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Are there still capacitor problems with Samsung TVs?

by Pat Cobban
(St John Indiana)

I think your article was very informing with led vs lcd. But I have seen on the Internet that Samsung TVs are having a problem with the capacitors in the TVs causing them to stop working after about 1 year. Have they improved this problem in the newer models?

For the price consumers pay for these TVs you would hope they would last for the 15 years a TV is suppose to last. I feel I should not have to buy a extended warranty to make me feel safe about spending big money for a TV that should last.

The reason I ask this question is because I have a Sony grand WEGA TV that only lasted 5 years because of a bad design in the light engine, and Sony is not standing behind their product.

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May 07, 2018
by: Anonymous

I am having all of the problems listed with my 50" LCD TV (UN50EH6000F) purchased in 2012. I believe Samsung settled the capacitor class action law suit and continued using the same inferior part.

I have also had serious issues with a Samsung washer/dryer set. Cracked drum and circuit boards going out.

Never going to buy another Samsung product...not that they care.

May 05, 2018
UN55F9000AFXZA lasted less than 4 years.
by: Anonymous

Looks like only option is pay hundreds of dollars plus shipping to have the main board/one connect repaired or buy a different TV...which brand should I shop for?

May 05, 2018
Samsung TV faulty
by: Michael Kramer

My Samsung 55" lasted 2 years with same problems as previously reported. Samsung does not stand behind their product. Would never buy another Samsung Product

May 02, 2018
Capacitor problems
by: Rudy

Model: UN40ES6100
Yes they still have capacitor problems. I have two Vizio TVs that are 4 years older than the Samsung. No problems with them, they work as good as when I unboxed them.

I also have an Insignia which is about 12 years old, still working fine.

I didn't know about the capacitor problem. I first called Samsung Support. They ran me through all kinds of stuff to do. Unplug this, unplug that, unplug everything, update firmware they really had me going - when all along they knew they have a capacitor problem which they did not even mention.

No way would I purchase another Samsung product.
Buy anything but Samsung.

May 02, 2018
Bad copacitors
by: Darksun007

Yes. The real irritating thing is when you call Samsung support they run you through all kinds of things to do. Unplug this, plug this in, turn on and off, update firmware.

They know they have a capacitor problem.

I have two Vizio TVs that are 6 years older than the Samsung. They work as great as when I unboxed them.

Vizio 5 stars.
Samsung Zero stars.

May 01, 2018
Had Enough Samsung
by: Learned Hand

I see some folks got stuck with a bad Samsung TV and they're saying never again with Samsung. Well, I've got a power cycling Samsung TV, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a bright pink line on the screen (out of warranty, but not completely paid off yet), a Samsung stove with elements that have been repaired multiple times and one still doesn't get hot, and a Samsung washer that works intermittently (still paying that one off too). Point is, I like Samsung products. They're usually the prettiest, slickest looking, feature packed version of whatever electronic product I'm looking for. But when my 18 month old Samsung microwave quit with the dreaded 5E error on the display, I'd finally had enough. If you're stopping at a bad TV consider yourself LUCKY! Or maybe not STUPID.

Apr 29, 2018
UN60JU6400 Samsung 4K UHD
by: Deborah

Bought this tv abt 18 months ago. Started with big black lines on the screen. Called customer service, was told no warranty. Called a repair shop they gave me the number to. Still hasn't called back. Called a local shop close to me, checked the tv and said the screen needed to be replaced for 1200.00. Still watching thru the lines. I can turn it off and they will disappear for a while and then come right back. On disability can't afford a big repair bill. Already paid 100.00 for the guy to say the screen was bad. I have 2 sharp tvs smaller never had a problem with either of them. Samsung makes crap for a tv.

Apr 02, 2018
65" Curved 4K Dead 2 weeks after warranty died
by: MyrtleBeach

We bought a 65" 4K Curved Samsung TV from Costco last March 15nth. It is now a year later, April 2 and there was a loud pop, then a black screen and it is dead. The TV lasted 18 days past the warranty... That is the last Samsung appliance I will ever buy in my life.

Mar 24, 2018
"The Frame" without picture
by: Anonymous

Samsung The Frame out of the box worked well about 1 hour only.
Now it starts blinking, rebooting after 15 minutes from each power on. Then I must unplug the power cable. Wait 30 minutes and I can watch TV again for 15 minutes window. Veeery funny.

Samsung company is thinking about replacement now.
I must wait.... 14 days for their decision.

Think about it before you buy!

Mar 24, 2018
65" 4K TV dead after a year.
by: Anonymous

Samsung seems to have produced many bad units.
This is inexcusable for how much these TVs cost!
Especially your 4k smart TVs.
I will not purchase ever another SAMSUNG product.
This is robbery. A product that doesn't even last a year…
The warranty and customer service is lacking reality!
You all know you have produced garbage and sold it for an
exuberant amount of money...the warranty should be a 10 year one!!!!

There are numerous posting throughout the internet documenting your
Pitiful TVs!


Mar 20, 2018
Still problems 2018
by: Anonymous

I bought my 2012 Samsung Smart TV in Sept 2013. Past of months it would just turn off on it's own. This past weekend it started doing the dreaded powering on and off. I took it apart and although i don't have a tester the capacitors didn't look bad like the photos I've seen. It was pretty dirty i heat with wood. I noticed a resistor wire hanging by a thread. The minute i touched it, it broke. So I'm going to buy the 20 cent resistor and try soldering it on. If that doesn't work then i guess I'll be out this TV. No way will I pay someone to try and fix it. And I will never buy another Samsung product. Considering how long these issues have been around you'd think by now they'd have it fixef.

Mar 15, 2018
by: Charlie

I paid around $1,600 for a 60-inch LED Samsung TV about three and a half years ago. It's already dead. The Geek Squad came to my home three times and attempted to replace all the components in the back, they came to the conclusion that the panel needs replaced. A new panel cost $1,100.

Samsung, of course will not stand by the quality of their products. I'm just out of luck.

I see many other people are having similar issues with their Samsung TV. Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit against a company?

Mar 15, 2018
Dead 60
by: Anonymous

My $1600, three-year-old, 60 inch LED TV screen went black. I still had audio. The Geek Squad made 3 visits to my home, attempted to replace all the major components , then informed me that my issue was the panel, which would cost $1,100.

Samsung has been kind enough to offer to let me pay to have another technician come to my home. Presumably to tell me that I need an $1,100 panel. Never again Samsung.

Mar 11, 2018
UN40H6203AFXZA Purchased in 2014 Dead
by: John Velasquez

Our 40 Inch Samsung Smart TV is dead after 4 years. It was fine one day, then dark the next. In researching the probable cause, we found that Samsung TVs from a few years back had issues with a $5 capacitor, so we called Samsung to try and find out if their was an easy fix. After going through all the motions of their protocol, which mostly had me plugging and unplugging the TV, they would still not give me the data I requested, which is what their field data was telling them was the cause of failures with this model. All companies collect this. What I wanted to do was use that information to determine whether I should pay for a field tech ($100 service call) and then for repairs (?) or write-off the TV and buy a new one ... no luck ... they would not tell me.

Feb 24, 2018
TV turning on and off every two minutes
by: Anonymous

I purchased the 55" QLED tv from Best Buy on Dec. 12, 2017. Not even three months old, the tv started turning off and then back on every two minutes or so. My son and I recently researched and noticed others writing in to Samsung with the same problem. Pretty bad spending 2 thousand on a new exceptional tv as advertised best and it doing this. Do not purchase this tv and it may be the next major recall. The smart remote is not so smart, the processor is slow and better off using your comcast remote. The remote actually stopped working and forced to switch back. Anyway, avoid purchasing this tv especially for the money.

Feb 22, 2018
Samsung 55
by: Anonymous

Purchased 55" Samsung 6 series tv from Costco 3 weeks ago. Starting not turning on unless I unplugged it first. Then it would turn on after unplugging and waiting 10 minutes. Now it appears to be completely dead.

Feb 11, 2018
by: Anonymous

Well it just happened to me too! Today I was watching TV and it suddenly had no sound and then no picture. Thought it was the cable box and rebooted it. Turned TV on and the SAMSUNG screen came on for a second and then went blank. Now it's in standby mode (blinking red LED light at bottom right) and neither remote or power button will turn it on. It's barely over a year old. Contacted Samsung via chat and said they don't know if this problem with this model. I told them I googled it and it's all over the place including their community page. Told me it's an internal problem and i would need to schedule a service. Since it's a 40 inch that means I would probably have to unmount it and bring it somewhere. I don't think I should have to do anything and I certainly shouldn't have to pay for it!!

Feb 11, 2018
You guys are going about it the wrong way!
by: Ruby

You guys are going at this wrong way.. I had that problem on a Samsung 50" we got in 2008! I read back and saw the constant complaints about that problem.
Just because mine was by this time it was 8 years old when I had the problem... It took a bit.. But I got them to see it my way.. and yes, the law suit was concluded.. some back... But that did NOT deter this stubborn gal.. and , as I said, they finally saw it my way!so don't give up, MAKE THEM fix their stuff.. once a problem, fire remote, a problem..I'm proof it can be done!

Nov 27, 2017
a good whack
by: Jigs

Bought my UN46.... tv a few years ago and last year the screen went black then kept rebooting but wouldn't stay on. Unplugged at the back of TV and it went and stayed on - for a while, eventually dying again. Samsung said it was a power board problem and good luck, out of warranty. I always believed a good whack with a hammer can solve most problems, but decided instead, maybe a light whack with my hand where the power cord goes in might do it. After finally getting the TV to shut down with the remote in between cycling on and off, that's' what I did and Problem solved - for a month or so, then it happened again. I've now accepted that this problem is chronic, and I'm not willing to drop any more $$$ into this TV. The cost of a new power supply or whatever isn't worth it considering how much prices have dropped on new sets. Knock on wood the last time I had the problem was a good 8 months ago, and the last hard whack I gave it seems to have beaten it into submission, and the set has functioned without issue since. Keeping my fingers crossed, but no more Samsung TV's in my future, and if a class action suit is ever filed - I'm in!

Sep 18, 2017
Still a Problem in 2017!!
by: Ex-Samsung Customer

When my Samsung TV started having power cycling problems this week I began searching the internet for info. I bought my set in 2013 which makes it now 4 years old. I couldn't believe that a class action lawsuit was already settled in 2010 for this same problem.

Now what do we late-comers do to get help from Samsung? It appears that they are unwilling to make good on their product, so no more Samsung products for this household.

Sep 13, 2017
55"Samsung smart tv turns off and on
by: 403 Olds.

UN55D6420 MODEL Samsung with off and on problems
red light blinks twice 3 to 4 times. you tube has a fix for some of the older TVs. you can also buy reconditioned cards / mother boards. But getting a refund may be a pain in the butt.
#1 place to get them is
#2nd place is shop

Use caution restocking fee may apply; hope this helps. Makes you wonder why these companies have failed their customers is its cheap parts, software, under engineered to work only for a few years, place of manufacture or is it a software hack. N.Korea?

Time may tell us. In the meantime... I am still looking for a good TV that will last.

Sep 12, 2017
Spoke to Samsung Customer Service - no help
by: Karen

My 2013 TV is randomly turning on and off. I told customer service I had tried all of the fixes, none worked. They said warranty expired, can't do anything but refer me to repair center. One actually admitted it was a defect in TV!

Sep 12, 2017
Capacitor Problem????
by: Anonymous

The 55" Samsung Smart LED TV that I purchased directly from Samsung last November has died. It powers itself on and off continuously with no picture or sound. The foreign service people hung up on my husband. The Samsung local people say they will contact far nothing.

We bought on our Am X Platinum card, which doubles the warranty. They say they can't do anything until this warranty expires!

This is more than frustrating.

Aug 15, 2017
by: MB

My TV - which is barely 3 years, has been for the past few months flashing on and off, not turning on, and now the picture turns Black while sound can still be heard. Just called Samsung a few minutes ago; and the answer was what I expected from a NON CUSTOMER-CENTRIC CORPORATION: It is my problem, not Samsung's problem.

My current TV is the first and only electronic product by Samsung in my household; and it the last.


Aug 15, 2017
Samsung Tv's Suck!
by: Anonymous

In 9 months of purchase TV doesn't work. Call them and they do nothing. Time to sue!

Aug 14, 2017
Not smart tv
by: Anonymous

Worst TV I ever bought Samsung 32 went black but has voice only after 3 years. My vision 8 years still going I think these smart TVs Samsung can break them thru Internet. I don't trust anything on Internet No more smart TV for me. I want one that is dumb but works!

Aug 09, 2017
I'm pissed..
by: Anonymous

Just paid 1300$ for a nice 4k true HDR good for gaming 55ich Samsung TV from BestBuy on July 3 217

Everything worked wonderfully until Aug 6 217 when out of NOWHERE the TV has frozen with black screen, can't use the remote either with constant clicking. Only had this TV for a little over a month now and paid a lot of money for it too. And it's taking them 2 weeks to get to my house to try to fix it and I'm waiting now as I type... All of our Complaints are about the same. Something does need to be done about these defective Samsung TVS.

My biggest mistake was not getting an in store warranty at BestBuy. Big Mistake!

I too now will never buy another Samsung TV ever again either.


Aug 06, 2017
by: Joe

Yes the problem continues till today. Bought this LED 40" TV for my bedroom from Costco in 2013. Started power rebooting a couple of months ago. Called Samsung and they asked to do a software update. Did that and still problem continues. The problem could be from power panel, capacitors or the motherboard.

Aug 03, 2017
2 year old 55" just died
by: Ellen N

Fine one minute then it died for no apparent reason.

No more Samsung TV's for me!

Jul 26, 2017
by: Anonymous

Seems my issue is the same as many others. The issue started first with the screen would go dark with sound. Eventually it would clear up. It got progressively worse to where it is now. It will start out normal. Then after a couple of minutes the screen will go very dark.

I bought this TV a couple years ago from Costco. I am either thinking of going after Costco for selling a brand with known issues or taking it to Samsung's door. Yet to call and get someone on the horn as I know hearing I will have to pay for repairs to a TV that I not 2 years ago I spilled out my hard earned for will cause me a great deal of anger.

Jul 20, 2017
65 inch Samsung Australia
by: Dave

Had pretty much the same issue as everyone else below. $2300 AUD, 14 month old TV 65 inch TV that just stopped working all of a sudden. No power, no picture, zip nada!!! Rang a TV technician who advised its the Samsung power supply that's the issue as he has worked on hundreds before with the same issue. Also said it maybe the motherboard and if so, it is a throw away item. Cost to replace internal power board is circa $500 AUD. Interestingly he advised he uses another non-Samsung power supply as Samsung DOUBLED the cost of their power supplies from $280 AUD to $600 AUD last year probably due to all these issues (no other manufacturer increased their power supply replacement costs)!!! Bring on a class action if there any Lawyers reading this as it is unethical and borderline criminal!

Jul 10, 2017
65 inches curve 4K 9500 series
by: Anonymous

I purchased this TV 18 months ago and now my picture went black but still have sound. This is absolutely ridiculous as I paid a lot of money to purchase this TV and I didn't buy warranty because High end TV is not supposed to have issues for at least for 10 yrs.

This is a class action law suit waiting to happen. Last year Samsung had issues with their phones and now their flagship TV is crap.

Jul 09, 2017
by: Janie D.

Yes...I too was hit by the capacitor issue a while ago and had to get it resolved by ANYONE OTHER THAN SAMSUNG. I too experienced their "exceptional" support when calling -- to the point of hearing Samsung deny they were aware of any problems like that and that they produce quality products.

Let's take a walk down Memory Lane and just look at that, shall we, as those "quality" products have NOT been limited to their TV's alone.

- Somehow the minor fact of a previous Class Action Lawsuit settlement awarded consumers in 2012 filed against Samsung about this very capacitor issue eludes their customer support team. Maybe they've identified a benefit to a policy of high turnover in that department so an excuse of ignorance-is-bliss can continue to be conducted. And regardless of such a widely-known history by far too many consumers, if you are out of their warranty, you're on your own with their suggestion that "it's time to buy a new one."

- I think Samsung believes our attention span has exceeded an ability to remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After all that was WAY BACK in September 2016. Overheating batteries and explosions. Did Samsung decide to reduce the possibility for a similar issue in the future? For that matter, have just about ANY of the phone manufacturers learned from it and taken steps to reduce the potential of such a problem? No. Instead they have doubled-down on them by ramping up our Smartphones with a solid-state encasement making it impossible to remove a battery that may overheat -- while at the same time, assuring themselves of a faster haul out of consumers -- that captive audience -- who are now forced to expend even more money to replace an entire phone because of a faulty battery...or one whose battery life-capacity ends and can't be replaced.

- And certainly let us not forget the recall on Samsung's top-loading washers in what I'm sure they consider ancient history -- from 2015.

Yes, I'd say Samsung has been laughing all the way to the bank for quite some time in how they have been managing to keep us clean, keep us connected, and keep us entertained -- all while ignoring the fact that their "quality" products...and their warranties seem to so consistently meet their goal of coming up short for the consumer...

...or shorting out as the case may be.

Jul 07, 2017
Samsung "customer service" is horrible
by: Marina Peninpede

Just got off the phone with them. Clearly their capacitor problem is not limited to certain TV or year. Still going on. Click click click and TV won't go on. They informed me they are doing NOTHING about it.

Never Samsung again... ever. Still watching my 10 year old Panasonic Plasma. Thankful I didn't get rid of it but angry I paid thousands for a TV I watched for 18 months at best.

Jul 06, 2017
UN 55FHFH6030
by: Anonymous

Won't power on, Led going 100mph and a clicking noise that mimics the light. I unplug the main board from the power board the backlights come on. The only thing I guess you can do is start replacing boards 1 by 1. Screw it taking the TV to SAMsuck to get fixed. I am not giving them anymore of my money. Nobody on here is giving any answers so it's you-tube time.

Jun 28, 2017
Boycott Samsung
by: Melaine Lawrence

I bought a Samsung smart TV in 2011. Within three months a technician came to my home and had to replace the USB port. The next year the mother board went out so I had to ship my television to get it repaired. At that time it was still under warranty. 2 years later I have sound but black screen. Samsung is now saying I have to pay to get the TV repaired.

This is a total ripped off! I would never ever ever by Samsung again!

Jun 22, 2017
My PLASMA loses picture and goes click click forever
by: Bob Curtis

I called Samsung and a rather snooty and evasive tech stated my PLASMA TV,PN58B860 Version BU03 ser # AZ5V3CESC00185N, is out of warranty. When I asked if they would repair it he spent 5 minutes telling me where to take it... 1 Stop Appliance Repair, and told me to have it diagnosed and then I could fix it. When I asked him again if Samsung would fix it, he told me it was out of warranty. Never got a straight answer I could barely understand his English)O maybe I heard wrong, but I don't think so. I certainly did not get told they would-just a cagey take it to this authorized center. It turns out the authorized center is a one man shop who doesn't answer their phone.
Any way my TV will power on then very shortly does the magic click click of death. then will not power on at all just go click click. It was a great TV-now it is a piece of junk, I will have to pay a hazmat licensed company to haul away. Cant even get an estimate... sad.

This is 22 Jun 2017. Bob Curtis

Let me know if your tv does the same thing or you got it fixed... Thank you. Anyone else having these problems?

Jun 19, 2017
Just died
by: Anonymous

Same here. From one second to the other... The Samsung died.

Jun 16, 2017
Buzzing noise
by: B

I'm getting a loud buzzing noise from my Samsung 55" LED smart tv and it sounds like it's going to explode. Nervous about the noise, I checked to see if anyone's been experiencing the same problems. This seems to be happening to a lot of customers and there needs to be something done about this.

What to do...

Jun 11, 2017
by: Anonymous

We purchased a Samsung Smart TV three years ago at the cost of about $1,800. We just started with problems. Volume delay by minutes, same with channel up and down. TV turns itself on and off. It's crazy. If you pause what you are watching, you can't take the pause off... even by turning the tv off.

I have called Samsung a number of times and of course it gets sourced to India or a foreign country. The tv is out of warranty as that is only one year. I have had the cable company here and replaced all remotes, boxes and upgraded the service in the house and at the telephone pole. Nothing but problems with this tv.

What is the solution? Pay someone to fix it or go buy another one - NOT SAMSUNG.

Jun 06, 2017
Samsung ln52c530f1fxza is simply D-E-A-D
by: Anonymous

No power, no sound, no indicator, no NOTHING. Dig its grave & throw it in unless someone knows the issue?

Jun 04, 2017
55 LED Samsung Tv
by: Anonymous

I paid $1600 for 55inch Led Samsung tv, now it's not working properly; capacitor problem. I wont buy any Samsung products.

May 30, 2017
TV went dead
by: Anonymous

So I see numerous people are having this issue. My Samsung TV was working perfectly fine and now went dead. Seems to not be getting any power or anything. No sound, no light no nothing.

May 25, 2017
Another one bites the dust
by: Pissed off

Bought a 50 inch Samsung LCD from Best Buy about two years ago. Still making monthly payments on the POS. We watch it maybe 5 hours a week. Tonight the picture goes black and still have audio. Same compliant as many below. Anybody know a DIY repair?

May 22, 2017
Black screen, but sound and channels work
by: Anonymous

Try the flashlight test - we had our 2014 Samsung "dumb" tv repaired very reasonably by having the main board replaced. Worked for a month - now the TV has NO power. I've had it with Samsung - $1000 TV & it had 2 major problems in under 3 years. Plus, Samsung does not seem to stand by their product!!! I would not recommend Samsung to anyone and will go out of my way to discourage others to buy their products!!!!

May 20, 2017
Issue with all my Samsung products
by: Yves Marcotte

My Samsung TV 6201 series just went black after 2.5 years. I still get sound but no picture at all. I have also a Samsung blue ray that failed within 3 years and a Samsung dishwasher that failed after 1.5 years. I also found out that the local support is very poor in Quebec.

May 18, 2017
Samsung series 550 plasma won't come on.
by: Anonymous

I want to know if something can be done.
They should last longer than they do for what we pay for it. Product is expensive junk. Consumers need protection from expensive junk.

May 18, 2017
by: Anonymous


May 17, 2017
Nothing but problems with Samsung
by: Anonymous

Purchased a Samsung 46 inch smart TV and a 60 inch smart TV from Costco. The 60 inch developed problems a number of months after purchase and one of the circuit boards had to be replaced. Recently the 46 inch smart TV developed a mind of its own. It shuts itself off and then struggles to turn itself back on again and when successful it will shut itself off a short time later. Sometimes it won't even let me shut it off using the remote. I even bought a new remote thinking that may be the problem but it didn't help. It's now at a point where we can't even watch it. I think Samsung should be held responsible, my symptoms appear to be common. The sets are definitely defective, I concur, a class-action lawsuit appears justified.

May 02, 2017
by: MR McDonald

I bought a 55" Samsung 4k TV just over 12 months ago and now the TV is the biggest pile of #### I've ever bought. I spent over £500 on this rubbish it's ruined anything plugged into it fire stick 2tb recording device it now reads nothing & the items will not register on my other TV's yet again I'm left with the bill to bye new items again, I would advice people to get rid ASAP who knows what could happen things we burning hot to touch, never leave it on standby pretty much the same problems as everyone else. I'll never have a Samsung in my house again.

Apr 27, 2017
Never again
by: Anonymous

SAMSUNG MODEL NUMBER UN39FH5000FXZA. Stopped turning on after less than a year. Trying to got help from Samsung for 6 months. Now they say they will repair it but it's no longer under warranty so I have to pay for it. What? Why on earth would I do that? Never Samsung never again.

Apr 18, 2017
2.5-Year-Old Samsung TV Just Died
by: Paul

Add me to the list. I was just sitting here watching, and the TV just died. It's a 46-inch smart LED, model UN46EH5300F. The outlet is fine, but the TV acts as if it's not getting power. There's no red standby light or anything.

Apr 12, 2017
Same issue with model UN Samsung
by: Sue

I just called customer care. I use the term loosely, they said it's not covered in the recall... but then why are so many models having this exact problem with the capacitor! :(

I don't want to have to pay more $$; this should be covered. Samsung sucks, they won't honor... it being a large problem.

GO to their FB and let's blast there Samsung US FB page with issues with the capacitor and maybe they will sit up and take notice.

Apr 11, 2017
Samsung 58" Smart Tv black screen
by: Anonymous

I purchased my TV from Target in late November 2016 and today, April 10, 2017 it stopped working. The screen just went dark and is now half black and half vertical lines. I've only had this for 4.5 months and can't believe Samsung is a piece of crap.

I had an HP LCD TV prior which was still working after 10 years. What a hassle, now I have to work with Samsung to get it repaired. Sign me up for next class action suit.

Apr 10, 2017
50' samsung on-off issue
by: Anonymous

Same on/off issues since new on 2/15/2017 purchase.
Software update worked till now.
Repair scheduled for first time hopefully the last.

Glad I got the 3 year warranty when purchased.

Apr 05, 2017
Very Unhappy Customer
by: Elaine

We purchased in December 2015 the newest Samsung 9000 led, 3D TV. On 4-4-2017 we were sitting there watching television and the screen started getting lines both up and down and across. The left bottom corner was very hot and looked like a puzzle,piece in that corner. Called Samsung and they said someone ran into the television to make it do it. Explained to them we were watching TV prior to that and they also said someone ran into it prior and it's only my husband and I.

Asked if we have animals and we said yes a cat and they told me that that's probably who broke it. I said really a 6 pound cat can break a screen. I don't think so, talked to three different people and all said the same. I paid a lot of money for the warranty also but didn't matter. I am so so pissed I will never buy a Samsung again. We have a 42" Samsung for the last 7 years and never had a problem.

Apr 04, 2017
frustrated 65" Samsung
by: Anonymous

Very similar issues - Samsung UN65H6350AFXZA

Working fine one day, watching a game and the screen went out. still had audio for a few minutes, now no screen. red power light turns on and off, but nothing on the screen.

Bought it in December '14, didn't buy the extended warranty.

Apr 02, 2017
Not singing Samsung again.
by: Anonymous

I posted the following about a year after I got mine trying to find a solution. It was just a few months after the one year warranty ran out. It wasn't too bad 60/70% of the time, but brown hued screens, sometimes grey, you couldn't see much in the upper center of the TV.

I learned to live with it until I started having the power issues where the only way to shut it down was to pull the plug. I was afraid I'd pull the plug and it wouldn't come back on. Never Samsung again for me also and I like the class action suit idea.

I still have the TV after I bought the Sony and would be happy to testify. The money you pay for these things, they should last more than a couple years, or less.

Apr 02, 2017
Firmware Updates
by: Anonymous

I have to download every month and unzip 1.2 GB file then transfer to a USB as it will never update when set to Auto Update. If Samsung send me a USB stick they always send me 6 month old earlier updates. Worst off shore help centre, always takes 45 min to an hour to get useless information.

Apr 01, 2017
by: LSP

My TV model is un55eh6000fxza. And I have had basically the same issues. The TV turned on and off, and then stayed off. Does anyone know who the Attorneys were for the first class action suit?

I know Volkswagen just settled a claim, maybe the same attorneys would be willing to take on Samsung. Thank you

Mar 31, 2017
Black Screen
by: Anonymous

We bought our UN32EH5000F about two and a half years ago. We have taken very good care of this TV but a few days ago the screen went black and would not come back on, we still get audio. I expected this TV to last a lot longer and I have another TV from a different maker that has lasted ten years.

I will never buy another Samsung product again whether its a TV or a cell phone.

Mar 29, 2017
My Samsung LED Serious 45 TV
by: Janet

I bought it at the end of 2015. In March 2017 it began to refuse to turn off. I use the remote or the touch controls on the lower right of the unit, it turns off but immediately turns on again. The only way to make it stay off now is to unplug it.

Mar 27, 2017
Samsung TV Turns off automatically
by: Shaun

I bought a top of the range 9000 series Samsung TV less than 18 months ago worth 3500USD and now it turns off on its own after 10-15mins irregardless of whether I am watching Cable, Netflix, apple TV etc. Had a Samsung service guy come round and did a factory reset which did nothing. Checked the TV against their normal checklist and found no problems. Told me I need to replace all the boards. Cost 650USD. I've had a Sony and Sharp over the last 15 years and never had any issue.

Samsung are offering nothing even though you spend a fortune. Buy something else.

Mar 25, 2017
Intermittent red lighting strikes
by: Anonymous

Bought a 40 inch Samsung Smart Ultra HD 4K flat TV from Best Buy 3/22/17. After 20 mins streaming a Nextflix film red lighting streaks appeared intermittently around actors every five minutes or so. Returned TV to Best Buy tonight 3/25/17 waiting for a replacement.

Anyone heard of similar problem? Best Buy were helpful but clueless.

Mar 22, 2017
65" Samsung UN65JU7500FXZA
by: Anonymous

We purchased this TV July 2015, curved screen, $2500. Suddenly won't turn on, black screen, cycling on and off repeatedly. 1 year 8 months old. Called Samsung, and they could care less! Two companies have diagnosed as shot main board. Cost to repair $500 +, not including the $100 estimate.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! How can they get away with this???? NEVER EVER AGAIN!

Mar 22, 2017




Mar 19, 2017
Call da trump
by: Anonymous

Samsung model UN46EH5300. Purchased in April of 2014 from Costco. January of 2017, picture turning on and off. Costco could not do anything...out of warranty. Samsung was no help. They did not have a recommendation on who could fix it for me in my area. I learned about the capacitor problem here. Maybe, if we all wrote to da trump he could get it fixed....or he could make it so that Samsung would not want to do business here anymore by applying his negotiating skills. What do you think?

Mar 18, 2017
Samsung sucks
by: Anonymous

My dad bought a small Samsung just a few months ago- brand new. Suddenly and without any event of any kind just stopped working - won't come on, no light, nothing - just a paper weight.

Samsung should be ashamed, and I will be on the lookout for the class action to add my dad to the list of customers they've screwed with another awful product.

Mar 15, 2017
by: Anonymous

After one year model un55D6000 turns on randomly at all hours all by itself. Samsung will not replace it as it is not one of their so called affected models.

Never again!

Mar 13, 2017
Samsung products are garbage!!
by: Anonymous

This is our 2nd Samsung TV that we purchased with the exact same problem. The LED light comes on when you click on the remote but no pictures. If we would of done our research on the first TV, we would of not bought a Samsung. We have 3 other TVs in our home which are not Samsung product and that are probably 10+ and they work great. I called the Samsung line to address the problem. This guy laughed at me. Their products and service reps are a bunch of scammers. You think from the first law suit, they would fixed the issue.

Model is PN51E550D1F Made December 2012....
Samsung can shove the product up their ass.

Mar 10, 2017
Samsung Won't Honor Warranty
by: Anonymous

Unless you can produce a complete bill of sales (this is apparently different from a simple receipt). So be weary if you purchased from Groupon.

Samsung's laughable customer service will not assist you or honor their warranty unless you had the foresight to retain full documentation of your purchase. My TV was purchased in November 2016 and as of March 2017 the system is constantly switching on and off. Seeking repairs simply because of how new the unit is, but lesson learned.

Will not be buying Samsung again.

Mar 05, 2017
Same problem.
by: Anonymous

Same issue screen goes black with sound. Called Samsung, said I'd have to pay to get it fixed because the warranty expired.

I'm done with Samsung's faulty equipment.

Mar 01, 2017
by: Anonymous

Same problem turning on and off ever 5 minutes exactly with the UN60ES7100FXZA. The wifi doesn't work either and both problems started a month out of warranty.

Anybody getting together a class action suit, I'm in!

Feb 27, 2017
by: Anonymous




Feb 26, 2017
Samsung crap
by: B thomas

I bought a 4k Samsung from best buy 55 inch had it fixed under warranty once already and now it's acting up again. This is the last Samsung TV I will ever buy.. my advice for anyone who wants to buy one is: Don't, you will regret it.

Feb 19, 2017
Samsung switching off in 60sec 2017
by: Anonymous

Samsung 40inch TV purchased 2017 switching off whilst watching programme. Message appears 60 sec will power off.
Come on Samsung get this issue sorted!

Feb 11, 2017
Piece of $hit
by: April

We purchased a plasma TV from Best Buy about a year ago. 4 months later I went to turn on the television and nothing. Like others thought it was the remote control and tried it manually still nothing but a red blinking light. I called Samsung but the lady on the line could truly careless. I don't make a lot of money but I wanted to purchase a gift that my entire family could enjoy. I now have a smaller VIZIO TV sitting in front of my broken Samsung until I can afford to have it fixed. I will never purchase any Samsung products EVER AGAIN!!!!

Feb 10, 2017
Never again.
by: Anonymous

Bought a Samsung 32" smart tv and 18 months later I have a black screen with audio. Because the warranty ended after 12 months I was told by Samsung that I would have to pay to have problem looked at. You would think a TV would last more than 18 months. I have been reading that Samsung has had some problems like this before. But then again other products. Never again will I take my hard earned money and purchase anything from Samsung.

Feb 07, 2017
Class action
by: Anonymous

What does it take to start another class action regarding these issues?

Feb 07, 2017
Yet another Samsung Failure
by: Anonymous

Have 3 yr old PN64E800 64" Plasma that just started turning on and off repeatedly. It finally quit doing anything. Call to Samsung support only confirmed that it needs to be serviced to replace power supply board, out of warranty of course. Think I'll just buy a new LG and avoid all the problems with Samsung products.

Feb 07, 2017
Over 25% of my Samsung TVs have gone
by: Anonymous

I purchased 26 Samsung tvs, varying in size from about 36 to 60 inches. 2 years old, One went bad with a power supply failure. I had it repaired. I just had another, 2 years few months go with a bad screen and replaced it. Now 5 others are showing a light purple color on the edges, going bad. (UN H series)

Disclaimer, my TVs are on 14 hours a day.

Feb 06, 2017
Never buy Samsung
by: Anonymous

I paid the most money I have ever paid for a TV $1,400 and it broke after a year and half. Samsung could care less because they only warranty for 1 year. Now I'm talking with neighbors and friends they report their Vizio has not had any problems. I bought a Vizio and so far, so good.

Feb 02, 2017
UN55F6400AFXZA stopped working after 3yrs
by: Joe

The power supply board went bad. This should not happen after 3 yrs of ownership.

Feb 01, 2017
Fixed Samsung 40"
by: Anonymous

Bought two Samsung 40" LCD TVs in 2008. Have used one every day since. The other one is rarely used for the last three years. Tried to turn on this last one three weeks ago without success. Tested the batteries, remote, and electric outlet-all OK. Went on the internet and saw the problem with the capacitors. Took the back off the TV, found the control board, and determined that two capacitors looked bad. Following Youtube video advice, I removed the capacitor and ordered two new ones from an online company. When they arrived, I soldered them on, connected the board, put the TV cover back on and it worked. Cost: $10. I have no electronics knowledge or experience.

Feb 01, 2017
TV Won't Come On
by: Anonymous

Glad to add my comment. un60fh6003fxza 55 inch manufactured March 2014 has gone out. Did not hear any popping, but turned off last night and it has not come on since. Red light on bottom right side of TV is on. No sounds, pops, clicks to be heard. Good times.

Jan 28, 2017
Firmware Updates
by: Gerry

I have noticed that there are 2 Firmware files both different KB sizes for all models. There can not be 2 different Firmware update files for our TV.
They refuse to fix this even after an email and phone call to AU office. Installing wrong Firmware can kill a CMOS chip. The offshore centre say use the biggest one. No...not good advice.

Jan 28, 2017
Samsung now relegated to the basement
by: Jim R

I picked up a 65" Sony to replace my Samsung. My first problems with the TV started maybe 6 months after the warranty expired and I lived with it until it decided it would not allow me to turn it off and on.

As posted earlier, that happened and I just let it on and go into sleep mode after an hour. Kind of inconvenient but at least it wasn't lit up all day long. The next day it decided to start letting me use the controls- on/off, volume, etc. A few days later the remote again wasn't working and stayed that way for less than a day.

It held up until the Super Bowl price drop and I made the move. Hopefully the Sony will work better.

Jan 21, 2017
40" 6270 Series
by: Anonymous

3-weeks old Samsung smart TV has horizontal lines taking over screen and sometimes audio as well.

Jan 20, 2017
1 1/2 year old tv pops then no picture
by: Mike j

I bought a 55-inch led smart TV from Samsung in July of 2015. While watching TV the other day the screen popped and went black. Sound was still playing. Called Samsung they had me do a bunch of things which didn't work. They said it's off warranty and told me there's a repair shop 200 miles away. Then I start to read about all the problems and recalls. I'm done with Samsung products.

Jan 08, 2017
un60es7500 starting to act crazy
by: Jim R

I bought this 60 inch tv in 2013 I believe, maybe 2012, the model year. The first issue is a dark blotch in the upper center of the screen maybe about 3-4 inches in diameter. It developed in year two so out of warranty and the only offer I received was to set up a service call. I wasn't willing to put more into it. I learned to live with it.

Then lately I've had the turn off, turn back on a few times. Just yesterday, I tried to turn it off and it wouldn't turn off. First I thought it was the remote from FIOS I was using but it wouldn't program. Eventually found I couldn't use any function of either the FIOS remote or the Samsung remote. From what I found on the net, it appeared that it was the IR sensor in the TV.

I decided it would stay on until I found a replacement that was not a Samsung. I just set the screensaver to an hour so if I leave it on it will hibernate till I want to watch it again.

One of the other issues has been the volume dropping off and either you wait a few seconds and it comes back on or you can hit the volume key and it's back immediately. Out of habit, I hit the volume key and it worked.

