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Issue #021 - What's new
20th March 2006

The Practical HT Guide Update  brings you the latest additions in a series of informative home theater design articles, unbiased system reviews, practical guidelines and free advice. If you like this e-zine, please do a friend and me a BIG favor and "pay it forward."

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Welcome to the March 2006 issue of
Practical HT Guide Update

Site Blog/RSS Feed:

As already announced in the January issue of the 'Practical HT-Guide E-zine', during the last weeks, we were busy completing the first step of a major site update to fully automate the site RSS feed; this process has finally been completed. This means that now, we are in a position to issue feed updates in a more timely and consistent manner.

This exercise was a bit of a lengthy one in view that it required updating some 170 pages on our site.  The reason for this major change is that I have decided to take the site RSS feed a step further...

I have started a small blog - fully integrated with the site RSS feed, that will let you know not only about any new or changed web-pages whenever these appear on, but that will also bring you brief comments and news about time sensitive offers from our major partners in the field of home theater.

For this purpose, I had to change the address of the RSS feed; the old address has been deactivated. Therefore, if you are still subscribed to our old RSS URL, please delete this address and instead update it with the new one by right-clicking on the orange XML-RSS button at the end of this e-zine.

To view the Practical Home Theater Guide Blog, click here.


DVI Cable Guide:

On a number of instances, I have been asked to help readers identify the type of DVI cable to use. This is no surprise - to many, the vast range of DVI interconnects is nothing more than an incomprehensible mess! The numerous different types of DVI cables and DVI connectors present often lead the non-techie into a state of frustration. This needs no longer be the case - help is on the way!

We have prepared a practical guide to DVI cables that explains all the basics about DVI. The information is designed to make the process of selecting your DVI cables and connectors a simple straightforward one. To access our DVI Cable Guide, click here.


This DVI Guide is a first in a series of new articles that are in the pipeline and that would appear under the Home Theater Cables section of the site. Other subjects I would be touching on include HDMI Basics and HDCP Compatibility requirements when buying home theater gear.

It is also of concern the misconceptions that surround digital and analog interconnects. The never ending debate here is all about which is better - analog or digital, DVI and HDMI, or component video? To many the answer is obvious - but is it really so? We hope to be able to answer these complex questions in enough clarity within the coming weeks stay tuned to Practical Home Theater Guide!


Take care and stay tuned! 



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