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Issue #022 - What's new
20th April 2006

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Welcome to the April 2006 issue of
Practical HT Guide Update

As promised in our March issue, we have continued with our series of articles on high speed digital interconnects, but not only...

We have also managed to review the latest high definition plasma TVs from Hitachi, the HDT52 Plasma TV series.

For more information about these new additions, see below:

  • A Short Guide To HDMI Cables:  To many, HDMI is still an unfamiliar term. This needs no longer be the case! Our easy-to-follow guide to HDMI cables and HDMI connectors will explain it all.

  • RGB & Component video, or DVI & HDMI - Which is better?: Many think that digital is always better... but it is really so? In this article, we discuss the use of RGB and component video interconnects as against DVI and HDMI cables.

  • Extending DVI and HDMI Cables - Fiber or Copper? Both DVI and HDMI interconnects are hampered by relatively short cable runs. Discover possible available options to extend a HDTV connection beyond the practical distances supported by these digital standards.

  • Hitachi HTD52 Series of High Definition Plasma TVs: The latest 'HDT52' series of Hitachi plasma TV sets includes an unusual 55-inch version, come with an interesting feature set, a motorized stand and an extremely attractive design. But how do they perform when it comes to picture quality?


Articles in the Pipeline:

HDCP: We will conclude our series of articles on High Definition interconnects by discussing HDCP Compatibility requirements when buying home theater gear. What about early adopters who bought a high definition TV that is not HDCP compliant - how will this impact their ability to view HD content?

High Definition DVDs: We have recently heard that Toshiba HD-A1  HD DVD models were sold out within one day of being put on major Stores shelves. Customers also bought up all available HD-DVD movie titles!  We therefore thought it would be appropriate to take a look at the new HD-DVDs and Blu-ray high definition DVDs. What are the differences between these two formats, which one to opt for, and what do you need to enjoy high definition DVD movies using HD DVD or Blue ray?


Take care and stay tuned! 



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