Now everything is back to normal except my belief that I'd go another year or so before looking for a replacement. I sent a simple question to Samsung about whether it would be safe to disconnect the power to turn it off and got back a cookie cutter response. That did it for me.

I may not do any better on the next brand, but it won't be Samsung. I'm not sending good money after bad.

Jan 05, 2017
One of Many
by: Gale B

After reading all the comments, I consider myself fortunate. My Samsung began acting up about 2 months ago, but mine is 9 yrs old. It was working fine then, suddenly, it wouldn't turn on. I found something on YouTube about using a hair dryer to get it to turn on. It does work, but it takes a couple of minutes. What is annoying is the picture is perfect, I have just leave the TV on all day because it's a real pain to heat up the TV each time I want to turn it on, and I wasn't planning on buying a new TV for a while. My Samsung is too old to fix at this point so I guess I will suffer with it for a bit longer. But... my new TV will NOT be a Samsung!

Jan 02, 2017
Another Dead Samsung
by: Steve A

Unfortunately, I bought a Samsung 75" TV (UN75f6400AF) a few years ago from Costco. I heard a loud pop yesterday and the TV no longer turns on. Samsung response is that it is out of warranty. I will be avoiding Samsung products in the future.

Jan 01, 2017
Broken samsung
by: Anonymous

We also have s Samsung smart TV; is couple of years old and that won't switch on. The red power light just blinks.

Did anyone work out what is going wrong and if it's worth fixing?

Dec 31, 2016
Bad Capacitor
by: Lucy A

As an attorney, I am absolutely shocked that Samsung did not fix this problem after their first class action. We have had our 75" TV for 2.5 years and today there was loud pop, and the TV died.

Dec 28, 2016
Samsung 5 seiries FHD Power Supply Problem
by: Schizo7

Just bought a Samsung TV 40 inch FHD on 15 Dec 2016 and on 24 Dec 2016 while enjoying old movie (Predator 1987)using USB media suddenly the TV blank. I thought I accidentally pushed the remote control but when I pushed the remote, nothing happened. I checked & found the 3A fuse for plug top burnt (I am a technician for a factory). Called Samsung customer care & they sent a technician on 27 Dec 2016. He replaced both the power supply board & CPU board. He said the model that came out from Vietnam manufacturing got problems. So now my TV is OK already. New boards. What to say. Hope the new boards can last 15 years or more.

Dec 27, 2016
Yes they are still BAD
by: russ

I have seen 3 Samsung screens with faults, latest one to go out on me was my friends unit, under 2 years old.

Avoid Samsung TVs due to quality control around the power supply; the TV model is UA32J5500.

Dec 27, 2016
Mine too
by: Anonymous

Purchased a 55 inch smart TV in Aug 2011. Noticed right after we bought it it turned off and back on by itself. Only happened a couple times and then no issues. Fast forward Oct 2016 and it started turning off and on by itself again. Did it a few times, and then would work. Then it did nothing but red light flashing off and on, clicking, no picture. I even unplugged the TV from power and it just kept doing it for at least 5 minutes. My fiance was out of town and luckily we had just received a free 50 inch Samsung smart TV for free for purchasing 2 smart phones over father's day weekend, so now a super big deal. We pulled the TV out to try to fix it after reading all about it. He is an avionics guy (electrical on airplanes and not much he can't fix). We open it up, no bad capacitors, hmm. Looking at the board he sees a bad soldering joint, it was a dry solder so it was grey instead of silver. Pulls out his soldering iron,re solders it and bam, powers right up. I am lucky to have him being handy but if he wasn't we would have been screwed just like everyone else. Every TV in our house is Samsung, so I'm disappointed that they are selling bad products, bad TVs, exploding washers and cell phones that blow up. I think there are enough people in here to start a new class action lawsuit. They should have been required to fix the issue not just pay out people from the old one. We live in Tucson Arizona by the way.

Dec 23, 2016
Don't buy Samsung tTV
by: Anonymous

Just got off phone with Samsung support, who told me that the UN model had no problems. The TV turns on and off randomly. According to the support team I am the only one having this problem so I guess all you other people in this thread are not really having this similar issue.

Dec 23, 2016
TV UN58h5202 Random Rebooting
by: Zan

I bought Samsung TV model un58h5202. Brand new, out of the box, and already having problem. I didn't even connect it to internet (nor with WiFi, nor with wire), cause I don't need internet things for the TV.

I was watching a video, and suddenly the TV power goes off and on (reboot). Since, it happened about 5 to 10 times in only a couple of hours. It's very annoying. But since it's brand new, I called Samsung, they asked tons of info related to the model of TV, then, they said I will get a call from their technician.

Before calling them, I already tried the few things I could do: I unplug and waited, then I repluged the TV, of course it didn't worked. I also reset all the settings with the option that reset everything, but of course, nothing worked.

My hard drive work perfectly on another TV (that is not mine), the hard drive has been used for months and never failed, and still work very fine on every other device. So the problem is from the TV. Also, that new Samsung TV has reboot one time while I was not even watching anything (I was not even browsing my hard drive). It just reboot randomly.

Unfortunately, I will have to wait few more days before having a technician to call me to schedule an appointment, because of the holiday period. I really hope he will be able to fix the issue, because I have no idea about what is causing this problem. My search from google brings me here, so is it capacitor problem? There's only few information available for this specific model of TV. I want this TV, but I want it to work. And considering the amount of messages here, I'm afraid they can't fix this.

Dec 23, 2016
Samsung TV
by: Anonymous

Was informed by several TV repair shops that Samsung has been dropped by them due to their poor warranty backing and multiple problems with cheaper parts being used. I suppose that is one way to reclaim some of their losses with the recent Note 7 fiasco. Just a shame that their great picture TV's have a life span so short lived.

Dec 22, 2016
Samsung Crap
by: Anonymousgeorge

I have had my 43"Samsung curved TV ku6670 for 1 month and the screen has gone blank. I get sound only. It has been replaced but I worry the same will happen again. Had my LG for years and never had a problem. I wish I had read these posts before I bought it; if I did, I would have never touched it.

Dec 19, 2016
Samsung You Suck
by: Anonymous

Purchased un55f6300 LCD on 12/13/13; same loud pop then screen went dark. No power at all. This was my last Samsung TV ever.

Dec 19, 2016
LED Burning!
by: Steve

Model UA50F6300 purchased Dec 2013 went pop today screen flickered white and black and then it started heating/burning in bottom left hand corner (as you look at the TV) of screen. Logged a case with Samsung even though this is clearly out of warranty; its a major concern!!

Dec 17, 2016
never buy samsung and tell everyone
by: Anonymous

Have Samsung model UN65F6300AL TV; after one year keeps turning on and off.

Dec 17, 2016
Dead 65" Samsung after 5 months
by: John in CT

Purchased a 65" Samsung TV from Costco, model #UN65KU630DF. Worked great for about 5 months. Then started having difficulty turning it on with remote. It would occasionally take several tries. Then one weekend while watching a movie, the power cut out completely. Samsung is sending out a repair tech. I can't believe that with all of the money I paid for what was a dream TV, I only got 5 months of decent operation!!!!!

Dec 17, 2016
Follow-up to Nov 7, 2016 50" TV Failure Comments
by: Calgary Alberta Canada

Our Samsung 50" Smart TV died back on Nov 7, 2016 - see our earlier comments. Just to follow-up. We took it into the TV repair shop (not on warranty). We had popped off the back of the TV before this - so we knew it was not the Capacitors - since they all looked okay. That left two things - either the Power Board or the Mother Board. The Winner is - the Power Board - cost $389 CDN to fix. Why did we fix it? We couldn't stand throwing a 3 yr old TV into Landfill. Ready for this - we now have a 90 DAY warranty on the Power Board.

Dec 16, 2016
Bad TVs
by: Anonymous

Model un40F6300AFXZA, red light blinks won't turn on rarely used. Looks like a widespread problem no more Samsung for me.

Dec 10, 2016
Really Samsung..?
by: Ms. Ibeabuchi

My mother purchased a 2014 60 LED television manufactured by Samsung. It is unfortunate that the company has not been able to correct the electrical issues with these products. Model # UN60EH6003F do not purchase this item unless you want headaches and days without being able to use the item.

If there is someone from Samsung reading this please help; I do not want to have to pursue the company thank you.

Dec 08, 2016
Samsung UN55K800D Failure
by: Hal

I just purchased a Samsung 55" 4K SHUD Smart LED LCD TV from Costco. It stop working after 2 hours of operation. It appears to be power supply related since the TV controller/sensor at bottom the of the TV does not show power to the TV.

Maybe it's about time we started building TV's here since the Korean's have failed to build a reliable product.

Dec 07, 2016
Defective Capacitors April 2014
by: Ellie

Samsung is aware of this issue but they are still selling defective televisions. It's upsetting talking with customer service and telling me how the warranty expired. Yet it's defective and he actually told me it was good for that year it was under warranty. Really you just told me Samsung is selling defective units and won't honor their products' quality. This is not the first time they used defective capacitors.

Dec 05, 2016
1 Yr old Samsung Smart TV, Black Screen
by: Anonymous

So my Samsung smart TV is a little over a year old, everything was good, and out of no where the screen goes black. Everything else works, including sound and apps. But there is no picture, at all. I can see light flashing when I switch channels, but that's it.

I am behind passed right now. I paid like 700$ for this TV. I am considering filing a law suit. Anyone interested in joining can email me at

Dec 02, 2016
UN55ES7100FXZA Color Pattern & Reboot
by: Larry

Increasingly, when I power on my TV, I almost immediately get a colorful vertical line pattern that seems to make the TV hang, then it times out and reboots.

This problem has gotten worse over time to the point where my TV is almost unusable. It used to be happen rarely, and often leaving it unplugged or resetting cables would seem to do the trick. Now, nothing seems to help.

I kind of thought capacitors from fact that unplugging helped, but I don't see obvious (to my untrained eye) capacitor damage on the power board.

I have noticed that if I leave the ribbon cable detached, the TV doesn't reboot. Of course, I can't watch it, either. :)

Any ideas? I'm trying to find a new job after being laid off, and I really can't afford to pay for someone to come out and look at my TV right now.

Nov 26, 2016
Dead in Less Than a Year
by: Anonymous

Our 47 inch television is apparently having the same issues as everyone else. When you pay more than $800 for a television, you expect it to last for a few years. On the biggest college football day of the year, our television decided to turn off on its own after about 5 seconds of viewing.

After attempting to keep the television "on" multiple times, we gave up and reconnected our 10 year old Sony (which works great). Our son had the same thing happen to his Samsung television after three years (which we, at the time, attributed to college life abuse). Now, we know that Samsung produces defective televisions. NEVER AGAIN SAMSUNG!

Nov 25, 2016
Delay in TV Turning ON
by: Chris from Columbus OH

I also have a 46 inch LCD tv that is having a delay in turning on. While my model number qualified for the 2012 recall, the manufacture date was off by one day...figures.

I called Samsung today and they pretty much gave me the cold shoulder...we can send someone out but you will have to pay for the repair. How ridiculous.

Nov 22, 2016
Still CRAP
by: Anonymous

Had a Samsung 40" and had shutting off problems, decided it was not worth fixing so we threw it out. Now out Samsung 55 is doing the same, called Samsung and asked for help in finding the problem and they said you are on your own, as it is out of warranty. I said I knew that but could they steer me in the right direction, he said call the repair shop.

Wow time to throw another Samsung in the garbage. Do you think I am going to buy another Samsung? NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

Nov 21, 2016
32 in Smart TV
by: Anonymous

TV now 2 1/2 yrs old. Just shut off completely.
needs repair.

Nov 15, 2016
Samsung Plasma
by: Jack McCain

My 50" 550 Series Samsung Plasma turns on-off 8 times before it stays on. Maybe a class action would help? (br>

Nov 09, 2016
Smart TV Rebooting
by: Anonymous

I splurged and a bought a $3500 UHD Samsung Smart TV (Model#UN65F9000AF) 22 months ago. Now the TV is rebooting. The Smart TV logo appears and disappears over and over again when the TV is power on. I have been told it requires service. Previous TV's have lasted 8+ years.

I've learned my lesson buying expensive electronic gadget crap.

Nov 07, 2016
UN50F6400AF 50" LED Series 6 - Just Died with a Bang
by: Calgary, Canada

We just joined the Club. I see the 50" Samsung LED Series 6 UN50F6400AF is also on the 2014 California Class Action suit. Just under 3 years in service, our TV followed the pattern marked by many others. Clicking on and off and then one day Nov 7, 2016 (purchased Dec 2013) the TV was on, a loud bang was heard and the TV is toast.

Will be calling around to see how much it will cost to fix. Sounds like Samsung has a major issue they are not addressing.

Nov 06, 2016
Let's Make Something Happen
by: Anonymous

2013 model UN50EH5300F worked fine up until last week when it started power cycling on its own. Anytime you press a button on the remote, it shuts off. Then, when watching anything on fios, it may be good for 5 minutes and once it begins power cycling, you can't stop it.

Why is this happening to multiple people at the same time? You might be interested to know that other complaint threads show this was also an issue for Samsung owners exactly this time ago last year as well.

I plan to address this issue with the company, but from the looks of it, no one here has gotten very far that way.

Nov 06, 2016
I DO Say... this tv is worth fixing
by: Anonymous

And good chance its just power supply issue. Id say fix in parts would be from 44 to a 1 dollar depending on your ability. There are few voltages that need to be sent to main-board for TV to come on. But if all the voltages are be sent then its going be a main-board. Usually a capacitor makes the power supply board fail or a resistor failing. These are simple fixes.

Nov 06, 2016
TV and Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

Samsung. What a joke. Paid $2,000 for their top of the line fridge in 2010, now it leaks water and quit making ice. Spent another $2000 on 2011 "smart" TV that flickers. No warranty purchased. Samsung is ran by greedy, incompetent, money hungry, corrupt executives. We need manufacturing jobs back to America. So tired of being taken in this country. Time to drain the swamp.

Nov 05, 2016
How About A Melting/Smoking TV Now
by: Anonymous

My 18 month old, low operating use (8-10/week,6300 Series Smart TV started with a bright half dot on the bottom left of the screen.

Within an hour it grew longer across the bottom. It was too hot to touch and started to melt the screen and plastic trim. Just a hint of smoke was detected before the screen went blank and I pulled the power. What would have happened if I fell asleep in front of it? Would I be here now to write this? I am finding a lot of other owners posting pictures and description that are almost identical to what I am describing.

Coincidence? I think not. And the company does not want to do anything for me since it is out of warranty.

My Sears store (East C. Florida) told me Samsung Reps were in their store a few weeks ago looking for and pulling TVs. Sounds very, very odd to me.
Could this be the next big recall, after burning tablets and exploding washers .... Burning TVs?

If you have this model, watch it closely and do not leave it on unattended ... consider yourself warned.

Nov 05, 2016
Samsung Selling Crap UDHTV 4K
by: Anonymous

55" LED TV Model Code:UA55HU7000RMXL has had major issues in just 8 months of purchase the TV would not turn on - red light blinking and the motherboard had to be changed.

Two months later the screen was giving plain colours, the LVDS cable had to be replaced.
Three months on....still having issues as the first light blinking.

Why is Samsung not taking any corrective measures and selling such crap in the market?
More so frustrating that they charge a huge amount for these products.

Customers please beware of Samsung 55" LED TV Model Code:UA55HU7000RMXL ----very likely that most of their series will have similar issues.

Nov 04, 2016
Replaced Capacitors Going Bad
by: KW

I had the capacitors replaced 2 (maybe 3?) years ago by Samsung.... and am now having problems AGAIN.

The tv was taking forever to turn on and when it did come on, it had a fuzzy green striped screen. The past few days I can't get it to come on at all.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Nov 01, 2016
New TV turns off
by: Kathy Birch

I purchased Samsung smart TV on 8/25/16 from Best Buy. It started turning off (just picture and sound), actual power still on. Called Best Buy and they said SORRY our return policy is 15 days. Called Samsung and they walked me through a massive ordeal only to have it still occur. Called again and they said I had to bring it to nearest repair place which isn't near. I keep getting hung up on when I call Samsung today and I want my money back. I don't want it repaired after all I've read lately.

If there is no lawsuit, I'm just going to bring it back to Best Buy and tell them to just keep it. I don't want it, nor will I ever do business with them or Samsung again.

Oct 30, 2016
UHD55HU9000 out...twice in a year
by: Eq

Buy one on your anniversary for a painful reminder year after year! Purchased UHD55HU9000 in May 2014 for top price during the height of the curved craze. In Sept 2015 the screen went dark. Red light would come on, but no sound or screen. Purchased the extended warranty and repair tech fixed it by swapping the smart TV box. Funky after 1 year, but simple enough.

Skip to Sept 2016 and suddenly the screen goes dark again without any notice. Thankfully still barely under extended warranty, but the TV has been sitting on my floor for 3 weeks. The repair tech did not have the smart TV box so it had to be ordered. The TV still did not work after the smart TV box was replaced so they're on to the next possibility. They'll be opening the back of the TV tomorrow and hopefully will get it resolved. Will tell the TV tech see you next year when he's done.

Oct 30, 2016
by: Aria

Went through this issue back in April of this fact I posted on the board at the time. I was one of the schlubs who lucked out having bought an extended warranty (something I NEVER do), and had both capacitors and board replaced without my warranty carrier, NOT by Samsung.

Some things I think all of us need to be aware of:

- Samsung had a class action lawsuit against them for this EXACT problem (TV capacitors) a few years ago. When contacting Samsung for support now, their tech team has the gall to tell you they haven't had any trouble with this and there is nothing they will be doing for you as it's beyond their 1-year mfg. warranty (yy TV was a month or two under 3 years old) -- you're on your own. Either these idiots were hired yesterday or they are suffering from Alzheimer's.

- Samsung just recalled every last one of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7's...battery explosions.

- Samsung has also been having quality control problems with their washing machines. Dare I guess it has once again to do with their ability to run the way they are supposed to????

It's probably time to start investigating another class action lawsuit against Samsung -- for the multitude of dangerous, frustrating, expensive non-working, trash they are saturating the market with. How else will a company get the message that they had better stop selling garbage that doesn't work/last longer than it takes to change their underwear or go the way of the Dodo entirely?

Oct 29, 2016
Lasted 2 years 5 months UN22F5000 22 in. LED TV
by: Anonymous

Started trying to reboot in a endless cycle, power button had no effect, had to pull the plug to make it stop. Plugged it back in and all seemed well, but after about 1 minute started all over again. Sounds like the same power cycling problem Samsung has been having using cheap capacitors.

I bought a Samsung thinking I was buying quality. Good thing I saved my 15 year old 13-inch CRT Sharp TV, it works perfectly!

Oct 28, 2016
Power Board
by: Gerry

Samsung recently sent out a memo to service people that the power board may be defective in some units on current TV's. My smart TV has been repaired and replaces now 3 times. It says no internet connection but I can watch YouTube.

I am very sick of resetting it ever week (all 3 of them) and on the phone to Samsung dozens of times for 1 hour at a time. It does not like my Netgear modem and the channel 10 spectrum grey blinks on change of that ranges channels.

Getting sick of these errors all the time.

Oct 25, 2016
smart tv on ,off,,on off
by: mark denning

2013 manufactured smart tv UN40F6300AFXZA,, CYCLES ON OFF ON ,OFF spent 3 days on web/phone with samsung only to be more pissed,,, no customer service on their products ,,,they lost my business.

Oct 25, 2016
Samsung Repair
by: Joseph iRepairs Electronics

I am a local Repair tech in Northern NJ. I have over 20 years experience in TV and other various electronics. If you have Samsung on-off issue, give me a shout. monitorrepair170 at gmail. Please include model number and problem your having.

Oct 24, 2016
Frustrated Samsung customer
by: Anonymous

Our Samsung 4K has been shutting off with red light blinking.......

Can't believe we are having this problem! The TV was 1 year and 1 week when this started to happen. Unbelievable......

All of our other TV's are Vizio in the house and never any problems. Just so frustrating.

Oct 23, 2016
Samsung capacitors
by: Mike

Just read various articles regarding problems with Samsung T V's. My 12 year old 40inch developed a problem last week. Took anything from 10-90 seconds to switch on. Just heard click,click until in eventually turned on. Googled the problem and watched YouTube video. After a quick visit to Maplins to purchase 2 capacitors. Dismantled TV. Replaced fault components, reassembled and now working fine.
I was looking to buy a new TV, but for less than £1, and about 45mins, old one fixed

Oct 23, 2016
Samsung Un46d6900
by: Christian

It's funny paying more than $1000.00 for a TV when you expect at least last long enough, But nobody told me when I buy this thin black box with glass call BEST TV EVER.. It come with 3 year life and than died. Not even watch TV but I like watch my games on Sunday but Thanks to Samsung I got a beautiful piece of crap in my living room.

If someday any employee of Samsung read this comment please tell the engineer of Samsung I need an address where i can send back this lovely crap...


Oct 23, 2016
Yes... There are still issues with Samsung TVs
by: Anonymous

Oct 2016 Bought a 60" Samsung UHDTV brought it home watched a hockey game went to sleep woke up and wont turn on and light just flashes opened and boom bad caps so TLDR: yup there are still issues so furious...

Oct 23, 2016
Samsung TV Crap
by: Anonymous

Woke up this morning came to put my TV on which- is a 50" SAMSUNG 3D TV. Got the dreaded clicking sound when it tried to power up. It was fine last night; turned it all off for a while, tried again and the same happened. Can't believe its gone already. We haven't had the TV for no longer than 3 years. Its totally disgusting and like most people didn't take out 5 years warranty. I honestly thought it would have lasted a lot longer than this. I hear its a quick fix but I am still a bit dubious to go ahead and try to fix it. Fortunately we have insurance but excess of £250 which is still a big pay out.

Samsung has let down another customer. I wont be buying another Samsung TV.

Oct 17, 2016
Samsung ---- the sweat of a dead mans... well, you get it!
by: Keith Cook

Samsung 55" smart TV is a year old and would intermittently turn off. Now when you turn it on it stays on for a few seconds and then the screen goes black. I use the HDMI source input. Well...when it's plugged into HDMI 1 and goes black I then plug it into HDMI 2 and I then have a picture. Turn off the TV and turn it on...guess what...screen goes black and I move the plug to HDMI 3, I now have a picture. Turn the TV got it...back to HDMI 1. Again I have picture.

Oct 16, 2016
Samsung 5500 tv
by: Ian

After 3 years the tv is cycling on and off. When I rang Samsung twice they took no responsibility for their defective parts. I'm off to small claims court and will invite the local press.

Oct 15, 2016
Samsung POS
by: Dizzle

Having the same capacitor issue as everyone else. TV going darker and darker as I type. Called Samsung and a CSR rep named Carlos got mouthy with me about downloading the latest software. Horrible service and even worse product. Purchased in Jan 2014 Model#UN46EH5300FXZA 46in LCD-TV.

End of day I am SOL! Thanks for the violation Samsung. I will never buy your products again. Add me in on the class-action too.

Oct 13, 2016
Purchased 5/2014 from Best Buy Samsung 55" tv
by: Anonymous

Model un55h6350af 28 months later it wouldn't turn on. Same story, Called Samsung And Best Buy with no result for being on the phone trying to get someone to take responsibility. One of the Samsung reps finally admitted that she'd had calls with the same problem.


Oct 11, 2016
Samsung 32 inch UN32H5203 crapped out
by: Anonymous

I've only had this freaking thing for a year and a half if that. It's got to be one of the capacitors from everything I've read. Abruptly stopped working at all. The red light, I guess in standby, comes on faintly and that's it. It's getting power but does NOTHING! Piece of crap if that's what happens to these TVs after so short a time.

Oct 07, 2016
55" 4K LED Popped and is dead
by: Anonymous

I never realized there was an issue with these, I purchased a Samsung over a Sony (after being a Sony customer for years) due to the picture quality. I've owned the Samsung for less than three years and this morning, there was a loud 'pop' followed by smaller pops, a visible flash from the vents, and the screen went black.

After reading many of these posts, I can assume that Samsung will just give me lip service if I attempt to contact them about their inferior product.

Oct 06, 2016
Sound but No Picture
by: Anonymous

I bought a 2013 PN64F5500AFXZA in 2014 and about two months after the warranty ran out I started getting pixelated vertical track lines on the right hand quadrant of the screen. I had a Samsung tech come out and troubleshoot the issue. The tech isolated the issue to a bad plasma display.

The tech was not able to get a replacement since plasma was no longer being produced. I contacted Samsung and with indifference told me they had limited supply and would not sell me a replacement.

So I decided I would live with it. Too much money to throw away.

In August, a new firmware version was available for download. I applied the update and immediately noticed I would not have a picture but sound until after a couple of retries. I am running HDMI-CEC through a receiver and thought they messed up the patch. Yesterday, the problem became permanent. I disconnected everything and tried to revive the TV. It didn't work. I even tried blindly resetting the TV using pictures from the manual and the same with a USB firmware update. I know when I am beat and not going to replace capacitors or boards in the TV. Even if this worked I would be stuck with a TV with pixelated track lines. Buying a LG.

Oct 05, 2016
Disappointed in Samung!
by: Kay

I purchased a 48" Samsung LCD TV about 4 yrs ago.In the last 6 mts, I have been having some problems! The tv will shut off and on, on it's own! I have contacted Samsung but all they will do is give me the number for a repair guy near me!I am assuming that the problem is the 'capacitor',as it is the same described issues online. Apparently, according to Samsung technical dept. the recall for this type of problem had expired in 2014. I am sorry but shouldn't the same problem be covered after 2014 as before?! I have quite a few Samsung electronics and always thought that I was buying a good name but I guess i will be switching my brand from now on!

I am disappointed with their product and the service that I received from Samsung!

Oct 04, 2016
Here are some hints on repairing
by: Anonymous

Board access on large screen sets is possible w/ the TV left on the stand and just removing the back panel.

If no capacitors are yet bulged, any without sharp/deep inscribed pressure relief lines are weak and should be replaced.

Only use quality capacitors. IMHO, Nichicon They sell small quantities, replaced all 7 capacitors in my set for less than $10, shipped.

If TV seems fixed, but after being on awhile, screen flashes various patterns and shuts off, put your finger on the main board processor heat sink. If to hot to leave finger on, add heat sink capacity. The processor is overheating and turning off the power supply, until it cools down.

Sep 22, 2016
power cycling on 2009 Samsung Plasma 50"
by: Arch Parsons

I am beginning to get the power cycling issue with my 2009 50 inch Plasma TV. One thing I notice is that if the TV input is set to a device that is turned off, or if the TV cable box is turned off. I can turn on the TV and leave the screen blank for a few minutes to warm up. Then if I turn the device on or plug in the cable box, the recycling will not occur after the device is turned on.

I am wondering if allowing the TV to warm up first may slow down the death of the defective components (e.g. capacitors). Also I am wondering how long most people get out of their TV from the time it starts to have this problem to the time it fails completely.

Sep 20, 2016
8 year old Series 850 Samsung TV power board died
by: Anonymous

We're used to keeping our TVs a long time. Well, our 8 year old Samsung Series 850 46" LCDTV's power suddenly stopped working properly. A month after requesting a service ticket from Samsung, we finally had a Samsung tech guy come out and tell us we needed a new $130 power board (90-day warranty only). This has NEVER happened after just 8 years with any other non-Samsung TV we've ever owned in the past. Since the service call was $160, the total cost would have been $290 -- just half the price of buying a brand-new replacement 48" LED TV with built-in WiFi from a competing brand.

Needless to say, we opted not to buy the replacement power board and are now looking for a non-Samsung smart LED TV with power capacity that won't die after only 8 years.

Sep 13, 2016
60" Plasma capacitor issue
by: Anonymous

We have the Samsung PN60E7000FF that is about 3 years old, and have the same problem with it shutting off. You unplug it for a while, and it will turn on for a few minutes.

I plan to replace the capacitors, but I can guarantee you one thing. IT WILL BE THE LAST SAMSUNG PRODUCT I EVER BUY!

You would think they would avoid the bad publicity and fix these TV's, but apparently not. Hopefully, they will go out of business.

Sep 10, 2016
by: Anonymous

Also read this

Sep 08, 2016
UN55D8000 kicked the bucket.
by: Anonymous

My three year old high end LED TV from Samsung, has suddenly decided not to turn on, and only makes the dreaded clicking sound when hitting the power button. I have been back and forth with Samsung Support, and basically got the middle finger.

Response from Samsung after I told them this was most likely a result of issues related to the known capacitor problem, and that I was going to move my business away from the Samsung brand.

Customer reference number:
Please quote your customer reference number when contacting Samsung
Email response ID:

Dear MM,

Thank you for getting back to us. I appreciate your efforts to isolate the issue. I definitely know that could be upsetting. If I’d been in your situation, I would feel the same. It's quite unfortunate to discover that one of our customers is experiencing the issue. Samsung designs the products under the supervision of the professional engineers. However, there are no reported issues with your model TV. Samsung provides only 12 months of warranty from the date of the purchase for parts and labor (90 days for refurbished units). As the TV is out of warranty, you would be responsible for the service cost. I hope you understand.

Sep 07, 2016
Mine just stopped working.
by: Anonymous

Was playing Jojo: All Star Battle when the display flickered for a second and the TV turned off. Whenever I turn it on the sound still works but the display no longer works. The power light always flashes when I turn it on now.

Sep 05, 2016
Great TV Defective Capacitors
by: OprahNotHappy

Samsung makes the best LED TV, yet all four of our big screen LED have had the dreaded on-off-on-off issue. Since I am an electrician, replacing capacitors are an easy fix for me, but so many people out there are charged huge fees just to bring in their equipment...Buy Best.

Also, have been fortunate to find replacement caps really cheap. Reason I found this website is that our fourth TV went tonight. Appears that folks are still having this same issue years later. This latest TV was one of our newest.

Samsung makes the greatest gadgets, but their engineering lacks because it is cheaper to install higher quality capacitors at the power supply, especially after so many failures.

Sep 03, 2016
Samsung UE55F9000SL TV (2014) won't turn on
by: Anonymous

When I try to turn on, it alternates indefinitely between "Smart Hub" and the 4 coloured hexagones.

The most spectacular thing is that you can only get it out of this infinite loop by unplugging it.

THE most crap electronics company I have ever known: you can't even turn their appliances off!

£2000 quid, less than 3 years old, normal usage.

Never buy anything ever again from Samsung.

Sep 01, 2016
Cycling on and off
by: Anonymous

Just adding that like others, TV worked for about 3 years then they remotely updated my system wherein I lost my smarthub (only way to bring up smarthub was to open menu, smart features, open smarthub -- five times) ugh. Now TV cycles on and off constantly. Can't even watch a show. Service rep claims there was never issue with TVs, I mention previous class action suit and he finally fesses up.

Looks like its time for another since so many people are having problems with same issue.

Aug 30, 2016
Samsung; Loud snap, now dead
by: Anonymous

3 and 1/2 yr old Samsung 52 inch plasma TV, turned it on and the heard a loud snap come from the back of the TV and now it is completely dead. Had a TV repairman in...the Y-main shorted...almost $400 to fix, after spending almost 1200 on it to begin with. Infuriating!!!!

Aug 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

I bought a new Samsung 55" 4k TV from Costco less than one week ago. In the first couple days I noticed it occasionally shut itself off - but chalked it up to a ghost, or something. Now only 4 days after the purchase, the thing has shut itself down and will not turn back on at all. The red light blinks like it wants to turn on, but nothing happens. My 7-year-old Vizio still works fine in the next room. This Samsung "smart" TV was an $800 splurge - on sale! Unbelievable.

To make matters worse, I am in the middle of moving into a new home and unpacking a dozen boxes, so I don't recall where I put the receipt.

Aug 29, 2016
Follow up to my August 14th comment
by: Anonymous

I found the problem with my 2011 LED TV rebooting. It was not capacitors or firmware or network connectivity or any of the other things I've seen suggested. I live outside of Cambridge Ontario and may be able to help people locally with the issue. Email is

Aug 25, 2016
Dead after 1 month
by: Anonymous

55 inch Samsung 4K is dead after one month from Amazon. Red flashing light and won't turn on. Under warranty and Samsung supposedly sending service but I may just going to return it to Amazon or have Amex purchase protection replace it.

Very disappointed; have lost all brand loyalty for Samsung.

Aug 25, 2016
60" Samsung no picture and no sound, blinking standby light.
by: Los

Well, at least mine lasted 3 years, but now it is dead. I replaced power board and TV turned on, I powered it back off to make sure everything was working fine but it refused to display picture and no sound once again!

This TV cost about $1500.00 and now it just a design display piece. I have had good experience with their PC Monitors Which still work after many years of Computing, PC and console gaming, so I thought their TV's must be on point too. Warranty is out so you know how that story goes, so I will skip it. It is really unfortunate for Samsung because my home will never see a Samsung TV again. The replacement power board cost $100.00 with shipping. I suspect that the main board may be part of the problem now but, I am not spending more money on this thing.

My advice, if you want a beautiful design piece that looks good in your living room after it has ceased to function then buy a Samsung. If you want a TV that will last, please consider an alternative, because Samsung isn't it.

Aug 24, 2016
Pissssed offf
by: Anonymous

After reading these posts We can only add...feel your pain and frustrations with Samsung! Our 60" whizz bang smart tv...NOT has triggered the house safety switch...we thought it may have been an appliance in the kitchen. Out the boy goes into the cold rainy night and flicks the safety switch back on. Trudges in gets comfy on couch. Turns on his beloved Tv (3y.o) and holy crap...bang! The kelpie has never moved so quickly from under the coffee table! So not impressed SAMSUNG PEOPLE! After reading lots of posts and not just here but on lots of other forums you really need to take some action! We pay big $'s for your products. WE TRUSTED YOUR COMPANY TO DELIVER A TV WORTHY OF THIS ERA OF TECHNOLOGY. We also expect some quality after sales follow through and good old fashion customer care. We resent being treated indifferently! Do you sell so many that you just don't give a toss? Seems like it.



Aug 17, 2016
Bad capacitors - No longer covered by settlement
by: Dennis B.

Same experience as with many others on here. I don't know if they attempted to contact registered owners to notify them of the settlement, but I was not notified. Now my capacitors have failed and it's not covered by warranty or the settlement. Perhaps there will be another lawsuit?

Aug 16, 2016
Dead Samsung TV
by: Anonymous

Bought a 60 inch Samsung smart TV two and a half years ago. It is dead and Costco can't help as we don't have extended warranty. Now the next TV I will buy will be purchased with extended warranty as apparently these expensive gadgets are made to last a couple of years only. Pissed!

Aug 15, 2016
2013 60" Samsung Rebooting constantly
by: Anonymous

Having the same issue with TV going on and off. Less than 3 years old. Will be calling Samsung but not expecting any satisfaction from them based on what I'm reading. This is apparently a HUGE issue based on all that I have been reading.

No more Samsung in this house!

Aug 15, 2016
by: J. Dean

Update: The repair tech said my Samsung Plasma TV's problem was a bad screen.

Previous comment:
My 3 year old 60" Samsung Smart TV has same problem

The power light turns on and off, but there is no image i.e no pictures from input sources or the menus.

I've babied that TV. It has been off the ground in a consistent environment and hasn't moved in 3 years, 1 HDMI port has ever been plugged in which is from the receiver, and I've got an expensive Monster Power unit that all my gear plugs into. There is no reason for the TV to fail other than a manufacturing problem.

Aug 15, 2016
Samsung ( not so ) smart television H6400 Series.
by: Dan Fleury

I am the not so proud owner of a 55 inch H6400 series 55 inch smart television. Last week , my TV died on me. The unit would turn on for about 10 seconds and power off for about 5 seconds and then repeat. I had to unplug the unit to turn it off. This thing will be 2 years old on Sept.30 , 2016. I contacted Samsung and was told to bring it to a local repair depot. Today , I was informed that it will cost me about $500.00 to repair the thing . A circuit board has to be replaced. My other television is a tube style JVC 32 inch TV which was purchased in November of 2000, and it still works perfectly fine. Other than occasionally replacing the batteries in the remote, I have not had to spend a penny on this thing. I am taking a gamble and getting my Samsung repaired. If it craps out on me again ( ever), I will be replacing it with some other brand. Definitely not a Samsung. As a matter of fact , I will not be buying anything made by Samsung period. It is because of stuff like this why we have lawyers and class action law suits.

Aug 14, 2016
2011 55 inch led shutting down
by: Anonymous

I am a little late to the club, probably because my TV has low hours in a cold basement. Shuts down and reboots more and more frequently. Not the firmware, not the any network thing, not the control panel or WiFi card. I will try capacitors next.

I would also like to be in a class action.
Won't be buying any more Samsung.

Aug 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

No, Samsung has not fixed their capacitor problem. I have a LCD TV--bought it 3 years ago. It seemed fine for about a year and then it started turning on and off on its own. Then, if I turned it off, it might not turn back on again for a week. Then suddenly, it would turn on. I began leaving it on and just turning the sound off at night. Last night, I had company and had to sleep in the room with the TV. I turned it off. I also shut off the surge protector the TV was plugged into as well as the cable box because I had decided the cable modem was at fault. I turned on the strip this morning thinking, well I'll try turning it on but it will probably be a week before we have TV again...thankfully I was still at home. I heard a huge bang, a shower of sparks blew out the back.

After reading the hundreds of complaints and articles about Samsung TVs going back to 2000, I will never buy another Samsung TV. Had I not been home to unplug everything and check to be sure there was no fire, who knows what might have happened.

