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My name is Andrew Ghigo. By profession, I am an electronics engineer with more than 25 years experience in the telecoms industry, during which I worked as project manager responsible for the implementation of various systems in the field of telecommunications; I was also head of the switching department with a leading telecom operator for over eight years.

You may say that’s as far from home theater as it can be! But I am also a keen home theater enthusiast with a lifelong interest in the world of electronics and high-fidelity audio. It was this continued interest that along the years shifted towards surround sound and video technologies, which led me in 2003 to start Practical Home Theater Guide.

The website soon started to grow far beyond my expectations, to the point that over three years ago, I decided to quite my engineering post to work full time on my site.

Today, the website covers close to 600 pages full of hands-on home theater guides, product reviews, and readers' submissions covering practically all aspects of home theater.

Achieving this level of success was not easy; at that time, I did not have any idea about search engines and web design. But I was lucky to have come across a remarkable online tool - SBI! - that made it possible for me not only to build the website, but equally important, to transform this website into a successful online business activity while working from home!

If you would like to know more about me and Practical Home Theater Guide, please refer to the 'About Me' page on my site. I hope that my account would encourage you to move on with your dream. Surely, you need to invest the necessary effort and commitment but... if I have succeeded, so you can!


December 2012

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