LCD TV Installation Guide – LCD Mounts

Thanks to the different LCD mounts, installing an LCD−or even more so a LED HDTV, is often a relatively straightforward job that can be carried out by the end user, but… Mounting a flat-panel TV is not like hanging a picture on the wall. In this first part of our LCD TV installation guide, we show you … Read more

TV Installation Guide – LCD TV Mounts

The many different types of LCD TV mounts−from LCD TV wall mounts and pedestal stands to TV ceiling mounts−open a whole new world of flat-panel TV mounting possibilities otherwise impossible with the now almost obsolete CRT TVs and bulkier rear projection TVs. In this second part of our LCD TV installation guide, we look at the … Read more

How-it-Works: LCD Display Technology

What is Liquid Crystal Display technology, and how does an LCD panel work? Why is LCD flat-panel display technology the most common display technology in use today? In this easy-to-follow how-it-works guide to LCD flat-panel display technology, we look at the underlying technology that makes LCD panels work in order to represent numbers, words, and high-resolution images. … Read more

How-it-Works Plasma Display Technology

An easy-to-follow explanation Plasma televisions have been around for consumer use since 2003, yet there still remains a lot of consumer confusion about what plasma display technology is really all about. If you would like to know more on the subject, here is a short easy-to-follow article that describes the basic operational principles behind flat-panel … Read more

LED vs. Plasma vs. LCD TV

Are you being faced with the dilemma of choosing between a plasma TV, an LCD or one of the latest LED HDTVs? A Comparative TV Technology Guide and Checklist Plasma vs. LCD (and LED TV) is a much-debated issue and a dilemma faced by many when buying a flat-panel TV. And by end of 2012, we … Read more

Developments in LCD Panel Technology

New LCD Displays, Improved CCFL and LED Backlights LCD Panel Technology is constantly evolving in all areas from developments in the use of different liquid crystals and improved backlight systems for better picture performance, to manufacturing processes that help improve production yield factors and therefore, reduce costs. In this short article, we discuss the latest developments … Read more

Media Cabinets for a Unique Finishing Touch

Best Buy and Lifestyle design company Maria Yee Inc., have teamed up to offer their Magnolia Home Theater customers in New York and Los Angeles, an exclusive three-piece collection of home theater furniture. Targeting the discerning home theater user, this fine line of media cabinets is one of the very few – if not the only line … Read more