Aug 10, 2016
Samsung 46 inch HDTV led kicked the bucket!
by: Samsung distraught

I purchased a Samsung 46 inch HDTV in January 2015. Today it started to flicker on and off then suddenly it started to smell like plastic burning in our bedroom. Needless to say it stopped working.

I contacted Samsung and was told the same as everyone else,its not under warranty, sorry but we pretty much will do nothing for you.

This is the same problem everyone is facing and obviously this issue was not properly fixed in the past. It is frustrating that Samsung will not stick behind its product, but is very willing to accept hundreds of dollars for their products. No more Samsung TVs for me.

Aug 09, 2016
Dead Samsung TV
by: Richard

Purchased a 65" Samsung 7100 Series about a year and a half ago. within a few months, starts randomly powering off, though I could just turn it back on with the remote and all would be fine. Should have addressed it back then, and at the 18 month mark, I lost the picture entirely, and got the flashing red LED on the front.

Luckily I remembered that I had purchased it at Costco, and had stapled the receipt to the user manual. Costa doubles the manufacturers warranty on all TVs, so I called them, and after some on-the-phone diagnostics, they said to bring it in for a refund.

Wished that was the end of the story, but after bringing home the spanking new 4K Samsung KS800 Series (from Costco again), what happens on day one? Power randomly shuts off. Has happened twice now in three days.

I have learned from past mistakes, and will most likely be returning the unit to Costco under their 90 day return policy. Will probably buy an LG or Panasonic this time. I think I'm done with Samsung. It's too bad. The picture quality is great (when it works).

Aug 09, 2016
64" Samsung Plasma DEAD
by: Colin

TV is 3.5 years old - actually it's 3 years and 7 months old. Started turning on and off for about a month. Then just turning off and not turning back on unless I unplugged it. Then, just now, it popped and won't turn on at all - no red light, nothing... Spent. $1,400 at Paul's TV (which is no longer in business) and I get this SHIT product.

Aug 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

We purchased a Samsung 51 inch television less than two years ago. Worked fine until today when it will not turn on. After reading this forum, I feel like I have been taken advantage of by Samsung. Clearly Samsung knows this is an issue, doesn't seem to care and keeps sending out faulty items. Will NEVER buy ANOTHER SAMSUNG ITEM AGAIN!!!!

Aug 03, 2016
Buy something else.
by: Anonymous

I thought It was a good idea to finally upgrade from our 9 year old 50" TV with Samsung 55" 4K Ultra HD TV for Christmas. 7 months later.... all I get is the 5 blink flashing red light. I wish I would've done more research on this product. Currently I have the 9 year old SONY in front of the hanging Samsung. I wish I could include a picture.

Aug 02, 2016
speaker not working properly
by: P.R.U Nair

My TV model no.UA22D5000, purchased on 7th DEC 2011. After 2 years its speaker went of and got repaired by a local service center. Now again the speaker not working properly since more than one month. Though complaint on 11/7/16, no action taken till today.

Aug 02, 2016
Samsung series 6000 55 inch
by: Gerry

Set it up and within 10 minutes the screen flashed black for 2 seconds and the Smart TV logo popped up and the picture came back, then it does the same thing 6 times in the next 4 minutes. Also 3 times I switched it on there was a totally black screen no sound.

Service changed over the circuit board, and guess what... it still does the same thing so have to get them back. Spent many hours on the phone to Philippines who accessed my TV with no avail.
Not happy, oh spent 420 dollars on new aerial also no change.

Jul 24, 2016
Shouldn't Technology be Getting Better?
by: Andrew

Paul, yes technology is definitely getting better.

The problem is that manufacturers seem only interested in making money, and this not only by introducing new features to lure customers to buy their new products despite that often those new features are of no real value to the end user, BUT also by designing products to fail.

It may sound strange but most companies seem to be designing products specifically to fail once these approach the end of their standard warranty period.

Jul 22, 2016
Dead 64" Plasma
by: Paul

My 3 year old Samsung has been taking 2-3 times to actually power up, usually clicking as if it is turning on without displaying anything. It has also been turning off on its own for the past few months. Yesterday it officially died, no red light in the corner to indicate it is at least receiving power. Unplugging for extended periods has not changed anything. This is very frustrating to spend over $1k and expect several years of service only to have it die. I think the old 28" tube TV I had growing up lasted about 20 years before my parents gave it away. Shouldn't technology be better now?

Jul 17, 2016
My 3 year old 60" Samsung Smart TV has same problem
by: J. Dean

The power light turns on and off, but there is no image i.e no pictures from input sources or the menus.

I've babied that TV. It has been off the ground in a consistent environment and hasn't moved in 3 years, 1 HDMI port has ever been plugged in which is from the receiver, and I've got an expensive Monster Power unit that all my gear plugs into. There is no reason for the TV to fail other than a manufacturing problem.

Jul 13, 2016
Sound but no picture.
by: Larry Dameron

46 inch LCD less that is 2 yr old. Picture went out. Called Samsung and was told that I would have to pay for repair myself. Total cost of $300 dollars. No more Samsung anything for me!

Jul 11, 2016
Yes. And all of their appliances
by: Anonymous


I know your pain. My UN55F6300 issued a spark that scared the heck out of my children then went totally black. No standby light, no sound, picture, nothing. I've only had it a year an a half. Having read a number of accounts of the exact same condition, and the class action, I phoned Samsung customer service, who, like many of you, told me my TV was out of warranty and "helpfully" offered to point me to a technician.

Further research on the subject shows that many folks are fixing this issue themselves and being without options and having quite a bit of electronics experience, I opened the TV. Sure enough, one of the capacitors has exploded. There are burn marks on the PC board and the adjacent Integrated Circuit. These things are dangerous. I consider myself lucky the whole TV didn't catch fire.

Fair warning from me to you: All Samsung products are poorly designed and made. Being a technical guy, when it came time to purchase appliances for my brand new home, I liked the looks of the Samsung Major appliance. Lucky for me, I knew I was taking a risk so I purchased the Extended Warranty. On the three appliances (Dishwasher, Fridge, Stove) in the past 2 years (They're 3 years old), I've had something like 20 service calls, fortunately under this extended warranty. The stove had arcing between the circuit boards and the frame (hazard!!), the glass top spontaneously cracked, the burner control for a burner issued a big spark (like the TV) and goes on. The dishwasher doesn't clean the dishes. It claims to have a disposal, but if you leave any debris on the dishes, they end up spattered on everything in the top rack. Had the pump and "disposal" parts replaced. Now I wash the dishes first!

The French 3 door fridge with the ice maker has had every component of the ice maker replaced. It ices up and ice jams the mechanism, so the thing stops making ice. .... then it gets so bad, the fan in the back starts wailing, LOUDLY! Then I have to manually defrost it before the noise goes away.

So, like many of you, I will never purchase another Samsung product of any sort. Their designs and implementation are shameful. Even big companies like these will get their day. Tell your friends!

Jul 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

I bought a 50 inch Samsung UHD TV on 7/9/16 brand new, and installed it to TV stand on 7/10. As soon as I plugged it in the wall and pushed the power button, the red little dot stars flickering.


Jul 09, 2016
Samsung POOOOOR Customer Service
by: Anonymous

My Samsung flat screen model number LN32D403E4D was manufactured in 2013, NOT between the dates covered in the lawsuit, but STILL did the same thing. A couple of days ago, it started turning off and on at random times. It would only stay on for a couple of hours, and then do the same thing. Today, though, it will not even stay on.

Of course, I called Samsung, and you guessed it, "Unfortunately, your tv is out of warranty. We can give you a number for a technician that can take a look, but you'll be responsible for the cost."

Yes, I explained to the condescending customer service representative that it appears to be a continued manufacturing problem, since the capacitors are ONCE AGAIN (or always have been) the problem. This reply beats them all:

"We have specialized technicians that ensure the capacitors are okay before we release our product to be sold."


I'm not finished with my quest to get something done about this, but no more Samsung for me. I'm so disappointed, but hoping they'll "wake up" before they go bankrupt.

So, to answer the question, yes, there are still capacitor problems with Samsung TVs.

Jul 08, 2016
Timing is everything
by: Anonymous

My 60 inch Samsung just lost picture. Makes clicking noise, but no video.

I DID buy the 4-YEAR extended protection plan....which expired exactly 6 days ago.

Kinda' makes me think they send a "kill" command down the fiber on this "smart" TV.

Jul 07, 2016
Samsung sounds like it on life support
by: Jesse Umbinetti

My TV just went out. Supposedly back in 2012 there was a recall on my Samsung TV. I never received a notice that there was a recall in the mail or through email. My TV just went out and started softly beeping every couple seconds and the power light keeps flashing.I called Samsung and they told me that the recall is over and they could send a tech out at the expense of me. I was like Mum I'm sorry but I am good!

I mean whatever I called not expecting much anyway as my TV is old but it was working fine 3 days ago now there is nothing. I also started thinking a recall is a recall I didn't think those end.

Jul 05, 2016
Smasung plasma pn64f8500
by: Haftime

My Samsung pn64f8500 plasma stopped turning on. I contacted Samsung support and was informed I am out of warranty. When I described the issue and informed them that there are several threads with the same issue, Samsung responded:

"Unfortunately, we do not have control over the Internet postings, and we cannot confirm the reliability of that information."

Lol, no internet at Samsung.

I am following other postings and desoldering all the capacitors and will replace any that are less than 90% of specs on micro-farads.

Advised Samsung that we are no longer consuming their product offerings.

Jul 04, 2016
Another one!!!
by: G.E.G.

I've had my 60" LCD for about three years, this week the on/off issue has started. I was so surprised to find out all the problems Samsung is having with these TV's.

I will never buy another Samsung product. Sign me up for the class action suit.

Jul 02, 2016
Samsun 64 inch Plasma dead twice in 2 years, 8 months
by: Pissed

Samsung PN64E533D2 64 inch Plasma bought from Costco in Sept 2013. In Sept 2014, would not turn on so contacted Samsung directly. They came out and covered the repair under warranty, supposedly replaced the powerboard (but i vaguely remember the repair guy saying something about the capacitors but it's easier to just replace the power board). In May 2016, same issue, would not turn on. Called Samsung and they would not cover the repair as it was out of warranty, even repair was out of warranty. Called Costco Concierge and the Costco warehouse manager, same answer, would not cover as it was out of warranty.

Now after googling the issue, found LOTS of complaints about the same issue!!! NO MORE Samsung!!! If anyone has started a class-action suit, please post it.

Jun 26, 2016
Shutting down after just three days...
by: Anonymous

Just bought a 2016 65" Class 4K Ultra HD Smart SUHD TV - UN65KS9000.

After three days it started shutting off. Once it shuts off, it won't turn on until I unplug and plug it in again.

Has gotten progressively worse and now just a few days later it won't stay on longer than 10 minutes, sometimes just seconds.

I've tried updating it. I've turned off everything you can turn off. I've tried different HDMI cables. I've tried different outlets. Nothing seems to matter.

Fortunately, I bought it from Sears and they are actually delivering a replacement.

I thought Samsung was a leader in electronics. I had no idea how truly bad their quality really is.

Jun 24, 2016
43 inch Samsung Plasma TV
by: Anonymous

TV is 3 years old, Power problems started in March of 2016, Had it repaired. Three months later ... right now 6/24/16 TV won't power on. Paid $160.00 to have it repaired 3 months ago.

In the shop now, they still are going thru it. Its the Capacitor Problem.

Jun 21, 2016
$2,400 piece of 4K UHD garbage
by: Anonymous

After reading this I can see I'm just one of many I spent over $2,000 on a 65 UHD 4K beautiful Samsung television which does nothing but flashing red light after 2 months of ownership...

I'm so far got the Same Song & Dance from Samsung unplugged unplug that we will have a serviceman contact you in a day or two...

This is absolutely ridiculous. I will never I repeat never ever buy a Samsung television. product again.

Jun 05, 2016
60" plasma tv
by: Anonymous


May 30, 2016
Samsung smart tvs are junk
by: Anonymous



May 29, 2016
4 month old smart TV on-off issue
by: Anonymous

I bought a Samsung model UN407JU100F over amazon in January 2016. It was DOA and wouldn't turn on at all. Tried Samsung customer support with little satisfaction. After going thru all the plugging unplugging etc as instructed by phone, they said they would send a service man but a week later still waiting.

So I returned TV to amazon in exchange for another exact replacement. (BTW .. Samsung called me back a couple of weeks later to say a service man was coming and I told them I'd already returned the TV to amazon). The replacement TV appeared to work fine except after a couple of weeks I noticed the random on-off problem. I wrote a truthful review for amazon because I read all reviews before making such a costly purchase ... however amazon would not post my review because I had mentioned "poor quality control" in my review. Disappointed in amazon and now question their reviews ... I won't buy another Samsung product.

May 29, 2016
Capacitor still not fixed
by: Anonymous

My Samsung 32" LED Smart has a manufacture date of FEBRUARY 2014. No problems until recently. It started to recycle on/off one or two times a day. Now it will not stay on long enough to watch. I called Samsung and they first told me that it was out of warranty. Then they said that this problem was settled by them in FEBRUARY 2014. They could do nothing for me regarding this issue.

It sounds like the problem has never been fixed. It is time for another recall or class action lawsuit.

May 28, 2016
Samsung issues
by: Anonymous

I have a 60" Samsung plasma about 3 years old, manufactured in 2012. We had issues from day one. Last year after numerous complaints, Samsung paid for all the replacements. Now today, came home and TV won't turn on. Called Samsung and they said it was normal wear & tear! That got a huge laugh out of me. I will never buy a Samsung again. They can't even stand behind their product. Very disappointed!!!

May 28, 2016
A better tv
by: Anonymous

I have 6 TVs. ...I have 5 lg TVs and 1 Samsung TV. I have never had a problem with any of my lg TVs but have had the power board go out on the Samsung. So I recommend lg to anyone.

May 27, 2016
by: RC

We bought the Samsung 50" HDTV and like clock work right after the warranty expired, so did the TV. While watching it, the screen when dark and then started clicking on and off continuously. I had to unplug it to stop it. Called Samsung and of course there was nothing they would do. Took it to the repair shop and had to have the control board replaced.

Now 1 year later, the exact same thing happened again. Frustrated I checked the internet only to find SAMSUNG HAS A LOT OF PROBLEMS!!! The capacitor problem seemed to describe the same issue I was having with my TV. When I called Samsung and spoke to Marquissa S. she advise that my model was not included in the settlement. I said but my TV is a Samsung and it's doing the SAME THING as those included in the recall!! Basically Marquissa told me TOO BAD!!

Are you kidding me. I had already paid to fix it once and 1 year later it does it again? First time shame on me for accepting the fact and not complaining the a new TV would need to be serviced.

Second time SHAME ON YOU SAMSUNG for not standing behind your product and claiming to produce an above average product and charging above average prices.

May 24, 2016
PN51F8500 plasma bought 5-14-2014 dead
by: CoiffureAnonymous

I paid about $2500 for my plasma tv and I turned it on Saturday and after about 15 minutes it just turned itself off, but I didn't have bl , no signs of life.

I am disabled and bedridden and my only interaction is my TV and now I am here thinking OMG I PAID ALL THIS MONEY FOR THIS TV AND IT IS DEAD JUST 2 YRS OLD.

So we called Samsung and they had Best Buy on the list for fixing the TV of which the guy calls to come out and says on the phone without even seeing it, that it would need a new power board replacement to just see what is wrong with it. I was shocked when he gets to the house today and tells us it's going to cost $600 just to put in the power board to see what is the real problem and that he has TVs almost the price we could buy instead if we thought that would work for us and he says they have a 4K Hudson 55 in that would be a few hundred more then the fix and I was almost going to buy it.

Now I am sitting here reading all of this and wow was I glad I found this on the Internet. I am laughing because I read on the community forum on Samsung there was a guy who said he had 6 dead TVs in his basement made by Samsung and again after paying over 10 k for them and they all bit the dust, he is now disgusted with Samsung. I am laughing because the first words out of my mouth to this geek guy today from Best Buy, was that you would think that after the second TV he would have not to deal with Samsung again, but 6 times later?

Now here comes the funny part, because I paid so much for my plasma and the apps I used and the new smart view and being able to search on the remote and it would long lost TV shows or a movie right off the internet and neatly put them on the screen and you just clicked and you were watching them , and here is why I am laughing, because the Best Buy geek says that the Samsung 55 6 series 4K uhd would be the best matched to the house but hubby wasn't home to greet the guy and let him in.

I believe GOD was working through me telling me to research about this issue and here I am. Almost had it delivered, Ahahahahahahahsh, saved by the bell. Count us in on a suit because after reading all these posts I believe that they put a 2 yr timer on these TVs to go out about that time and they get you hooked on the gadget features and you find yourself buying another one and reading about the guy who bought 6 TVs before he got it really resonates with me. I think we NEED TO LIGHT UP THE SAMSUNG FORUM WITH ALL OF THESE POSTS AND DO A LAWSUIT THAT SHOULD MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS. IT SEEMS THE MORE MONEY YOU SPEND THE WORSE THE SERVICES ANYMORE. TIME TO FIGHT BACK. THANKS TO YOU ALL, I AM WISER.

PS: Anyone recommend a good TV to buy??? I need my companion? Hubby always works and hates having to sit with me for company. :(

May 17, 2016
Sam sung no show
by: Anonymous

Samsung 32 inch smart led TV problem have sound no picture. Wish it was made 20 years ago it would still be working.

May 14, 2016
Don't Buy Samsung TVs
by: Rangdrol

I have a Samsung printer and it never worked right. Just printing simple black and white pages. It wouldn't print and I would have to try again, and again, and again. I finally threw it away a few months ago.

Then I bought a Samsung HDU4k Series 6, 6500 tv. I was excited. However, I've only watched it a total of 10 hours and on 3 different occasions, it loudly distorts the actor/anchor's voice and increases so loud and then after 30 seconds, just no sound at all. I then have to restart the TV, or play with the mute on/off tab.

I called Samsung Canada and they are so rude. I told them it's a few months and I don't watch it often and they tried to blame my receiver. They said I should connect a game console, or blue ray player to see if it happens there. If not, then it must be the receiver. But it's obvious it's the Samsung sound card. I have had a Panasonic with no problems for six or so years and the quality is so good. Much better than Samsung.

I told the rep at Samsung that I don't know anyone cause I'm relatively new to Montreal, and I don't play game consoles. He said if they sent a repair guy out to my home, if he said it was the receive then I would have to pay for the visit. BUT he wouldn't tell me how much that visit might cost.

Is this normal for Canada? I feel bad for the woman who says that she has bought three Samsung TVs! Really?? Why?? Doesn't that tell her something?? I'm from the states, and I've never had this kind of service, never. It's insulting really. If I was rich, I would just drive up to the Samsung offices and leave it in front of their building!

May 14, 2016
2 dead
by: Anonymous

We have 2 large Samsung smart TV's at my work and after about a year one would not turn on in the morning. The light was just blinking red and we had had to pay near 500$ to get it fixed and now a month later the 2nd one has died. Such garbage... neither made it more than 14 months.

May 09, 2016
Capacitor issue
by: Anonymous

I had to replace two capacitors on my 3 year old 40" Samsung and now its' working (Total cost $10, bought 4). The only problem is blotchy screen which can get annoying on some shows.

May 09, 2016
Problem with UN55H6203AF
by: Deanne Damato

Same situation happened to me. While watching my just over a year old 55" Samsung TV, I heard a loud pop, it went dark and hasn't turned back on since. This is the my 3rd Samsung TV through the years and other two are still working. This one, though, being the most expensive, is extremely disappointing.

May 08, 2016
Samsung pop
by: Anonymous

I recently put a comment about our 55" Samsung smart TV making a "pop" sound and then nothing, no power, no picture, no anything. I checked the capacitors and they were not the problem. There was a burn mark on the power supply board but not by the capacitors. I checked out eBay and they had the exact same power board for $37.21 with free shipping and handling. It came in 3 days, I installed it and the TV works like new again.

May 08, 2016
Shame on Samsung
by: M Greaves

I waited for years to finally pull the trigger and buy the big screen TV I wanted...Samsung 60" plasma PN60E7000. Well after 3 years ...and nowhere near the estimated 40,000 hour lifespan est. for the died!

Prefect picture up until it died. I had the same issues many others have described...screen went black, red light flashing. It went dark maybe 6 times and I had to unplug it to get it to turn on again before it finally popped and I lost the picture for good and there was a burnt smell.

Estimate for repair is $549 with no guarantee.
Totally unacceptable Samsung that after paying out hundreds of millions in a class action suit you turn out the same crappy product the same year you settle.

Well, I'm done with Samsung. I'll try Vizio or LG. But if there's another class action taken against the dishonest, thieving, unscrupulous Samsung...I'm in!!!!

May 06, 2016
Time for another lawsuit
by: LT4485

My 15 month old Samsung has the same on off problem as many others have experienced. Is there another class action suit that can be initiated?

May 04, 2016
Junk Samsung TV
by: Anonymous

Ditto as all the rest my Samsung model #PN60E7000FFXZA lasted 15 months before having the same problem. $2400 piece of junk. Never again. Samsung got their last dollar out of me.

May 03, 2016
Samsung pop
by: Anonymous

I had a Samsung 55" Smart HD TV for just around 3 years and today while watching it...a loud pop sound happened and it went black. No lights, no sound, no nothing. Our surge protector had other components plugged into it and they were all still on. I called Samsung and they said it can't be the capacitor because the ready light was not on. I think they're just avoiding the situation that their TVs suck. Going LG from now on. Haven't had any problems with them yet and have 4 LG TVs.

Apr 19, 2016
by: Janie D

Have had a Samsung Smart HDTV for 3 years next month...I guess I've been luckier longer than most, but last month I started getting the now infamous on/off looping whenever the TV is in the mood...and you can't knock it out of that cycle. Wasn't I wise to have purchased an extended warranty? (I've NEVER done so for any previous TV and they lasted for 15 years and more without ANY repairs!) Of course you're not informed about crappy manufacturing issues until you start experiencing them and know what to start searching for. I feel so wonderful knowing I spent a fortune on a "Smart" TV and made a HUGE mistake becoming a "dumb" fool guilted into buying what is nothing more than disposable, junk technology.

Samsung is worthless and has the gall to tell me they make quality, reliable products...AND there is nothing they will do to back that up...even after having a class action lawsuit against them for exactly THIS kind of crap as far back as 2012! No...I was told I have to go through my third party warranty provider. And what if I didn't have it? Tough luck while Samsung keeps running to the bank!

NEVER AGAIN, SAMSUNG! You don't BACK your products or value your only PACK your products and JACK your customers!

Apr 13, 2016
Samsung product
by: Arman

My 1 st Samsung TV lasted 2 years; my second Samsung TV lasted 14 months! Will newer buy this junk again.

Apr 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am already having problems with a 32 inch tv that I just purchased in January. Customer service has given me the run around with one of the reps actually insisting that there was nothing wrong with the TV when it had no picture! So I finally have a ticket for repair, but the place that I have to take the TV is only open during the hours when I have to be at work. Samsung has no authorized repair that is near my office which means that I will need to take time off of work to both drop off and pick up the TV, not to mention the 7-8 phone calls and the 7-8 hours that I have spent on the phone with Samsung customer service. There should be a class action lawsuit and this company should be fined and required to pay damages for knowingly flooding the American market with their defective TV's.

Mar 28, 2016
Buy Samsung & Die...
by: Anonymous

I happen to have two newer Samsung, sorry I'm tired & I've written the model #'s so many times; it's irrelevant, there 55" LCD's one is a 3D w/ a "faulty remote" & the other has the famed on/off syndrome, like there maker. I've read hours of details and the bottom line is Samsung doesn't care. Pay me & go, should be the new motto. Sorry my imported friend it doesn't work that way in America. I call religiously & get some poor worker who's not involved, except to get me off the line. Bother the management, if you can get through. I do it now as a hobby, it's like collecting stamps. Get names & write Government agencies.

Mar 24, 2016
by: Andrew

I have a Samsung Led Smart TV model UN32EH5300FXA. It has sound but no picture... as soon as it is plugged, it comes on but will not turn on or off by the Remote nor by the power button.

Mar 21, 2016
If I only knew
by: Chicago guy

I have a 50-in uhd TV. It first happen 9 months after I got my TV. It happen about 2 weeks ago. The tech stopped by today and picked it up; I hope it can be fixed. Samsung should have to pay rebates for my Amazon prime as I can't watch it. I won't ever buy a Samsung TV again.

Mar 20, 2016
Samsung UN55FH6003FXZA
by: Bonnie Arnold

TV turns itself on/off by itself. Won't turn on with remote or manual power button. Company refuses to fix, started happening just 1 week after 1 yr warranty expired. HORRIBLE!! I would like to be included in whatever lawsuit is available. Cheap company should be held responsible for their lack of quality and customer service.

Mar 19, 2016
Samsung TV Same Problem
by: Dawn

I have a Samsung. It's only 10 years old and I'm having that issue now. Please include me in the lawsuit; or give me the information. Thank you.

Mar 15, 2016
Defective Samsung TV
by: Lucy

I have a Samsung TV model UN40F6300 collecting dust and taking up space in my game room. Like everyone else, mine too stopped working after 14 short months! Yes, only 2 months out of warranty.
Same issue Samsung is known for, red light keeps blinking and TV never comes on.

One would think one class action lawsuit would be enough for Samsung to improve the manufacturing of their TV's or, that maybe they would want to treat their customers better but, NO to both!

Please someone tell me how to get another lawsuit started against this company. There has to be an attorney out there who has had this same problem and realizes there are thousands of people out there that have been ripped off by Samsung.

Mar 06, 2016
TV Turns itself Off then On constantly
by: Flower

My television is continuously rebooting. Turns itself of and on continuously at random times. It appears to have a capacitor problem. It is a 60" LED TV which is only 2 years old, was very expensive. Previously owned a Samsung microwave that lasted nearly 30 years and thought the TV would last at least 15 years based on the name alone. Boy was I wrong!

Didn't check the specks enough before making this purchase in January 2014 from Costco. I have a Samsung 60" Class 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV UN60FH6003F. It seems obvious to me that there is still a capacitor problem.

Is there anything that can be done besides purchasing yet another TV?

Very disappointed with Samsung.

Mar 04, 2016
The Power Cycle Continues
by: DLux

I have a PN51D8000 and noticed a couple of months ago it would randomly just turn off. I would turn it back on problem solve. Annoying but not a huge deal as I figured it was just from an infrared signal from somewhere. Then yesterday I get a phone call saying that the TV won't turn off and it will nocturnal, which I found odd. So I came home to find the same thing that it looks like many of you have found.

You powered up you can hear it click on in right before the pictures should come on the screen it cycles off in that automatically turns on in the whole process begins again. I started troubleshooting by looking at this thread (thank you very much!). Of course I contacted Samsung and I got the whole out of warranty lecture as well. So here is what I have done so far...

1. I disconnected the IR and WiFi plug to the board to see if that would work first. I waited approximately 15 minutes, plug it back in, then plug the TV in. No dice.

2. Then I disconnected the Wi-Fi altogether, plugged the television back in, no dice

3. I had seen on YouTube where you can try to determine if the X and or Y boards are messed up. So first I disconnected the power from the Y board. Plugged the TV in. No dice.

4. Did the same with the X board and got the same result.

Davidmac, would you mind sharing where you got the capacitors because I believe that is my next option.

Mar 01, 2016
Problem Solved
by: Davidmac

Although I never would have thought the problem was capacitors, it was. They must be using barely acceptable caps or just poor quality. I replaced the 68 microfarad 450V caps with the same value and the new ones were bigger (same lead spacing.) I had the same experience with the 10 microfarad cap. I replaced the 200v 68 microfarad caps with longer 350v ones, since there was room. I don't know which were the problem, but these biggest caps (there are six total) did the trick. I recommend to anyone who doesn't have the proper tools not try this themselves. The board is not a good quality board and I actually burned the backside of it with my heavy duty soldering iron. If you take this info. to a repair guy he can replace them for you fairly quickly. The caps cost less than $20 with free shipping. Some repair places might have these on hand.

BTW, the firmware update was already part of my 2013 set, so it is greyed out, but that isn't the issue anyway. They might be trying to half-fix the problem by doing this type of update, but it will return as the caps degrade further.

Feb 27, 2016
Update firmware first
by: Chris

I have been having this power cycling issue with my Samsung UN32EH5300FXZA 32 inch smart tv. I hit up the chat service on Samsung's website, and without asking for warranty information or payment, they assisted me with my issue. They logged in remotely and updated my firmware. The rep was very helpful and very knowledgeable of this issue. The TV seems to be responding as expected. Haven't seen it power cycle since the update. If you are still having this issue, before paying to have it serviced or attempting to tackle the capacitor, try updating the firmware first. It's free! See instruction by clicking on the link below. It will take you to a troubleshooting guide directly from Samsung's website:

Samsung Troubleshooting Guide

Feb 27, 2016
third update
by: Davidmac

I purchased the capacitor set for the UN40-6400 series that I own and will install them this weekend, but I doubt that is the problem. It seems that taking the TV apart and putting it back together fixes that problem temporarily. It worked for days with little problem after the last incident. Now it has to be unplugged for a day before working even a few minutes to a few hours. It seems like a temperature issue in some ways and a signal issue in other ways. For instance, I can use another branded remote to change the volume on my Yamaha receiver and the tv starts cycling again. Once it starts, there is nothing to do but unplug it for a day.

I had a salesman from a store who only sells Samsung tvs that they have less than a 1/2 percent warranty failure rate; the best in the business. With all of the comments about Samsung tvs I have seen on the web, it seems doubtful unless most of the issues don't arise until the warranty has expired. I know that my problem began well within the warranty period, but it was such an odd and rare occurrence that it did not seem that it was a physical problem but an interference problem and so I ignored it. Now that the problem is too big to ignore neither the store, who extended the warranty by 1 year (I talked to them a couple of months too late), nor Samsung will acknowledge that it existed. Essentially they are calling me a liar, which I stated exactly that way to the salesman who just snickered at that. Needless to say I will never buy anything from that store again even if they sell something other than Samsung.

TVs used to last 15 to 20 years, now they last about 5 if you're lucky. It makes me think that all of these great features that are offered can only mean that you spend more for less quality. An extended warranty only does so much good. If you have to replace a tv a couple of times under a 3 year extended warranty plan then after that the last new one might only be warranted for a month. If it goes out then you're screwed. It makes me think that you should buy the most basic tv you can to save the most money. I've owned a lot of Sony products (but not a tv) and have never had a problem within a reasonable amount of time. Maybe I should try them next time. Samsung doesn't even acknowledge there is a problem with their smart tv design when it is obvious there is.

Feb 25, 2016
don't buy Samsung again!!
by: Anonymous

We bought the UN65JU6700 4k ultra TV 65" on December 20, 2015.On February 25,2016 the TV is not powering on for nothing.I called them and they said that repairs need to come out and repair it.

This is ridiculous to say the least! They have to replace the TVs especially when it is that new and especially when we spend 1699 on this TV. They also said that the repairmen will call within 23-48 hrs to schedule the appointment.

Thus we will have to spend the entire weekend without TV. Of course the issue is not spending the wk-ends without TV - the issue is that a 2-month old TV stopped working. Do yourselves a favor and buy something else.

Feb 24, 2016
Bad capacitors still?
by: JavanMeinwald

My television is continuously rebooting. It appears to have the same capacitor problem of other Samsung televisions so many years ago. I can't believe they are still using that bad design and now I am going to have to get it repaired.

Feb 23, 2016
Capacitor Issue
by: Neil Milner

This is the second Samsung that I have had this issue with, current is model is UN46d7000fxzc. The tech on the chat line was unhelpful.

It will be my last Samsung. Does anyone have an update on the Class Action lawsuit?

Feb 21, 2016
2 Failures in under a Year-and-a-Half
by: Anonymous

UN46EH5000 Turns itself off randomly, power cycles (turns itself back on, and off, randomly) eventually won't turn on at all. First failure at 9 months, parts and labor covered under warranty. 4 months after that, same issue. No warranty, no help.

Feb 20, 2016
3 Strikes - you're OUT!
by: Anonymous

After 3 complete breakdowns within 9 months for my new UA65HU8500W 65 inch Samsung UHD (4k) TV with 3D etc, I returned it to the store for a 100% refund ($2650) and bought a new 65 inch Panasonic TH65CX800A UHD TV with 3D plus many technological advances including HDR (the next big thing) and have never been happier.

This is a top quality award-winning TV from a company that has never let me down. I was tricked by fancy reviews into buying the Samsung but never again. With news that Samsung top loader clothes washing machines are exploding and catching fire in Australia, I have lost all confidence in the Samsung brand and will NEVER buy another Samsung product EVER.

Poor quality should never be rewarded. Customers deserve fair and honest treatment, and Samsung should stand behind their products and repair all defects that arise due to faulty or poor design or the use of substandard components. Enough said - over and out (forever).

Feb 15, 2016
TV did'nt even last a Week!
by: SteveJ

Bought my Samsung 60" UHD Series 7 TV on Saturday 6th February 2016, picked it up Sunday, installed it on Monday. On Saturday the 13th when I went to turn it on "NO PICTURE". All I get is a flashing red light. Didn't even last a week. Couple of Grand just sitting there.

There is no sincere effort to get it repaired. Last Samsung ever for me.

Feb 15, 2016
1 1/2 year old Samsung tv died
by: Anonymous

What's wrong with this picture? I drop $500 for a brand new 46" Samsung television only to have it go out on me after less than a year and a half. Is it any wonder they only warrant their product for one year.

If I conducted my business in this way, I'd be starving under a bridge.

Feb 15, 2016
Need a Class-action Lawsuit !!!
by: Steve I.

I purchased my PN60E8000GFXZA TV from Bestbuy 2 years ago. I was very happy with my purchase being that this is the 3rd Samsung TV I have in my house.

On SUPER BOWL my TV turned off on its own and the red light started blinking 2 times. I unplugged it and waited and it kept turning off. It finally stayed on for the game and the week to follow. Now this weekend my TV won't stay on more than 2 minutes. I also researched that it may be the PSB that needs changing. Samsung sales the part for $200 and $30 shipping.

After reading this forum I do not think it is worth paying for the repair with all the issues that you guys have had. I need help and we need to start a class action lawsuit against shady Samsung. I called them yesterday and received a ticket and I will call them back tomorrow and see what transpires.

I guess it is time to take my money to Sony......

Feb 14, 2016
Irate owner
by: Anonymous

UN46EH5000 Not even 2 yrs old. Suddenly no pic, now won't turn on! Unplugged, rebooted, no avail. Now I see I am not alone.

Samsung has lost another customer, sad to see our hard earned money wasted.

Feb 13, 2016
Sansung UN46ES600
by: Anonymous

My Samsung UN46ES600 has lasted 3 years. I heard a snap and a saw a flash from the left side (facing TV). Shortly after that no picture. When using a flashlight and shinning it on the screen I can see a faint picture showing.

I can't believe with all the money I paid that it would go out so soon. Anyone have an idea what caused this? A feed back would be nice from a tech.

Feb 11, 2016
2nd follow up
by: Davidmac

DudleyDorite, can you explain how your Wi-Fi was disconnected. Simply unplugging it seemed to work for me, but then the problem re-emerged soon after. I too think it is a problem with the motherboard. Mine now will not turn on at all. It cycles on and off too fast to do anything useful with it. I couldn't even do a software update if I wanted. Hopefully someone can explain how the automatic on function works and how it can be by-passed.

Samsung contacted me, but the response was not very helpful. I'm going to ask them for help with the auto-on feature, but that might not be the problem either. If they know what the problem is then that are not acknowledging it. That would require that they actually do something. I would like to find out how many people have, or have gotten fixed, this on-off cycling issue. It would be very helpful for several reasons to know how widespread this is.

Also, does anyone know if the motherboard can be reset to its original state. If it is software related that might fix it.

Feb 08, 2016
LN52B750U1FX7A not powering on
by: Anonymous

I've had this TV since 03/2009 and recently powering on became an issue. The red light is on as usual with the power off but when you press the power button on the remote or hover your finger over the sensor on the TV, the red light blinks on and off along with the white light under the center of the TV.

Considering the cost of this set you'd hope this would not be an issue but since I've repaired many... yes it's to bulging capacitors that are the usual culprit. Replaced said crap Chinese caps with some reputable Japanese caps... another problem solved.

Thanks Samsung so much for using cheap underrated capacitors so I can so look forward to replacing them. Get a clue from all the complaints and fix the issues before the problem even starts.

There's this thing called over engineering... you should try it!

Feb 07, 2016
by: DudleyDorite

It was not a capacitor problem, as I had originally thought... however, it is just as prevalent a problem, given the comments here. It was a defective board associated with the Wi-Fi and was triggering the constant on/off reset of the TV. Rather than replace the board, I just had it disconnected and the problem was solved.

I will not purchase another Samsung product, given their history of poor quality and arrogant attitude toward their customers. These TVs are not inexpensive and the repair is also not cheap. The Samsung philosophy appears to be planned obsolescence and their expectation is that you will buy a new TV from them, every few years... guess what Samsung... I'm done!

You have damaged your brand and as your sales volume drops, you'll be unable to get back customers that you've lost as a result of your hubris... bye, bye!

Feb 07, 2016
Busted tv
by: Anonymous

Had a 50 inch TV for 4 years, then while watching a movie the TV made a zap sound and went off with no power.

I might buy another Samsung, but kind of sucks that now I cannot get any re-sale value out of this one.

