$$?

Now Is The Time to Buy, for me.

by Heather Dewart
(Edmonton, AB, Canada)

I have been waiting to see when the technology improves enough to make the decision to jump in and buy an LCD TV.

In the meantime I've been looking at my neighbor's 2 or 3 new LCD TVs over the past few years. The quality seems much better to me now and the price has decreased a lot.

So I have decided to purchase a new LCD/LED TV now. I'm not really interested in 3D which seems to be the way things are going right now. But in any case, I have my doubts about 3D - in particular because of the required 3D glasses. I cannot imagine myself spending hours day after day to watch 3D TV!

Thanks for your great feedback and advice which will help me decide which Brand/model to choose.

Why Wait

by Ernie
(Akron, OH)

As they say "a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush".

Your article helped me decide on whether to wait or buy. Bargains are to come by so I'm buying now, saving some money which I can enjoy on other things. In the meantime, if in 3-4 years time, the new HDTVs are that much better, I'll buy another and send the old TV to the kids.

Thanks for your objective views. EJA

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