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Date: December 2012

About ME

...and about how this website came into existence!

Andrew Ghigo - www.practical-home-theater-guide.com

My name is Andrew Ghigo. By profession, I am an electronics engineer with more than 25 years experience in the telecoms industry.

During the course of my engineering profession, I worked as project manager responsible for the implementation of various systems in the field of telecoms fraud management and revenue assurance; I was also head of the switching systems department with one of the leading telecom operators for over eight years.

You may say that’s as far from home theater as it can possibly be! But I am also a keen home theater enthusiast with a lifelong interest in all that relates to the world of electronics and high-fidelity audio.

Some Background Information

It all started when as young boy, I began building small transistor radios and short-wave receiver kits; these served to introduce me to the fantastic world of electronics. However, it was during the early days of my university studies that I began getting interested in high fidelity sound. It was at that time that I first started designing and building my own audio power amplifiers―power amplifiers whose sole purpose was to deliver the best possible sound.

Following my university studies, my interests started shifting towards surround sound and video projection technology. This was in the late eighties/early nineties when; at the time, these were relatively very expensive systems, so I began experimenting and designing what was to become my first Dolby Pro-logic decoder. I just wanted to enjoy my movie watching at home in a more immersive sound environment over what was a very 'BIG' 34-inch CRT TV!

And what about Practical Home Theater Guide?

It was this continued interest in the world of audio and home theater that prompted me to start practical-home-theater-guide.com way back in November 2003. As with all home theater enthusiasts, I like to talk home theater, so...

My idea was to put online a comprehensive guide to all that relates to the world of home theater and surround sound. I wanted to share with others some of the excitement the world of home theater brings. But I also wanted to empower others do the same  through easy-to-follow informative guides that take a practical approach to the subject, industry news, and product reviews aimed at cutting through manufacturers and retailers' hype, hype that unfortunately often surrounds new technology.

Initially, I started working on my website as a part-time venture, averaging just a few hours a week as a result of my very busy schedule as a professional engineer with one of the leading telecom operators in the local market.

But as Practical Home Theater Guide began to grow in content, it soon started to become more difficult to manage part-time. What started as a 'hobby-site' way back in 2003, soon began to grow far beyond all my expectations. Today, my site covers close to 600 pages full of hands-on home theater guides, product reviews, and readers' submissions covering practically all aspects of home theater.

Eventually, this labor of love turned into a full-time venture; it was over three years ago that I decided to quit my professional engineering post to work full-time on my site.

During the more than eight years I have been working on Practical Home Theater Guide, I have not only seen a radical change in home audio and video technology, but I have also seen my website enjoy a level of success I never dreamed I will ever achieve.

Definitely, this is all the result of my continued effort and the hard work I am investing in this project, even though it does not really feel like hard work at all. Rather, I am enjoying it all the way while working from home doing what I like most―talking home theater!

The application that made 'Practical Home Theater Guide' a reality

I started building this website without any prior knowledge in web design and search engine optimization techniques. I have to admit that I was a bit lucky in that despite my total lack of prior knowledge in these areas, I still managed to build not only a successful website, but also an online business that ultimately made it possible for me to work full time on my web creation, earning a living working from home.

I said I was a bit 'lucky' but this is not the most appropriate term to use; in online business, there is no such thing as luck.  I was lucky in the sense that when I started searching and analyzing possible web applications I could use to start my dream website, I came across what I consider today my key partner in this online success - Site Built It!, more commonly referred to as SBI!

I am not saying this is the only tool to succeed online, but in my case SBI helped me achieve my dream. Initially, I took a free-trail SBI subscription. (Click here for more information on SBI; this is a 30 sec slide show that opens in a pop-up window.)

But I soon discovered that SBI is not just a tool; rather, it is a most comprehensive online self-study course complemented by a whole suite of integrated software tools. It is this combination in one product that made it possible for me despite being a total newbie in web design, to build not just a successful website, but also a profitable online business.

Eight years down the line, I am still using SBI for my website activity.

I am sure that what I am doing is something anyone can do, irrespective of the area of interest. Everyone has a skill, passion, or expertise others are interested in. Maybe you have never thought about it but in reality, any topic can turn out to be a good source of income with a good website. And with a tool like SBI!, this is not difficult to achieve.

Mine is not the odd online success story; many thousands of other SBIers have also succeeded online; just look at some of the following case studies to discover more.

Please feel free to submit any question you might have about Practical Home Theater Guide; just fill in the site contact form and I will do my best to answer you.

In the meantime, I hope that my account would encourage you to move on with your dream. Surely, you need to invest the necessary effort and commitment but... if I have succeeded, so you can!


December 2012

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