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Issue #012 - What's new
8th June 2005

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Welcome to this issue of Practical HT Guide Update.

It seems that ours is a never ending job - there is always more to do - irrespective of whether this is a matter of adding new content, or updating already published WebPages.

The latter is often overlooked by many webmasters, yet this is an extremely important aspect of any website. In reality, regular updating of already published content - especially in a technology related site like ours - is the only way to ensure that all web-content remains afresh and valid.  May be a bit of a lengthy introduction, it is true - but we put a lot of effort in ensuring that all published content on our site remains fresh and technically relevant to our readers.

So what's new since our last e-zine?

During the last few weeks, we have updated practically all content under our Projection TV section.  We now have six technical guides under this section - including a new guide on home theater projectors. A link summary for updated and new content can be found at the end of this e-zine.

At present, we are also working on new ways to  increase traffic to our site - one of which is article submission for publication on some high traffic sites. Following the success we had with the publication of a number of articles on Home Technology E-Magazine published monthly by HomeToys Inc., with our latest addition appearing in the June issue of this interesting online magazine, our articles have now been accepted for publication on is a high traffic online article directory that receives more than 250,000 unique visitors a month.

As Featured On Ezine ArticlesThe articles in question are basically excerpts from the series of home theater guides appearing on our site; so far we have published three articles on that are proving very popular and that have earned us the 'Ezine@rticles Expert Author' title.

We are also studying the possibility of introducing a new section where we publish home theater related articles written by our readers -  whether it is a description of some home theater setup project, a product review, etc. So if you like to see your work online, just submit your article and photos/pictures, and we will do the rest. As long as it is home theater related and technically valid, we will do our best to publish your content on our site. All you have to do is to submit your details using the feedback form on our site, and then we will provide you with the relevant instructions on how to proceed.

Recent Additions:

Projection TV Section - Link Summary:

  • How-it-Works Projection Television Technology
    Covering the principles of operation behind the main projector technology in common use today: CRT, LCD, DLP, GLV, and LCOS.

  • TV Buying Guide to Projection Television 
    Discussing the features to look for when making a projection TV purchase.

  • Front Projection Systems - An Introductory Guide
    Discover the Pros and Cons of a front projection setup.

  • The Home Theater Projector - A technical Guide
    Analyzing the different characteristics of CRT, LCD, and DLP video projectors  as applicable to home theater use.

  • Rear Projection Television Facts - An Intro Guide
    Understanding the advantageous and limitations of rear projection TV.

  • DIY Projection Television - Guidelines & Reviews
    An objective analysis of what is really achievable through a DIY setup.

We hope that  'YOU'  will enjoy and profit from these new additions and updates to our site!

Stay tuned!  

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