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Issue #018 - What's new
20th November 2005

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Welcome to the December issue of Practical HT Guide Update.

snowmanWith this issue of our Practical HT Guide Update, I will be closing down on the site activity for 2005. It has been a fantastic year with a lot of hard work going on - work that so far has proved to be very popular both with our readers as well as with the SE.

I will surely continue to put in the same effort and dedication during the year 2006 with the hope that Practical-Home-Theater-Guide.COM will continue to offer valid content to all home theater enthusiasts.

New Additions to the Site:

As promised in our last update, I have added two new guides under the Projection TV section of the site:

The first guide relates to contrast ratio - a topic that is turning out to be a hot issue with product manufactures and that unfortunately is  being misused by some in order to push in product sales.

The second guide discusses the different attributes that today's multi-media video projectors should posses when it comes to business applications and home theater use.

In addition, I have also updated a number of articles that relates directly to front projection, this to ensure that all content reflects current advancements in video projection technology. More info on this new content is given below:

Projection TV Guides - New or Updated content:


Unfortunately, the planned video projector reviews - also referred to in the November issue, have fallen a bit behind schedule; these should now be completed  by end January 2006.

It is hoped that you will enjoy and profit from these new additions.

We hope that  'YOU'  will enjoy and profit from these new additions and updates to our site!

Take care and stay tuned!  



Christmas greetings  

Wishing you a Merry Blessed Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2006

Baby Jesus: May God Bless YOU Always.


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