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July 2010 Issue #040 -- LG and Samsung LCD HDTVs for 2010


Issue # 040: What's New

Date: 17th September 2010

The Practical HT Guide Update brings you the latest additions in a series of informative home theater design articles, unbiased system reviews, practical guidelines and free advice.



We continue with our series of HDTV reviews for 2010, this time covering the latest LG plasma TVs, a roundup of some of the best cheap plasma TVs for home entertainment, and Samsung latest CCFL LCD TVs.

2010 LG Plasma TVs

LG Electronics is one of the world's largest consumer electronics manufacturers. It is also the TV maker that during these last few years kept gaining a constant market share in both plasma and LCD HDTVs sales thanks to its innovative designs and best overall deals.

As a TV maker, LG mainly concentrates on its LCD HDTV line, with a plasma line that consists of just ten models spread over 5 series. Yet, its 2010 line of plasma TVs still constitutes one of the most advanced and valid presently available HDTV options.

LG PK750 series of Infinia Plasma HDTVs

LG 50-inch 50PK750


Unfortunately many would often ignore LG altogether when it comes to plasma TVs, and instead focus on the other two leaders in the field, Panasonic and Samsung. But those doing so will often be missing not only on some of the best plasma HDTV deals, but even more so, some of the best valid HDTVs around.

More information on the full LG plasma TV lineup for 2010 can be found in the series of LG plasma TV reviews appearing on our site; the following links will take you straight to the respective articles:

LG Plasma TVs for 2010: An Introduction

LG Plasma lineup for 2010 detail: Series by Series
We look at each of the four 2010 plasma TV series from LG, discussing the different features and expected performance.

LG Flagship plasma TV Review: Series PK950 Infinia HDTVs
PK950 HDTVs have been dubbed as the best LG plasma TVs ever. They come with extensive features and an attractive price. But do they offer the performance of a flagship model from a top brand? More in this LG plasma TV review.


Best Cheap plasma TVs for 2010

Up to 2008, what represented a cheap plasma HDTV option still meant an expensive purchase. Things have changed. Last year you could buy a premium 42" 1080p HDTV for $1,000; this year, for the same price, you can buy a 50". And if a 720p option will suffice, a 42" plasma TV will cost just $500!

Despite the inexpensive price, you still get an HDTV capable of a relatively solid picture suitable for most home use. You see, 'cheap' does not imply poor quality, it just means they cost less - mainly as a result of a reduced feature set.

As expected, there are differences in features and performance between the selected models that may make one better than another for your specific needs. That's where our Best Cheap Plasma TV roundup comes in - to help you pick up the best cheap plasma TV option for your needs.

More information is available here.


Samsung 2010 LCD TVs

Samsung LCD lineups are often among the largest irrespective of brand; and the 2010 lineup is no exception with over 33 different models spread over five series and ranging in size from inexpensive 19-inch 720p HDTVs to massive 1080p 60-inch HDTVs.

Entry-level LCD TV sets comprise Series 3 and Series 4 720p HDTVs while Series 5 - with its C530, C540, and C550 sub-series represents Samsung entry-level 1080p HDTVs.

Samsung LN46C650 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV

Samsung LN46C650

But it is Series 6 line of premium Samsung LCD TVs - with its C610, C630, C650, and C670 sub-series, that represents Samsung bestselling HDTVs for 2010. As further expressed in our LCD TV review for Samsung Series 6 LCD TVs, these offer a most appealing mix of features, style, and performance at a most affordable price. This is also the series that represents the bestselling LCD TV models from Samsung for 2010.

Moving up the 2010 line of Samsung LCD TVs, one finds Samsung Series 7 with the only model in the series being the 46-inch LN46C750 HDTV. Series 7 introduces Samsung LCD line to 3D and 240Hz dejudder processing but otherwise, it is the 3D equivalent to Samsung C650 LCD series.

It is definitely a massive line of LCD HDTVs. But what is really so special about the 2010 line of Samsung LCD TVs is that despite these lack the latest LED backlight - thus missing the thinness and energy efficiency of the much touted edge-lit LED TVs, these conventional CCFL-based Samsung LCD TVs deliver an equally extensive feature set and a great overall picture performance - one that in certain aspects of picture quality even exceeds that of edge-lit LED TVs - for significantly less than their LED TV counterparts.

For more information on entry-level Samsung LCD TVs for 2010, please refer to our Samsung LCD TV review article here; for our detailed review of Samsung Series 6 LCDs, please click here.

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