3DTV will take off soon

I believe 3D will take of soon as most manufacturers have already started to incorporated 3D technology into their flagship sets, consumers who just want the very best 2D image quality will end up buying sets that also happen to do 3D. Manufacturers are also including 2D to 3D conversion as standard too such as … Read more

3D TV Technology and Human Vision

3D TV technology renders an impression of depth while displaying an image over a 2D surface. Yet the human brain knows that a 3D object cannot be contained within a flat surface. This affects our way of seeing 3D content and may even leads to undesirable effects, like disorientation and headaches. In this article, we discuss … Read more

3D TV FAQs the most asked questions about 3D TV

3D TV is a relatively new technology; it is therefore not much of a surprise that most consumers still lack a basic understanding of what present 3D TV technology is all about. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of misconceptions surrounding this subject, partly as a result of the misleading information that often comes out from sales … Read more

The Complete OLED TV Guide

OLED TV sets have become among the biggest and most awaited TV attractions in electronics shows. This is no surprise; OLED technology promises exceptionally thin display panels, lightweight TVs, least power consumption, and a superior picture to that of any other display technology available today. It was only during CES 2012 when we saw the … Read more

Plasma TV Reviews…a 2013 Update

Despite that for 2013, we have a rather reduced lineup of plasma TVs, choosing a Plasma TV still remains among the most challenging task for those looking for the best that today’s TV display technologies have to offer. Why? The latest premium and flagship plasma TVs for 2013 have reached the apex of picture performance. … Read more