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Art Deco Inspired Home Theater

by Glen

Art Deco Style Home Theater

Art Deco Style Home Theater

Art Deco Inspired Home Theater

This Home Theater located in New Jersey combines an Art Deco style with a modern touch of technology and class. The result is a truly awesome high-end home theater design.

The art, designed by 3-D Squared, is actually printed on acoustic friendly fabrics which are stretched over various type of acoustic treatment panels to ensure not just a great look but equally important,  a correct sounding home theater environment.

For those who are new to the Art Deco style:

This rather unique, ornamental style originally began in Paris in the 1920s. However, it was not before 1966 that the term 'art deco' was first coined; it was after the Les Années 25' Paris exhibition, sub-titled Art Deco. This style is based on mathematical geometric shapes and is considered by many as a stylish modern design that often integrates artistic elements and distinctive styles from various countries - with popular motifs being related to Ancient Egypt and Greco-Roman cultures.

Editor's Note June 3, 2012:

The image shown in this submission is a 3D concept rendering of the art deco home theater, designed, manufactured and installed by Jack Fitzgerald from; all rights for this home theater design are thus owned by Jack Fitzgerald. The picture featured in this article submission was originally used as part of a campaign aimed to promote this art deco style theater. Glen Hoffman was commissioned by Jack Fitzgerald to do the 3-d renderings for the design and also to supply the digitally printed fabrics.

Actual finished theater images and additional information on this Art Deco Home Theater style can be found in a separate submission appearing on our site under this same section at

Original Submission posted on: September 23, 2009 by Glen Hoffman from

Editor's Update posted on: June 3, 2012

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