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AVRAK Rotating AV Racks
Taking Your Gear for a Spin!

Quality Equipment Racks for your AV Installation

AVRAK are mainly renowned for their AV rotating equipment rack systems. Yet there is more to AVRAK than just rotating storage racks for AV gear. The AVRAK line comprises stationary, rotating, pullout and rotating, and freestanding with rotation AV racks. These equipment racks are of outstanding quality and are suitable for both home and commercial use.

AVRAK is not the only company in the market with quality rotating rack systems. In particular, more affordable rotating and slide-out racks come from Middle Atlantic as detailed in our equipment rack guide here. What differentiates AVRAK racks from the competition is their high degree of adaptability and available customization options that makes for a stylish and extremely functional design.

Middle Atlantic ASR-48 Rotating Slide-Out Shelving System
Middle Atlantic ASR-48

Rotating Slide-out Shelving System
A less expensive alternative to the AVRAK Solution! (available from amazon)

AVRAK AV Rack System
More than just a rotating rack solution

AVRAK has been around for over 14 years. In the process, Avrak established itself as a leading manufacturer of rotating equipment racks for AV installations.

In this respect, they carry a vast range of quality equipment rack solutions that are equally adaptable to home entertainment, home theater, home automation, and commercial use.

Like the rest of the competition, the AVRAK rack system does not come cheap - rather they are probably among the most expensive AV rack solutions around even though we feel that most AVRAK products are well priced when considering their quality and consumer adaptability.

You see, here we are dealing with quality heavy-duty rotating rack solutions designed not only to house all your gear, but also to protect your whole mass of expensive AV equipment equipment. We say 'whole mass' because the AVRAK equipment racks have a maximum rated load bearing capacity of between 350lbs and 450lbs. This means they can take all imaginable equipment found even in the most elaborate home theater systems.

AVRAK Rack System Main Characteristics

The Fatrak range of double wide rotating AV racks

AVRAK Fatrak Double-wide Rotating AV Rack System
 Ideal for use where vertical clearance is at a premium.

The basis of the AVRAK AV rotating rack system is a universal modular design that makes these systems easily adaptable to any application.

You can select from a full range of standard height enclosures - starting at 30-inches with four shelves, reaching full 72-inch height and a maximum of 11 shelves; custom rack heights are also available.

In addition, shelf height is fully adjustable to accommodate individual system components. There is also a wide choice of options to choose from to further customize your AVRAK equipment rack to best suit your needs as further detailed below.

Features include:

1: Vented shelves designed to keep your equipment cool during use by ensuring better air circulation around your gear.

2. Pullout shelves that come out on metal slides.

3. Drawers that come both in standard configuration for the storage of various items, as well as in CD/DVD configuration to hold up to 96 CDs or 48 DVDs, or a combination of both.

4. Cable management kit - this apart from the provided wire management anchors included with each system.

5. A castor base for added mobility or when installation space is at a premium.

These equipment rack systems come fully assembled. This means that installing an AVRAK rotating rack in an in-wall enclosure is a few minutes job - following which you can start setting up all your audio and video gear. 

Installation Tip: Rotating/swivel AV racks offer a significant advantage over standard fixed equipment racks systems when it comes to equipment installation and maintenance especially in confined spaces. Rotating equipment racks make it possible to access the back of the equipment from the front. However, do not forget to allow enough cable slack when installing AV gear to enable the whole rack assembly to rotate a full 180 degrees complete with your gear.

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The AVRAK Range: A Spinning World for your AV Equipment!

AVRAK has come with a most complete range of AV rotating equipment rack systems suitable for use both in the home and in the industry.

In-wall Systems

Avtrak: The most popular product range within the full line of AVRAK AV rotating racks designed for in-wall enclosure installation is the Avtrak system.

The Avtrak uses a combination of sliding rails and a rotating mechanism to enable the whole rack assembly (complete with your gear) to pull out of its enclosure a full 19-inch; it then rotates 180 degrees for complete access to the back of the system components.

This pullout/rotating mechanism leads to a more compact and aesthetically pleasing design - something that also explains the popularity of the Avtrak range over the equally interesting Avrak line.

Fatrak: A modified version to the Avtrak and unique within the category of AV rack systems is the Fatrak range (see picture at the top of the page).

The Fatrak also pulls out completely and then rotates outside its enclosure with the difference that it comes in a double-width configuration. This helps solve problems where there is still a lot of equipment to install but rack installation is limited by vertical clearance.

AVtrak AV Rotating Rack System

The Avtrak AV Rotating Rack

This double-wide concept means that a 36 inch Fatrak holds the same amount of gear as a 72 inch Avtrak. Unlike the rest of the AVRAK lineup, minimum height for a Fatrak is 24-inches; at these rack heights, the Fatrak would fit nicely anywhere within your home entertainment room - including under your flat-panel HDTV.

Avrak: The Avrak range is very similar in concept to the Avtrak and Fatrak rotating AV racks except that it does not pull out of its enclosure. Instead, it rotates within the in-wall enclosure. This results in a simpler mechanism and yes... a cheaper price tag.

But the fact that it does not pull out but rotates within its enclosure means that it requires wider cabinet space.

The Avrak Rotating AV Rack

The Avrak Rack

What makes the Avrak AV rack system interesting is that apart from being mounted in a built-in enclosure, it can also be mounted on the optional Avbase or Castor base for freestanding applications.

Furthermore, when fitted with the optional Avrail rack rail option, the Avrak range transforms itself into the ideal alternative to the often more expensive commercial steel rack systems.

The Avrail makes it possible to mount your gear using standard rack spacing.

Avrail option

Use of Avrail to mount your gear using standard spacing.

Freestanding AVRAK Systems

As we have stated in our introduction, one area where AVRAK differentiate itself from the competition is the outstanding quality and the meticulous attention to detail in their products. If there is a product range where one would be really able to appreciate these aspects of the Avrak rack system is the AVRAK line of freestanding equipment racks.

Avstand: The most popular product here is the Avstand range of freestanding rotating AV racks. The Avstand rack represents an incredibly stylish and equally important, a functional equipment stand.

These freestanding AV cabinets make for an elegant piece of home theater furniture that would surely integrate with any room decor.

Avstand AV racks can be customized to come in wood veneer (cherry, maple and red mahogany) or piano black sides, finished in a clear high gloss lacquer that provides a perfect match to the high gloss black top and base.


AVRAK  AVstand

The Bottom Line: AVRAK - Rotating Equipment Rack Systems with a difference!

The simple concept of reaching the back of your gear from the front - just by giving your AV systems a spin - makes the AVRAK line of rotating AV racks a great choice where ease of equipment handling, functionality, and excellence in design are a priority.

There is only a problem and this is their rather high price. AVRAK rotating AV racks are among the most expensive though except for the very expensive AVfurnishings range of AV cabinets, the rest of the lineup is well priced and within reach of the average home theater budget.

But for the price... you get a heavy-duty and extremely stylish AV rotating rack solution where attention to detail, built quality, ease of equipment handling, and design all combine to deliver a functional equipment rack of exceptional standard.

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