Feb 06, 2016
by: Davidmac

As a follow up to my earlier contribution today, I unplugged my computer from the TV and used my Samsung DVD player to automatically turn on my TV. It had been off for an hour or two, as I had to go buy an adapter to connect my computer to a regular monitor. It had been connected to the Samsung 40" TV that I had been using as a monitor as well as TV. That aside, the TV turned on just fine and has been operating for a few hours now. This is obviously not a hardware issue. I cannot stress that enough for all you who think it has something to do with capacitors. I will inform Samsung of these findings, but I have a feeling they already know this.

Sometimes it is cheaper for a company to settle a lawsuit rather than fix a very costly problem. There may have been a capacitor issue early in their design of these smart TVs, but that is not important now. I think it is more important to acknowledge that a problem exists with the programming of the motherboard and to fix that problem, either through a software fix or a hardware fix. I know a hardware fix will be more costly, but if it means that there will be a whole generation of customers lost due to inaction on the part of Samsung, then I think they will see that it is in their best interest to solve this before that happens.

I have been very happy with the product except for this one anomaly, so please, if someone from Samsung is reading this, do something before it is too late. I remember the time I swore I would never buy anything from the upstart Samsung, whose name meant nothing in the 80s when I first heard it and saw inferior products coming from its factories. You finally made me a believer in your products, so don't let a relatively small thing like this take you backward to the place of obscurity where all failed companies go. I hope you are better than that.

Feb 06, 2016
On-Off Issue
by: Davidmac

I read about the issues with Samsung TVs turning on and off, since my has done this since the first year I owned it.

Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, it was very sporadic, so I did nothing while under warranty. I live close to a microwave tower and assumed it was somehow an interference issue and so ignored it.

After owing the TV for two years and a month since Xmas of 2013), it is now having big problems with the on-off issue. The first time it became serious I went online and found out about several things people did. The first thing I tried was disconnecting the Wi-Fi link. That seemed to fix it, but it may have been just unplugging and keeping it that way for a couple of hours that did the trick. Now that doesn't work.

I believe it must be a motherboard software issue. Surely Samsung would have solved the capacitor issue. It seems they are more than capable as my TV will try to turn on four or five times before the power totally dissipates after unplugging it.

There are some other possibilities. One is that somehow the motherboard has been hacked by either a competitor or the Chinese that has forced it to see automatic on and off signals after receiving a signal over the internet. This would be possible for anyone even if they don't use that function but are within proximity of an internet router. If someone lives far from any internet source and still have the problem then please speak up so that this possibility can be ruled out.

Another possibility is that the automatic turn on feature develops a problem. This seems the most likely cause, both due to the nature of the problem and the fact that it get worse over time. If anyone has knowledge of how to disable this feature, please let us know. I have yet to contact Samsung with this particular request, but I seriously doubt they will provide such information. I will nevertheless try.

One last comment. I also did not believe that purchasing an extended warranty on such an expensive item was necessary. Usually things break immediately if there is something wrong with the workmanship. It sounds like we might need a new class action suit for this if Samsung does not address it in some fashion. TVs lasting two years is not acceptable.

Feb 05, 2016
Still having problems
by: P Sheppard

I will never buy another Samsung product. Our 64" tv has had power issues since the 9 month mark. Samsung wouldn't help.

Paid out of pocket for repair..... Twice. Haven't been able to turn it on for two days now, with Super Bowl two days away. Giant bust!

Feb 05, 2016
3rd time broken!
by: Anonymous

My Australian Samsung UHD (4K) TV model UA65HU8500W has now broken for the 3rd time since May 2015. The TV clicks exactly 12 times (the sound seems to come from the left hand side) with the small red light (on the right hand bottom edge) switching off before the clicking starts then, after the 12th click, this red light comes back on. Immediately after the 12th click, the white light in the centre of the TV at the bottom edge (which is always off normally) flashes on and off once. The main board was replaced under warranty for free in November 2015 - looks like it needs another one.

Since the TV is still under warranty (just 9 months new), I am going to ask for a full refund, then I will buy a Panasonic or Sony TV. I will never buy another Samsung product at any time in my life.

Feb 04, 2016
Faulty Samsung LED Flatscreen
by: Terry Byrd

My Samsung LED Flat Screen TV 5 years old is clicking no picture/sound. No relief from Samsung!

Feb 03, 2016
Yes for PN60E7000
by: Matt W

Purchased my Samsung PN60E7000 in October, 2012. Same problems of turning off and clicking started in February 2015. (Of note, after it would shut down, I would get the power light blinking two times repeatedly.)

Had the power supply board replaced for $250 and when they swapped it the old board had burn marks. Now February 2016 and the TV is doing it again.

Jan 29, 2016
Shame on Samsung
by: Sjc10598

I too am experiencing the exact same issues others have reported here. I purchased a Samsung model UN60D8000YFXZA on 1/1/12 and last week the TV would not turn on. When the TV is powered on the power indicator light flashes and an internal clicking noise happens. The flashing power light and clicking noise repeats several seconds later. No picture and no audio are present.

Last week I took the TV to a local repair shop that charged $377 to replace the main board. Within 24 hours of returning the TV home, the exact same flashing and clicking happened. Based on many online articles the issue is seemingly capacitor related and seemingly common. Samsung technical support is unwilling to help and apparently the class action suit from 2008 is no longer active and therefore not addressing the ongoing issue.

Shame on Samsung for their deplorable products and services.

Jan 28, 2016
Samsung UN40F 6300AF
by: Anonymous

Bought this TV in Dec 2012. Loved it & all its features. 2 yrs later while randomly increasing the volume on the remote the TV went into an endless loop of turning on and off. When the TV finally turned to a static "on" position, any button pressed on the stock remote would cause it to go into the endless on/off loop again. It became very frustrating, but since we had cable, we resorted to controlling the volume with the cable receiver remote. Changing the source or trying to access smart-hub would cause it to go into an endless loop as well. The only button on the remote that worked was the power button. This past month after putting up with this crapped out TV for over a year I decided to troubleshoot the problem with all the info gathered from forums & YouTube videos. I took the TV off the wall mount and placed it screen down on the kitchen table. That's when I noticed a 3"x2" panel cover in the lower left corner of the panel. I opened it up and saw that it was a connection to what looked like a motherboard. I opened removed all the screws on the back panel but could not completely remove it because the connection for the remote IR and on-board manual toggle was connected via that wire connected to the motherboard. So I unplugged it from the motherboard. I inspected the motherboard, the WiFi card, the power unit. Everything was pristine. I spent about 10 min inspecting every detail of the inside of the TV and couldn't find any visible damage. I came to the conclusion that I would have to bring it in for repair or replace it. I plugged the IR/toggle connection back into the motherboard and screwed the panel back on. I powered it up and prayed for a static "on" position. The football game was starting in half an hour. It came on right away. It stayed on. I hooked it up to the cable receiver and hit the source button. The source menu came on. No looping. It's gone. I have a normal TV again. All I had to do was reset the connection between the remote IR/manual toggle and the motherboard by unplugging the wire from the motherboard, waiting 10 min, then plugging it back into the motherboard.
This won't be everyone's solution, but it was mine. Hope this helps some people. Please disregard the nontechnical names I have given various TV parts, I am not a technician of any sort.

Jan 27, 2016
Software bug?
by: Anonymous

I have had this problem twice with 2 different Samsung UHD TV's (as reported on this forum earlier). Still looking for an answer to avoid future problems and expensive repairs. I found this info today - see If this is the reason for the problems, how do we avoid it? Should we deactivate "instant on" so the TV won't respond to rogue signals while off? Would be good to get Samsung's expert advice on this - but how?

Jan 26, 2016
Samsung UN46F5500
by: Anonymous

The short answer is yes. My TV turns on all by itself and turns off all by itself. Never gets to the Smart TV screen icon just powers up quickly shows a half circle on the right side (appears to be some sort of setup/configuration setting sort of thing). The second most likely related behavior is the red led light comes on by itself, goes out, comes back on and blinks for awhile and sometimes stays on or goes out - with or without the TV screen powering up. The current good news is once the TV is on it appears to work - at least for a reasonable time, as it is not used often.The bad news is its in a guest room and so it needs to be unplugged when guest are in bed as it wakes them up all night long.

Jan 24, 2016
Samsung Scumbags Still at it
by: Andy P

If you are having issues with your junk Samsung TV, please sign up at this link to get a class action lawsuit initiated (I did)

Called the worthless customer service and was told sorry, it is out of warranty. They tried to sell be an extended warranty. This is the third Samsung TV that we have had capacitor issues with. Clicking sound, will not power up. Started initially turning on and off on its own.

The first two Samsung TVs we repaired and paid out of pocket. This time I am fed up. Will never buy another Samsung product again.

Join the complaint at

Jan 23, 2016
Same Concern
by: Anonymous


Our TV is now making funny noises, and I fear the worst. Is there a pending lawsuit? How do we join?

Jan 20, 2016
2 1/2 years old 55 inch will NOT turn on!!
by: tw

Bought 55 inch Samsung TV 2 1/2 years ago; no noticed problems. Suddenly today TV would not turn on. Red light on bottom blinks, sometimes fast sometimes slow, replaced batteries, unplugged for 24 hours, customer service was a joke. Closest service center was FL 12 hours away. Trust I will tell every one how bad I felt my experience was with Samsung. So now am calling around to see if it is fixable...

Jan 19, 2016
Samsung, wtf? Get your shit together
by: Kyle

I have read a lot of articles about this capacitor issue. I had thought they, had fixed it, after the 2012 settlement. I bought a un55fh6030 led smart tv in 2014.

I was mistaken, about two weeks ago, the menu and smart hub started to get very blurry and would make noises. My fears came true two days ago. My tv cut off and would cut on, by itself. Then it just won't come on now. The red light on the bottom blinks and it will sometimes pop up with the opening screen and quickly turn off. I called Samsung and they said, there was nothing they could do, because my tv was out of warranty. It's only been out of warranty for 5 months. I just recently got a Samsung curve, in November.

I don't know, what to do. I can't afford another TV and now I'm worried my curve will follow the same footsteps. Is there anything I can do, about the capacitor issue and does anyone know, if Samsung has corrected the issue, with the newer models?

Pls let me know, I'm desperate and don't want to get someone to fix it, if I can have it done for free.

Jan 18, 2016
Samsung TV turning on and off
by: Anonymous

Same problem with my 2 year old 46 inch LED TV. TV turns on and off every 10 seconds on its own and after sometime shuts down completely and of course this happened right after the warranty expired. Never buy a Samsung product again. They don't stand by their product. This seems like a common problem with Samsung TVs.

Jan 16, 2016
Samsung tv
by: Stockton

Bought TV Samsung 55" smart 3D TV 13 months ago at the cost of £13000. The TV keeps turning itself on and off intermittently; contacted Samsung who did not want to know. Would not buy another Samsung product; they are SCUMBAGS!

Jan 15, 2016
no power at all now
by: carole

I just got off phone with Samsung. My TV is about
2 1/2 yrs old. I explained how, in the past month, my TV has gone from not coming on for a minute or so, to 1/2 to 2 hours to now not at all. I was told there is no on/off problems any more--problems prior to 2008. Also nothing Samsung will do as my TV is no longer under warranty. I know for sure my next TV won't be a Samsung. I would like to be part of a class action; not OK for Samsung to sell a shoddy product.

Jan 15, 2016
2013 PN51F8500 Dead
by: Slamkeys

Add me to the list. I contacted Samsung twice about my power on/off issue and they simply "closed the case" because I was 6 months past the warranty. I didn't expect them to fix it under warranty, but definitely wanted to make my voice heard because if we don't raise our voices they'll act like they have a superior product when they don't. I'm betting they actually delete these cases so they don't appear on the books.

My plasma started rebooting itself after 18 months, and now it won't even turn on anymore. Surely a power supply issue.

I also had to have the panel replaced under warranty because it developed a vertical line on the left side. Needless to say, I have zero confidence that the TV will last even if I have it repaired again.

Basically, I feel like I leased this TV for $100.00 per month and now the lease has ended. If you're OK with leasing your TV for $100.00 per month, then buy a Samsung.

The sad part is, I planned on giving this TV to one of my boys when I do buy a new one, so he's out of luck too. Thanks Samsung.

Jan 12, 2016
Samsung T.V. Junk
by: R.Miller

I am having same problem My Samsung Model No. LN40B500P3f made in 2010 started clicking and it would turn off and on 3 times and then the screen would go black. I had a TV repair man look at it and he said the back light was bad. He replaced some of the boards and determined it was the backlight. Not really sure this is the problem as you turn the T.V. on it does come on for a few seconds it does this 3 times and then the screen goes black. We went out and bought a new Vizio. And I love it. Very upset with Samsung obviously they have a problem with their T.V.s and do not want to admit it. I will never buy another Samsung product as long as I live. I am retired and 5 or 6 hundred dollars may not be a lot to Samsung but it means a hell of a lot to me!

Jan 06, 2016
Samsung TV Light is blinking red but will not turn on. Product problem Samsung has with multiple tvs.
by: Kurt G.

I bought a 70" Samsung TV, Model: UN65EH6000F. The TV began turning on and off for about a week. Now the TV will not turn on and the on button is blinking red. I called Samsung and they are doing nothing so I looked for answers/help and found this lawsuit. I filed today and I hope I get some results.

Class Action Lawsuit on Samsung TV's:
Class Action Lawsuit Center

Jan 06, 2016
Samsung Weirding Out
by: Anonymous

So one day I get home from work and the TV is on, and the volume is cranked to max. My wife said the TV would not shut off nor would it respond to the remote. I tried the touch buttons on the power panel and noticed that the power light was flickering fast and almost randomly.

I finally unplugged and re-plugged the TV and everything has been fine...until now. I came home to see the TV with a "Not Available" message stuck on the screen. Again, the TV would not respond to the remote. Again I unplugged and re-plugged, and everything's working OK. For now.

I'll be replacing the TV with something other than Samsung, but I thought I'd post this as a possible temporary solution for some of you.

Jan 05, 2016
Power problems on UE40F8000
by: Stefano

Started having issues in Dec 31st 2015 with the led blinking on and off and clicking sound (which has always been there since I bought it).

The only way I can make it work is to switch it off and then unplug it for some hours, before switching it on again. If I leave the TV in stand-by for too long, the on/off loop starts back.

This problem obviously appeared three weeks after the expiration of the 2-years warranty.

Jan 03, 2016
Another consumer screwed by Samsung
by: Scott Waara

I have a Samsung PN51D7000 Plasma built in April of 2011 that started clicking on and off, but not starting up, about six months ago.

I was on the road and unable to deal with the issue till now, but am disgusted at the obvious lack of quality control with these expensive TVs. Never, EVER will I buy a Samsung product again. I was told out of warranty, and sent to a service center, but it feels like good money after bad. Boycott Samsung.

Jan 02, 2016
Model Code UN65EH6000XZA
by: Glenn

65" LED purchased late July, 2014. Today (1/2/2016) TV does not turn on and LED light at power button flashes. Called Samsung support and after going through their redundant protocol was referred to a local repair shop to correct the issue , out of pocket.

A set that is under 2 years old with an inherent problem (from my research) and this is their solution. After owning 3 other Samsung TVs, this is the last product I will ever purchase from these scumbags.

Jan 02, 2016
Don, not just Samsung
by: UmDaMan

It's not just Samsung. The problem is with these garbage Chinese Capacitors that every TV MFG uses. Some may fail earlier due to bad design in which they probably should have had a higher voltage cap in place. I have replaced many other devices, not just TV's. Anything that has a power supply will probably fail due to these garbage Chinese caps.

Dec 31, 2015
Samsung 64" plasma dead power FIX
by: Anonymous

In November 2015 my 2 year old 64" Samsung Plasma died. It was dead would not power on, no lights, as if it were unplugged. Estimates to fix were 500.00 - 650.00

I called Samsung to ask for help, they would not even find me a place that would pick it up for repair. I asked for a manual in PDF, they did not have a link but they sold me a small pdf for 18.00USD! And it could only be sent on a USB stick not a download purchase.

I took the center power board out, (As that what usually goes wrong) and sent it to an Ebay repair guy. He fixed the board and sent it back in 2 days. I held my breath as I put it back together. Pressed the power button and WOW it worked. Totally lucked out as the board did not have any visible issues, no bad caps etc.

The hardest part was placing it face down on the carpet.

Dec 31, 2015

Hi All,

A follow-up to my earlier post regarding my Samsung that died. I went online to find the parts and a few places sell "kits" that include all the major boards and wires.

Opening the case is just a matter of removing screws and what you will find inside is typically 2-3 boards which need to also be unscrewed and unhitched from the wiring harnesses. My brother-in-law and I were able to swap them out in about 45 minutes and once done, everything worked.

While Samsung should absolutely be held accountable for this horrible quality, it is possible to fix for about $100.

Dec 31, 2015
Samsung TV
by: AnonymleRoyous

Let's face it folks... The Samsung people will continue to deny there is an issue once your limited warranty has expired. The solution is to no longer purchase Samsung products of any type. I recently experienced an issue with their refrigerator, so I see a pattern here. I'm done with Samsung, and hopefully you all as well.

Dec 30, 2015
Add me to the list
by: Don

Our 24 month old UN60F6350AFXZA turned off last night,do not even have a stand by light. Two years to the month, I called 1-800 Samsung was put on hold for the next available customer service agent. I was on hold so long my phone died before I could talk to someone. So pissed!

I will never buy another Samsung product!

Dec 29, 2015
Samsung TV
by: Anonymous

I'm having the exact same problem as everyone else. My family chipped in and bought me a Samsung Smart TV for Christmas in 2013. This summer when it was only about 18 mos old it just wouldn't turn on anymore. I contacted Best Buy where my family purchased it and they said it was no longer under warranty. I contacted Samsung customer service on line and they walked me through a troubleshooting session. They said there was nothing left they could do and gave me a list of authorized Samsung repair dealers.

I think it's really unfair to pay good money for a TV and have it last less than 2 years. The last TV I had was a Sony and it was almost 12 years old and never had one problem.

Dec 28, 2015
Sam - No sing - TV
by: U K Consumer

Sorry to hear of all the problems, issues and the related stress faced by others in this post.
Unfortunately I'm sure there are many, many others with the very same issues / problems we all seem to have faced, who have not found there way here to this post to enable them to vent their frustration.

My problem started yesterday - our main TV seemingly went into a lock down situation being sort of stuck on HDMI 3, I believe after the game player in the household finished with the PS4 earlier in the day. Nothing would it seems shift it from this status shown on screen in the top left hand corner - no amount of button pressing or sequences of - on the remote made any difference, nor disconnecting it from the power supply, etc.

It would also not reconnect to the PS4 - nor did any amount of connection changes to things connected at the rear make a difference.

I even went on line and found all the sequence codes for factory resets for the remote - but nothing got me any further than a semi-glowing screen showing - HDMI3.

So, in the morning, after one whole night of complete disconnection from the power supply, I hoped it would see both me and perhaps the TV again ready to face the challenge.

After some two + hours of feverish button pushing on the remote linked to many a turn on and off - of the power switch on the wall plug, there was I thought a glimmer of light. I got sort of excited at the thought, had all this action got me to move forward......... to the point of.... no notice on screen of an channel or source.

Well yes it had but it was a low below the belt blow, for now I found I was stuck at the same place of many of you - with the red light on the bottom right hand corner flashing 5 times and then stopping as the TV progressed to move through a seemingly continuous cycle of - on / off / with a dim backlight - but with no actual picture or sound.

I did contact Samsung on the internet - they just tried to push me in the direction of their elected local agent - not offering any other advice than that. But these elected people are some 30+ UK Devon Miles from me in Exeter / and ringing them, there's no one there today it seems. Searching shows - call out fee's are average £95 + parts + any unexpected + VAT ...... so it's looking like a £250+ minimum for a fix for a 4'th into it's fifth year old TV costing £800 as new.

So... one whole day on and here I am, with a Samsung UE46D5520RK - which admittedly seemingly vintage to many posts - as purchased on 25 Nov 2011 - now contemplating perhaps being a TV repair man and finding / fitting my own spares / if at all possible - or simply scrapping it and forking out for a new TV.

Dec 28, 2015
Capacitor Issues
by: leroy

Experiencing same issues with clicking, and no picture. Model is the 58 in Plasma, PN58A65OTIFXZA. Can I get Samsung to repair at no cost?

Dec 27, 2015
by: George N.C.

I have a Samsung 60" Plasma, model PN60F5350AFXZA. Just over a year old and the picture goes black and back on intermittently. Sometimes several times in a row, then may be weeks before it happens again. When it does this, it brings up the banner at the top, indicating source (HDMI) and resolution just as it does when you 1st power it on.

I run the program back on my DVR and there is no glitch indicating to me that it is definitely the TV. Also as another verification, I have a friend with the same TV bought within a week of each other and his is acting the same. We have 2 different service providers, he has TWC and I Direct TV. I have extended warranty but my problem is that it is happening randomly. If it comes in and stays in, I have options. Very annoying.

Dec 27, 2015
50F6500 issue
by: Rolandas

I have Samsung UE-50F6500 TV which failed after 2 years + 3 weeks after purchase. Service said it is LED panel which became faulty and repair cost would exceed Euro 500! Really not fair...

Dec 23, 2015
Add ME
by: Mrsvis4

Having problem with continuous start up. Saw all the same issues everyone is having. Contacted Samsung. Got to the supervisor's supervisor of the executive customer relations. Told they will cover the parts but not the labor. Informed them that was not satisfactory and I wanted their supervisor. Conveniently got disconnected.

Called back and went through same thing. Once again conveniently disconnected.

Called third time and told my "ticket was closed." Asked them how could it be closed when I was hung up on twice. Talked to executive customer relations (first transfer) and told there was not anyone higher up than who I was talking too. Told her I got 2 higher up from them on my last call. Put me on hold and came back and told me supervisor will call me back.

This is ridiculous. Thousand of same issues on TV's but they claim they are not responsible for the issues and that is why the class action suit was closed.

If they are not responsible, who is? Recording starts with "excellent customer experience" is important to them. REALLY???

Dec 20, 2015
Add another to your "club"
by: Judie

My Samsung TV is a little over 2 years old & is exhibiting the same problems identified here by others. When I explained the issue to my neighbor, wondering if it was a problem with our cable company, the first word he used was "capacitor." This seems to be a well-known problem with these TVs. I have no idea how much a repair would cost. There are videos online on how to fix this yourself, if you're comfortable with electronics. I'm not even going to try to deal with this company, based on what I've read here. But I will never buy another of their products, and I will warn everyone I know about these defective TVs and the lack of responsiveness.

Dec 16, 2015
Samsung's failure to stand behind its products
by: Margaret

I purchased Samsung model PN60E6500EFXZA in 2013 for $1,999.99, plus tax. In July 2015, I have experienced similar problems that I read here. It does not turn on. I have to unplug it and plug it in again. If it does turn on, it only last for 2-3 minutes, then turns back off. It makes an internal clicking sound thereafter and the external red light remains on. I reported the problem to Samsung on 12/11/15 and was told it was out of the one year warranty period and would be responsible for the cost of labor and materials for the repair. I advised it was my expectation that Samsung will pay for the repair, which has been estimated to be between $500 to $700.

This was escalated to Executive Customer Service Department and then the Office of the President, which I emailed. This is a glorified customer service department. When I asked the name of the president, I was placed on hold and was told it was "David Choi" I learned on LinkedIn that it is Gregory Lee. How can a company produce quality products and provide excellent customer service when its employees do not know the name of the president?

On 12/16, I received an email response from the office of the president, which was a brief form email containing two typographical errors. I just responded stating that I want my concerns addressed, and that it is clear Samsung gives as much attention to proofreading its emails as it does to designing and manufacturing its expensive television sets.

This is outrageous! I will continue to pursue this until I get some satisfaction. It is clear that there is a defect in the materials and/or workmanship of these televisions. Samsung needs to do the right thing and stand behind its products.

Dec 16, 2015
Samsung Plasma 60E530 bad after 2.5 years
by: JimB

Bought this Samsung 60E530 plasma in early 2013; about 6 months ago, it began turning off after hours. Then quicker. For awhile the thing was thermally sensitive, and the video went off while the audio stayed on. Gradually the temperature necessary for the thing to stay on dropped to below 69 Fahrenheit.

While this thermal sensitivity is odd, it is clearly quite common that Samsung plasma TV's have this video-off/sound-on problem.
I will also be calling that phone number mentioned below about a class-action lawsuit. I have been doing electronics for 45 years, and I know a really bad pattern when I see one.

Dec 15, 2015
Goodbye Samsung

Our UN50EH60000FXZA was turned on while the wife was cleaning and then just died after 15 minutes of use. It was 3 years old, in a climate controlled environment and not heavily used.

We also had it attached to a quality surge protector.

Never again will I buy Samsung. If there is a class-action lawsuit...I'm in.

Dec 14, 2015
Samsung is HORRIBLE! I will NEVER buy a Samsung product again!
by: Danielle

We bought our Samsung 7100 Series Smart TV for $1,680.32 on September 19, 2014. We started having issues with it after less than one month. After 5 service calls between 10/13/2014 and 2/25/2015 to Samsung that took hours and hours on the phone, yesterday our barely over a year old Samsung 7100 Smart TV started turning itself on and off continuously. The only way to make the TV turn off is by unplugging it completely!

I called Samsung customer service and they said, "Too bad, your one year warranty has passed and you are on our own!"

There should be a lawsuit to extend coverage and warranties should last 2 years to catch all of the problems that numerous customers have reported about their Samsung TVs. Here we thought we were buying a quality product!

We will NEVER EVER BUY another SAMSUNG TV or SAMSUNG product EVER! What a horrible company that does NOT stand behind their products!! I will be calling 213-217-5019 to see if they will move forward with this lawsuit against Samsung. I hope they can help. Samsung should be ASHAMED!

Dec 11, 2015
2015 Samsung 4K
by: Scott

We hung out Samsung 65 inch 4K TV on the wall in our just finished basement. We have watch programs on it maybe 10-15 times at the most. No the TV won't turn on and a red light is all that even shows life with the brand new TV. Still waiting on customer service to correct the problem 3 weeks later. Local Samsung authorized service refused to service because they said Samsung doesn't pay them much and it was too far away (6miles).

Don't have any idea what to do because the one year manufacturing warranty is before the extended warranty that I purchased. Help!!!!!!

Dec 08, 2015
Samsung Capacitor problems
by: Anonymous

My TV is 2 years old as well, it started turning on off on its own and now is completely dead. Samsung said that there is not enough problems to do another recall for these capacitors and I would have to pay for tech to come service the TV.

Dec 07, 2015
Unfortuantely add me to this club
by: Seattle

Just got off the phone with the ECR department (45 minute hold queue)which would only sell me a extended warranty to have this fixed for "free" or have the repair service do it "and we don't control what they charge."!! Really, Samsung?
Purchased 3/2014 46" LED Series 5 Model #UN46EH5300FXZA. Was told this TV was not part of the past "capacitor issues", but CLEARLY it is!

1st support call: emailed me a zip-file to update firmware via USB even when I told him I cannot get to menu to do so! Duh!
2nd support call: Told me it was a "known issue" and connected me to home repair.
Home Repair Guy: Told me it was $300 to fix and not worth it. If you get Samsung to pay, great, if not, just go buy a new TV.

There will be no more Samsung products in this home.....

Dec 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

My set just became a victim of no picture and no sound, set was made in 2011. I opened it up and I didn't and I didn't see any bulging capacitors so I have removed the only fuse I can find and will see if that fixes it. I doubt I will since I see the red indicator and the back light fires up.

Dec 03, 2015
Won't Power On
by: Steven

2013 Samsung UE55f9000 won't turn on at all now. I started noticing when I turned it off then back on it would take longer and longer for the TV to turn on. Sometimes 4 to 6 hrs now it's dead won't turn on at all. Samsung support was worthless; our 4 thousand dollar TV is now a 4 thousand dollar paper weight!

Dec 02, 2015
TV shuts itself on and off
by: Anonymous

Our Samsung smart tv is from 2013. Started having issues with it after 18 months. Now it is just 2 years old and turns itself on and off all the time. There should be a new lawsuit to extend coverage and warranties should last 2 years to catch this. Here we thought we were buying a quality product!

Nov 29, 2015
Television keeps Turning Itself On and Off!!! Annoying!!!
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing the same thing with my TV turning itself on and off (very annoying). Contacted Samsung and looks like I am you know what out of luck.

At the moment, I am looking at the Sony Bravia 65" 4K. But, I am still hoping that Samsung will come through...or is that another wishful thinking on my part. It is really bogus of Samsung to have such an expensive TV Set with a cheap parts. Like all the consensus on here... Samsung knows this and they don't stand behind their product.

Looks like Samsung is out for me. This is really to bad since their TV's are nice, but only has 2 years of lifespan. New customers beware.

Nov 29, 2015
Tv not working 2015
by: Anonymous

We have a problem with our TV going on and off, then staying off! What should we do?

Nov 27, 2015
Samsung picture issues continue
by: Jeff

I have a Samsung plasma that has picture issues with the screen going black and off. Still have sound, no picture. Sounds like an ongoing issue and my TV is less than 3 years old. Stay away!!

Nov 27, 2015
2nd time around
by: CHill

I bought the PN60E8000 just over 2 years ago. Right around the 1 year mark (still under the warranty) the TV started turning itself off. They sent a repair guy, replaced the power supply board, as everyone is mentioning below, and no more magically turning itself off. Now today, less than 1 year later, back to square one with someone probably calling me next week to setup an appointment to tell me what I likely already know - that I need another power supply board. While I'm not planning to pay someone to come out, I'll play along and see what they have to say.

The class action suit below phone number is looking like the best option.

Nov 27, 2015
Samsung is a terrible company
by: Anonymous

I have a 2.5 year old Samsung TV that is no longer working due to, I think, a faulty capacitor... Much like the issues cited in the class action lawsuit a few years ago. I am so irate that Samsung gets away with making crappy products!!! We are going to try to repair it, but I wish there was a way that we could legally push for Samsung to be held accountable for the ongoing issues with their products. I had a Samsung dryer that died after less than a year and they gave me a hard time about getting reimbursed for that... Then I had a Samsung washer that died after 1.5 years and they refused to do anything until I got out attorney general's office involved and they were forced to reimburse due to Maine's implied warranty law. Thank god Maine has this law to protect consumers against shady companies like Samsung!

I will never buy another Samsung product and have earned everyone I know to avoid their products.

Nov 18, 2015
Capacitors specs, please!!
by: Anonymous

All you electronics dudes with a soldering iron!! Please provide the values, technical specs of those offending 4 or 6 capacitors for my 52 inch TV built, May 2008. Thanks

Nov 17, 2015
Samsung 64
by: Anonymous

Add me to the list.
version - TW02

2 years old and dead in the water. Turned off during a movie and will not turn on. Nothing, its dead.

Spent 2 hours with Samsung to get help, all they did was give me a service center that could repair it. That center was backed up over a month on repairs. SO i will fix myself. Had to by a 12.00 NON downloadable service manual from Samsung. Only USB key, CD shipped. Actually 18.00 with shipping.

I think on phone estimate was 450.00 And i have to lug it to them.

So I'm send in the parts for 80.00 to have a 2 day fix place do it.

Nov 16, 2015
UN65F7100AFXZA model 7100 Series LED TV
by: Pissed off Pete

Just paid TV off 2 month ago at bestbuy no int. 16 months deal. TV is not 2 years old yet.
TV kept power cycling, called Samsung and they said too bad out of warranty. I have had other Samsung products (TVs,Fridge,PC monitor, Phone, BD player) with no issues. Seems like every year they diminished in quality. Even their new samsung galaxy 6 phones suck now. I'm going back to Sony and LG.

Nov 15, 2015
Samsung smart TV on off issue.
by: lostcaper61

I had same problem with my samsung smart tv model un40f6300af power off and on. It would randomly turn off and on while watching. No sound or picture for a few seconds, then it would come back on. I tried a few things other people mentiented like ... Changing the batteries in the remote, updating the TV and the firmware. Nothing worked! Brought the TV to a Samsung authorized dealer... Paid the 40 bucks to find out what was wrong. Turns out that it wasn't the TV... At least that's what the technician told me. He said it is my cable box. So... I unplugged the cable box for 30 minutes hooked everything back up and poof... TV has been working fine ever since (3 days now)

Hope this works for anyone else having the same issues with their TV. Good luck!!!

Nov 15, 2015
Add me to the law suit
by: Darlene Sparks

I purchased a Samsung LCD TV about 4/5 yrs ago that has the same capacitor problem. This TV is installed in a guest bedroom that hardly used. I went turn on the TV and it would not turn....I did what Samsung CS department told me to and still nothing. They would do nothing for except have a technician come out (at my expense) to rain the TV...what a joke. I asked the Samsung Rep about the class action law suit and she told me it had expired 2008...I asked why the consumers were not notified about the class action lawsuit...she said Samsung was never found at fault and it was just a courtesy to the consumer....Seriously, this nothing more than deceptive practice to the consumer. If you know there is a repeat issue with your product then you should be held responsible to all consumer who purchased your product. Count me in on future law-suits, and to you Samsung you just lost my business and I will spread the word.

Darlene Sparks

Nov 15, 2015
Power on and off cycle issue also for models sold in Europe
by: Jacopo

Hi All,

Adding my experience from The Netherlands Europe, we won't be affected by your class-action but it may give strength to your case that the capacitor issue is still there and it's everywhere! I have a 55" LED UE55F6500 model, purchased Sept. 2013, worked perfectly until this morning when it started to power on and off...It is now unplugged, will try again later t see if it improved. 2 years warrant, the issue appears 2 years and 2 months after purchase, it smells so fishy...

Will try to see if we can start up something also in NL. Good luck!

Nov 15, 2015
International Issue
by: Jacopo

Hi All,

Adding my experience from The Netherlands Europe, we won't be affected by your class-action but it may give strength to your case that the capacitor issue is still there and it's everywhere!

I have a 55" LED UE55F6500 model, purchased Sept. 2013, worked perfectly until this morning when it started to power on and off... It is now unplugged, will try again later to see if it improved. 2 years warrant, the issue appears 2 years and 2 months after purchase, it smells so fishy...

Will try to see if we can start up something also in NL. Good luck!

Nov 14, 2015
Add me to the law suit
by: Robert Dixon

Purchased the UN75F6300 in October 2013.
After regular use am now having power cycling issues as mentioned above.

Called Samsung and they gave me the runaround.
I have been a loyal Samsung customer but... how are they going to make amends to us?


Nov 12, 2015
Samsung TV Capacitor
by: Anonymous

My Samsung TV UN32EH5300FXZA, started to shut off and reboot every few minutes about a week ago. I checked on the internet and it seems that these TV's have problems with the capacitor. I called Samsung Support and I was told that these TV were recalled but the recall ended in April 2015.

So I am stuck with a faulty TV that Samsung does not feel responsible for their faulty TV. They are happy selling it for top dollars but leave customers up in the air. Nice company!

Nov 11, 2015
Samsung Does'nt Start
by: Anonymous

I had 40 inch smart Samsung TV, wont start and read light blink 5 time stop some seconds and blink again 5 times, i try to change all cap without any result, i change the main board(not the power supply board) and my TV work like a new again.

Nov 10, 2015
Repair Service BN44-00514A Power Supply Boards for SAMSUNG PN60E7000 PN60E8000
by: dantemp

I have a PN60e8000 and three years after it was experiencing the power off problems (watch TV it power off then change to another outlet works for few hours then power off and won't go back on until morning, etc, etc.)

Frustrating of course as my warranty is for two years but the TV still looks great I called 1-800 Samsung and got the a live person very quickly.

I had already troubleshot by making sure the software was updated and reset the TV to factory condition (when you do this it will have about 30 mins for Smarthub to load). The person at Samsung was a customer service person who knew zero about TV's, the internet, how the TV actually worked (she tried to remote work the tv while the smart hub was resetting and couldn't understand why nothing was happening. I told her she couldn't gain remote access unless the internet was working on the TV and she told me I was wrong I was like NO unless you have communication (phone line or internet you can't remotely operate the TV) - she didn't listen or even understand the reasoning (well its not reasoning really but technological fact)she just said no we can remotely operate any TV just need the PIN code. Don't get me wrong she was very nice and courtesy just ignorant.

Once the smart hub was working she thought the tv was all good despite me telling her it would power off soon. Sure enough it went off and she told me "Oh it looks like YOU just turned off your TV" I asked to be transferred to arrange a service call. I couldn't get a straight answer from the next person on an exact price but it would be in the range of $200 just for a look at TV then probably another $200 plus for any parts.

I knew from my research what the problem was but was a little apprehensive about spending money that might be wasted not getting a new power supply board (I called Sears Direct Parts and Best Buy company and they were like $250 once you added tax and shipping. So I read the post on this site about the eBay Repair Service BN44-00514A Power Supply Boards for SAMSUNG PN60E7000 PN60E8000.

I figured the $80 (68+tax+shipping) I called Valley Repair in Alhambra, CA. The engineer I spoke to was great, so I went for it. (he has great reviews) I sent him the part on Thursday and got it back Monday put it in and ALL is good. TV back to normal.

I will be leaving feedback on eBay as Dantemp this is not some fake response.

Also, I should mention it is a simple procedure. You take off the screws on the back of the TV (don't have to mess with the ones by the stand) and its the circuit board by the AC. (there are like 6 more screws and then you easily detach cables-check out YouTube its a different model but same procedure) one note there are 6 screws by the TV jacks (2) and at the bottom of TV (4) that have smaller threads.

