2021 LG LED TV Sets Do these represent a valid TV option?

LG HDTVs have for the past recent years become synonymous with stylish designs, extensive ‘practical’ features, and an appealing price, making these among the most popular TV options for the mainstream market. 2012 LG HDTVs are no exception; rather, these are the LED TVs that are attracting among the best consumer ratings. Instead, professional reviews … Read more

Best Sharp LED TV Sets for 2021

Sharp is the TV maker that really differs from the rest in that Sharp is the one TV maker that continues to push massive LED backlit LCD TVs — offering mid-tier featured HDTVs in sizes up to even 90-inch! So far, such massive TV sizes were only available either through one of Mitsubishi’s latest DLP rear … Read more

Why 3D TV is Dead – Lack of Standards

The reason 3D television is dead is the lack of standards. The international standards organization responsible is the Society of Motion Picture And Television Engineers (SMPTE). As most in the industry know, the SMPTE standards process is horribly corrupt, dominated by a handful of companies including Dolby Labs and Warner Bros. The chief SMPTE engineer … Read more

Which 3D LED TV to buy in 2010? A wise suggestion

I have been following and studying various trends in technology advancements in the 3D field especially 3D LED TVs. From Indian consumer market perspective, there are three key brands that are fighting each other for a substantial space in 3D LED TV market…Sony, Samsung and LG… After reviewing their lines closely in person at showrooms … Read more