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November 2010 Issue #041 -- New HDTV Reviews for 2010


Issue # 041: What's New

Date: 9th November 2010

The Practical HT Guide Update brings you the latest additions in a series of informative home theater design articles, unbiased system reviews, practical guidelines and free advice.



During the last few weeks, we have updated our website with a few additional HDTV reviews - with the latest being (1) a review of LG's LCD TVs for 2010, (2) our selection of what in our opinion represent the best cheap LCD and LED TVs, and (3) a review of the latest line of DLP rear projection HDTVs from Mitsubishi. The latter may be a surprise to many but rear projection is still alive.

Here are some more details!


As is the present trend among TV makers, the new line of CCFL LG LCD TVs covers a rather reduced number of models. Once again, this is a sign that major TV makers are shifting their main investment towards LED backlight technology.

But irrespective of the reduced number of CCFL models, the latest LG LCD TVs still constitute among the most affordable valid options - from cheap 720p LCD HDTVs such as the 32" LG 32LD350 ($428), to relatively inexpensive premium 1080p LCD TVs such as the 42" LG 42LD550 ($750).

LG bestselling LCD HDTV: the 32-inch 32LD350

LG 32-inch 32LD350


These LG HDTVs deliver a lot for the price in both features and overall performance. The 32LD350 is the bestselling LG HDTV while the 42LD550 is among the best customer rated LG HDTVs, featuring LG's 120Hz TruMotion and the latest Internet TV access at a price that is the cheapest around for a 42-inch. In this respect, the LG LD550 series is in our opinion the TV series that delivers the best feature set to price deal among the full LG LCD TV line for 2010. These are also the LG LCD TVs that compares well against the tough competition from major brands like Samsung and Sony.

To discover more on the latest LG LCD TVs, please refer to our LG LCD TV review article here; this is a two part review with the first part reviewing the LD350 and LD450 series, while the second part discusses LD520, LD550, and LD650 HDTVs.

Best Cheap LCD TVs for Home Entertainment - 2010 Update

Up to a few years ago, a cheap LCD TV still meant a risky purchase from some unknown brand. But things have changed and relatively cheap LCD TVs and affordable LED TV sets are readily available from all major brands. Cheap no longer means inferior quality but a lower price due to a reduced feature set.

And cheap are entry-level 32-inch and 37-inch LCD HDTV from LG, Samsung and Panasonic. Best sellers at under $500 include the 32-inch LG 32LD350, the 32-inch Samsung LN32C450 and the 37-inch Panasonic TC-L37X2; these all come as 720p HDTVs.

Do not skip these HDTVs due to the lower 720p resolution. At anything less than 50-inch, it would be hard to enjoy the superior picture detail afforded by the higher pixel count of a 1080p HDTV with broadcast content. Unless you have very specific needs for the higher resolution - e.g. to use the TV as a PC monitor for viewing from a close distance, a 720p LCD TV at these screen sizes represents the best option.

But if a 1080p HDTV is a pre-requisite, well...  a few brands managed to squeeze a 1080p pixel count even at this price bracket for screen sizes up to 37-inch. A case in point is Panasonic with its 37-inch TC-L37U22 1080p HDTV. As expected, this cheap LCD TV from Panasonic is a bare-bones HDTV. But this is generally not an issue at this price bracket since primary interest here is mainly price versus TV size.

However, while TV brands like Panasonic and even Sony generally deliver a reduced feature set for the price, TV brands like LG and Samsung manage to deliver more. LG's LD350 and Samsung C450 series reviewed on our site are typical in this respect.

Moving towards the $500 - $1,000 price bracket gives you more choice in terms of features - including Internet TV access, and a larger screen size. At this price category, you will also find a few affordable entry-level edge-lit LED TVs from major brands like Samsung, LG and Sony. Be warned however: What may qualify as a cheap LED TV is still somewhat more expensive than mainstream LCD TVs. For example, the LG 37-inch 37LE5300 would cost some $300 more than its CCFL LCD equivalent - and this mainly for the LED backlight!

More information on the latest cheap LED and CCFL LCD TVs for 2010 is available in our Best Cheap LCD TVs - 2010 Roundup.

Mitsubishi Rear Projection HDTVs for 2010

Rear projection maybe on its way out but the reality is that for those who know, rear projection TV technology still has a lot to offer both in terms of value for money, and also in picture quality - with a picture that is more film-like than that produced by either plasma or LED LCD TVs.

And there is more! Rear projection is at present the only TV display technology that delivers anything from 65-inch to massive 82-inch TV sets for the home market.  You see, there still remains a segment of the home TV market that is not catered for by either plasma or LCD/LED TVs.

It is true that there is only one TV maker, Mitsubishi, but for 2010, Mitsubishi rear projection TV lineup gives interested consumers quite an interesting choice -  a total of fourteen different models spread over 5 series: C10, 638, 738, 838, and the LaserVue A91.  All except the A91 are 'traditional' lamp-based DLP rear projection HDTVs, while the LaserVue flagship series uses a three-colored laser light engine for a superior picture performance.

All Mitsubishi DLP TVs come as 3D or 3D-ready - including the bare-bones entry-level sets. In terms of features, things start to get interesting with the step-up and premium series. These come as 3D TVs in that with the appropriate firmware (expected to be released sometime early December), they can handle 3D without the use of the Mitsubishi adapter; but you still need the 3D glasses. These are the series that include the 82-inch models.

Speaking of 3D TV, thanks to their faster pixel response, 3D DLP rear projection HDTVs deliver a 3D image that is superior to that of the more expensive 3D LED TVs, one that is almost free from 3D image crosstalk. In addition, the larger screen size supported by DLP TVs makes for a more immersive 3D experience. 

The step up 738 series adds StreamTV™ Internet Media to the basic feature set, is wireless Internet ready through the optional adapter, and come with improved video processing, advanced video calibration, and a universal TV remote control. The premium 838 series adds virtual surround sound technology via these sets 16-speaker soundbar and ISFccc advanced video adjustments among others.

Bestselling models within these lamp-based series include the 65-inch WD65838, the 73-inch WD73838, and the 82-inch WD82738.

Further up the Mitsubishi lineup for 2010, one finds the Mitsubishi LaserVue A91 with the 75-inch LaserVue L75A91. This shares almost the same feature set of the 838 series but at just 15-inches deep, is some 3-inches slimmer than lamp-based sets.

The laser light engine brings with it a number of advantages over traditional lamp-based sets, including reduced power, a brighter picture, and superior picture performance that is among the best irrespective of display technology. But it is also among the most expensive HDTVs around!

Mitsubishi LaserVue 75A91 75-inch 3D rear projection HDTV

We discuss each of the Mitsubishi DLP HDTV series in detail in our 2010 Mitsubishi DLP rear projection TV review article here.


Hope you will enjoy and profit from these additions to our site.

In the coming weeks, we plan to publish our selection for the best HDTVs for 2010, as well as update all guides appearing under our Home Theater Design section of the site.

We suggest to subscribe to the Practical Home Theater Guide RSS feed for an immediate update once new content is available on our site.

Hope you will enjoy and profit from these additions to our site. More new content is available on our site. We suggest to subscribe to the Practical Home Theater Guide RSS feed for an immediate update once new content is available.

Stay tuned to Practical Home Theater Guide!

Take care,



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