Nov 09, 2015
2nd faulty HU8500 (Australia - equiv to HU7500 EU, HU8550 US)
by: Anonymous

My 1st Samsung UA65HU8500 flat screen UHD (4K) TV failed with power on/off cycling (not proceeding past the mocking Smart TV logo) after just a few days use in May 2015. It was replaced by the store with another new TV (same model).

This replacement TV is now (as of last Thursday, after just 6 months use) also faulty with continuous click-click-clicking and nothing on the screen (but with a continuous, not flashing, standby light). Luckily it's still under warranty so the faulty Power Board is being replaced free of charge. But I expect it will break again within 6 months, probably just after the measly 12 month warranty expires.

This is not acceptable for a $4000 brand new TV. Samsung, what must I do to ensure my new Power Board survives for a reasonable time. Should I not connect it to electricity? Please advise.

Nov 09, 2015
50" Samsung UN50F6350A
by: Geep

Purchased TV from Costco on March 5, 2014 and over the weekend would NOT turn on. Contacted Costco repair facility and gave them all the information. Since Costco has a 2 year warranty, they have ordered the parts and will be coming this week (maybe) to repair.

Shocked that this TV (only 19 months old) is not working properly. The repair company Costco is sending does NOT keep parts in stock, and indicated that it is a power issue.

My question is IF they know this has been an issue, why don't they carry the parts in inventory?? Don't know when the parts will be in or when the TV will be repaired. Maybe I should just return it back to Costco and get another one!!!

Am I angry........yep!!

Nov 07, 2015
Power Cycling problem
by: Anonymous

My Samsung un55B8500XFXZA has power cycling problems. It seems like I should be getting way more years out of it for such a high price TV. Bummer!!!!

Nov 06, 2015
55 Smart TV
by: rm1

I bought a 55' smart tv a year ago all of sudden the picture is gone just the sound is still there.
Waste of time calling customer service the worst.

Nov 05, 2015
Call this number...
by: DudleyDorite

....213-217-5019! It's a law firm in CA that is investigating whether to file a class action law suit against Samsung. The more people who call, and provide them with ammunition, the more likely we can all get some satisfaction!

I'm going to get my capacitor problem repaired and keep all of the defective parts, so that should they be needed to prove the case, I'll have the evidence...

Nov 04, 2015
Samsung TV Class Action Legal Investigation
by: Tess M

There is a legal investigation for a class action lawsuit against Samsung for manufacturing faulty TVs. If you purchased a TV that is having capacitor issues, call 213-217-5019 for a free case evaluation.

Nov 03, 2015
Samsung 1 year 10 months old can't be repaired
by: Anonymous

I have (had) a 6300 series 46". will not power on.
Flashing power led. Samsung sent out tech. Replaced power board did not fix it. Caps looked ok on original board. Said he would order the controller board. Came back a week later replaced that board, still not work. Told me it was probably the LCD screen driver board. Too expensive to replace that one. Sorry TV can not be repaired. Cost $90 to be told to throw my 20 month old expensive TV away. Thanks Samsung.

Nov 03, 2015
Message for Emerito
by: Hollywood1013

Hey I saw that you filed a Class Action Lawsuit against Samsung. I like to be part of it too. I just received a response from Samsung and they are refusing to pay for the repair and making it our responsibility. I tried to found you on the site you provided and it didn't show up. Please email me your link at and/or the class action lawsuit link to the same email address so that we too can go after these crooks. We have to stick together, boycott them and buy AMERICAN products only!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Nov 02, 2015
Samsung SMART LED 46" will not turn on
by: Anonymous

Bought a 46" SMART LED Samsung back in August 2012, and two weeks ago, it 'popped' and now, completely dead. Called Samsung, they are 'sorry', but nothing they can do. Will never buy another Samsung product again. Absolutely ridiculous! I opened the back of the tv, and the capacitors looked fine. Replaced the fuse, and still nothing. I am waiting to see how much it will cost to repair, but leaning toward an LG. The model number is UN46ES6150F. Has anyone had issues with this model?

Nov 01, 2015
Model un32eh5300
by: Anonymous

TV won't turn on.. Bought it 2 years there still the capacitor problems. Having the same issues as described in all the forums posted.

Oct 31, 2015
Samsung UN40H5203 LED TV
by: Bob E

Just thought I would add this model to the comments: Bought in July 2015 powered itself off 2 nights ago and that was it. Waiting to be repaired Having serious second thoughts on their ( Samsung ) products.

Oct 30, 2015
Really Really Unhappy Customer
by: Haynes in GA

I purchased my Samsung in 08, The TV it's self was very expense plus i purchased a 4 year warranty... good thing i did and wish it was still under warranty however it is not. It had to be fixed 2 times within the first year and again in the 3rd or 4th. I did register my TV but i never received the recall information on the capacitor problem so of course mine tore up a short while after they stopped fixing them. Instead of buying another TV we opted to have it fixed... that was a WRONG move... 8 months later it is doing the same thing and is broke again... Loud Pop and trying to turn on and off .... no picture or sound. I will never buy another Samsung ever ... we have 7 TVs in our home, one I have had for 15 years (not a Samsung). It's sad too cause the Samsung did have a great picture however the product sucks. By the way my other TVs have great pictures too so no worries. Off to shop for a TV again.

Oct 28, 2015
still have capacitor issues
by: Anonymous

my new ju6500 55" HDTV experienced the clicking noises. I returned one set already and the replacement is showing the same signs on the first day I turned it on.

It sounds like the clicking noise when you scroll through an ipod menu. It happens randomly whenever watching TV.

I'm glad it happened now and not after the warranty/return period. Something is definitely still wrong at Samsung.

Oct 28, 2015
by: Donna

The problem started last week of going on and off.
It is relentless, and so aggravating. I will be taking the back off and looking at the capacitors to see if that is the problem. Same on Samsung as
this problem is evident in all Samsung TV's.

Oct 25, 2015
Capacitor issue TV purchased 2009
by: Anonymous

Please include me in actions against Samsung
My 52 inch LN52A750R1FXZA started not powering on and powering off blinking red LED with clicking sound. Called Samsung no assistance for correcting there defective product.

Oct 25, 2015
Fed up
by: Larry

I have had problems with my TV since the day I bought it. TV man has been to my house 4 times and now everything in my TV has been replaced at least once; still having problems.

Samsung is a joke, I asked for a new TV or a free extended warranty and said no to both. We need to spread the word for people to stop buying this Korean junk.

Oct 24, 2015
Samsung 60" TV UN60F6300AF
by: Anonymous

Purchased my television February 2014 and here I sit today looking at a black screen. Like many before me, it powers on and off continuously. Very unhappy at the moment and will be doing an abundance of research to see how to get this fixed...

Oct 23, 2015
Samsung SUCKS!
by: DudleyDorite

Same problem...2 year old Samsung Smart TV with power supply capacitor problems...TV keeps clicking off and on. Called and was told my TV was not a part of the class action law suit and recall, so I'd have to pay for it to be fixed, since it's no longer covered under warranty. My an LG!

Oct 22, 2015
Get your LCD or plasma fixed I did
by: Brad

After researching and waiting on a fix I find a repair service on Ebay that will fix your issues as you can see in previous comments I've made I have a pn60e7000 60 inch plasma after 2 years it would not turn on it clicked and power light flashed. I looked everywhere and had several TV repair tell me it was the X board or the Y board so did SAMSUNG but it made sense to me that it was something to do with the power board, so I found on eBay a repair service and I have now had mine repaired for under a $100 and back to me with in a week and its been working perfect for a month now. the contact info is here: Repair Service BN44-00514A Power Supply Boards for SAMSUNG PN60E7000 PN60E8000 the charge is $68 + postage. cheaper than a new 60" good luck.

Oct 20, 2015
Can't this world get something right?
by: Very disappointed

Same issue as the rest, clicking and powering off and on with no help at all other than the same old..."sorry to hear about your tv, but hear is the number to our parts department where they can get a technician out to help you fora small fee of $70. I have a PN64F5500AFXZA purchased for around $1800 in 2013. Two years is all we get now?

It's ridiculous to have a known problem and still sell a TV, and then when the known problem starts having issues a few years later then it just becomes your problem...and even after a lawsuit. I wish I knew I was just spending this much for a piece of glass in a frame. I'll get more use out of it for a table top. THANKS FOR NOTHING SAMSUNG!

Oct 20, 2015
43in. Samsung Plasma TV
by: Anonymous

I have model number HPT4254XXAA and discovered it was not on the recall list. Owned this model about 5 years and doing the same clicking noise with no picture. It looks like Samsung would stand behind their product.

Oct 12, 2015
Samsung Sucks
by: Ali from india

Mine led 46" TV is one year old only and now i also have same issue:(

Initially my TV was cycling between on/off with click sound and when i remove power cable for 5 min and plugged it again it was getting on... but now its keep going on in cycle off/on and click :(

Baddddddddddddd Samsung sucks...never bye Samsung
why they hell Samsung cheat people....

Oct 11, 2015
Same story
by: Anonymous

This Samsung capacitor issue has been going on for years. Same story as most here have had, where customer service said they don't have to fix it because I don't qualify. I will NEVER buy another Samsung TV and I told them so.

Oct 11, 2015
Samsung UN60J6200AF 60in LED SmartTV
by: Chris

I just got my brand new 60in Samsung LED SmartTV today and after about the first hour it went out on me. The screen turn solid white and then the TV powered off by itself and the power lighting was blinking red and the TV will not power back on. I unplugged the power cord for about 5-10 minutes and plugged it back in and that didn't help. I clearly should have stayed with LG. This Samsung TV was manufactured in July 2015.

Oct 09, 2015
Samsung UN46D6900 dead too
by: Matt Fuller

I'm just learning about all the capacitor issues with Samsung because apparently mine has suffered the same fate after 3 years with no issues.

I will still call Samsung to get a response, but $1100 for only 3 years of use is terrible. If they don't resolve this, which doesn't appear likely based on the thousands of other people I am finding online, I will never buy Samsung again.

Oct 09, 2015
60' led no screen
by: Xmsbby

After having this TV a little over a year, the screen went blank, still has sound. Samsung was no help, nor wanted to help resolve the issue..I will never buy another Samsung product ever!

Their customer service is horrible and they don't stand behind their product.

Oct 07, 2015
Samsung TVs are junk
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem with my barely two year old 60" Plasma. Samsung customer service says there are no known problems. Ha. I have been escalated to the ECR dept., but I am on hold hell again after more than 1 hour last night. I will never buy another Samsung product and I will make it my goal to advise everyone I know to never buy anything made by Samsung.

Oct 06, 2015
Samsung PN64E8000GFX Series 8 Plasma TV
by: Emerito

Today I started a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Samsung.

I called Samsung for service for above model. I wanted to service it against the previous Class Action Suit and I was told my TV model was not part of the class action suit. All I'm waiting for is a call back from the attorneys to move forward.

If you're having any issues with Power Supply on Samsung TV within three of purchase Please visit
the site below and Sign up:


Oct 06, 2015
Same problem
by: Anonymous

I have a 60" plasma. It was purchased just over two years ago (July 2013), but has hardly been used. It can go more than a week without being turned on so it probably has one year of normal use at best.

Tonight I turned the TV on and had only picture. Turned it off and back on and only have the flashing led power light. After sitting on hold with Samsung for close to 45 minutes waiting on a supervisor I called on another line and got a hold of someone who said I really need to to talk to the ECR (Executive Customer Relations).

They are the only ones that can make out of warranty exceptions. I was given a ticket number and told to call back tomorrow between 9am and 7pm. I have researched the ECR and am guessing my chances are 50/50 at best, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. The result will determine if I ever buy another Samsung product.

Oct 06, 2015
the clicking makes me sad
by: Anonymous

55" Samsung about a year and a half old. UN55ES8000FXZC. Has had the odd slow start up in its life must tonight it will not go at all. Just sits there clicking away. Samsung's first comment was maybe there is a problem with the power in your house, pretty sure the problem is a shitty TV.

Oct 05, 2015
63" Samsung dead
by: Dan B

Heard a pop, now TV is dead with the dreaded blinking LED power. Samsung told me they won't help. PN63C8000YFXZA
Never again will I buy Samsung.

Oct 05, 2015
PN64E8000GFXZA Series 8
by: Emerito

Less than two yrs old; this is not accepted from Samsung. Hundred dollars an hr for serviceman to come down. I already replaced the power supply and maim board. I can't do this again. Explain that to your Wife!

Question: How do we start another class action

Oct 01, 2015
PS60F5500AK Series 5
by: UK Resident

So my TV had been working great now for a long time. Today I have been presented with a new update dialog.

I proceed to install to find at 28% it crashed and just rebooted the TV to now have the 5 blinking power LED. The screen flickers on then off, no sign of the SMART TV logo so I'm guessing dead! Thanks Samsung for the potential warning of a dead TV.

I will contact tomorrow and find out what they will offer me on a 1.5 year old TV.

Sep 30, 2015
Sounds Like This is a Major Issue
by: Anonymous

I'm glad I found this website.

Let me start by saying that I recently purchased a 60" Samsung TV from a co-worker (being unplugged for about 2 months) went to turn it on before handing me the merchandise and it didn't work. They had the power board replaced which yielded a $50 profit from the sell (the TV is 1 year old). That TV has been working great for 3 weeks.

Oddly enough the 43" 3D TV I bought a couple of years ago just went through what is described in this thread... blinking lights and clicking sounds. I have taken the back off the TV and didn't notice anything wrong to the visible eye. I am a master electrician so I know what to look for in a sense with capacitors and the obvious. QC is obviously down and cheap parts are obviously in with Samsung.

I'd be more than welcome to join a class action lawsuit. I will not be buying anymore Samsung TVs in the future. I loved their TVs for their immaculate picture, but if that is compromised by short life than sell me a Vizio accompanied with a bacon sizzling sound coming from the back.

These companies need to get back to the basics and realize that quality is key... not quarterly sales reports before the next CEO takes charge making millions a year.

Sep 29, 2015
Samsung 50" Dead

In 2012, we bought the Samsung UN50EH60000FXZA to replace a lightning-zapped plasma. My wife turned it on last week and it just died after 15 minutes, never to be revived. Given that it has sat in the same location for the last 3 years in a climate controlled environment, I cannot see why it should fail.

Another class-action suit, anyone?

Sep 28, 2015
Samsung 64 Inch Smart TV On and Off
by: James H

Currently on hold with Samsung support for what appears to be the capacitor that has been sweeping the internet for a few years now. I have learned, while on hold, that there is nothing to be do by Samsung because they say the capacitor issue was litigated and resolved several years ago. No one was interested before "we are sorry".

I will not buy another Samsung TV.

Sep 28, 2015
PN64F8500 gone a few months after Samsung warranty.
by: Al from San Diego

This 64" plasma TV was bought new in BestBuy Sept.2013. I barely paid this thing off ($2900 on sale and retails about $3200) when it started acting up. The first sign is that it powers on but the picture takes a long time to come out. Second, it takes a few tries for the picture to even come out. I had to wait 30 mins to an hour between tries. Third... well no more picture. The TV is gone in less than 20 months. We barely used the TV since everyone in our household either go to school or work.

I'm blessed enough to get an extended warranty. Since Samsung discontinued making plasma's well the parts are gone too so they cannot even do a repair. When my issue started a few months ago I cant find anything online about my problem. Well now its in a few forums. More people having the same issue and the parts becoming more and more scarce since they stopped making it.

When I was writing this review the TV is still available for purchase as NEW on some stores and USED at Amazon. Make sure you get an extended warranty or start looking for parts if you ever plan on getting one. I'm holding on mine and waiting for this to blow up in Samsung's face again.

Sep 28, 2015
Samsung Plasma not working
by: Anonymous

Have a Samsung 51" Plasma started turning off and on only had the Plasma for 13 months; don't know yet if Samsung will help. Waiting to hear back from Samsung. Not happy.

Sep 28, 2015
same problem on UN46F6350AF
by: Greg

Been having the same problem with my UN46F6350AF - power cycles on and off - it's been getting worse and now the TV doesn't turn on. Was referred to a local service provider by Samsung and they told me repair was going to cost $409.

I also had an older 40" Samsung with the capacitor issue, replaced the capacitors myself and it's held up since then. Does anyone know if a new class action is in the works?

Pretty sure I'm out on Samsung from here on.

Sep 26, 2015
Samsung no picture
by: mctrj

I have a Samsung 50" that just lost its picture. I called service and they will make an appointment to service the TV. I will be patiently awaiting the outcome.

Sep 21, 2015
Same problem with my model UN55F7100AFX2A
by: Anonymous

It looks like my set has the same problem. Actually, it has done the power-cycle thing before, but it seemed to clear up by itself with no apparent reason. Now I think it's in a permanent loop. I will give Samsung a chance by calling tomorrow. If not satisfied, I would be willing to join a new class action law suit. (They settled a similar one a few years ago on older model TVs.) It may be that the incidence is low enough, and people affected sufficiently uninformed, that it is cheaper for them to hold a hard line than to do the decent thing.

Just my 2 cents.

Sep 20, 2015
Me Too
by: Juan M

My 55" (UN55D6420UF) also has failed. It lasted approximately three years. Same issue as most here - power shut off and it will cycle the power light on and off with a repeated clicking sound from the power supply side of the unit.

I have searched all over on line for a replacement PS board but they are out of stock pretty much everywhere. Did find a board repair kit and will try that one first. If that doesn't work then I'm not sure what direction I will go.

I am the operations manager at a large manufacturing aerospace company and am disappointed at the response Samsung has shown. This is a commodity item but it is a pretty high value item with significant profit per unit and Samsung is going down the road of pissing off a lot of customers. I, personally, will neither buy nor recommend a Samsung product to family or friends. I could not do that with a good conscience. We don't do it, and I think that corporate responsibility is becoming a rarer commodity in many industries now.

Wish me luck.

Sep 17, 2015
Add mine to the list
by: PMack

UN55D6420UF that we bought in 2012(?) just started the powering off/not powering on/blinking red LED with the clicking sound...

Sep 14, 2015
Power Issues with 2013 Samsung HDTV
by: Frustrated Samsung Consumer

I have a Samsung 6300 LED TV I purchased in May 2013. I have been having the same issues described by other posters -- power cycles off and on and the television will not operate. Samsung service claims this is not a common issue, but clearly many others here are experiencing the same problem.

As with the others, Samsung offered me a $340 extended warranty to resolve the issue, but they are unwilling to back their product and poor manufacturing quality.

Sep 11, 2015
Samsung Needs to Step Up
by: Susan Kinsinger

Samsung 1080P 120HZ Smart 3D bought for Christmas 2013 has gone kaputz!! Called Samsung and was told you basically we are sol. Not acceptable! After reading this is a known issue, my question is how can they get by with this and why are we letting them do it? I will be back in touch with their management for recourse.

Sep 11, 2015
To Anonymous
by: Brad

Thats when my same issues started with my pn60e7000 60 inch after I did the update, I have contacted and researched many companies that sell Samsung parts and the boards can not be found for the model. However there is a capacitor repair kit for $16 but you have to do some soldering or find someone to do it. That's cheaper they replace the TV. Gonna try it whats to lose. Good luck to all you with this issue, my next TV will not be a Samsung.

Sep 10, 2015
Samsung LED TV
by: Anonymous

Only two years old, well taken care of our 60" Samsung LED TV started to turn off and on by itself. We called technical service they attempted to help by stating it needed to updated but when we updated it the TV went off and now will not come back on! (Model#UN6OEH6OO3FXZA, Version# HHO1)

Sep 05, 2015
Samsung PN60E7000FFXZA
by: Brad

Just turned 3 years old and I'm having the same problem with my 60 inch plasma, it was turning off on its own and then I would have to wait hours or days for it to let me turn it back on, I reset by unplugging and then would make attempt to turn on and I would get this loud clicking and the power light would start flashing. I took the back off the TV and it appears the board in the middle I assume from my research its the power board. I had a technician come out and cost me $85 and all he could say is he thought it was the Y-Board and it would run $475. Called Samsung and got the runaround, I think I might end up trying to locate a board and replace myself. Have learned a lesson and will never purchase any Samsung product, the other 3 Samsung TVs work fine. Did anyone get resolution from Samsung or a service center?

Sep 05, 2015
Samsung pn60e7000ffxza problems
by: Anonymous

Purchased television early 2013 so just 2 years. Other day television began turning off by itself. While turning off red power light would flash. I unplugged television and plugged it back in. As I was plugging it in I heard and saw a flash inside t.v. Thankfully after reading these comments I had a best buy 5 year warranty. Geek squad came out and there is a charred spot on power supply. Part was ordered and am currently waiting for it to be installed. After my experience and these comments I will not buy another Samsung television.

Sep 01, 2015
UN46F6300 red light blinking
by: Rick

After about an hour of typing back and forth with Samsung's Live Chat agent, and explaining the no power, just a blinking light issue, I got the "I'm sorry but your TV is out of warranty" speech.

The TV is only 1.5 years old. We went back and forth as I explained that there are many other people complaining of this problem, but she insisted they had no reports of any issues with this model. After I saw that I wasn't getting anywhere, I asked her to escalate the matter to her supervisor.

I went through all of it with the supervisor, who suggested I purchase an after warranty "warranty", I said no. I then asked him to escalate the matter to his supervisor. He suddenly appreciated my business and offered to pay for parts. I said no, I want Samsung to cover parts/labor. He then offered as a courtesy, to cover parts and labor.

Be persistent, polite and when you start getting the run around, ask them to escalate it to the next level.

Aug 29, 2015
Cap issue
by: JoeF

Same problem. 1.5 year old plasma. Blinks, won't turn on. Interested in taking legal action to get this remedied. 1900 for 18 months? Are you kidding me!?!?!?

Aug 27, 2015
Samsung capacitor issue continues
by: Anonymous

I purchased two Samsung Series 6 LED TV's and one Samsung Series 7 LED TV's. One of my Series 6 TV's would not turn on yesterday and is flashing a red led light on the front right bottom corner. It flashes on and off five times. It is:

Model No.: UN46F6350AF

Type No.: UN46F6350

Manufactured: September 2013 in Tijuana, Mexico (Samex)

Model Code: UN46F6350AFXZA

Version No.: TU02
Contains Tx FCC ID : A3LWIDT30Q

I called Samsung to report the trouble. They said I would be charged parts & labor. I mentioned the class action law suit re: capacitor issues. They said that my model was not part of the lawsuit that Samsung agreed to replace faulty parts and waiver the labor charge until March 14, 2015.

Apparently Samsung did not learn from their previous mistakes and newer models of their TV's are presenting with the same problem. I told them I wasn't paying anything and wanted it referred to a manager.

The rep came back to the phone and said they would cover parts but not labor. I said this was unacceptable and to escalate to the manager's manager. The rep came back and informed me, for one time only, they would wave the cost of parts and labor.

I suspect that another class action lawsuit may come to fruition in the near future as their TV's fail AGAIN due to the same issues.

Aug 27, 2015
Widespread Samsung 4K TV Issue
by: Travis

We have had a Samsung 4K TV for just over a year and the screen just went out. They sent a local repair guy to switch out a part. That didn't work and now they are ordering a whole new screen. The screen is on back order though, because this seems to be a widespread issue. The repair guy also mentioned that he was getting calls on this issue everyday.

Last time I opt for a Samsung product! Steer clear unless you want a headache.

Aug 24, 2015
samsung cycles on and off
by: Anonymous

I have two samsung tv's that cycle on and off. This appears to be a wide spread issue. why isn't there a recall in effect?

Aug 14, 2015
Samsung 46ES6150 bad!
by: Patti

Thought I'd add to this mass of unhappy customers. I purchased my 46es6150fxza May of 2012. Last weekend was watching a movie, heard a small pop...power gone, picture gone.....still have audio but that might be because I have a sound bar. This is crazy, I don't even have my TV on all the time, this TV has never been moved since I hooked it up.

Can't afford to buy a new one but will have to I guess. And after reading through this blog will definitely NOT be a Samsung.

Aug 13, 2015
Samsung UNFH556030FXZA LED
by: Anonymous

My Samsung within the first week started power cycling on and off. Changed outlets and it solved the problem... I thought. Then recently (17months later) TV is turning on and off by itself. I did some internet searching and talked to the local electronics repair store after taking a look at the PSU and seeing no obvious capacitors blown. Repair shop told me to try a new PSU (power supply unit) which was $58.74 from I installed the new part (easy just deal with some screws and unplug some wires) and now it works....for now. Don't have some tech come out and charge you hundreds of dollars to take out and replace the PSU which only takes ten minutes. Just purchase new PSU and DIY. Samsung is a crappy product. My Sony 40" Bravia 1080p which is almost 10years old is still going strong. I will never by Samsung again.

Aug 11, 2015
Blinking light power off
by: Anonymous

I have a PN60e7000 does what everyone else is describing power light blinks hoping sound in back won't power back on. 3 years old and junk, had a repairman look at it and called SAMSUNG they told him it was the Y Board, that confused the Technician the cost $475 for the board, I know that is not the problem it has to be the Motherboard or Power supply, any how its not getting repaired, I will purchase the boards myself and do the work. I'd like to be part of any class action suit. Pretty pissed and looking at other brands, have 3 SAMSUNG'S ready to through them all out.

Aug 10, 2015
Samsung 40"Smart TV UN40F6300AFXZA Power issues
by: Savineers

Blinking Red light and wont turn on. It is out of warranty and Samsung is charging 200$-300$ just to check the issue. Any suggestions what might be wrong.

Aug 09, 2015
by: Another one

My Samsung is 2.5 yrs old. Same issue.. Blinking red light and it won't turn on. Don't have extended warranty. I agree with the guy's below comment; why should I pay extra for a product that should last 10-15 years? It sounds like other models, than the ones that were part of the class action, have the same problem. Whoever asked about another class action lawsuit... Yes, I am interested.

Aug 05, 2015
samsung 6000 serious tv wont turn on
by: kelvin

I have a Samsung 6000 serious led tv that's just turned 5 year old and wont turn on I just get a clicking noise. Called Samsung and they told me basically there`s nothing wrong with your tv because they fixed this problem in 2009. So now I have a tv just for decoration. Never buying Samsung products again.

Jul 26, 2015
I might have a solution?!
by: Anonymous

So I bought a Samsung 55" smart TV (model number UN55FH6200FXZA) which power cycled. Mine is about a year old 2014ish and I thought it was a capacitor problem. So I was very careful when taking off the back panel to look at it (as to not short my TV by touching a capacitor with residual power). All of the capacitors looked fine so I decided to unplug the wire leading to the on/off switch on the TV waited a couple of minutes and then plugged it back in. I haven't had a problem since 2 weeks now, but I am still holding my breath. I also agree that Samsung needs to be dragged behind the barn and shot. Good Luck let me know if this works for you too.

Jul 25, 2015
Issue with Samsung LED
by: Bharath

I have a Samsung 46 in LED model UN46EH5300FXZA. It will not turn on (back-light turns on and red light keeps blinking) unless it is unplugged from the outlet for 1 hour and it turns on sometimes. I bought the TV at Frys Electronics with extended warranty. This issue cropped up 2 days after my extended warranty expired. Frys Electronics will not honor the warranty now.
Have any one of you faced a similar issue and what was the solution.

Jul 23, 2015
Problems with my un46fh6030fxza
by: Anonymous

TV is turning on and off on its own. Samsung will not fix for free. It's happened only 2 weeks after the warranty expired, so I paid $750 to use a TV for 1 year. If I wanted to do that I would have went to Rent A Center. Who's on board to start another class-action lawsuit? Anyone having this problem with this same model?

Jul 15, 2015
ouch Samsung
by: Anonymous

My daughters Samsung literally blew out the lower left portion of her TV sending glass in all directions. Anyone else have this happen?

Jul 13, 2015
faulty flat wire
by: Joel

My TV is 18 months old and the repair guy said the newer TV's no longer have a capacitor problem but instead are having faulty "flat wire" problems.
An $11 part.

I'll let you know if it indeed fixes the power cycling problem.

Jul 08, 2015
by: foster

Today our 1.5 year old Samsung LED 60 inch made a loud popping noise and completely stopped working. I am sickened that I have to pay a repair man to repair a television that was hardly used. Samsung owes me!

Jul 06, 2015
Silly Samsung
by: Anonymous

We have many Samsung products which for the most part have been trouble free.

Our TV now just clicks on and off. Samsung denies any fault and refuses to stand behind their product. We were prepared to purchase another Samsung TV this week. They can kiss that sale goodbye and any others in the future.

They should be held accountable for a known defect but appears a boycott of their products is the only means available to consumers like us.

Jul 03, 2015
Samsung Junk
by: Paul

Thirty days after the 1 year warranty, our UN5500 Led television went pop,the screen went black and now it's dead. The television will not turn on nor is there any sound.

I was fortunate to buy an extended warranty, however, reading all the comments regarding Samsung TV's is not too reassuring. I'm not able to describe the failing component yet, as 2 weeks later - we are still waiting for a tech.

After describing the problem to the repair depot (outside contractors)their solution is to order in a power supply and or capacitors before arriving to fix the television.

Obviously,it all sounds too familiar even to the technicians. As I wait patiently for my $2000.00 one year old television to be repaired... you can't help to wonder how a company as big as Samsung could produce such junk!

Jul 01, 2015
possible capacitor issue
by: Joel

After lengthy chat with Samsung online and on the phone over this issue, I got a number for a repair shop and was guided to their parts department and to search "capacitor replacement" online as they recognize it's been a problem in the past but the class action suit is now closed.

I'm not super confident in removing the capacitors and putting in new ones. Anyone here know if the capacitor replacement is a surefire fix?

Jul 01, 2015
Cap problems I can fix it.
by: Mike

If anyone is in the Chicago Suburbs and has a cap problem and you don't want to pay the typical service place fee's send me an email and I can help you out and fix your TV.


Jun 20, 2015
My LED will not turn on
by: Halmar Duran

My Samsung 50 in LED model UN50EH6000FXZA It will not turn on unless it is turned off for at least 30 minutes, then sometimes it turns on. I bought it in July 2013 at Best Buy it is only 23 months old. I went to Best Buy and they told me to call Samsung, I called Samsung and they told it is not under guaranty anymore. now I am stuck with a newly LED with major problem.

I will never buy anything made by Samsung. ANY ADVISE WILL BE APPRECIATED thanks....

Jun 18, 2015
Samsung not only failed to tell anyone. They now deny it.
by: Phredd

Just got off the phone to Samsung.

Apparently the model of my 2006-2008 Plasma 42" TV which exhibits exactly the same issues as those mentioned in the class action, is not faulty and has no related issues.

They know this is the case because I am in Australia, and no faulty TV went to Australia... ?

So its a coincidence that I now have a faulty TV, that was switching on/off for over 5 years, clicking, and not turning on at times and nothing to do with the Samsung class action ?

The first tech at Samsung offered to help. Said it would probably be covered. He had heard of the problem. Told me to call the repair center. All good. Second tech/support person refused to even acknowledge there was an issue and basically said tough shit.

Looks like that was my last Samsung product.

Samsung Fridge has had major repairs already.
Samsung Washer had a recall and is still not real good.
Samsung Blueray often won't read a disc.
Samsung Mobile Phone was junk form day one and never got better despite being replaced.


Jun 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

Standby light flashes twice 5 times and has a 5 second break then repeats the same process over and over again. I have had this TV for 3 years and now Samsung wants to charge me $160 just to come see and 80 an hour to service it and that's not including parts needed to fix the problem. What do I do.

Jun 14, 2015
My Samsung PS51E8000 (2012) TV turns off and on by itself, a threeyear unfixed overview.
by: Manuel


I just want to share my Samsung power problem experiences, where the TV turns off and on by itself.

This with the PS51E8000 model (European/Dutch) Plasma TV of 2012. In April 2012 I bought the Plasma TV PS51E8000 for 2000,00 euro.

Now June 2015, just over the 2 years factory warranty, the fourth repair is still ongoing..

First the TV switched off and on by itself, it was repaired for free.
Main pcb replaced (September 2012).

Then after some time, the TV switched off and on (again). If was repaired for free.
Now the power-pcb was replaced (January 2013).

A new fail occurred, vertical colored lines (right-hand-side of the screen),
and again the TV switched off and on by itself.

But now the 2 year warranty was passed, some leniency / goodwill gesture was in order, so it cost me max 280 euro.
They replaced the whole plasma screen (perfect !). And they replaced the wifi-module, which should fix the power cycles. (April 2015)

Now May 2015, after the third repair, the off-on problem occurs again.
And it was within the 90 day, of the third repair.

But I think it is not fixable by simple swapping default boards. Maybe and probably due to wrongly designed hardware/software ?

Check these video clips, this explains all:
Samsung PS51E8000 22may2015 movie4 10+ TV off&on using the remote buttons :: may2015 6:40
Samsung PS51E8000 25may2015 movie6 30plus TV off&on while on external satellite decoder :: may2015 3:41
Samsung again defect Plasma 2012-2015 3th repair. LED closeup + remote Switching off and on. Mov3 :: may2015 5:20

Samsung PS51E8000 Plasma 2012. After 2nd repair again dead. Turns off and on. SmartHub update resets :: feb2015 5:03
Samsung PS51E8000 Plasma 2012. After 2nd repair again dead. Switches off and on. MOVIE 2/3. 2015 :: feb2015 2:37

Samsung TV PS51E8000 Plasma 2012, Turns by itself off and on. mov8/8 External Satellite Receiver :: dec2012 12:17
Samsung TV PS51E8000 Plasma 2012 , Switches off and on by itself. On Sat FTA channel. Movie 3/8 :: dec2012 2:29

Actually it seems to be that this TV was far from perfect. In the Netherlands for this TV, the consumer live-span of this kind of TV is set for 6 years. It never reached it. Within a few months the degrading began.

PS, the off/on is very active, then days or weeks nothing, then it starts again resetting/power failing.

Thanks for reading !

Jun 08, 2015
Stop moaning and fix it
by: Paul (POE)

Those power supply boards in Samsung TVs suffered from the "capacitor plague"

Running a hairdryer for 5 secs over the suspected bad caps will allow you to power on the set to make sure it really is the caps at fault, they don't always bulge and its a good idea to change them all at the same time, replace the 16v caps with 25v for a bigger safety margin.

Jun 06, 2015
Capacitors or something else?
by: Anonymous

I would be very surprised if the capacitors are still faulty - surely Samsung would have learnt from the class action that it is not a good idea to use cheap capacitors. So is this a new problem? Is it a problem with the motherboard or main board?

Is this why Samsung switched some TV's back to the NovaTek board last year? I believe this NovaTek motherboard doesn't need or have a fan but the other (possibly superior) boards have a fan attached. Perhaps these other boards are too heat sensitive and overheat even with their fan. It would be good to get more information about the motherboards in the TV's that fail.

Jun 04, 2015
Samsung. UN40F6300
by: Anonymous

I bought the UN40F6300 in December 2013. It started to turn on and off on its own. In April 2015 the TV cut off and will not turn back on. There is a constant blinking red light. I will never buy Samsung again. The TV lasted 16 months.
I also have a friend who also bought the exact same model and he is having the same problem of it turning off and on.

Jun 03, 2015
Class Action Suit
by: Mary P.

Yes, we all missed the class action suit because Samsung did not notify customers that there was a suit. I would think that they would be obligated to do so, but apparently not, as many of us have experienced the same problem.

Jun 02, 2015
Missed the Class Action Suit?
by: Anonymous

Sounds like everyone on here missed the class action suit, Samsung paid millions.

May 24, 2015
Rubbish Samsung Smart TVs
by: Anonymous

My daughter bought her son a 32inch Samsung smart Tv which is hardly used yesterday she went to put it on there was no picture a green line down middle and one straight across the bottom.

May 14, 2015
No More Samsung Products
by: Jon Doh

We have two Samsung tv's, but the large one failed with the capacitor issue that was the subject of Russell v. Samsung. Our serial and model numbers were in the range of tv's with the defective Chinese made capacitors. Yet, when we contacted Samsung they refused to make the repair.

They need to be sued again for this issue. I used to think Samsung was a quality company, but in researching this issue I find there are a lot of problems with their products with the same response - they won't do anything about the problem.

May 13, 2015
This company SUCKS
by: Anonymous

Our Samsung LN46A530P1FXZA started clicking last week when we attempted to turn it on. Otherwise it works great... when it finally came on! Every night since, it takes longer and longer for the clicking to stop and the TV to turn on. Last night, the clicking NEVER ended, after 45 minutes we had to unplug it!

Researched and discovered it is part of the Capacitor problem.

Followed instructions to contact Samsung, which we did. Was given a Ticket # and transferred to ECR department and told they were no longer handling complaints regarding this issue.... Are you SERIOUS???? I told them that that was an unacceptable response and was basically told, too bad. We'd rather lose you then help you.
I will NEVER purchase ANY Samsung product again and will make sure I tell everyone that I see about the terrible way they handle customer complaints.

This company sucks.

May 12, 2015
WFT is wrong with SAMSUNG CORP.
by: Anonymous

Like many of you, my Smart TV UN40F6300AFXZA which I purchased 16 months ago now just keeps going On and Off. Someone should open a petition on or something. Lets Unite and bring Samsung to their knees. USA, USA, USA!

May 10, 2015
Luke and your recent post
by: Anonymous

Your post strains credulity. After years of conversations with companies who care about their customers, my interaction with Samsung Customer Service began as your 's purportedly did, in the nicest possible way. However, their response was simply business polite with no indication of interest in helping resolve my problem, admission of any similar known problems, or inclination to take on any responsibility for their product's failure just after the warranty period. My outcome was like all others posted here and your outcome, in the face of overwhelming numbers here, makes suspicious your posting.

