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August 2010 Issue #039 -- LG LED TVs for 2010


Issue # 039: What's New

Date: 14th August 2010

The Practical HT Guide Update brings you the latest additions in a series of informative home theater design articles, unbiased system reviews, practical guidelines and free advice.



When Pioneer left the plasma TV market in February 2009, many were fast to declare that plasma is death. Yet plasma is still going strong and growing - with over 56 different models for 2010 to choose from - thanks to the millions being invested in this display technology by the remaining players in the field - Panasonic, Samsung and LG.

This means there is surely a model for you - whether that being a cheap bare-bones 720p plasma TV, or a premium 1080p plasma HDTV with Internet@TV functionality, THX display certification, and 3D support.

With such a vast selection to choose from, picking up the right model is not easy! We have just updated our Plasma TV Reviews section to include an overview of the three lineups. We have also published detailed reviews for a number of Samsung and Panasonic plasma TVs.

2010 Panasonic Plasma TVs

For 2010, Panasonic is presenting 24 different models spread over eight series - ranging from some of the cheapest 42-inch 720p HDTVs presently available on the market, to massive yet relatively expensive 65-inch 3D plasma TVs. Premium HDTVs are among the best in black level performance - delivering a tempting mix of features, performance and value, while Panasonic flagship plasma TVs deliver superior 2D image performance and impressive 3D picture quality - though at a relatively more expensive price.

Yet the real obstacle for Panasonic this year is not the relatively expensive price of its 3D plasma TVs; instead, it is the exceptionally deep blacks we saw on 2009 Panasonic HDTVs!

Panasonic TC-P50VT25

Panasonic TC-P50VT25

50" 3D Panasonic plasma TV


As further detailed on our site, back in February, some of Panasonic 2009 plasma TVs started losing their blacks; their initial deep blacks were turning into dark gray. Panasonic said they have resolved the issue for 2010 but that will definitely take time to prove and many looking for a plasma TV still do not feel comfortable taking the plunge with a Panasonic plasma HDTV.

But irrespective of its 2009 plasma TV performance, we still say that the new Panasonic plasma lineup for 2010 is one of the most interesting, delivering enhanced features and promising improved performance. In the first part of our Panasonic plasma TV review, we introduce you to the full Panasonic Viera plasma TV line for 2010 - highlighting the main characteristics of the different series. In the remaining parts, we present detailed reviews of the G20/G25 and VT20/VT25 Panasonic plasma HDTVs.

The following lines will take you straight to the respective articles:


Panasonic Plasma TVs for 2010 - An Overview
A comprehensive overview covering the different series of Panasonic plasma TVs for 2010 - highlighting the main features while explaining the differences between the different models.

Panasonic G20/G25 Premium Plasma TVs in detail
We review Panasonic's best-selling premium plasma TV series for 2010 - Panasonic Viera G20 and G25 HDTVs, to see what is on offer from Panasonic at the more affordable price bracket.

Panasonic 3D plasma TVs: Series VT20 and VT25
3D Panasonic plasma TVs are relatively expensive but they promise superior 2D and 3D performance. Are these Panasonic Viera plasma TVs worth their expensive price? More in this plasma TV review.

Should you prefer you can join in our discussion on the latest Panasonic plasma TVs by submitting your opinion to be included on our site.

2010 Samsung Plasma TVs

For 2010, Samsung is presenting an equally extensive lineup of plasma TVs, 22 different models spread over nine series. These range from inexpensive 42" HDTVs to costly feature-rich 63" ultra-thin 3D plasma TVs.

Samsung plasma TVs are often the preferred choice among those looking for the best value. Partly, the reason is that year after year, Samsung plasma HDTVs continue to register significant improvements. In particular, with its 2009 plasma HDTVs, Samsung raised the bar for the plasma TV market thanks to the many improvements made to the picture of its plasma televisions.

50-inch PN50C550: Samsung best-selling 2010 plasma HDTV

Samsung 50-inch PN50C550

One of the best selling 1080p plasma HDTVs for 2010

With its 2010 plasma line, Samsung is promising even more. It is a line that provides more than enough choice at all categories and budgets.

No surprise Samsung 2010 plasma HDTVs are among the most awaited and among the best-selling HDTVs. Admittedly, the black level issue that cropped up with Panasonic 2009 Plasma TVs last January when these started losing their deep blacks, is giving Samsung a helping hand!

But this in no way diminishes the fact that the latest Samsung plasma TVs represent a most interesting range of HDTVs for home entertainment.

The links below will take you straight to the respective articles appearing on our site:

Samsung plasma TV line for 2010 - An Overview
A comprehensive overview covering Samsung plasma TVs on offer for 2010 - highlighting the main features while explaining the differences between the different series.

Key Features for 2010 Samsung Plasma HDTVs
Discussing key features on offer for 2010 - from the latest E-panel and 3D, to Samsung Apps and Series 8 motion judder canceller. Do these new features really contribute to improved TV experience?

Samsung Series 5 Plasma TVs in detail
We analyze Samsung's best-selling plasma TV series for 2010, Samsung Series 5, by looking at the various sub-series and then review the C550 to see what is on offer at the lower price bracket.

Samsung 3D plasma TV review: Series 7 and Series 8
We discuss Samsung 3D plasma TVs and then review the PNC7000; these 3D TVs offer solid 2D and 3D performance for less. But do they represent a better option to the more expensive PNC8000 Samsung plasma HDTV sets?

Should you prefer, you can join in our discussion on the latest Samsung plasma HDTVs by submitting your opinion to be included on our site.

Hope you will enjoy and profit from these additions to our site. More new content is available on our site. We suggest to subscribe to the Practical Home Theater Guide RSS feed for an immediate update once new content is available.

Stay tuned to Practical Home Theater Guide!

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