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March 2011 Issue #042 -- Wireless Home Audio, New HDTVs, and 3D TVs


Issue # 042: What's New

Date: 3rd March 2011

The Practical HT Guide Update brings you the latest additions in a series of informative home theater design articles, unbiased system reviews, practical guidelines and free advice.



During the last few weeks, we were busy updating various sections of the site as well as uploading new content; topics covered include wireless audio delivery systems, LED HDTVs, and 3D TV technology.

Here are some details!

Wireless Home Audio Systems - Wireless Speakers and Multi-Room Audio

True wireless home theater is still the unattained ideal many home theater owners would love to achieve. But thanks to advancement in wireless technology, things are changing fast; wireless audio systems have become better, cheaper, faster, and easier to use and install.

While the term 'wireless' in the audio and video world mean less wires rather than completely 'wireless' - yet reducing the cable clutter can turn out to be a great advantage especially in the home theater. Home theater systems are synonymous with a huge mass of home theater cables that are not only unsightly, but also difficult to troubleshoot should problems arise.

To discover more, please check out the following articles appearing on the site:

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Wireless Speakers Installation Tips

Rocketfish Wireless HD Audio Starter Kit

Rocketfish Wireless HD Audio Starter Kit
4-Channel wireless audio sender unit complete with one 2-channel wireless receiver amplifier capable of 42W RMS per channel in 4-Ohm speaker loads.


Add-on wireless speakers for Surround and Multiroom Audio

Rocketfish Wireless HD Audio expandable wireless system for whole house entertainment and wireless surround sound

Rocketfish RF-WHTIB Wireless Rear speaker Kit

Acoustic Research ARW20 Wireless Speaker Adaptor

Wireless HTiB Reviews

Media PlayersRoundup: New product reviews covered include the Apple TV (2010) and the new line of Roku digital players

What About a new Premium LED HDTV at a Discount?

LED TVs are among the most expensive flat screen HDTVs you can buy. It is not that they are not affordable but in comparison to plasma and CCFL LCD TVs, LED LCD TVs demand a higher price.

But then LED TVs are extremely stylish thanks to their ultra slim design that is no more than an inch thin - one that makes them look more like a picture once mounted on the wall than a TV. No wonder, they are among the most-desired flat panel HDTVs around irrespective of picture quality.

And while a LED TV does not guarantee a superior picture, yet LED HDTVs are capable of delivering an impressive picture thanks to a higher contrast and richer colors that deliver more punch.

That's not all! At a time when being green is important, these are the HDTVs that consume the least energy.

So... If you have been thinking about getting one of the latest LED HDTVs but was being put off by their higher price, here is some good news. The best LED HDTVs from 2010 are now available at a great discount. These are being heavily discounted to make place for the new stock from 2011.

Some may say that it is better to wait for the new models from 2011 but we do not think you will be missing much. As we have said in one of our articles elsewhere on this site, while there is always a place for improvement, yet the picture quality we have seen on 2010 LED HDTVs is truly impressive. And from our past experience, we sincerely doubt that any marginal improvements TV makers will come up with will be worth the higher initial price the new sets will demand.

In other words, if you are thinking of buying a LED TV, now is the time to enjoy one of the best LED HDTVs at a heavily reduced price! For the purpose, we have prepared our  top-ten list of some of the best LED HDTVs presently available for home use.

More information is available in our review article here: Best LED HDTV Sets

Is 3D HDTV Really Coming to Your Home?

In April last year, we had written about the challenges that 3D TV technology was still facing to become a truly mass market proposition. At that time, research firms predicted that sales of 3D HDTVs would have exceeded 4 million units by end 2010, and this figure was expected to at least double by end of this year, with some 5 million of these being sold in the US alone.

Yet, almost a year down the line, we still believe that those predictions are a bit too optimistic when considering the challenges 3D television technology has to overcome to become the mainstream TV technology in home entertainment.

Vizio XVT3D650SV 65-inch 3D LED LCD TV

Vizio's massive yet affordable 3D TV with passive 3D glasses

It is not just a matter of the present bad economy. A less immersive 3D experience, lack of 3D content, consumer reluctance to upgrade, and the burden of the 3D glasses - irrespective of whether these are active or passive - all contribute to make what some have dubbed as the greatest development in TV entertainment since color television, less fun than originally many thought it would be.

To read the full article, visit the following link: Is it worth investing a 3D HDTV now?

Note: If you like, you may also submit your opinion to be posted on our site; just fill in the form at the end of the article.

Hope you will enjoy and profit from these additions to our site. More new content is available on our site. We suggest to subscribe to the Practical Home Theater Guide RSS feed for an immediate update once new content is available.


Stay tuned to Practical Home Theater Guide!

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