May 09, 2015
Samsung 55 UN55D6400 inch 3D LED Smart TV Motherboard Problem
by: Wayne T

I purchased the TV 3 years ago the cost was $2,200. A month ago this TV started recycling turned off and on by itself automatically. (My previous 55 Inch SONY lasted more than 10 yrs without any issue).

I have tried calling Samsung Support about this and they had me restored factory settings, hardware reset all that but the issue remains the same of course because the issue causing by either capacitors and/or motherboard and then they denied to go to further step to fix the issue.

It seem that Samsung products are terrible. I wish that I able to sue them directly. Is there other lawsuit against on Samsung product after 2014? If anyone knows of any lawsuit please let me know. Thanks.

May 08, 2015
Samsung PN60E550 with no video.
by: Anonymous

I bought this TV 2 years ago hoping it would last longer than that. It started 4 months ago when the video wouldn't turn on but the audio will work. I would turn it off and on, sometimes it will work, but just 2 weeks its totally the video is totally dead with only the audio working. I was reading about some class action lawsuits on some models purchase before 2008. Is there other lawsuit on Samsung product after 2008? It seem that Samsung products are terrible and of course it usually breaks after the warranty expires. This will be the last Samsung product i will buy!!!!

May 07, 2015
by: luke

I have to say that I was very impressed with Samsung tech and customer service. Bought a 2013 model 60 inch plasma. Started to get the five red blinking lights of death and the screen stopped turning on, but power was working because I could see the red light on the back by the aux connections was on. Tech came out and went through the testing and informed me the screen wasn't firing; asked him about the capacitors and he informed me the problem were with later models and he was correct the capacitors were pretty heavy duty compared to years passed models I have seen online.

So I called customer service and they were pleasant to me as I was to them (which is the key in these situations). TV was 2 years old and past warranty. I asked if there was some sort of compromise we could work out. The rep sent me to the next level of command. Next rep got on and once again I was pleasant to them because this wasn't their fault, and at first she said I am sorry no warranty. I said look I am a loyal costumer and can tell you product numbers if needed, but can't we come to an agreement where I can pay labor and you cover the defective part (which was the entire screen) and they accepted the deal, the whole process only took about 15 minutes.

So note to self try being nice to people and generally they can put themselves in your shoes, being a dick wont get you passed your first wall. You have to realize people scam companies all the time so they have to protect themselves. Offer to cover labor see if it gets you somewhere.

May 05, 2015
Samsung Series 7100/7150
by: Anonymous

We bought Samsung in Mar 2015. This week TV started turning on and off every minute or so. We will not buy Samsung again after reading all these comments. They are a poor excuse for a company.

May 04, 2015
power on off cycle
by: Anonymous

I Have had my Samsung for under five years and it now cycles on and off non stop, including for up to a minute after I unplug it. I have tried calling Samsung about this and they had me restore factory settings, install new firmware via USB and offered 100 other excuses and were rude and unhelpful. I just tried the hairdryer trick seen in a post below after my TV cycled on and off for 36 hours without every coming on. Shockingly my TV is now working. At least I can watch until my new Sony TV gets delivered!

May 01, 2015
Buy at Costco. I'm Glad I Did.
by: Anonymous

Buy your TV at Costco. You'll get a second year of warranty for free. Also buy Costco's additional 3 years' warranty, with the price based on the value of the TV. For a TV under $500, it's only $29.95. Read the details of their warranty coverage and you'll be a fan too.
Why am I recommending this? My 40" Samsung just died after only a year and a half. Costco refunded my purchase price, including my original extra warranty purchase. There was no hassle either. Did I buy another TV at Costco? You bet. Did I buy their extended warranty again? Of course. Did I buy another Samsung? Yes (UN40EH5000) - it has a beautiful picture and the sound is very good.

Apr 27, 2015
New Samsung HU8500 TV power cycling on first day!
by: Anonymous

This time yesterday morning, I was excitedly looking forward to installation of my brand new Samsung 65 inch UA65HU8500 UHD TV (same as HU7500 in EU and HU8550 in the US). But, in the afternoon, I was already regretting my purchase. It cycles on and off every 3 to 5 seconds - all I get to see is the Smart TV logo (taunting me and making me feel not very smart). I can't access the menu so can't check or change any settings. I can only stop the power cycling by switching off at the wall. I have the latest firmware (updated first thing after installation) and it worked okay for about 30 minutes. This is unacceptable - I will never buy another Samsung product!

Apr 24, 2015
Motherboard Problem
by: Anonymous

I was having the same problem as most everyone else. My 2013 model Samsung Smart TV was cycling on and off every minute or three. I had a friend who is a computer guy check it out and he said the capacitors are fine. I asked him to replace them anyway and it did NOT solve the problem. I took it in to a repair shop and the tech diagnosed it as a failed motherboard, $350 to replace and only warrantied for 90 days and only on the part. He recommended spending a hundred more and getting a new TV as then you are at least covered on the whole TV for a year. I bought another Samsung and now, it is two weeks old and has already shut off spontaneously once.

Apr 20, 2015
Waste of money!
by: Kim S.

After spending over $1,600 on a Smart TV that I thought that would last after 1 year and a half it started having problems, got rainbow lines, it would turn green, go on and off, the same problems most people are having called Samsung all they had to say was "is out of warranty so you have to pay out of pocket" this is very annoying and ridiculous that for that amount of money I basically got a temporary TV and no one can't even help to at least cover the parts. This is a manufacturer issues and they know about it but refuse to admit they would rather lose customers instead of fixing this I WILL NEVER BUY SAMSUNG AGAIN! I wish I could start a class action lawsuit against them because this is happening with millions of TVs and is not fair to spend your hard earned money for products that are guarantee to just stop working after a year. If anyone knows of a lawsuit please let me know I would be first in line!!!

Apr 19, 2015
Samsung - A corrupt corporation
by: Arjun Malakar

Guys think 10 times before buying any large screen Samsung TV. I been a loyal Samsung customer for years, with most electronics at home being from Samsung. Be it ACs, TVs, Microwave, Washing Machine and what not. Anyway I had always wanted to buy a large screen TV and after going through many TVs on the market decided to go with the company I was loyal to and bought a 51" Samsung Plasma TV PSE51E550 with my hard earned money. I regret the day i decided to do that. Within two years the TV had vertical line run all across the screen. Their engineers came and nonchalantly said your panel is gone bad and you have to replace it. Which in real life terms translates to spending Rs.26-27K on a TV on which I had already spent about 85k only two years back.

I mean is this some joke? TV sets would mostly last years or at least 4-5 years before you would need to fix anything. Of course there would be that rare case when something might get bad and of course there is a place for exceptions. But to my surprise, after spending couple of hours on the net researching I could see thousands and thousands of buyers across US, UK, and Asia were majorly disgruntled with Samsung large screen TVs and Plasmas because they had seen their hard earned money go down the drain.

People have contemplated putting up a class action law suit against Samsung, but not one has come around to doing it yet. The problem lies with the very poor manufacturing standards of Samsung. Period. They are fooling customers and making profits in zillions of dollars. I would understand if I have bought some cheap non branded stuff from the local market and that going bust in couple of years and the company not owning up to it. But I did not do that precisely to avoid any such hassles. I went with an established brand, paid a heavy premium on buying that TV set and expect some basic standards form the high value purchase I made.

Samsung does not care about its customers, at all. It is out of sheer disrespect and only with an eye to making profits that they are doing business. Everyone beware of buying anything Samsung. I am a very disgruntled buyer and is also extremely angry and disappointed with how I have been short changed in this entire exercise. I have a serious intention of not letting this go and see that 1000's of people like us see some justice. Even if I buy that new panel for 26-27k they hardly have any warranty on that. It is 3-6 months max. Imagine they don't even let you buy additional warranty on that. So after that anything goes wrong you are completely burned. That 85k TV you bought couple of years back and on which you again spent 26-27k making the total go beyond 1 lac does not own up to anything in Samsung's eyes. This is a highly corrupt practice that they are following and this needs to be brought out in the open to the world. Or else many other people will suffer unknowingly.

There needs to be a case filed on the basis of my complaint here and followed to the end. Anyone willing to help me and have suffered at the hands of Samsung in this corrupt manner please join me on this and spread the word. If anyone is a lawyer or para legal and know how to put up a formal case against Samsung please come forward and let me know. And this by the way is no fraudulent post of some competitor. I am putting this up with my full authority and responsibility. My name is Arjun Malakar. I live in New Delhi, India. My phone number is - 7428858060.

Apr 18, 2015
Do not buy Samsung...junk!!!
by: Anonymous

14 months after purchase and my $1000 Samsung TV is junk and will not turn on after blowing fuse and capacitor. Samsung will not fix and stated they have not had a single issue brought to their attention on any capacitor defect. Opened TV and capacitor was clearly blown.

Apr 15, 2015
Samsung Customer Support - a lot to be desired!
by: Anonymous

I have a 32 inch smart TV which started cycling on and off about a month ago. I called Samsung and the original response was that it was a smart hub issue and that they were hearing a lot of similar complaints. He said that the latest upgrade wasn't fully installing which was causing the problem. The gentleman had me look up the software version and it was the most recent so that must be the problem and to "observe" the problem for 2 days and if it wasn't better to call back!

2 days have gone by, and of course no improvement. So I call back. I get a customer service Rep that actually listened to me, had me try a couple things, but we were unable to do much because the cycling began to happen every 30 seconds. He said "oh, it shouldn't be doing that." Ok captain obvious! That's what I was trying to tell the previous rep! Fortunately I am under warranty and they are setting up a repair visit.

In the meantime, I read the post below about the hair dryer and thought what the heck. Since then my TV has not cycled off once! We're on about an hour of TV with no issues! Temporary fix I'm sure but I'll take it.

And my advice to anyone with this on/off cycling is to call back until you get a customer service rep that actually talks to you and doesn't read off a script! Or, get a really good hairdryer!!

Apr 15, 2015
Samsung 40 inch LED Smart TV
by: Anonymous

Model 5550 purchased 3 years ago has the same off/on problem. I did the unplug reset which worked temporarily. Now it cycles off and on about every 3 to 5 minutes.

Apr 13, 2015
<2 year old PN64F8500
by: Anonymous

I am having similar issues. My TV switches off after less than a minute it is turned on. It started couple of months back where it was shutting itself off but turning on automatically. After a week or so it was fine until yesterday.
For 3500$ I would say Samsung TV's are not worth the price. I wish there is a way to sue them.

Apr 10, 2015
Samsung plasma pn51d550
by: Frederick

I purchase a 51 inch plasma 3d Samsung TV 2yrs ago my second piece of junk within 5 yrs, my second and last Samsung I'll never own, the worst company I've ever dealt with. 2 yrs to date the TV wont turn on just clicks and red light blinks, I've never seen so many unsatisfied customers in my life, this company should be sued again like they were in the U.S. for faulty capacitors, a TV should last more than 2yrs.

Apr 06, 2015
Samsumg UN32EH5300 Powers Off/Powers On
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Samsung UN32EH5300 in January 2013. Did not use it that often, certainly nowhere nearly as much as my Panasonic Plasma.

Starting around four weeks ago the Samsung Powers Off after a few minutes, then two or three seconds later, Powers On. Within five to fifteen minutes later, the Samsung Powers Off, then Powers On again. I turned off all the Energy Saving/Power Saving/Timers/Auto On/Off, unplugged from surge protector and plugged into wall outlet, as per Samsung's recommendation, still same Power Off/Power On results. After a longer period and few repeated observations, the Power Off/Power On cycle seems to subside.

Could be related to capacitor issues that Samsung had gone through a few years ago which resulted in a class action lawsuit; could be main panel issue; could be firmware updates from Samsung. Who knows what it is. Are consumers supposed to pay another $80-$150 for a service call, then additional money for parts and labor, and of course, spend their time contacting Samsung (technical support, office of president, etc.) to try to have the problem fixed at Samsung's expense... with no help from Samsung of course?

TVs should certainly last longer than two years considering there is minimal movement of the item, minimal use, proper care, use, and protection, etc. The folks at Samsung are of no help. Once your manufacturer's warranty is expired, Samsung will not help you with repair costs and they will not admit to the fact that Samsung is producing TVs with defective components or perhaps poor engineering designs or firmware updates.

I contacted Samsung technical support, they did not offer to help with repair costs, but they were kind. I contacted the Office of the President at Samsung Electronics in the US and talked with an individual who was most likely the first line of defense on the administrative end of things. That individual was rude and did not make any attempt to come to a fair and reasonable solution whatsoever. In fact, I was completely disappointed with their lack of interest for the consumer.

Samsung Office of the President, you should start paying attention to consumer concerns. I did manage to contact a law firm (scroll down through all the following comments to find out who and use your judgement should you decide to contact them as well) and let them know of the defective TV (Power Off/Power On) in hopes that perhaps there will be another class-action lawsuit. I found a contact in the older comments from 2010. The more, the merrier. Samsung should get what they deserve, as well as the consumers.

Are we supposed to buy a $500-$600 every 2-3 years? Pay for repairs after one or two years? Take our leisure time away to deal with defective products from Samsung?

Apr 05, 2015
try your blow dryer
by: Nancy

I bought my 55-inch Samsung in June of 2009, and it worked perfectly till a month or so ago. Same problem as most of those who have posted here: TV would go through its start up cycle over and over, but not come on. It's almost six years old and out of warranty, so there's no point in my calling the company to complain, and no one in my town does TV repair anymore, so it looks like I will have to get a new TV.

But I did find a post that suggested using a hair dryer (blow dryer) to heat the failed capacitor, and that the TV would then come on. I thought it sounded a little silly, but my son thought it might be a valid idea and so we tried it. Facing the back of my TV, I held the blow dryer against the vents on the left hand side, and used medium heat on high speed. In just a few minutes the TV came on and the screen lit up. Gorgeous picture just like I had before. Band aid fix of course, as I will now have to keep my TV on 24/7 or use the blow dryer again. But it did, in fact, work. If nothing else, it's good till I decide what I want for a new TV.

Apr 03, 2015
Samsung un60es8000fx
by: Linda A

3 year old tv turns rainbow of colors no picture and turns off and on by itself. Bought extended warranty and having issues getting them to fix the tv. They tell me that they don't have anyone in the area to fix it so they want to refund the warranty money instead of fixing it. Sounds like a scam...if you don't have issues they get free money. .if you do have issues they will give you your warranty money back??? Hours and hours on the phone like everyone else on here getting the run around. Last word we got is we can take the tv to a repair at a service center an hour 30 minutes away. Its a big tv to drive it that far and then drive back to pick it up later.

Apr 02, 2015
Samsung - Hides behind warranty rather than stands behind products
by: Anonymous

I am another plasma TV owner experiencing the rapid on/off cycling problem. Have spent hours getting bounced through Samsung "customer service" - they basically pay people to ask me to repeat my name, address, phone number, model, s/n, problem, etc. and then they transfer me to someone else who has me go through the same process. Oh, BTW, they all "understand your frustration, ma'am". Why bother giving me a "transaction number" (so that you can track my problem) unless you are going to use that transaction number to make our communication more efficient? Finally ended up at some Executive Customer Relations (ECR), but am still being told that, despite all these known complaints about the same issue, they are hiding behind their warranty rather than standing behind their products. They use transfers and holds to try to wear customers down rather than try to resolve the problem. If I am paying to repair my barely 2 year old TV, I am effectively paying $150-$200 more for it - if I add in my time, it's way over that. Guess you just made upgrading my phone and other devices easier, Samsung, because I can now eliminate your brand from the options.

Mar 30, 2015
Out of Warranty
by: Shawn

My TV model was covered but Samsung said the warranty had expired last year. I only heard about it(the class action suit) through a friend a few months back because he saw it on an online article. I then asked if Samsung could give me any kind of voucher that could be applied towards the purchase of a new Samsung TV. They said were not offering any vouchers and that I would have to pay for any repairs out of pocket. I will be getting a new TV soon, but I don't think I will stick with the Samsung brand(I currently have two of them).

Mar 28, 2015
Another Samsung TV problem
by: Anonymous

Seems we have the same issue as quite a few that posted here, the Samsung LED TV is about a year old, it started to turn off and on about a month ago and now turned off and will not turn back on, I can see the red lite in the corner turn on and off as it try's to cycle. I thought this problem was fixed after Samsung was sued a few years ago, I guess not, buyer beware Samsung is a poor product...

Mar 27, 2015
Not just samsung.. Just reminder!
by: Umdaman

Don't blame Samsung! I have a Samsung tv and love it! I would buy another. Blame the MFG of capacitors! Trust me I can show you a box full 1000+ capacitors that I have changed out on many brands of TV's. Tons of LCD Monitors every brand, tankless hot water heaters, just recently had to repair my 10year old 12" External Sub woofer. So no matter what brand you buy, it will FAIL eventually due to a cap(s).

Mar 23, 2015
Rebooting of Samsung TV
by: Anonymous

This is annoying issue. My TV keeps on recycling by itself. On calling Samsung support, they said TV is out of warranty and that i need to pay.I told them there are multiple reviews on customer not happy with this issue. To that the answer was they are not aware of any such issues. Can't we take any action on this one. NO to Samsung !!

Mar 17, 2015
TV Shutting itself OFF/ON Repeatedly
by: Angela

So, I wish I had done my research before buying our Samsung LED TV. I had always thought they were a top brand but clearly not. At about 2 years old, our TV is shutting itself off, then on again enough that it is highly annoying. Apparently soon it will totally crap out on us. We purchased this TV in November of 2012, and the problem started in earnest in early 2015. Ridiculous!!!

Model #: UN55ES7150FXZA
Version: US02

Mar 15, 2015
Really NOT Happy
by: Anonymous

I've had my Samsung smart tv model ue46f5300ak for just over a month. I brought it brand new, and what do u know last night it packed in. I know its a older model but it was band new ffs. The standby light flashes twice 5 times and has a 5 second break then repeats constantly it wont turn on. I've heard about the capacitors swelling or even leaking! I fear in now going to have to bye a new circuit board and install it. I noticed that my capacitors looks fine and there is a small fuse on the way from the power inlet to the circuit board does anybody think that may have blown? Could really use some help here feel free to e-mail me if you can help thanks in advance. Email is -

Mar 14, 2015
extended warranty
by: Anonymous

The capacitor on Plasma PN51F8500AFXZA blew out one month (Feb 2015) after the 1 yr Samsung warranty expired. They covered it anyway ($400-700). I don't think they will cover it next time. Do you know if a 3rd-party Extended Warranty is purchasable? Samsung will sell an extension only up to 11 months from purchase.

Mar 04, 2015
Faulty Samsung Plasma... why are they not being held responsible?
by: Matt

I clearly wish I had done more research on this company. I owned a Sony LCD and it lasted me years and years... finally went to a Samsung Plasma 65" and had it wall mounted etc.
I have had it just over a year. Now it turns on, ten seconds later turns off. Does this constantly up to an hour at which point it will not turn on period.

Samsung has done nothing to back it up. Will never buy from them again. If anyone has a ballpark on what the service call on this should be (I guess capacitor or power board) email me!!

Mar 04, 2015
Lessons learned
by: Anonymous

Though their products work well when they work, but Samsung products are not reliable in the long term. So, buy insurance when you purchase them.

Feb 28, 2015
Same problem +
by: Trevor

I've had the same problem with 2 Samsung TVs. I both both of them in 2008. The 46"died a couple of years ago. The 55" started showing similar problems last week. Eventually it turns on, but I'm not optimistic about its future.

I also have the Samsung 6700 home theatre system. The DVD player died a year. The Samsung home theatre and Samsung TV seem to have difficulty talking to one another. It is necessary to reset the TV input every time the unit powers up. Both bad software and bad hardware. I'll look elsewhere in the future.

Feb 23, 2015
Samsung UN60ES7150 OFF/On Cycling
by: Anonymous

I bought my TV just over a year ago (so, just out of warranty) and about a month ago it started cycling off and on. I followed all the steps involving turning off the eco sensor, the sleep timer etc. - none of them made a difference. Now it cycles off and on every two minutes. Basically useless. I've called a local tech to come and fix it. I assume I will be charged a couple of hundred dollars to replace some faulty capacitors. Thanks Samsung, for making defective TV's and not fixing them of your own accord. Never had any problems like this with my old Sony. Now I feel like a real fool for dropping $1700 on my 60" Samsung. Never again.

Feb 17, 2015
Same capacitor issues with LED 5500
by: Anonymous

Just starting my search for the correct capacitors for my 46" F5500 LED TV because of the characteristic on/off cycling I am now reading about everywhere! Wish I saw these posts a year ago! TV is one year old this Christmas and Samsung just sent me a number of a local repair company. Going to try to fix it myself first as long as i can find the correct part at the Source.

Feb 14, 2015
Samsung 4k tv wow a $3,400 paper weight
by: JonNTexas

I bought this Samsung 4K TV in February of last year for well over $3,000 had to return the first one because it was over heating and not responding to the remote. Now a year later I'm watching TV when all of a sudden the screen turns off and now won't power on just blinks a red light. I called the support for Samsung and they can't get someone out for over a week. I was a loyal customer to their brand but no more.

Jan 16, 2015
Never Contacted by Samsung
by: G Claunch

My hlt6187sxxxa was registered but I was never notified by Samsung. I had called with other problems during the period of the recall for the capacitors, because my DLP chip went out and then red led burned out which is because Samsung over clocked (beyond specs.) the red led. That's why there is a fan on it to try to keep it from burning out. No fans on the other two leds. I did the work myself but had to pay for the parts. Samsung always would say my TV was out of warranty.

Samsung should of told me about the recall for capacitors when I was having the other issues at that time. (There also was a class action lawsuit for DLP chip) But was told my model was not on the list. So since it's past settlement date I have to pay for the service call & labor.

Samsung will send parts to a Samsung qualified service man, but would not send them to me. I guess the jokes on me because I paid a little over $2000.00 on the TV. Then I bought of their top of the line refrigerators which started having major issues right after warranty ran out. Upon further research lots of people had the same problems with theirs.

SHAME ON YOU SAMSUNG!! You lost my business and my kids, family and friends business. As well as any one else I was able to warn that Samsung won't back their products.

I wonder how many people haven't bought a Samsung product because of what they heard from all the unsatisfied customers. When I asked why I was not notified of the recall, I was told "Sorry that would be a different department." REALLY!

Jan 05, 2015
Samsung power cycling issues
by: Anonymous

I purchased a UN55HU8550FXZA Samsung TV in June of 2014, by November of 2014 the TV began to cycle off then turn itself by on. This power cycling would typically occur about twice a day. I eventually called Samsung support to help resolve this issue. The technical support staff told me to take the TV out of the surge protector and plug it directly into the wall outlet, my response was that would not protect my TV against power surges etc. This customer service call was transaction # xxx-xxx-7389. I decided to switch both the surge protector and the power outlet the surge protector was plugged into. The power cycling stopped for about a few days then started back up again.

Now the TV will not turn on, it attempts to power up then powers back down followed by a clicking noise.

On January 10, 2015 I have a Samsung technician scheduled to diagnose and if possible fix the issue, but after reading several websites that provide detailed accounts of customers with the same I'm not confident that the TV will work beyond two years.

This is a real same too that Samsung apparently have full knowledge of their faulty hardware.

I have bought a total of 10 LCD and LED TV's, over the past 8 years, of that number only two have stopped working Samsung being one the brands.

I'm truly disappointed with the Samsung products, I purchased two Samsung smart Blu Player because of my disenchantment with the performance of the TV and the fact that Samsung apparently is aware of the issue.

I think I will stick with Vizio as my TV brand of choice.

Jan 05, 2015
Not one but two
by: Mark Wojewodski

I have a 40 and a 52 inch Sam...dumb LCD TVs that where both purchased in 08. Well both crapped out within weeks of each other. Contacted Samsung now I'm told that its from normal where and tear. Well when they both where fixed for bad caps in 09 what was the problem then. Why was I never notified of this lawsuit to protect myself from being stuck with 2 pieces of junk. What a joke now I'm out the price of replacing two TVs. And there not Sam dung....

Dec 22, 2014
Another Samsung TV failure
by: Anonymous

Add me to the list of VERY unhappy SAMSUNG customers. Our 60 inch TV stopped turning on characteristically of the "capacitor" problem of yester-year. It came back on once after leaving it on awhile. The repairman is out tomorrow and I have calls into Samsung. I have had three computer monitors and one TV die with similar malfunctions.

Enough of Samsung!

Dec 20, 2014
by: Anonymous


Dec 17, 2014
PN60E7000 Loud Pop From Back of Unit
by: Anonymous

Bought the Samsung PN60E7000FFXZA Plasma in April 2012 and paid $2,100. Today turned on the TV and heard a loud pop in the back of the unit. Was enough to flip the breaker in the garage. TV will not turn on so I called Samsung. Their customer service is a joke. All they wanted was a bunch of information about me to tell me it's out of warranty and to call someone to repair it.

I will never ever buy a Samsung product again. I'd love to sue their ass as there is no way they don't know what the problem is and I'm sure they are still selling units with known issues.

Nov 29, 2014
Sick of Samsung
by: Anonymous

I Bought a 43 inch Samsung D490 in August 2012. It has totally gone of with just the red light for the on off blinking.

I have went back through reviews and forums and have came to the conclusion, this is all to common place and there is clearly a problem that is not being picked up before distribution or the parts are not being tested appropriately.

I can not afford to keep pulling six hundred pounds out every two years for a new television. I don't know how to go about getting Samsung investigated but I seriously believe something has to be done to stop this abuse of customers.

Nov 25, 2014
55inch LED TV Power supply problems
by: Anonymous

I bought this Samsung 55 inch led TV 8-series for 4000 $ in 2012 and now after 2 years and one month there are power supply issues. TV has a ticking sound several times and power cycling on its own. I am just frustrated with SAMSUNG. I have to shell out now for service . DO NOT BUY ANY SAMSUNG PRODUCT.

Nov 20, 2014
by: Anonymous

My capacitor was replaced thought the class action lawsuit and now a year later it's the main board. My TV isn't even 5 years old. 52"

Nov 18, 2014
by: Brayden

Words cannot describe how angry I am.... Paid $800 on a 2014 samsung smart led tv 50" to only be returning it after only 5 uses. Out of the box the first f***ing night it was power cycling (hahaha) what a joke. Not even going to bother with the settlement bull crap I'm just NEVER EVER BUYING A SAMSUNG PRODUCT EVER AGAIN NOR WILL I LET ANYONE I KNOW BUY ANYTHING WITH THAT NAME ON IT. FOR ANYONE READING THIS BOYCOTT SAMSUNG. THEY PURPOSEFULLY ARE USING CHEAPER PARTS TO MAKE MORE OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. I've read countless comments on people getting them repaired to no avail after about a couple months with the SAME PROBLEM happening again.



Nov 18, 2014
Samsung 39" LED/TV UN39FH5000FXZA (P.O.S.)
by: Joet

Have a Samsung 39" LED/TV model # UN39FH5000FXZA. About 4 months ago it started by randomly loosing the video. I want to make myself clear on this, the video just faded out and nothing but a black screen and the TV was still powered up. Most recently including on November 17th, after a local Tech came out, supposedly replaced what he called the rear panel, the TV still managed to do the same thing as before. I turned the TV on at 6:45pm and both the video and audio were gone by 7:12pm. The Tech told me that when this happened, I should press the menu button on the remote and if the menu comes up; its not the TV but our satellite service, WRONG! the menu never came up after repeatedly pressing the menu button for a total of 15 times. Still no video or audio and that was across the board. Didn’t matter what channel, NOTHING! On occasion color splotches have appeared across the entire screen distorting everything on the whole image. Other times vertical color or sometimes monochrome bars running from top to bottom of screen.

So the problem remains and with no real solution in sight. I will NEVER by another Samsung product ever again. I'm done (ask me what P.O.S. stands for.

Nov 18, 2014
Samsung TV stopped working after weird sound
by: aftab

Thanks for your prompt response.

I had bought this TV (plasma 43’- PS43E40B1R ) from your authorized dealer in Karachi (Jaffar & Sons , contact No. 92-21-35293266 ) about 2 years back at cost of $ 730 (21/11/12).

The problem is the shutting of TV with a weird cracking sound & only red power light blinking. I have gone through different blogs on internet & believe this is an inherent issue (defective capacitors of power supply board) with these sets worldwide & Samsung is getting these rectified free of cost.
Till now it has cost me $1.0/day .

I am totally disappointed with Samsung brand.

Nov 17, 2014
Same Capacitor Issues Still
by: Anonymous

I am wondering how many other people have had the same issue with their Samsung LED 3D Smart TVs. I own a UN65ES6550FXZA and about 6 months after purchasing it, it began turning off by itself. I went through the warranty center, they sent a certified technician out and he was able to replace a part and fix the issue...temporarily. It has been roughly another 7-8 months and I am having the exact same issue. The TV will turn on and then it will immediately shut itself down, and it will continue this cycle until I unplug it for about 5 minutes.

This is obviously a defective unit and when I spoke with customer service, they said the repair was only warrantied for 1 month. Now that I am out side of the one year mark I was told I had to pay out of pocket to have Samsung's faulty parts fixed. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

How can my $3000 TV only be expected to last 16 months? Am I just expected to keep having my TV serviced every 6-8 months just so I can use it?

Has anyone else dealt with this? How can I get Samsung to do the right thing?

Nov 15, 2014
So disappointed
by: Anonymous

I bought a 40" Samsung and paid $1,000.00 for it 6 years ago, the picture is beautiful and I have been very happy until about 2 weeks ago when I started having problems turning the set on, instead of coming on immediately, it takes at least 6 clicks with the remote and gets worse every day. I contacted Samsung on line and was told that my model was one of the models which had the capacitor problem and it sounded like that was what was happening, but that I was not eligible to get the problem fixed as their Lawsuit offer ended in February of this year... so tough shit... I never received any notification about this from Samsung. I was told to contact a Samsung dealer but would have to pay for the repair myself.... reading thru some online posts I am looking at around $300+ to get it fixed, if that is the case I might as well buy another TV, but I am totally pissed if I have to do this.

Nov 14, 2014
Past Class Action Suit Information
by: Mary P

I am going to contact the lawyers listed at the bottom. Someone should post a complaint on Samsung's Twitter feed, pointing back to this page. Maybe they would take action.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

Attn: Capacitor Settlement Administrator

356 Centerpointe Blvd.
Simpsonville, SC 29681

The deadline for submitting a claim form is described below in the "Details" section.

Phone Number to call for assistance: (888) 899-7602

Details: The Samsung TV settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit, entitled Russell, et al. v., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., that alleges Samsung manufactured and sold certain Samsung-branded televisions that contain a capacitor defect that cause the televisions to experience symptoms such as not turning on, experiencing a delay in turning on, making a clicking sound, cycling on and off, or other similar problems (the "Covered TV Symptoms").

Samsung denies the allegations in the class action lawsuit, but has agreed to settle the case to avoid ongoing litigation.

The television models covered under the Samsung TV capacitor settlement are:

Samsung LCD TV Serial Numbers: LN-T******/XAA; LN**A******XZA; LNS4041DX/XAA; LNS4051DX/XAA; LNS4052DX/XAA; LNS5296DX/XAA

Samsung Plasma TV Serial Numbers: HPT5034X/XAA; HPT5044X/XAA; HPT5054X/XAA; HPT5064X/XAA; PN42A410C1DXZA; PN42A450P1DXZA; PN50A410C1DXZA; PN50A450P1DXZA; PN50A460S4DXZA


If you own one of these Samsung TVs and experienced one or more of the Covered TV Symptoms listed above, or if you experience a Covered TV Symptom within 18 months after March 2, 2012, you can claim one of the following benefits from the Samsung TV class action lawsuit settlement:

(1) A free service visit to determine if your TV has a problem covered by the class action settlement and, if it does, to fix the problem. You must call (888) 899-7602 within 18 months from March 2, 2012 to receive this settlement benefit. If your TV requires more than one repair for a capacitor issue covered by the class action settlement, you will receive an additional $50 payment.

(2) A refund of expenses you incurred, prior to March 2, 2012, to evaluate or diagnose the problem covered by the class action settlement (up to $150). You must submit proof that your TV has a Covered TV Symptom (such as a receipt, bill cancelled check or credit card charge, correspondence, verification from repair provider) before March 2, 2013 to receive this settlement benefit.

(3) A refund of expenses you incurred, prior to March 2, 2012, to fix the problem covered by the class action settlement (up to $150 to fix the capacitor issue or $300 if the repair included replacing a power supply board). You can also receive up to $150 to cover shipping expenses, including insurance costs, you incurred to fix the TV. You must submit a claim form and proof that your TV had a capacitor issue by March 2, 2013 to receive this settlement benefit.

(4) A $300 debit card if you reported to Samsung, prior to March 2, 2012, the problem covered by the class action settlement, but did not get it fixed, and you no longer possess your TV. You must submit a claim form and proof that you purchased a TV within 90 days of March 2, 2012 to get this settlement benefit.

In other words, a customer who repaired their Samsung TV may receive up to $600 for diagnosis, repairs, and shipping, plus $50 if they need more repairs; while a customer who no longer has the TV can still receive up to $450 for diagnosis and compensation.

Claim forms and more information on your rights in the Samsung TV Capacitor Defect Class Action Lawsuit Settlement can be found at

Manufactured Prior to: December 31, 2008

Claims must be postmarked by: 3/2/2013 for cash refunds or debit card claims. 9/2/2013 for a free service visit.

Settlement Administrator(s): Samsung

Class Counsel: Federman & Sherwood

Defense Counsel: Ansa Assuncao, LLP

The Court appointed the law firms of Lax LLP,
Lite Depalma Greenberg, LLC, Lange & Koncius, LLP, The Sobelsohn Law Firm, and Baron &
Herskowitz LLP, to represent you and the other Class Members.

Together, the lawyers are called "Class Counsel." You will not be charged for these lawyers. If you want to be represented by your own lawyer, you may hire one at your own expense, but it is not necessary.

Nov 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

i also bought a Samsung 60 inch plasma. Just over a year old and it is not working. Took off the back to check for bulging capacitors...Nothing. Looking into changing the motherboard. Samsung sucks ass. Not helpful at all. Claimed they haven't heard of any recent problems and that the lawsuit does not pertain to my brand. Who wants to lug a 60 inch TV to a repairman. Who wants to pay $100 a repairman to walk through your door. Never again will I buy Samsung. I would rather buy a cheaper brand and cut my losses if something like this were to happen again. Reading all the comments just makes me angry because nothing is being done by Samsung. They are smug to think that people will still buy their products...Time to boycott....

Nov 05, 2014
Class Action
by: Mary P

Hi, I was the one who posted the anonymous question asking whether people were having more than capacitor issues with their televisions. The Samsung certified TV repair shop told us that we'll need a new motherboard in addition to the capacitor. While someone on this site said that they think this is a scam on the part of the repair shop, I have seen a number of posts about this particular set having motherboard issues. So, it may be more than just the capacitor, but we don't know yet.

I was thinking that same thing about contacting the law firm(s) that were involved in the first class action lawsuit to see if we can get any resolution. We haven't bought another television yet and it just irks me that I have a beautiful set sitting there that just needs to be fixed, but I'm upset that Samsung won't honor the original class action suit due to the deadline passing. Especially since we never received any communication about the lawsuit in the first place.

I will locate the names of the law firms that were involved in the original suit and post them on this site - I do agree that it might be better to contact them first.

Thanks! Maybe together we'll have more power.

Nov 04, 2014
Capacitor Issue
by: Bill

I have the same problem. Model un39fh5000fxza, a little over one year old. First it would blink on and off when I turned it on. Now most of the time I can't turn it on. If I unplug the TV for a few minutes and then plug it in I can usually turn it on. So it seems like a capacitor problem. I would guess it's the same type of problem they had in some older TVs and settled after a lawsuit. So they apparently never fixed the problem and still have defective capacitors.

Maybe we need another lawsuit for the newer TVs.

Nov 01, 2014
New Class Action?
by: ClearlyUpsetAboutSamsung

Does anyone know the Oklahoma law firm that started the older, successful class action?
While a new suit would make us all VERY HAPPY and perhaps ultimately extract some cash from a COMPANY THAT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS, as individuals we benefit little.

The lawyers reap the benefits.
But I would still be happy to help initiate it.
Ultimately I had to have the power board replaced. As soon as I called the service, the rep knew exactly what had failed, so the tech one with him, dismantled the back, plugged it i and hopefully it will last longer.

Power to the people!

Nov 01, 2014
2008 LCD Clicking
by: Anonymous

Bought a 46 inch SAMSUNG lCD in 2008 and watch TV rarely. Well, a few weeks ago the TV developed clicking and difficulty turning on with a series of terrible associated noises. Called Samsung and since the last class action suite expired they will not stand by their product. $1300 flushed down the drain. If they don't stand by a $1300 product what will they stand by? Never will buy Samsung anything again!

Oct 29, 2014
capacitor problem
by: Anonymous

Just got off phone with Samsung they had class
action suit for this problem. My tv is 5 yr old
and just went out. I was told there was a recall
for this and I did not receive anything on this
and was told they do not repair for this problem
after Feb. 2014 so guess I will try and fix
myself and if no luck buy a different brand.

Oct 28, 2014
Add me to the list!!
by: Leslie

My tv would not turn on last night! Started reading and discovered all of you in the same boat! So sorry! Mine is an LCD model UN40EH5000FXZA. I am going to call them in the morning and will post what they tell me. Have any of you had any luck fixing it yourself? Thanks in advance!!

