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July 2010 Issue #038 -- LG LED TVs for 2010


Issue # 038: What's New

Date: 19th July 2010

The Practical HT Guide Update brings you the latest additions in a series of informative home theater design articles, unbiased system reviews, practical guidelines and free advice.



We have just complemented our LED TV review section with a set of articles covering the latest LG LED TVs. In total, this LG LED TV review is being spread over four articles, this in view of the extensive line of different LED HDTV models available from this TV maker.

The following is just a very short intro to LG LED TVs for 2010; for the full details, please refer to the LG TV review appearing on the site.


The new LG LED TVs are among the most impressive irrespective of brand. 3D, innovative slim LED backlighting with local dimming, enhanced Internet access, and THX certification are just but a few of the features on offer.

It is a line that confirms LG as one of the leaders, one synonymous with extensive features, innovation, and affordability.


Samsung UN55C8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV

It is a line that contains over twenty different models that spreads over seven series - from entry-level budget-class HDTVs to LG's premium line of Infinia LED TVs.

Entry-level series LE5300 and LE5400 1080p HDTVs come with 120Hz technology; LE5400 adds NetCast while step-up series LE5500 introduces LG to the new LG LED Plus technology. And the LX6500 series adds 3D support.

It is a case where LG's most affordable HDTVs offer a lot more than you would expect from LED TVs within this price bracket. These LG LED TVs represent an interesting pick especially for the home theater on a budget.

However, not all series perform the same - with some of the less expensive models such as the 47-inch 47LE5400 and the 55-inch 55LE5400 performing better than more expensive equivalents within the LE5500 and LX6500 series. At the same time, despite their overall solid picture and accurate colors, some would tell you that picture performance is not one we have come to expect from the latest LED TVs.

LG's Infinia line of LED TVs combines a more aesthetically pleasing slim single-sheet of glass design with a thin bezel, enhanced connectivity, and enhanced content options. Features however vary according to series; for example, the Infinia LE7300 series gets the Infinia sleek design - but no added conveniences or enhancements - so no picture quality improvement here!

The LE8500 is probably the most talked about premium LG LED TV within the LG Infinia range - with the best selling models being the 55-inch 55LE8500; this is all thanks to its Full LED Slim technology. Equally impressive is LG's flagship series, the LX9500; this adds 3D support. But as expected, these are the most expensive HDTVs within the LG HDTV line for 2010.

As stated, LG LED TVs offers a lot for the price - even with the premium series LED TVs. The issue is: Does LG's affordability compromise picture quality?

For an answer to this and much more, please refer to a detailed LG LED TV review appearing on our site. As stated, it is a four part article that discusses each of the 2010 LG LED TV series in detail - analyzing features and performance.


The following links will take you straight to the respective part of this LG LED TV review article:

Introducing LG's LED TV line for 2010.

Key Features for 2010 LG LED TVs
Discussing the latest key features on LG LED TVs - from LG's Full LED Slim and 3D, to the new Infinia line - while analyzing performance implications.

LG LE5300, LE5400, LE5500, and LX6500 LED TVs
We review LG entry-level series LE5300 and LE5400, and step-up Series LE5500 and LX6500 to see what's on offer at the lower price bracket.

LG Infinia line - LE7300, LE8500, and Series LX9500 LG 3D LED HDTVs
We continue with our analysis by discussing LG's premium and flagship LED TVs - LE7300, LE8500, and flagship line LX9500. We then conclude this article by reviewing the LE8500 LG LED TV to see if LG's new Full LED Slim backlight is truly capable of superior picture performance.

Should you prefer, you can join in our discussion on the latest LG LED TVs by submitting your opinion to be included on our site.

Hope you will enjoy and profit from these additions to our site. More new content is available on our site. We suggest to subscribe to the Practical Home Theater Guide RSS feed for an immediate update once new content is available.

Stay tuned to Practical Home Theater Guide!

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