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Advanced Audio Video Home Theater

by Advanced Audio Video
(Franklin, NC, USA)

Acoustical Treatments - Important Aspect of any Home Theater

Acoustical Treatments - Important Aspect of any Home Theater

Acoustical Treatment in the Home Theater:

While many people will enter the screen to show the theater, a major portion of the project is acoustic sound control. Without that, you can have the best picture, but it will still be uncomfortable to listen too.

We don't do any rooms without some form of acoustic treatments. We try to reduce reflections and reverberation to achieve speech intelligibility. While we do try to get our clients to allow us to treat their entire room, some just don't have the budget to do it all. In such instances we do as much as we can so their room will sound acoustically correct.

By using panels in strategic points around the room, we can catch most of the reflections. We consider first reflections and try to absorb these first. Cloud panels are extremely important for catching these first reflections from the ceiling. Also, by using panels, we can reduce some of the cost of having the entire room treated.

Another important element in achieving the cinema 'feel' is to have lighting control. As an added feature, not only for looks but safety as well, is to add step lights to the risers. These prove valuable when a guest may have to get up during a program to get a drink, use the restroom, or other necessity.

Another advantage to the acoustic panels is that these can be placed so as to disguise or hide speakers. The rooms are very comfortable and guests really never know where all the sound is coming from. This makes the home theater experience even better.

Advanced Audio Video, LLC is located in NC. They design and install custom home theaters across North America and around the world. Their clients include Shaquel O'Neal, Tiger Woods, and HRH Prince of Saudi Arabia. They are known by manufacturers throughout the Home Theater Industry as leaders in their profession.

Article posted on: September 29, 2009

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