Oct 28, 2014
Model UN40EH5000FXZA
by: leslie

I am having the same problem. TV will not turn on. It was manufactured in 2012. Has anyone tried fixing this themselves and was it simple enough that one with no technical experience could tackle? Thanks in advance! And GRRR,I am so angry with Samsung right now! I am going to call them this morning and will post what they tell me!

Oct 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

Same capacitor problem. TV was fried just 1 and a half years in and already sent in for repair twice. Can't believe capacitor issue still exists after the class-action lawsuit.

Oct 21, 2014
Same Issue
by: Linda S

Same issue here. LN46D630M3F. Screen went black after about 5 minutes after turning on. Now won't power on at all. $900 46 inch. Only had it three years. Anyone know if there's another class action suit? Calling Samsung today. Wish me luck, but from these comments, it doesn't sound hopeful I'll get anywhere.

Oct 20, 2014
More then cpacitors comment----
by: UmDaMan

"Precision TV has said that we need a motherboard -
this is before even seeing the TV."

There is no way a TV repair guy can tell you it's the Motherboard without even looking at it. I would stay far away from any TV repair guy that can just guess at the cause. Yea your car needs a new engine too. This guy is a scammer. He probably wants Samsung to send him a FREE motherboard for his inventory.

I have fixed plenty of TV capacitors. I recently fixed a Vizio P50HDTV10A It had a few blown caps and also a bad IPM board that I got for $18. I ordered a Rev.B board vs original Rev.E. I found it interesting everyone on the Internet said I also needed to change the other IPM on the board to Rev.B. Have no idea behind that thinking. Its a compatible item. Rev.E, Rev.B do the same thing. So why on earth would I need to change the other one. Crazy. But maybe it's because they do know much about electronics.

Oct 19, 2014
WOW!!! Just started happening to my TV
by: Brady

I had no idea of this problem until just now. This tv is driving me crazy!!!!! Going to call customer service tomorrow. Wish me luck...

Sep 12, 2014
power board?? issue!
by: Linda T.

Same thing here...had the TV for 4 yrs and now it keeps clicking on and off and a black screen. The light blinks blue and constantly makes the clicking sound. Called Samsung, they sent out a service guy and charged me $60 just to look at it and wanted $325 for the repair. Said it was a faulty power board. For that price we didn't fix it and just paid the guy $60 for nothing. This is bull crap, we paid $2k for this TV for it to only last 4 years. Meanwhile our Sony one for 6 yrs is still going strong.

NO MORE SAMSUNG TV's for us! They better have a class action for this should be continuous since it seems to be an ongoing issue with their TV's!
Where do I sign up??!!

Sep 09, 2014
LCD TV - Is it more than a capacitor?
by: Anonymous

We had the same trouble with our 40 inch Samsung TV that we purchased around 2010. Model number LCD LN4oa550P3FXZA. Apparently, we were lucky in that our television lasted a little longer than most, but, because it did, we missed the warranty extension that was a result of the class action lawsuit. We didn't know anything about the troubles, because Samsung did not reach out to its customers with warranties, or at least we didn't receive any information.

After spending too much time on the phone wiht Samsung, they said they will ship free capacitor(s) to the "certified tv repair company," Precision TV, in Denver, and we'll need to pay for the repair. However, Precision TV has said that we need a motherboard - this is before even seeing the TV. So, my question is: Does anyone know if this is a known issue with this TV as well as the capacitors? If so, is there another class action lawsuit in the making? I would certainly join or even start one. We are wondering if we should pay $300-400 to have the repair done or just buy a new television - obviously NOT Samsung.

Sep 09, 2014
by: R Bourg

I will never buy another TV based on picture alone. First I will look at the warranty and NEVER again will it be a Samsung product.UN46d6400 purchased in December of 2011 spot on left edge of screen is about to catch fire, registered 190 degrees Fahrenheit and there are lines going across the screen at that point.

1400.00 piece of flammable plastic, what a joke.
if this thing actually catches fire i will take a video of it.

Sep 07, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have been a Samsung fan purchasing a wide range products ranging from monitors, laptops, and I am on my fifth phone with only great performance all of them. This history has produced a loyality that caused me to spend more money for products that I could have got from a lower quality manufacturer. Chosing, what I thought was a valued purchase from a provided company. With over 10k dollars for services over the past 5 years spent with Samsung, I have been loyal to a fault with the LCD. My limit has been reached.
Two tech visits, two boards, and now the third issue happened on the first Sunday of the NFL. All of this on a three year old LCD. Not another dollar, not another good word, only the truth will be told and it will be told to everyone, every board, every media outlet. The truth about Samsung is the company does not care. They have converted their great customer service department to a group of lawyer scripted robots. I do not fault them, they are working for Samsung, I just got stuck a product they have to live in it. Samsung I am DONE.

Aug 26, 2014
Purchased in 2013 July now switching off and on
by: John Michaels

It just started happening so bad that it only stays on for 2 minutes before switching itself off and back on, I paid just under $4000 for this Samsung 55inch 3d TV and it didn't even last a year. Very unhappy!

Aug 23, 2014
flashing standby light
by: Anonymous

I had this problem with my Samsung I replaced the blown capacitors but did not correct the problem so I went on eBay a purchased a new power board and fitted it and it worked perfect only takes 20 minutes maximum.

Aug 18, 2014
by: bogs

I have a problem with blinking red light of this Samsung ua40d5003bm . I tried to open the back cover and notice that all capacitors are OK. can someone help me to figure out how to repair. Thanks in advance...

Jul 02, 2014
To answer the original question, yes.
by: JM

We purchased a 55" OLED Samsung the day after Christmas 2012. It has been problem free up until 3 days ago. While watching Blu Ray it started repeatedly switching off and then back on, to the point that it is now unusable. Samsung made the same offer as others have stated, send someone out and fix it on my dime, not theirs. I find it ridiculous that a company that large, with the amount of resources they have to not stand by a 2 year old television that should last 10+ years. It is a UD55 6000 series 3d OLED TV, and at this point I couldn't rightly recommend their product to anyone.

Jun 23, 2014
Samsung LED Capacitor Issue
by: ClealryUpsetAboutSamsung

Yes. We have an 8500 LED model not covered by the previous class actions lawsuit (more below on a new one), and this January it started doing the same thing: randomly shutting down and clicking. Occasionally, it would turn back on. Our first call to Samsung this past March resulted in the (horrible) Customer Service person not even acknowledging the clicking issue despite the class action. A call in June resulted in attempts to sell us an extended warranty.
The class action covered models manufactured prior to ours which were LCD models. The software/hardware fix did not work. Samsung stonewalls customers and clearly does not care.
They certainly want to avoid another class action, but I have to believe many, many others face the same issue. Anyone else have a thought about this? I'd be willing to participate and/or get it started.
I don't like being lied to and served so poorly.
Clearly upset about Samsung.

Apr 30, 2014
All new TV's are junk
by: Anonymous

We had a RCA TV that worked great (25inch)it was about 30 years old and this was about 20 years ago that we gave away to some lucky person because we needed to have the all new high tech Mitsubishi big screen rear projection TV (65inch) and it weighed no lie 500 pounds really!! after about 2 years one of the projection picture tubes went out there were 3 one for each color, repair cost $800 dollars(JUNK). We also owned a newer Mitsubishi DLP rear projection TV now only 80 pounds and it lasted 1 year before the projection lamp burned out $250 and were told that the lamps were good for about 3-5 thousand hours each we went thru 4 lamps over the years and one color wheel(JUNK) Mitsubishi no longer makes DLP TV's Then moved to the new and improved flatscreen LCD
with the Capacitor problems(JUNK...)

It's all about making the Dollars and screw the People who buy there products. SHAME,SHAME,SHAME.

Apr 06, 2014
Faulty capacitor
by: Anonymous

I purchased a 64" Plasma, within 4 months the capacitor went out. It was under warranty and a new one was installed. We were without our new $1500 television for a week. That was May 6 2013, now April 6 2014 the problem has reoccurred. I will now again be without a tv while it is hopefully repaired. No refund, no way to change brands without being out now $1500. Hopefully the new capacitor will last longer than a year!

Apr 02, 2014
Shame on Samsung
by: Marbel

Yes. my 5 year old LN46A5440P2FXZA is making continuous clicking sound but won't turn on. I have been in contact with Samsung representatives for the past 5 days and all of them keep chanting the same song: "that we will pay for the $20.00 capacitors and power supply but you will have to pay for the $250.00 repair by my authorized service center." I requested that they send me the parts and I'll choose my own servicing guy - they flat out refused.

Feb 12, 2014
UN55B8500 clicking & quittin !!
by: Samsung 55" LED angry

My UN55B8500 does the same thing. Bought it brand new from Best Buy and got several years out of it but it was far to expensive to fail so soon !

I called Samsung, they sent out a tech, on my dime, and by the time the tech got here the set had cleared itself as they do when you leave them unplugged for a day to two. So he left note on the receipt, NO ISSUES. Good grief, what a CYA bunch of junk. But ! I watched him take the back cover off and disconnect some stuff and reconnect it. So I decided to do the same figuring it cant hurt...that, or just throw the damn thing away. So I took off the back cover (about a dozen screws) and called Samsung again. This time a service tech on the phone had me do a factory reset with the remote. Save this and write it down....
To reset the TV to factory, turn on the TV. After it is on, press and hold down the EXIT button for 10 seconds. The factory reset screen should appear and then you follow the instructions.

That did not help me but I think it is worth saving. I still reset it and everything seemed to be working like usual and I'm just waiting the problem to happen again. But a couple weeks go by and it didnt happen. What changed? What is different? ....answer.....the back is off.

Yesterday I finally got around to putting the back cover back into place. As soon as I plugged it in, it started clicking !!!!! I had not even tried to turn it on. So remembering which screw went where I wondered if something could be pissing off a board or something. There is a screw just beneath the panel on the back where you plug the HDMI connections. I loosened that screw and it works. For now I'm hoping that is a stupid but very very cheap fix and it did make the click immediately disappear. I hope this is able to help some of those owners out there. We'll see. Please email me if it worked for you.

Jan 29, 2014
Terrible Samsung TV Reliability
by: JSW

Well, I guess I'm luckier than most. Bought my UN55B8500 in March of 2010 so I almost got 4 years out of it before it started doing all the stuff that everyone with capacitor/power board problems is commenting on. The clicking, the shutting down then sometimes turning back on by itself, sometimes requiring a reboot (unplugging, then replugging), sometimes requiring multiple reboots. And of course the same runaround from "executive customer service".

It's infuriating!!! I wish I could look Samsung executives directly in the eye so they would know how serious I am when I say "I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT"!!!

Dec 25, 2013
Also bad LCD Computer Monitors
by: EngrPaul

My Samsung LNA52 HDTV had the capacitor plague, also other problems (Rattling speakers, brittle case that started falling apart, lines in the screen). I swore off buying another Samsung product because of this.

Next thing I knew my Samsung 204B monitor at works started flickering. I.T. replaced it and let me keep the old one. I took it home and found three bloated capacitors. I replaced them and now it works fine. I see there are other Samsung monitors out there with similar capacitor plague when I searched on the problem.

Dec 12, 2013
Another dead 2009 Samsung tv with capacitor problems
by: C Ditzler

Our TV, a 2009 LED model (@$1200) which was assembled only a few months after the TV's which were recalled due to capacitor problems, just went black and exhibited the same symptoms as those caused by bad capacitors.

We contacted Samsung repair, and were told that the TV was not under the recall or in warranty, but they would send a tech who would charge us only $60 plus tax plus parts for a repair. The tech just left, and told us the problem was the "main board" and the repair would cost us $150 for parts and $150 additional for labor. and we'd have to wait a few more days for the part to be ordered.

I doubt that this diagnosis is the truth, but even if it is, the main board may have been damaged by the faulty capacitors. Needless to say we grudgingly payed the $60 fee for "diagnosis", sent the "technician" on his way, and will replace the TV with another brand. I don't expect that we'll ever purchase another Samsung TV, and we'd love to join another class action suit if someone is organizing one, because we're positive that the problem with our TV was caused by the same faulty capacitors that caused the recall of the slightly older TV's.

Nov 26, 2013
50" Plasma Samsung TV (2009 Model)
by: Tammy C

I have the same problem, and I did the research and think it's the capacitor issue as well. Samsung refused to help me. I did tell them that one way or another they will pay for this, because if I have to start the class action lawsuit myself I will. I purchased my TV in June of 2009, it was manufactured in March of 2009. Love the TV. Just pissed off that it lasted 4.5 years and then poof - 5 minutes after the kickoff too :(

Oct 31, 2013
0ur Samsung LN46B550 is Dead!
by: Anonymous

We bought ours in early 2009. It turned itself off while I was watching it, and would not turn on any more. The power indicator light is still on. We watch the TV very little---an hour a day before sleep, 5 days a week.

Samsung would not care about this problem because it's not their "capacitor model":-(

When Samsung TV capacitor is broken like ours, can Samsung just simply turn you away by saying: 'Your TV is not the "capacitor model"?'

Oct 29, 2013
LN52A650A1FXZA - update
by: Anonymous

LN52A650A1FXZA - Samsung contacted a TV repair shop to set up the fix. It was the capacitors and was fixed for free, process was very easy. I suggest if you are having problems with the TV turning on and off, clicking and red light flashing taking awhile to come on, contact Samsung or check the internet site and see if your model is on the list to be fixed free. I have had this TV 5 yrs in Dec, it has been a wonderful TV. I expect this TV to last for many more years. I paid $2,000 for it and that was the on sale price!

Oct 29, 2013
Samsung capacitor part is still a problem on tv's beyond lawsuit
by: Anonymous

My Samsung TV was brought in January of 2009. Just last week my Samsung TV started to do the same problem that the 2006-2008 models are doing. I was told by Samsung agent that it sounds like my capacitor has gone bad but they refuse to fix it or associate it with the problem of the previous; I purchased my TV a day or more after 2009.

They are not willing to bulge or assist me financially in the repair of this TV which is obviously a defective product.

If anyone has purchased a Samsung 70 Inches or more or is having problems with the TV light flicking on and off with no TV screen, please post your problem so that Samsung will take on the responsibility to fix these defective capacitor parts once and for all, and start taking responsibility that the TV models after 2008 are still possibly defective as well.

If another class suit is needed, Samsung needs to be aware.

Oct 26, 2013
no more samsung for us..
by: ciolli's

What Class Action? Our TV was bought in June 2009? Samsung nor Sears would DO a thing except offer to send someone out to diagnose and repair, I told them, we paid over $1100 for a TV that only lasted slightly over 4 years? Don't think we'll be stupid enough to put more into a pos... all of our other TV's cost less and have lasted MUCH Longer... It's obvious it's this TV and this maker... it's a 50" plasma....thin black line 1 third down the screen. It is the screen, they had us do the CABLE and switching out another TV thing, it is THIS TV...4 years for over $1100...nope, NO MORE Samsung for us.

Shame too because I Just bought their Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cell but we will Not be purchasing their New Galaxy Note 10" tab or any other product, Not after this.

Oct 26, 2013
Don't Waste your money on ANY Samsung TV!
by: ciolli's

OK here's the True "story". We bought brand new Samsung 50" plasma TV at Sears little over 4 years ago. We have had a thin black wire looking line 1/3 down the screen that is in the picture.

We called Sears, we called Samsung, they DID absolutely fig out. It's in the TV...either way, paying over $1100++ is all we got out of this TV while others in the house and on back patio have lasted a lot longer and cost a lot less. So...

Sears and Samsung offered nothing other than to have someone come and charge at least $100 to look at it, and of course you know from there it'd would be hundreds more to FIX.

So we are done with Samsung...4 years? Never had such a piece of junk and the "company" is obviously not standing behind their product... so NO More Samsung for us.

Oct 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have a Samsung LCD model LN52A650A1FXZA I bought in 2008. It is starting to take time to come on with the red light flashing several times. I called the 800 Samsung number and someone is coming out to fix it free. I will post back after it is done.

Oct 07, 2013
Samsung Sucks!
by: Anonymous

Like so many others on this board, my Samsung 46" LCD, purchased in Feb of 2009, started failing just after the warranty expired. I had the capacitors changed, then the power board, but the problems continue. For some reason if I use my blow dryer on high into the back of the set during start up it does start up after about 8 tries. I just missed out on the class action manufacture date by a month, and Samsung would not do anything for me.

I'll never buy another Samsung product again ever!

Sep 28, 2013
2011 - 51' Samsung Plasma HDTV
by: Anonymous

Was playing GTA 5 on my TV I bought in 2011... when all of a sudden the TV starting clicking and turned off. I tried to switch out cords, outlets and waited 30 mins to try it again. Same results happened, just clicking and light flashing. (Capacitor Problem)...

My warranty is up on this TV and so I did what all the other guides online said to do... called Samsung's customer support line. They wanted nothing to do with replacing the faulty part, and seemed to know exactly what the problem was and that they were not bound to fix it. They asked if I wanted them to schedule a repair service to contact me and made it quite clear that they were not covering a dime of the cost. They also informed me that they have 'no idea of the cost of the repair or average cost of the repair' ...seemed kind of shady if you ask me.

I'm definitely buying every single extended warranty on my next TV.

Sep 19, 2013
TVs in general
by: Anonymous

One of the previous comment said TVs should last 15 years!. Before LCD/Plasma TVs came out, the national average was 5-7 years for TVs. Today expect 2-4 years, because TVs are made to sell not last! The company would not stay in business if they lasted 7-15 years! Everyone wants them cheaper and this is what you get.

The capacitor issue is a problem with most brands of TVs. In the last year or so we have not seen any with that problem. I do warranty work on many brands of TVs, and have seen many problems over the last few years. Samsung, I believe does more to repair (at no cost) out of warranty TVs
than most other companies. LG is right behind them.

Sony on the other hand has had many early failures of the LCD/LED screens. LED/LCD are the same except for the back-lighting(just for the mis-informed). When we do a capacitor job, we use a better quality of capacitor, have had problems with the ones provided by Samsung, as they are the same ones that gave trouble in the TV!

I urge everyone who has TV problems in/out of warranty to first call the manufacturer and see what they can do for you. That is how the capacitor issue came about, the more they heard of this problem the quicker they got something going for a one time warranty for capacitor/power supply replacement... Please don't call the store where you bought it from, they don't fix them... just sell them!

Aug 19, 2013
samsung 32
by: Anonymous

Caps(digitech supply) fixed my 32 they didn't look bad at all. Had another one that had a blown fuse in the power board after lightening. Fixed that one too. I think I'm just lucky??!!

Saving receipts in case there is another lawsuit??

Aug 18, 2013
bloody clicking noise
by: samsung sucks

Yup my 58' plasma just started the clicking and not turning! Its a 2009 model and Samsung said so sorry but you are on your own!

So when is the next lawsuit starting?

Jul 25, 2013
Model pn42c450b1d manufactured 2010
by: N8

My TV stopped working the other day. Called Samsung and they won't provide any help. I took the back panel off to look at capacitors and they all look fine(not bulging or leaking). This TV is three years old and won't turn on at all. I would like to fix this issue but don't know where the problem is. What a P.O.S.

Jul 15, 2013
Samsung UN55B8500XFXZA
by: Anonymous

The problem does not appear to be a capacitor issue. There are a lot of YouTube videos on how to fix that problem.

After a year, the power board had to be replaced. It died a year later. I found by slapping good and hard on the side with the power supply you could get it to work. Then it finally died.

I watched YouTube videos about the capacitor issue and quickly ripped into my TV to find the capacitor and replace it. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be the same issue. I found a switch on the board that just cycles and makes the clicking sound. I don't know if it is a breaker/switch or whatever it is, but this is what is making the sound.

I found no bad capacitors. I love the picture of this television but I cannot afford to drop 4K every 3 years for a television.

Jul 03, 2013
True to my word
by: Anonymous

After $400+ spent on replacement of the power supply board by a Samsung tech who was surprised we were made to pay for the repair of our 2009 50" plasma 18 months ago, and my picture (not sound) disappearing the other day, I gave up on ever buying another Samsung.

Samsung again refused to take any responsibility for anything they aren't forced to by the courts, so bought a new one from another manufacturer. This company creates defective TVs which they take no responsibility for fixing problems due to their design.

Stopped buying Dell products for a similar reason a few years ago. Check repair records/experience online before you buy!

Good luck! I've had none with Samsung.

Jul 03, 2013
samsung would not power on
by: Anonymous

My 52-inch LCD TV would not turn on I replaced 2 bad capacitors on the power board; it works fine now.

Jul 02, 2013
Class Action
by: Anonymous

The firm that filed and settled the previous class action has no intention of pursuing another class action for those of us that are after the window for the previous settlement. They indicated someone else may take the case if??????

Judging from this site, there are enough plaintiffs if a firm would be willing to take on Samsung and their big firms?

Be interesting to watch this site.

Jun 16, 2013
PN42A400C2D - Plasma 42" 2009
by: Anonymous

Although not listed in the class action, I am having the very same problem as everyone else. Have had this TV for over 3 years, faultless until now.

Of course, this is a short life for a name brand item. All my Sony stuff never wears out, some is 15 years old.

Have read that Japan made products do not have this problem with caps, as do Samsung and others using Korean caps.

Jun 14, 2013
I Will Never Buy Samsung Again
by: Anonymous

We bought a Samsung 2010 model LED TV in 2011... the same problem of the TV turning off started about one year-plus afterwards. We gritted our teeth and waited for the TV to go back on, then finally no such luck.I went online and the Samsung rep faithfully typed in his responses from his script--my TV is not covered under the class act settlement, so sorry, etc. He said no LED were affected, only the LCDs... so we inched along... now the TV doesn't turn on at all--I vow to NEVER buy a Samsung product ever again. I tell friends, acquaintances and anyone who will listen. Their customer service stinks.

May 24, 2013
Samsung UN55C7000 - Shut Down, Clicking Sound
by: Andy

My 55-inch Samsung started doing the same thing two days ago. I purchased the TV about two years ago. I am in the process contacting Samsung to see if they will help. Will write again when I get the results.

Apr 16, 2013
ue 46c8000
by: Anonymous

my Samsung LED tv has just turned itself off tonight and will not switch back on, its making a clicking sound and the standby light is flashing in time with the clicking, does this sound like the capacitor issue?

Mar 05, 2013
Fixed with No Issues
by: Anonymous

Mine is around 4 years old and has the capacitor issue...I found the class action settlement 888 number online, called it, gave them my model/serial, and they had someone on site within 2 days. TV is fixed, no cost.

Feb 20, 2013
2010 Samsung lcd 32 in.
by: Anonymous

Same problems on a 2010 set as everyone is describing. Seems like they have not done anything to fix the problem on newer sets.

PROBLEM STARTED AFTER JUST TWO YEARS; called Samsung and am waiting to hear about a service appointment.

Will never buy another Samsung product again.

Feb 16, 2013
Further Correspondence With Samsung
by: Anonymous

I pursued my problem with Samsung with my TV that I knew was covered under the class action suit, although the Exec. Cust. Service Dept. told me it wasn't.

I filed a claim through the proper procedures, and gave them a copy of my receipt, a pic of the label on the back of the TV, and I told them that I felt that I was deliberately deceived because the time to file for service was up in early March. And that because of this, I had bought a new TV, spent hours on the phone with Samsung and I felt they owed me some sort of compensation for their dishonesty with me, because if they would've fixed it, as they should have, I wouldn't have had to spend the money on a new TV.

Well, I actually got a response within a week, now telling me that my TV WAS eligible to be fixed under the class action suit and to call them. When I called, they said they would fix the capacitors and the mother board only... they wouldn't compensate me. Being retired and living in a small home, I have no use for two 47" TVs, and I sincerely feel they were being deceitful, and asked if they would at least compensate me the cost to fix my TV, since I no longer needed it fixed, and the answer was 'they couldn't do that'.

So, I asked to speak to someone else....this person in their Exec. Cust. Serv. Dept. told me that my TV didn't qualify for service even though the model number was correct, and the date of mfg. was 1/08. When I told him that I had an email saying it was eligible, he said I'd have to send him that. I am so disgusted with Samsung... you get one story from one person and another story from another.

After being on the phone for another two hours, I have dropped the whole thing. I want nothing from Samsung, and I will never buy another Samsung product, and I will continue to pass the word about how they handle their once loyal customers.

I am totally disgusted with them. It is my opinion that they outright lied to me to avoid paying for my TV, even though it fell under the class action suit.

They can't even keep their stories consistent...

Feb 15, 2013
Another Samsung Capacitor Problem!
by: david

I have a 40" LCD and the capacitor problem has occurred, slowing - sometimes preventing the TV to turn on. My TV was made in February 2009. Less than two months after the date covered by the settlement.

Brutal. I may never buy another Samsung.

Jan 24, 2013
Samsung LCD, additional comments
by: wendygsd

I can't personally help you in respect to whether Samsung still has capacitor problems. My TV that I wrote about last week, is a 2008 model, it is listed on the Class Action Suit filed in OK, and I am being told that it is NOT covered.

According to the suit, I have 18 months AFTER March 2012, yet they're denying that my LNT4665F TV, manufactured in January 2008 doesn't even qualify me for a free visit. However, they were quite willing to set up an appointment at my expense!

I've bought a new TV, but I will continue to pursue the other one because there is a court order for Samsung on my particular model.

Jan 23, 2013
Capacitor Problem Again!!!
by: Sheila

I too purchased a 2009 Samsung Plasma TV. This is now the THIRD time the capacitors have blown!
The first time was 1.5 years after purchase - I paid $288.00 for the repair of $2.00 capacitors!

Then 10 months later same thing only Samsung took responsibility and paid. Now 8 months after that capacitors blew again and Samsung is refusing to pay.

I have contacted the same attorneys that handled the previous Class Action Suit against Samsung (settled out of court) to see if they are interested in another Class Action with the 2009 buyers. They have not gotten back to me yet. I would like to know how many others are experiencing this problem - to see if we have enough people for a Class Action Suit.

Respond ASAP to this site and I will check back and let you all know what the attorney's say.

Jan 19, 2013
Samsung has bad TVs and Customer Service
by: wendygsd

In spite of the class action suit, Samsung has refused to give me the free visit to repair my tv because it doesn't sound like the classic capacitor problem.

After speaking to numerous people and being told it was one of the affected models and that they would fix it, someone from the Executive Customer Service Dept. told me it wasn't on the list and because it had been 5 yrs., he felt that was a decent lifetime!

This was a TV that I had the receipt for, it was on the list, and I'm within the time-frame. He asked for all the information, asked if I had the receipt, said he'd have a tech come out, and then informed me I would have to pay.

I don't think so... I now have another TV coming and I can assure you, it's not Samsung. I am also pursuing this, because I should be compensated.

Jan 17, 2013
Shame on Samsung!

We are dealing with the exact problems as many seem to have. Purchased one year too late to get in on the last class action suit and warranty is expired.

Researched what might be done to fix the problem of delayed start up. Repair service wanted $200 to repair a problem that Samsung's is quiet aware of and have been for some time.

I removed the back, checked for bulging capacitors and dark streak of the two that are apparently causing the problem. Located slightly larger volt capacitors and waiting to get up enough nerve to remove the solder and reinstall my $2.00 capacitors. Total cost, grey hair, disgust with Samsung, and two fits of anger.

Shame on Samsung!

Jan 10, 2013
Very frustrated
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Samsung 52-inch LCD TV in November 2009. It has bad capacitors and it needs hundreds of dollars worth of repairs. I know that the 2006, 2007 and 2008 models had a class action law suit but when you mention to Samsung that they now have the same issue with the 2009 models they say "oh well you have to pay for the repairs yourself".

I am so frustrated with the quality of products today, you don't know who you can count on anymore. I have sent my information to the attorneys that handled the suit and won before and I have sent a complaint to the Attorney Generals Office.

With Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites you would think that these companies would worry about having a good reputation and customer service due to the power in numbers we have to totally destroy a company.

Jan 09, 2013
Faulty LN32D450G
by: dave

My Samsung lasted just 1.5 years. Now I have no video only sound.

Ashame to throw all of this away... but like many said, they are telling me to take it to an authorized dealer. That will cost more than the set! Sad and a waste of precious materials.

Jan 07, 2013
Replaced Power Board
by: Herc Oakwood

Same problem with a 43" plasma TV. Skipped the whole cap thing and bought a power board online for $39. Switched it out and no change. Still just clicks. Samscum has a problem and will not fix it until they are made to. If anyone has an answer or an idea on a fix it would sure be appreciated. Peace.

Dec 28, 2012
52" LCD Capacitor Problem
by: Dick Elkview, WV

My 52" Samsung takes along time to turn on so I called Samsung and talked to a Customer Service Rep.

He said it was a capacitor problem and that they would fix it at no cost. He gave me a transaction No. and transferred me to service. The service rep. said that my TV was made in 2009 after the December, 2008 settlement date and that I would have to pay for the repair and gave me a local authorized service repair shop.

I called them to see how much the repair would cost and it was $132.50 just to come out in addition to parts and labor. Upset, I called Samsung back and got a rude woman who would not let me speak to the first guy I talked to who was going to do it for free. All she wanted to do was transfer me to the settlement people who confirmed that since my TV was made in 2009, I would have to pay for the repair.

I complained vigorously that they have an ongoing capacitor problem and that Samsung should repair their products. No luck; he said that the Judge has ruled.

If another class action suit is filed, I want to be in.

Dec 09, 2012
2009 Samsung Capacitor problem
by: Anonymous

I have the capacitor problem with a 2009 model, and Samsung refuses to fix. I have contacted the attorneys who handled the class-action suit with the 2008 models.

Please check back to this site frequently, as any information I get I will leave for you. I don't know how to get a lawsuit started, so I may need your help.

Maybe you can contact the attorneys, too. Power in numbers. Their website is They are out of Oklahoma City.

Dec 03, 2012
UNB8500 Clicking
by: Anonymous

I have a UNB8500 LED HDTV purchased February 2010 from Sears.

It started the clicking thing after about 1.5 years. It has now reached the stage of not being able to turn on at all. If Samsung does not fix free of charge, or provide a reasonable resolution, I will never buy another Samsung product. A $3000 TV that lasts less than 2 years...

Think I will spend my $ elsewhere next time.

Dec 01, 2012
Bad Capacitor
by: Anonymous

My LCD TV has green line and cut off on three to four times before it start working right. Samsung needs to get to the problem and send the people who has problems by replacing with new capacitors.

Nov 29, 2012
Clicking on and off - Samsung UN55B8500
by: Martha T

UN55B8500XFXZA MODEL purchased at Fry's Feb 2010; TV made in 09:

The TV has the same issues. Can turn on TV and it works beautiful picture sound and then it shuts down starts clicking on and off no picture or sound just the clicking. You can't shut TV off. The blue light is still on the bottom. You have to unplug for hrs or days and then try again & maybe able to watch TV for couple of hrs or minutes and it starts all over again. Of course Samsung will not help.

Spent 30 minutes and 3 departments; they are reading a recorded scrip. Out of warranty not related to the LCD class action lawsuit. Sounds like we need to file another lawsuit on this model. Called service tech - they are coming out on Dec 3 its going to cost $$$ but when you pay $3000 for a TV you expect it to last.

Surprise its Samsung - They just lost my business from now on.

Nov 26, 2012
Plasma TV into the trash
by: Loyal Samsung Cust NO MORE

I am livid with Samsung and I want everyone to know that their customer service is a joke.

I bought a Plasma from them exactly 13 months ago. It is having the capacitor issue now and when I called them, they told me there was nothing they could do. After - and I am being literal here - 3 hours and 17 minutes of calling Sunday and over an hour today, they finally budged and agreed to get a repairman out to check the TV.

My only problem here is this TV is a year old and after speaking to the store that sold it to me, and a Samsung rep in South Carolina, I feel this is an insult. The issues around these capacitors seem to be related to TV's with a few years on them. Not a year. Of course this can happen - it DID! - but the lack of concern from Samsung has made my decision easy. Never again will I support anything from them.

Everyone seems to agree it is both insulting and almost criminal to suggest fixing a year old TV instead of replacing it. I understand that the repair guy could come out and check on the TV, but I bet Samsung will go only as far as that.

After the way I was treated this past weekend, imagine me calling them in a month or two when this piece of crap TV breaks again. I can only imagine the excuses they will have ready to use.

I also spoke to Customer Relations, which I was told would do everything to right what has happened. This department hires special people specifically to retain customers and resolve conflicts before they reach Head Office. In Customer Relations I had one guy scream at me and hang up and the other one called me an "ass" and said I was lucky to even get a free repair.

I fired off an email to what I was told was their Head Office and I just received their response. It was a one sentence reply to my email stating, "We can not help you any further". That was it. No followup phone-call. No chance to right this problem.

Forget about Samsung. I own no less than 5 products from this company and look at how they feel they can treat you for your brand loyalty. They get your money and are gone.


Nov 23, 2012
Samsung plasma 51-inch
by: Anonymous

Started clicking and then just would not power on.
Contacted Samsung and it will be repaired under the original 12month warranty. I bought it in Dec 2011.

Nov 22, 2012
Same Issue - TV stopped turning on
by: Anonymous

But we had purchased at Costco and were within the 3 year warranty. They put us in contact with Samsung, who have agreed to come to our home and fix free of charge!

Good luck everyone, and thank you for the information - it definitely helped us in describing the issue to Costco/Samsung and identified the issue as one that is a "known problem".

Nov 18, 2012
Samsung PN63C8000
by: Anonymous

I bought it 2yrs ago; had to replace the PSU because of no picture and sound problem.

Nov 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

OUR LCD TV IN CANADA - We are in Canada and Samsung have said they will fix the LCD TV for free if it is a capacitor problem. (out of warranty.

CANADIAN CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT - There is Canadian class action lawsuit; which the decision has not been made. I think it started about 8 Months ago. The website is

USA INFO - There has been 3 class action law suits in the USA on the Samsung LCD TV capacitor problem. I know one for sure has been found successful (I think all 3) and they have contacted American customers about a repair for free and will do repairs for free in and out of warranty.


Nov 14, 2012
55in Samsung LCD TV died
by: Anonymous

55in LCD TV bought around May 2009.

Model #: LN55B650T1FXZA

The TV does not turn on any more. The red light stay solid and would not respond to remote or the power button. There is no clicking sound. It just seems died except the red light is on.

Called 1-800-Samsung. Service Rep said there is no recall on this model. I have to pay for the service. They do not seem to care about their brand name.

Count me in if there is a class action.

Nov 07, 2012
Samsung LCD TV
by: Julie Db

I've had my Samsung LCD fixed twice now because of a capacitor issue. Today it started clicking again. I'm seriously annoyed. We've had the TV for 5 years and we use the TV a lot. My parents bought a TV 20+ years ago and it's still functioning. I'm not sure what is up with new "better" products.

Nov 04, 2012
Samsung 3D TV - Same Problem!
by: Anonymous

I am from the UK; and yes same problem, bought the TV in Dec 2010 and same issues click on and off. I sent email to Samsung and was advised they are not aware of any problem. etc...

Steer clear of Samsung products; they are crap and manufacturer's support is not there.

I was thinking of paying to have it fixed, buy I cant imagine it being cheap. Samsung have shafted everyone and should be held accountable for this.

Nov 03, 2012
Samsung NOT Aware they have a Problem!
by: Andrew Ghigo

Mr. JTG and everyone... Whenever Samsung representatives say they are not aware of this problem, just refer them to this page!

Unfortunately, this response has been typical of Samsung throughout the whole issue. They keep saying they are not aware they have a problem on that or this TV model!!!!!!

But when you think about it, they are right. In reality, it is not Samsung that have a problem; rather, it is all those customers who trusted Samsung by purchasing a Samsung HDTV that have a serious problem.

Unless these customers have the knowledge to replace those bad capacitors themselves, they will have to fork a few hundred dollars to have an out-of-warranty TV repaired by a professional. Definitely unacceptable.

Nov 02, 2012
TV won't Power On
by: JTG

My Samsung model UN55C6500VFZA, purchased in Nov. 2010, stopped powering on, on Oct. 31, 2012. Was told it needs a new PSU, and that Samsung was not aware of any problems with this model

Nov 01, 2012
Yes, there is a real Capacitor Problem
by: Anonymous

Yes, there is. This is a real serious issue with Samsung HDTVs. This is the second time we have had to replace ours. Piece of junk.

Oct 31, 2012
Some caps do not look bad, but can be......
by: DaMan

Sktch--- Yes sometimes you can not see that they are bad. So you either just replace them all or test them with a meter that can test caps. I use a Fluke 189, the Capacitor test symbol on the meter looks like -|(-

Some look good but when test are below what they should be. A new cap is almost always higher then the stated value. So if you have a 100uf Cap and its only measuring 80-90, I would replace it. It is getting weak.

Oct 29, 2012
Good Advice!
by: Site Editor

The previous contributor advised to take pictures of everything before disassembling the TV to use as reference once you put everything back in place again.

This is a [very good advice] worth following and applies to anything you want to try to service yourself for which you do not have the manufacturer's servicing literature.

Oct 28, 2012
Samsung RED BLINKING Light
by: Anonymous

As far as I know the red blinking light and check-cable signal is a bad capacitor issue on the power supply board.

I was getting the same issue above; I thought it was the main board 'cause I am using my laptop connected with an HDMI cable to the TV. I bought the main board for $120.00 on eBay; when I installed it, worked fine for 3 weeks - later I got the same issue. Now I think I spent $120.00 in vain 'cause this is a capacitor issue.

