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Advanced Audio Video, LLC of Franklin, NC

by Rick Creel
(Cashiers, NC)

Home Theater Design by Avanced Audio Video

Home Theater Design by Avanced Audio Video

A Custom Design Home Theater

This theater was designed for a Doctor in Winter Park by Advanced Audio Video, LLC. The heart of the video setup was a JVC ILDA 1080HD Projector. Sound consisted of a 7.2 JBL Synthesis audio system. The Synthesis system allows for time alignment of individual speakers, as well as equalization.

The proscenium was designed in such a manner to allow for the installation  of neon light to create an interest backglow effect. Up-lighting onto the screen was provided by using small lamps in the floor directly in front of the screen. Halogen bulbs were replaced with cooler, longer lasting, led lights.

The projection screen is made of micro-perforated screen fabric so LCR speakers could be installed behind the screen itself, giving an invisible look to all the sound system while providing the necessary audio transparency for the main fronts and center speakers.

The room was sound treated using cloud panels, diffusers, and absorbers. The entire room surface was then upholstered using a track system to easily allow for repairs or changes in the future. Windows in the room were 'blacked out' using hinged frames that were inserted with movie posters. Lights were then placed into the ceiling to be focused on the posters themselves.

The two 18-inch subwoofers are also concealed behind a black cloth. One other interesting feature related to the speaker system is that all the speakers behind the screen and the subs are illuminated dimly during entry so that guests can faintly see portions of the sound system - thus further enhancing the rather unique ambiance. As the program begins, all room lighting is automatically dimmed while speaker illumination goes to black.

Advanced Audio Video, LLC is located in NC. They design and install custom home theaters across North America and around the world. Their clients include Shaquel O'Neal, Tiger Woods, and HRH Prince of Saudi Arabia. They are known by manufacturers throughout the Home Theater Industry as leaders in their profession.

Article posted on: January 24, 2009

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Sep 04, 2012
Great Neon Effect
by: Anonymous

The neon light effect on the screen is superb, and the overall colored light around the screen area further enhances the right ambiance!

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