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Issue #024 - What's new
10th July 2006

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Welcome to the July 2006 issue of
Practical HT Guide Update

We usually publish our 'monthly' e-zine towards the end of the month to list the latest additions and site updates that have taken place in the previous weeks. This month, we are a little bit earlier than usual for the simple reason that we had to skip the June issue in view of other website commitments.

In fact, a lot of website activity has been going on - mainly directed towards new content, but there are some updates as well; relevant details are given below:


Movie Posters - a great way to relive the magic of your favorite movies!

This is a whole new section that discusses the use of movie posters to help re-create the magic of the movie theater in the home. Discover more about the fascinating world of movie posters, poster books, poster light boxes, poster presentation, etc., in this movie poster guide. More info here.

Guide to Movie Posters: Poster Sizes (new)

Movie posters come in various standard sizes. Probably, the most common is the one-sheet, but there are many others. Learn more about the different poster sizes and their various uses in this short movie poster guide. More info here.

Movie Poster Books – the cheapest way to enjoy 100’s of movie posters at home (new)

From movie poster collector guides to poster books which you can color yourself, it is all available for you to purchase online! Read here to discover more.

Add style to your home theater - Poster Light Boxes (new)

Poster Light Boxes - for a unique finishing touch to your home theater! Click here for more information.

Top 100 American Movie Poster Classics (new)

AFI best 100 American Movie Poster Classics collection offers a unique opportunity to relive the magic of 100 great movies ever produced during 100 years of American movie history.

More info here.

The Movie Poster Online Store (new)

We have setup our poster store to compliment our newly setup Movie Posters section. Through our poster store, you have access to thousands of movie posters and movie memorabilia online - thanks to our partnership with MovieGoods and AllPosters. Poster Store here.

The AVIA Guide To Home Theater (Updated content)

Though one of the first set-up DVDs to be released, yet the AVIA Guide to Home Theater still represents one of the most extensive calibration tools presently available… AVIA Set-up DVD Review

The Complete LCD Television Guide: System guidelines and LCD TV Reviews (Updated content)

LCD HDTVs are turning out sharper, bigger, better, and cheaper. Discover all you need to know about LCD TV sets in this series of articles on LCD televisions. The LCD TV Guide

How-it-Works: Flat-panel LCD Display Technology (new)

What is LCD display technology, and how do LCD panels work? Discover more in this illustrated how-it-works flat-panel LCD TV guide. More info here.

Home Theater Pictures (new)

This area of the site is intended to help trigger your creativity by seeing what others have done. At the same time, our 'Home Theater Pictures Visitor’s Gallery' gives you the possibility to show your home theater masterpiece to the world by displaying your home theater pictures on our site. More info here.


Take care and stay tuned! 


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