I am going to replace all capacitors from the power supply... they look like new but don't let this fools you; replace all of them and we go from there.

A TV tech will kill you - so try to do it yourself or get help from a friend when opening your TV; take pictures to see location and position of all parts before disassemble everything.

And don't forget to post your experience here - that way we can keep connected and help each other.



Oct 27, 2012
Capacitor Issue
by: Sktch

I have all of the same symptoms of the capacitor issue. So i tried to identify the bad capacitors but everything looks normal (no fluid leaks or bulging at the top).

Could it be something else? Or do I need to continue to try to use the TV until the bad capacitors finally blow?

Oct 20, 2012
50" Samsung Plasma PN50B550
by: Chris Willy

Manufactured in 2009 and purchased in 2010,after 2 yrs and 6mths the company in Canada said it was out of warranty (my bad to buy the product).

The executives made the decision not to make a courtesy repair and now its costing $350 to be repaired. They are only buying time as they know another lawsuit will be coming very soon.

Bad reputation being cultivated here in North America.

Oct 18, 2012
Another fail
by: Adam

I have the same problem here in the UK. The TV (52") was well out of warranty when the TV started buzzing on power up, the picture came on for 1 second and then went off with a click. Also once it came on and stayed on it would fail as soon as any HD output was displayed. Since then I have had a new power supply. That also failed within 2 months.

Recently I bought some capacitors and decided to replace them myself. A total of 9.
A mix of 25v 1000uF and 10v 1000uF. This fixed the issue. No buzzing, picture came on instantly and no problems with HD content.

5 days later these failed so I am back to square one. I am wondering if I should replace the capacitors again but next time get some higher rated ones. I know how to solder etc but I am not sure what ratings to get to replace the 25v and 10v caps. I am also not sure why the replacements failed so quickly. :(

Oct 09, 2012
Bad Capacitors even After 2008
by: Steven Balon

I was also told my 40" Samsung would be repaired. When the service company called to make the appointment they informed me that Samsung would not pay for it.

When I called back I was transferred to the rudest person I have ever spoke to who told me I was out of luck. I called back again and told them I was a first time caller, again I was told my TV model has the defective capacitors and they would fix it. Again I was contacted and told they would not pay for it. After almost two hours of being shuffled around and put on hold I was told they only fix defective TVs that they are court ordered to fix(2006-2008); mine was made in Feb 2009.

Oct 08, 2012
Try to Fix it Yourself or Ask Someone who can Solder to Help You!
by: DaMan

Everyone who has the Power problem, just try to find a friend who is handy with a solder iron. Very easy and cheap to fix for $10-$15. The China cheaply made capacitors are the problem.

Some of the known garbage caps are: CapXon, KZG, and Samxon. Just go to Digikey and buy good quality replacements. Get the ones that will fit with highest lifetime hours and temp ratings.

The other thing could be design flaws. Using a 6.3V when they probably should have went with a 10V rated cap. So if a 10V capacitor will fit, go with the 10V not the 6.3Volts.

Oct 08, 2012
Samsung Cellphones Too
by: J

Bought 4 times different kind of Samsung mobile phones. And its funny. Same problem like your complaints to those TV's...

Samsung mobile always shutting down even in full battery and the latest mobile I bought was very hard to turn on the mobile phone when its been turn on in a few seconds shutting down again...

To be honest I throw 3 of these mobiles to the wall but the latest one cannot do it because it is so expensive... wish other people will not be fascinated with the Samsung commercials...

Oct 07, 2012
Capacitor Failure
by: Anonymous

Samsung gave me the free repair but after 6 months they have failed again. Samsung say that they wont do anymore surely this cant be right??

Its a known fault the TV was collected by the Samsung service center and the parts are Samsung parts.

Surely they should last longer then 6 months!

Oct 05, 2012
UN55B8500 dead after 2 years
by: bayareakirk

Suddenly no power to screen with constant clicking sound. This was a VERY expensive TV. TOP of the line Samsung TV.

They deny the problem and yet -- search the net and find that it is rampant among Samsung across years and models. Me, I'm going to take the TV apart and replace all the capacitors on the power board. Learned from web. This will fix for under $100 including tools needed.

Less than $25 if you have the tools. Anyway, don't want to buy the whole board that was "designed to fail" after warranty expiration.

Wish me luck.

Oct 04, 2012
Samsun UN55B8500 Led TV

No, my TV failed within a year and 1/2, and that was February of this year when it completely failed and wont turn on... goes click click click click.

And no one has a solution for this TV. I am not willing to pay someone to tell me what they think is wrong. I am a technician and no one wants to give answers for free. That's what I am seeing with that Fix Ya free help ya right. Any way its still on the dining room table apart with no solution.

I will never buy another Thirty Eight Hundred Dollar TV Set or even recommend a SAMSUNG Product. No, they have not done anything about this problem and it involves a lot of CUSTOMERS.

Sep 30, 2012
What a joke!
by: Amber

I am having the same problem as people have listed below. I bought the LN52A630 manufactured in Dec of 2008 and purchased it Feb of 2009 and mine just started doing the black screen red light flashes clicks like its trying to turn on then makes the shut of noise over and over and over I just let it cycle for 20 minutes to see if it would come on and still would not till I finally just unplugged it.

I tried other plug ends and still the same. I am super frustrated with this purchase. Also, I had a Sony 50 inch plasma and still running strong not one issue and it is about 8 years old... This being said with this not even 3 years old yet and past warranty, I will NEVER purchase a Samsung ever again.

Loved this TV picture swivel feature and all but after my problem and the run around everyone is getting, not a good thing and I will spread the word that's for sure!!!


Sep 09, 2012
You know... Someone from Samsung will surely reads these
by: Anonymous

So, they really can't deny that they have no knowledge of problems with TV model built after the date covered by the class action lawsuit that they lost.

A good company, an honest company, would not continue to deny the evidence. They're just a company with enough money to fight the next lawsuit and still come out ahead even if they lose. It's just about money and not their quality or their customers even when you send those emails to whomever reads them at “Office of”.

Samsung show us what you are made of - admit to the continued problems and make us all whole!

You owe me $400 for the repair I paid for.

Sep 09, 2012
No more Samsung HDTVs for me
by: Theresa

Had issues with my just out of warranty TV. Samsung directed me to one of their contracted repairmen.

Seems my trouble was the back board or something. This was 2 years ago. The TV wouldn't get a picture on screen. They didn't cover that. I replaced with a Sony and bought the extra protection plan at Walmart. 2 years later no problems yet. If this one fails I'm finding an old big tube TV. Some of them last 20-30 years. My brothers Sony tube TV did.

Sep 09, 2012
Keep away from Samsung products
by: shunali

Update: Samsung are now being clever and stating that the lawsuit only covers certain models and they have no knowledge of my model of TV to have any known problems therefore they are not able to help!!

Now I have no choice but to get it repaired privately which will cost me around £200 and it turns out its not just the capacitor gone but also the power supply unit is faulty and also needs replacing.

I can confidently say that i will not be buying any more Samsung products and will deter my friends and family to stay away.

Very disappointed!

Sep 08, 2012




Sep 05, 2012
Yes it seems there is.
by: Bob

I have a Samsung UN55B8500, purchased in Jan 2010, just short of $4000.00. Today it died!

Seems to be the power supply/capacitor issue. TV clicking every few seconds and not turning on. It had shut off on its own four or five times in the last couple of months than would come back on by itself or after I unplug it. Same issue as the class action lawsuit.

It looks like Samsung still has a problem. You just have to wait it seems two to three years to find out. After your warranty is over.

I contacted Samsung today and was given hope they would repair it all the way up the Samsung food chain. Albeit when I got to the top (Fourth person) I got the you’re out of warranty we can set you up for a repair at your expense.

I love this TV, fantastic picture. I am disillusioned with Samsung. I would think for $4000 they could use better components.

In researching this I do see that capacitors are manufactured with different lifetime ratings. A better quality it seems would benefit Samsung’s customer service and probably there bottom line.
Also a simple Google search of "TV Capacitor Issues" answers a few questions. The search page comes up and to the bottom of the first there is no Sony, no LG, no Panasonic, no other manufacturer only Samsung.

Samsung stated in a press release: “The problem does not affect current models so there is no need to contact retailers.” It sure doesn't seem to me to be over. As mine isn't covered by the settlement, it must not be affected, and yet it is.

Sep 05, 2012
Samsung UR Crap
by: Shunali

Purchased Samsung 3D LED TV, model UE46C8000 series in Dec 2010.

Now it is out of warranty but since last 6-7 weeks TV automatically switches off and starts clicking and currently switched off because its so annoying!

Researching online for a solution, I came across the faulty capacitor issue and the Lawsuit in USA. The faults described is exactly what my TV is doing so no coincidence there. Contacted Samsung with this info and they were denying it, I mean it is splashed all over the web, what the hell!!!

Anyhow they told me I was out of the 18 months period and not entitled to a free repair and they can recommend a repair place but I would have to fork out. Considering I spent £1400 on the TV the least Samsung could do is acknowledge this is a common fault not only on their LCD TVs but also LED's too and come out and replace the faulty capacitor.

According to the lawsuit, free repairs must be done within 18 months of Mar 2012 and a further warranty to be issued. Although my model is LED, I am not sure if this is applicable to me but checking out the forums, a lot of customers have been offered free repairs on other models not mentioned in the lawsuit.

My issue is still ongoing and still awaiting a reply to my formal complaint. For those of you considering Samsung TV's, [keep away]; invest your money in Panasonic or Sony instead!

Aug 23, 2012
2 year old TV Bad capacitors
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem as stated by everyone else. My 32 inch has bad power board. My model number is outside the scope of the law suit.
Unit purchased end of June 2010, went bad June of 2012. I spoke with Samsung 3 times, no luck. I am waiting for the next class action law suit, as I believe it is coming any day. Extremely disappointed with Samsung's product and customer service.

Here is the email I was able to obtain, to complain some more, from my customer service guy at Samsung:

Office of
mail address:
Samsung Electronics America
Office of President
85 Challenger RD
Ridgefield Parl NJ 07660

I think everyone should email and write the company it may get you nothing, except a place to vent the frustration you are most likely feeling.

No more Samsung for me.

Aug 22, 2012
55" led TV ( 2yr old )
by: Anonymous

Like many others already stated in here, my TV is having capacitor problem.

I wasn't aware what cause the problem, it goes on and off by itself and make clicking noises, so I googled and found out there is capacitor problem.
I purchased it in July 2010; I didn't expect that one to last only two lousy years.

What a disappoint on great Samsung TV which has the best reputation in TV manufacturing industry.
Too bad, I did not purchased extend warranty

Can somebody give me an advice whether I should repair it or buy new one.

Sorry, no more Samsung products for me!

Aug 11, 2012
Samsung Capacitor continues beyond 2009
by: Jim

I had the same problem this week with my LN5252A750RIF XZA, with is listed in the class action but my TV was made in February 2009 and the Class Action only covers TV's made before December 31, 2008.

Same problem but because it was made 2 months later, I have to pay for Samsung's errors ....

No more Samsung's for me.

Aug 09, 2012
Capacitors gone bad
by: Tonya

Samsung LN52A750 LCD TV was working fine and one Saturday Morning went to turn it on and all it would do it make a clicking noise even when you turned it off, we had to unplug it.

Called Samsung and ask for the one time free fix for the capacitors going bad after finding a thread on the internet about it and they ask for my model number and serial number and said it was one that was included in the law suit.

That call was on a Monday afternoon, they set me up with their local repair techs in my area and by Wednesday at noon it was repaired and working again for free.

Now it on occasion will blink off and then right back on, but still works fine. I will be calling the techs and Samsung back to see if they can fix it.

Jul 20, 2012
SAMSUNG LNT4669 Capacitor problem
by: Anonymous

Purchased in Dec 2007. Power on and we would hear clicking noise and it took much longer to get the image on screen. When turned on everything was OK.

Called Samsung Canada last weekend. They sent a repair tech today to my home and he replaced the capacitors for free.

Happy to report that it works fine for now.

Jul 19, 2012
Yup, in the same boat
by: Anonymous

Same exact situation for me. Even the repair guy couldn't believe they weren't paying for it!

Jul 18, 2012
TV Would Not Trun ON
by: ROSE

It will click, click, and click, then turn ON for a few minutes and off; and I will start all over again.

If there is a law suite in Canada, I want to be in. I am too feed up with this Samsung LCD TV; the model is LN40530P7XZC.

Jul 11, 2012
Samsung TV Capacitor Issue
by: Martin

My 46in TV also has a blown capacitor however Samsung will not cover it because it manufactured after the settlement date. If there is a second Class Action Lawsuit, count me in.

May 02, 2012
There is help!
by: Colette

I too had the same problem. Clicking, red light blinking, wouldn't turn on... I called out a TV repair guy before hearing about the settlement. The good news, I just got off the phone with Samsung and its true.

If you go to you find a claim form to fill out and send with the receipt for the work. They refund up to $300.00 for the replacement of the power supply or capacitor!!

Hope this helps someone out there.

Apr 16, 2012
Capacitor problem
by: Slobodan

I have Samsung LCD LE46A656 TV. After 2 years we had same problem with blinking, and not turning on.

Service guy changed capacitors and now everything is OK. I paid Euro 1500 for this new TV. But it is too early for such problems. We have Sony CRT from 1990 which has never been in service.

First I thought that it was a bad piece of gear made for eastern Europe but...

Apr 08, 2012
Samsung Series 4 450 HDTV
by: Anonymous

After about four years my TV keep on blinking not starting. I will call Samsung and see how they will dance with this. It is real frustrating ....

Mar 23, 2012
Capacitor Problems
by: Anonymous

We had the well known capacitor problems on Samsung TVs, too. The TV was working fine but slow to start up with clicking noise as it tried to turn on. They sent their "factory authorized" repairman to replace the caps., sending two nice young men just out of IT school.

After they replaced them and soldered the capacitors in, one tech shrieked, "Something happened, Come quick!", to the other. Then, there is no TV picture at all and it seems the new capacitors shorted out one or two other components. He called his boss, he tried to talk him through it, but the kid says we might need a new power supply or main board replaced now to get a picture - which we had before they touched it.

I am a bit worried now and check the BBB and this repairman has a complete F rating. I called Samsung telling them what happen, about no returned calls and about their F rating and they authorize him to repair my TV again and have him order to repair it.

Apparently they just authorize him to replace the power supply part only and not other. We wait for that part to come again (we are into two weeks) and then the boss comes out with a real mean and put out attitude, unscrews the back of the TV to repair it.

He overpowers the screw gun - it sounds like he has stripped the threads, and he has the screws from an above counter height, hit my wood floor, denting it.

Then he says that the power supply didn't fix it - must need the main board. He doesn't have that part, even though he knew it was going to be either that power supply or the mainboard to repair it, over a week ago. Also, each trip is over 40 miles each way though I have many TV repairman a lot closer.

So he has to order it and will call me with price and time. Again, two days go by - he doesn't call. I call Samsung and complain and after two days of arguing with them, they won't stand behind his work or pay to repair my TV - that he broke while replacing the capacitors.

I even told Samsung about his comment. I asked the repairman why I had a Zenith TV for 25 years that never had anything wrong with it and just replaced it with this TV to go to the vaulted "digital" age, and how can these TV's, costing three times more and only last a few years?

He replied "Lady, you don't see Anthony (his name) on the front of your TV, do you? "It's Samsung" I replied that "Well, the van you drove to my house said Samsung Factory Authorized Serviceman - all over it, though, so I thought you might be authorized to have a thought on the subject"

We took it to be repaired at a repair shop with 25 reviews on Angie's List all of them Straight A's and they had to replace everything he touched (new caps, power supplies and mainboard) and did it for $250.

Being retired, you may not have a lot of money to spend but you do have a lot of time to complain.

Mar 14, 2012
Battery Icon
by: Daman

Dude read your manual!

Your LED TV includes a gauge that appears in the lower right corner of the screen whenever the INFO button is pressed. This gauge shows how much less energy your LED TV is using, compared to a conventional television set, for the current picture on the screen. During a dark scene this gauge will be very low, and during bright scenes the gauge will be higher.

Mar 13, 2012
Samsung LED TV Power Icon
by: Anonymous

I recently bought a 40" LED TV Series 5- 5500 Full HD 1080p. I bought it March 5/2012.

While playing around with remote and looking through all the Menu's and options I noticed an icon come on the bottom right side of the TV. Its a LED TV and conventional TV battery looking thing and it shows the battery half power left.

I'm not sure exactly what it is??? What I think it is telling me is that my LED part of the TV is almost gone and its gonna go to conventional TV which is a normal TV. Glad I got extended warranty( 4 yrs of warranty).

Mar 07, 2012
Samsung not Crap. MADE IN CHINA = CRAP
by: DaMan

Problem is the cheap parts from China! So its part Samsung's fault for getting the cheap parts. But the capacitors from China are complete CRAP! Everything from China is CRAP! Everything is built as cheap as possible so everyone there can make a TON of cash at our expense!

Yes everything from a long time ago lasts for decades past the warranty period. Today your lucky if you get 3 years out of something.

Mar 06, 2012
Samsung is Crap
by: Anonymous

Purchased my television in June of 2008, July of 2009 no more Samsung TV, yesterday they replaced the power supply and the bad capacitors.

TV worked from 6:30-11:30, today I get sound and no video. Samsung is more than welcome to schedule a service call but the fix will be out of my pocket.

I also have a Samsung computer monitor that experienced the same problem. I guess I will be waiting 3 years for it to be "fixed".

I always believed in you get what you pay for, next time I will visit my local Walmart and purchase a cheap set, why spend all the money only to have to go purchase another one? Where are all the CRT televisions, at least they last?

Have 2 CRT televisions that are at least 10 years old without any problems!!

Feb 29, 2012
Samsung LN46A630
by: Anonymous

My set purchased from Amazon April 2009, and built February 2009, a mere 30+ days after the cut-off of 12/31/2008 for the class action lawsuit.

It started the click, power cycle issue multiple thousands have experienced. I placed a call to Samsung and after 65 mins of chatting with 4 departments and getting NO WHERE, I hung up.

They will NOT cover the issue - not that I really expected them to, but still worth a call

I was able to get the set to come on after 35 mins on Sunday morning 2/26/12, and I have NOT turned off, until the supplies arrive to do the repair.

I have purchased 1000mf 35V 105C capacitors, and will be ripping into the set tonight 2/29/12. I am confident the repair will work, as it has for so many.

So for anyone still searching if the issue continues, I can confirm that sets built into 2009 are still having problems.

Feb 22, 2012
Bad Capacitors and Samsung TVs
by: DaMan

Yes there are still issues with Samsung TV's along with every other brand TV, and computer motherboards, power supplies and LCD Monitors.

Also found some bad capacitors in a tankless hot water heater made by Paloma.

So I would say the bad capacitor issues is across the board. Everything made in CHINA is cheap garbage. These big companies just don't care. All they care about is their PROFITS....

After about 2 years then you will start to see failures. Sometimes sooner, just all depends on the usage.

Feb 02, 2012
Re. Faulty Samsung Plasma TV
by: Andrew

David, that noise is most probably originating from the TV power supply.

I presume that your TV is still under warranty; I suggest to contact Samsung Customer Support and ask for a free replacement of the faulty components.

Feb 02, 2012
Samsung PN51D450A2DXZA
by: David

Tonight my Samsung plasma TV just went out. I put the DVR on pause and the screen turned into a circle and started closing in until it went pitch black.

Than I notice a noise from the back like a T.V channel with no cable, but with a high pitch. It was getting louder and louder. I just unplugged the TV and waited 30 min but the noise was even louder.

I have been searching for an answer and couldn't find any. Some help please. Could it be the power board or the capacitor?

There should be a life time Warranty. I purchased my TV on 10/03/2011

Jan 15, 2012
capacitor problem
by: Anonymous

It sounds like I am having a capacitor problem although my 47 inch TV has lasted four years. Unfortunately my model was made 2 months before the date that Samsung will provide a free capacitor. So the repair is totally on me.

How long does Samsung expect a $3000 television to last? That is what I would like Samsung to answer before I decide whether to repair or buy a new TV.

Dec 30, 2011
Another Samsung 50" Plasma Dies
by: Anonymous

This plasma model, made in 2009, is not supposed to have the capacitor problem from which many of the Samsung TV’s have suffered, but, while watching it the other night, it turned itself off and I haven't been able to turn it on since even after unplugging and replugging after a sufficient wait time. Same symptoms as many have described in numerous online posts - red standby light on, hit power button, click, red light off, no picture comes on, click, red light back on, and another click. No matter how many time I tried, no change in results.

Samsung won't cover any repairs since the warranty ended after just a year, but a tech is coming out on Tuesday. We'll have to see how it goes, but, needless to say, I am not happy with Samsung. Will not buy another Samsung product unless this turns out better than it has.

Dec 28, 2011
Clicking Samsung TV When Turned ON
by: mk

My 3 year old $2600 Samsung 52-inch (Consumer Reports #1 rated TV) just started having the clicking noise yesterday. It takes 25 or so clicks to turn on. I have a Samsung technician scheduled to come to my home in a few days.

I hope this goes well.

Dec 03, 2011
company denies everything!
by: jim

Have a fp-t5094w plasma Samsung. Have had three years of warranty with over 6 visits to my house. blown capacitors, sending signals, bad board. purchased in 2008. cannot believe Samsung techs told me no "issues with that model" ARE YOU KIDDING ME, I SAID.

Did you ever type in bad capacitors on internet and see the results? This guy is no, no issues. Samsung could care less about the consumer. Please stay away from this company. Its warranty is useless. You spend the entire warranty period fixing their initial installation mistakes. If this were a car, I would shudder to hear of the number of fatalities. This shouldn't be happening to the American consumer who spends that kind of money.

Shame on you Samsung! Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 02, 2011
Samsung capacitor issue TV in use less than 3 years
by: Donnell

Purchased a Samsung 42 inch TV at Nebraska Furniture 2008 - put in the study were it gets very little use. Less than 3 years old, began to not turn on about two months ago when powered up. Sets there and clicks and clicks until after about 12 attempts finally comes on. Taking longer and longer with each power up. At the most has been is turned on twice a week for almost three years.

We have a 25 year old American made TV in the main room used every morning and every every evening for 25 years! And it's been moved twice in a truck,NEVER an issue.

Called Samsung 12-1-11, they are going to repair the capacitor which is the saving grace for Samsung on this issue.

Nov 29, 2011
CLASS ACTION Samsung capacitor problem
by: Martin Houle Canada

CLASS ACTION Yes I'm filing a class action !

Nov 18, 2011
YES! 8500 LED has same problem
by: Anonymous

I have the 8500, and, of course it's out of warranty. It has the infamous "clicking, turning off and on, changing channels" problem. I had been researching the problem and found the YouTube posts. I noted close to 50,000 hits on several different sites for the exact same problem and the "fix".

I called Samsung, complained about spending $3500 for a piece of junk and wanted to know if they would stand behind their product. The rep assured me that they had fixed the problem with different models but that MY model, with LED, didn't have bad capacitors. She then wanted to know if I wanted to schedule a service call.

I'm considering breaking it up into little pieces and sending it back to them. In the alternative, I will try to fix it myself - the YouTube videos were well done. I will NEVER buy another Samsung product.

Nov 09, 2011
Samsung will fix my tv
by: Anonymous

I have the capacitor problem with the same television that I also bought in 2008. I called Samsung today and they have arranged for someone to come out and replace the capacitors at no charge to me (in two days). The warranty expired after a year, so this sounds like a product recall issue. I'd try calling them again....

Nov 04, 2011
Another Samsung lemon.
by: G-Man

I have a 40" Samsung LCD manufactured in May '08 that I bought in July '08. Same capacitor problem as everyone describes - clicking, delay turning on, which gets longer and longer.

Contacting Samsung resulted in a "Sorry, we can't help you - it's past the time for you to qualify for the free fix."

I've opened the back of the set and identified the two capacitors causing the problem. I'll fix it this weekend, and if I can't get it fixed, I'll buy another TV.

But I can guarantee you, it won't be a Samsung.

Oct 22, 2011
by: Ryan

YES! I already had mine fixed a year ago (LN52A550) and now the problem is back again already and I have to pay out of pocket this time. What crap, same problem a year later, what FIX was that really the first time? Bye Bye Samsung.

Oct 20, 2011
Is it really a capacitor problem?
by: Googly

I have the Series 6 model UA46C6200UM. 1 year and 2 months into use, I get the clicking sound. Took me a while but I was eventually lead to several sites on the internet about this Capacitor Plague issue.

Samsung repair technician will be here tomorrow and it will be interesting to have a sneak peak on the board and check out if it really are those damn pesky capacitors.

If the entire power supply board is change, I will take note of the location of those capacitors and get some 1000UF 7000 hour capacitors as spares and prepare to do some soldering myself. Will be a nice home project but hope I don't screw up during soldering those pesky stuff.

Conclusion? Samsung hasn't really changed their Capacitors.

Oct 04, 2011
Looks like Capacitor is Dead
by: Anonymous

I am exactly 30 days into my un55d7000 and it looks like I'm having capacitor problems (at least the symptoms match up). It's a great TV and I love the web connectivity, but it's doing nothing for me at the moment except powering off and on. Thank God for the extended warranty, but let's see how much the Geek Squad will let me down. Guess I'm pessimistic...

Oct 03, 2011
Samsung customer service is worse than the capacitors
by: Joel

Don't waste your time if your TV is over 2years old. They had never heard of a capacitor problem before, and wanted me to contact a local repair company to find out what capacitors I needed replaced.

All I asked for was Samsung to tell me which board the capacitors were on, and a location of the capacitors so that I could repair myself. No luck. I guess they don't care about customer loyalty.

I will buy a Sony next time. Companies like Sony and Subaru really stick by their products. It is too bad that most other companies don't do the same.

Aug 15, 2011
Bad caps

The electrolytics do not like heat nor age.
Even if chosen correctly they have a limited lifetime.

A few years ago Dell had a disastrous issue with bad caps on MOBOs.

If you are lucky enough to open your device and see bulging caps, it is a relatively simple repair. Replace and and all in the area (hot spot). You may actually repair your device.

HOWEVER,bulging caps result in ripple and slight over-voltage. It's better if the device actually powers on, but not a negative if it does not turn on.

Aug 04, 2011
UN55B8500 lasted 18 months
by: Anonymous

I spent $4000 dollars on the backlit LED UN55B8500 18 months ago. Tried turning it on and it just goes click, click , click. Search Sony capacitor problem, or any other brand and you find maybe 3 or 4 cases. Search Samsung capacitor problem and there are 100's of pages with 1000's of people with the same problem. They have not fixed the manufacturing issue since my TV was built in Feb of 2010. If you buy a Samsung you better get the extended warranty.

Aug 03, 2011
samsung capacitor reply
by: marty

I recently contacted Samsung about their capacitor problem; Here is their reply:

'Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics.
We understand you would like to know if 2011 TV's are facing the capacitor problem or it have been resolved.

We are glad to inform you that, day by day Samsung improvising their products, and the capacitor issues are only there for
2007 and 2008 TV's.

And after 2008, there are no reported issues, because the capacitors have been updated or the advance capacitors are been upgraded in the TV's.

So far we couldn't addressed any issue with the 2011 TV's.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

Samsung Online Support.

Follow Samsung Service on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.'

Hope this is helpful to everyone.

Jul 09, 2011
Samsung UN40B6000 - Crap
by: Anonymous

To the reply above, I just had my UN40B6000 LED model go out, and judging by the symptoms, it looks to be the capacitor issue.

I am going to call those clowns on Monday and see if they will do the "one time fix", but I am betting I have to go do it myself, which isn't a big deal since I am good with an iron.

I had the TV for just over 18 months, and paid 1200 crap.

Jul 04, 2011
2008 52" LCD
by: Dan

The other day, my 52" Samsung LCD TV started acting erratic. A little internet search by my wife discovered this is SUPER common and is a relatively easy fix: replace a few capacitors and you're good to go. We found dozens of videos on YouTube. After watching a few, we went to Radio Shack and bought some replacement capacitors, a soldering iron and some rosin solder and flux. We removed the back, found two bulging capacitors, removed them with the soldering iron, and put in the new ones. It was almost that easy. The average charge for this work, according to our research is around $400 - $500. The TV cost around $3k back in 2008. Our cost to fix it was $5 worth of capacitors.

Jun 21, 2011
Bad panel
by: Anonymous

I have a samsung 46" 640 series model and 1 week from being a year old, the panel went bad. Luckily i bought it from best buy and they came and replace the panel at samsung's cost($1,000 NO JOKE)HaHa take that samsung! Then less tan a year later the picture starting losing the color and switching to black & white then color again,doesn't do that much now. But on june 20 2011 the sound was cutting off so i turned the tv off and back on and it seemed to fix the problem for now. So what other problems will come? Only time will tell,so thanks samsung for expensive JUNK. I'm just so glad that i bought the extended 4yr warranty,it may pay for itself.

Jun 19, 2011
Samsung Sucks
by: Samsung Sucks

The Koreans who make the Samsung products seriously have quality control issues.

Not 2 weeks into my purchase of a Samsung TV, green lines started to come up.

They don't make products that last very well. You have clocks in phones that run slower than normal. You have screens that don't come up. You have bad English everywhere even in the fine prints and you have typing mistakes everywhere.

What's up with these people? I will not buy a Samsung TV nor any of its products. BEWARE OF SAMSUNG and its crappy Korean engineering.

Apr 11, 2011
TV Capacitor issue
by: Jireh TV Repair

If your unit takes too long to turn on, clicks on and off most of the time, then it is a capacitor issue.

DON'T use the TV anymore and unplug it to avoid further damage.

Hope this tips help! Jireh TV Repair - 510-314-3535 Phone. God Bless

Apr 07, 2011
Now let's give Sony a try
by: tbenjamin

I finally replaced my dead Samsung with a Sony Bravia LED 40" and so far it is wonderful of course. I did not neglect buying the 2 year extended warranty this time around.

Hope this TV lasts many years...?

Mar 25, 2011
by: Joe Mumford

Google Samsung TV problems and read the complaints on the consumer affairs site. If you have a day or two you might be able to read them all.

Over 10,000 complaints about Samsungs garbage Tvs. Any other TV make has less than 900 complaints.


Feb 19, 2011
Don't buy Samsung HDTVs
by: Bill

Have a LN46A550 only 2 years old. Just had capacitors replaced free by Samsung certified repair person. TV still has same problem. Now it will cost $300 additional to replace some other board.

LCD TVs should be more reliable. Don't buy a Samsung....JUNK.

Dec 28, 2010
Well I am so out of luck.
by: tbenjamin

The repairman called and said that my problem with set was not the capacitors. He said it was the Inverter Board and that the TV was not worth the cost to repair.

I have to drive an hour to go pick it up or let them throw it out or keep if for parts. Who knows what he will do with it. I said I was coming to get it soon. Argg!

I should have bought the extended warranty but I was fooled by the Samsung name. Sometime a long time ago that name meant something. Quality.

I will be shopping for a new TV and don't have a clue if I should buy cheap with extended warranty or buy Sony plus warranty. Walmart has the 3 year warranty for about 10% of the cost of the set.

Dec 28, 2010
Samsung will fix me
by: MarkusXL

Wikipedia reveals that this is a massive problem, hence forth to be known as The Capacitor Plague:

I called Samsung and they said they will arrange to fix my LN-T4665F LCD TV. It has been taking more and more clicks to finally turn on.

Its not really Samsung's fault. Bad capacitors can be in anything. Like the PC you are on right now.

Nov 30, 2010
SAMSUNG TV would not turn on
by: tbenjamin

I called 1800 Samsung today. Seems my TV falls into the range of models that they now say they will do a one time repair on their dime if it turns out it is the capacitor problem. If it is some other problem I have to pay.

I hope I do not end up owing a bill. What happens in this scenario will determine if I will ever buy another Samsung product again. I have to contact the repair shop tomorrow that the rep. gave me the number and service order number.

I have my fingers crossed. I paid $800 1 1/2 years ago for this TV and it should have lasted at least 5 years in my opinion.

Nov 23, 2010
Samsung Screwing The Repair
by: ln46a550 owner

Samsung told me when I called today that they will not replace the board, but they will have someone come here and resolder on the new capacitors!!!! And that it is a "One Time Fix". What the hell!!! I want them to replace the whole board. I'm sure there are other complications that this caused in my set.

Some people report that they changed the whole board for them but they are cheaping out on me.

I guess I have to hope whatever guy they send out to my house can competently do the repair with as much concern for my set as I do. Or wait. I could just call the repair place again when it breaks if they do a crappy or scam repair.. right?? At that poing, out of my own pocket according to Samsung!! Waste of money. $$$$$$

When you think you are paying more for a solid product and this happens, would you ever buy a Samsung again?

They are easily opening us up to getting scammed by the repair man. I don't want to deal with this.

Thanks Samsung -- you suck.

Oct 21, 2010
Samsung TVs still have the same issue
by: Steve

I can confirm that as of 21/10/2010 samsung TV's still have the same capacitor problem. They are fitting 10v capacitors to a 12v circuit and using capacitors with a 3000 hour lifespan.

It saves as far as I can work out $0.20 per set.

Samsung refused to have anything to do with my set when 6 days out of warranty it failed. Their customer service lied to me and then their legal team sought to intimidate me.

Fortunately all you need to do is replace the 3 capacitors that blow and your TV will work again. It takes less than an hour.

Unplug the TV and let the power drain away. Then take the back off. You will see the power supply circuit right in the middle of the TV. Take a photo so you can see which way around the connectors go.

Unplug the connectors, and unscrew the board. The capacitors will be in the top right hand corner and if blown they will be buckled outwards and have leakage issues.

Replace them with some 1000uf 7000 hour 105 deg replacements - ensuring the + and - are the correct way around (you can see this on the capacitors).

Reassemble and you're done. I have never touched a soldering iron in my life but I managed to do it.

Oct 12, 2010
Samsung HDTV investigation
by: John

Hi everyone,

My name is John and I work for a law firm that is investigating complaints of power supply problems with Samsung LCD and plasma TVs. We have spoken with several Samsung TV owners who had similar experiences to the ones described in this thread and subsequent comments. If you would like to share your story with us to help with our investigation, please feel free to give me a call at the firm's toll-free number (866) 981-4800 or email me at jwh [at] GirardGibbs [dot] com.

Thanks, John

Oct 04, 2010
Samsung capacitors
by: Ed

TV was two years and six months old when clicking started. Found out that 4 capacitors had blown, bought new board but found that now it had contributed to problems elsewhere.

Samsung quality control sucks and for this reason will never ever buy any Samsung product.

Sep 28, 2010
Samsung = Fraudsung
by: Anonymous

Samsung sucks. Only as matter of time before they go belly up for perpetrating fraud against the consumer.

Sep 17, 2010
Broken Samsung TV
by: mel

I bought a B750 LCD last year it lasted 6 months; they replaced it for free. Now 7 months later its doing it again.

They told me that they where doing a free fix but the guy showed up to today and told me that they need to charge me to fix it.

This is not fare but we always get the back end; they got my money and I have a broken TV.

Sep 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

I can't believe what I read on the net. I should have done that before buying a new TV. This capacitor issue seems to be going on for over 2 years now. I bought my new Samsung LED TV 3 months ago, and last week it started already. It takes up to two minutes to get it switched on, while it constantly makes a clicking sound. Damn.

Jun 15, 2010
Samsung Fixed- lasted 3 months
by: Anonymous

Samsung fixed the capacitor in my TV...took 6 months to get them to respond. The new capacitor lasted 3 months...they said would only cover the fix for 30 days.

Don't waste your time with a Samsung.

Jun 06, 2010
Samsung tv's are Junk & they know it!!!!
by: Ted

I have one of their worthless TV's & hit the 2yr mark & then we lost the picture. Still has great sound but we are blessed to still enjoy our vision so this TV is worthless to us!!!

Will Samsung help us? Not unless we again open up the checkbook! Sales person & service center are talking big bucks to fix! They say "it will probably be a waste for the money so you might look at purchasing a new TV".

Samsung is pretending they have no problems with this & that I am a rare case. All a person has to do is get on the net & it is easy to see am one of many with the same problem.

If I had known this was a disposable TV, I surely would not have paid $996.12 for only 2 yrs of use!!!

Apr 27, 2010
Samsung 40" LCD
by: chris

These TVs have a great pic but don't last more than the warranty 1yr or Ext there gonna break.

These TVs have been tested like a light bulb and quit working almost immediately after the warranty is up. The price too fix is almost the cost of the TV. They got you by the... Give me an old tube TV any day; quality not as good but my Grandmas TV still works.

Don't buy this junk or any other LCD TV; they are disposable junk.

Feb 20, 2010
by: Lou

Very happy still with the LED. Very thin physically. The contrast ratio may be "Dynamic" but the blacks are definitely blacker, the front of the screen is more like glass (not dull black on the LCD) and the adjustable Automotion with the 120 hertz refresh rate makes a really nice picture.

I had them both to compare and I'm glad I upgraded to the Samsung 6000 Series.

Feb 20, 2010
samsung capacitors
by: Anonymous

The capacitors are on the power supply card. So you probably did have this issue. They usually just replace the card.

Jan 28, 2010
Capacitor problems
by: Lou

I have had a Samsung LN40A530 LCD for over a year---no capacitor problems but they did replace the "Power Supply" under warranty before 1 yr. Now I upgraded to the Samsung UN40B6000 LED/LCD model brand new, so we'll see how that goes.

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