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Updated: December 19, 2012

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Advertising Opportunities on Practical Home Theater Guide
that make the most out of your advertising dollar!

Would you like to reach hundreds of thousands of home theater enthusiasts looking for the best way to get the most out of their home entertainment budget?

If you have a great product or service that will offer valuable solutions to our site visitors, then we can help you reach a highly targeted audience of homeowners looking for anything from HDMI cables, speaker systems, and HDTVs, to display calibration and overall system installation services. Your products or services might very well represent the exact solution to their needs.

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We can help you maximize your conversions
with highly targeted traffic

Save money and cut the middle man; partner with us directly to help you drive your business by providing you with high quality traffic looking for all sorts of products and services related to the world of home theater and home entertainment.

Partnering with Practical Home Theater Guide is easy - and unlike other major online agencies - which give you only limited control over which keywords or where your adverts appear, advertising direct on Practical Home Theater Guide gives you total control over where and how your ads will appear - while delivering more impressions and yes... more conversions for your advertising dollar!

Quick Facts - Reasons to Advertise on Practical Home Theater Guide:

Rich Content: Practical Home Theater Guide has been online since November 2003. Traffic stands at around 400,000 page views a month from more than 100,000 unique monthly visitors. This website is characterized by carefully researched content that engages thousands of consumers online everyday as they search and find unbiased information of all aspects of home theater, information that provides immediate answers to a vast range of problems many encounter in the world of home audio and video.

Our approach and write copy has enabled us to win the trust of our site visitors, to the point that over 29% of visitors keep returning to our site over and over again for additional information. 15% of these repeated visits are the result of direct traffic - visitors that prefer to first search our site for information before moving on to other online sources; the rest of the repeated visitors come to our site following an online search. This high level of visitor loyalty is considered above normal for this site genre.

This is no surprise. The site has close to 500 pages of rich content articles that cover some of the most in-demand home theater related topics on the net. Despite the fierce competition in the area of home entertainment, most of these pages are ranked among the top - with a good number occupying even the top-most positions. More than 1000 sites deliver free search and referral traffic to our site every month - sites that range from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and, to forum sites, blogs, and the like. Search engine traffic amount to 78% of all traffic, while the remainder is divided between direct traffic and repeated visits. The site popularity is such that it is ranked by Alexa among the top 0.1% most popular websites out of more than 150 million indexed sites.

Advertising on Practical Home Theater Guide means that you will be part of the solution thousands of visitors are looking for! Our carefully prepared write copy builds the visitor's trust while making a click and a purchase significantly more probable if your service and or product represents a suitable solution to their needs.

Broad Consumer Audience: Our site audience is predominantly US - amounting to 54% of all site traffic, followed by 7% Canada, 7% UK, and 2% India; the remaining comes from more than 200 countries world-wide.

Practical Home Theater Guide attracts both men and women though US site audience is predominantly male (70%). Mostly are educated professionals - with an above level of graduates and post graduates. 36% of US site visitors fall within the $60K to $100K income bracket while 25% of site visitors have more than $100K yearly income.

Overall age group ranges from 18 to 50+, with the 18 to 34 group amounting to 31%, 35 to 49 amounting to 40%, and the 50+ amounting to 28%.

In addition, 30% of all site visitors have kids in household.

This means that advertising on our site gives you the possibility to reach a wider audience - mostly affluent, educated professionals with a predisposition to buying online.

Ad formats and locations

We support a wide range of advert formats - depending on page location. You can choose to have an ad displayed section wide (i.e. on up to a maximum of 10 pages appearing under a specific section e.g. Home Theater Cables, LCD TV Reviews, etc.), or on one or more specific pages; some restrictions may apply as to the type and advert placement especially with respect to the Home page and some Tier 2 pages.


  1. You remain fully responsible for the correctness of the information on the adverts you submit to appear on our site.

  2. It remains our sole discretion whether to accept or reject advertisement on our site; while we will always remain flexible and will do our best to accommodate your request - as long as this is in line with the page theme on which it will appear - yet we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to accept your requested advert format, exact placement, or publication dates.

File formats

We can show display static ads in HTML text, GIF, JPEG, or PNG format but no Flash or animated graphics.

We can show text ads and custom articles in HTML format using our standard look and feel and style sheet.


Advertising rates vary, depending on the web page in question (high traffic or normal) as well as advert placement, advert size, and number of pages on which the advert will appear. However, typical rates for a 468 x 60 or 300 x 250 banner ad - (text or image above the fold or upper middle part of the page), work out as follows:


Banner-style ad

Simple Text link

Home page and high-traffic pages



Tier 2



Tier 3



Section wide placement




  1. Prices shown above are indicative only. Minimum order is $50 for one month; however, we offer discounts of up to 20% on advertising campaigns with a minimum three-month duration on the second, third, and any additional consecutive months.

  2. Payment is strictly in advance via PayPal and should cover the full duration of the advertising campaign; it is simply not acceptable for us to do things on hoping to get paid! In other words, adverts will start to be displayed on our site once we receive a confirmation that payment have been made.

  3. If for some reason within the first month of your advertising campaign, you are not satisfied with how advertising on our site is helping your business and would want to stop your campaign, e-mail us stating the reasons for your dissatisfaction and we will refund on a pro-rata basis, any remaining pre-paid balance for campaigns in excess of one month less 20% administration fee. No refunds will be issued once the first month of the campaign elapses, nor do we give any refunds for one-month campaigns. Why?

Please understand that we incur expenses to set up the campaign. In addition, for the period the campaign remains active on our site, we are giving up valuable ad space, apart from sending high-quality traffic away from our site that might have clicked some other ad. We believe that as with all forms of business, advertising carries its risk; if you want to enter into a business partnership with us to help you advertise your products and services, then you have to share some of the risks as well.

Important: Text Link Policy

We get repeated requests from websites, often through link-building agencies, who want to use our online advertising service to purchase a text link on our site. These websites are trying to use the text link on our site to 'jump the queue' and boost their website ranking with SEs. We sincerely feel that this is an extremely selfish act; the only way to improve one's SE ranking is by building valid content - slowly but steadily - the way we have done it since our first online presence in November 2003.

We do not like such websites, nor will we assist such sites jump the queue. And all major search engines do not like such sites too. Hence, all paid text links will get the rel="nofollow" tag. For websites that are truly interested in buying ad space, the use of the nofollow tag will not make any difference in the quality or quantity of click-through traffic; the nofollow tag will simply tell SEs that is a paid link; people who visit the website would not notice any difference when clicking links with or without this tag in the link code.

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Please use the form below to request a quote. It is important that you give us all relevant advert details as indicated in the inquiry form - including size, ad placement, webpage or pages you plan to have your advert on, number of adverts, and campaign duration, plus any other details you feel that need to be discussed. We are very flexible. Just tell us what you want and we will do our best to satisfy you.

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