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Issue #011 - What's new
16th May 2005

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Welcome to this issue of Practical HT Guide Update.

Over the past few weeks, we have managed to put on a new section dealing with Headphones. Basically, it consists of a series of technology guides that covers various aspects related to what many consider as nothing more than a 'toy'!

The truth is that headphones are one of those few under-estimated system components in the audio arena. Even if one were to take a look at Search Engine statistics for keywords searches related to headphones, one would soon find that there is not much demand for this type of information. We think that this is quite unfortunate in that headphones may open up new listening opportunities.

What's more, with today's technology advancements, the 'in-the-head' effect so typical with headphone listening and the major cause of 'listener's fatigue' when using headphones, is something of the past - in fact, it is now possible to enjoy practically the same immersing surrounding experience one enjoys with a multi-channel speaker setup.


More details on this new content, including respective webpage links, are being given below:

Recent Additions:

Main Headphones Section Index Page

A Practical Technology Guide to Headphones Basics: Multi-Channel Dolby Headphone Technology, Wireless Headphones & Headphone accessories 

  • Dolby Headphone (1) - An Overview
    We take a look at Dolby Headphone technology, or rather the acoustic principles that make this headphone listening technology possible. In particular, we examine the use of 'virtual speakers' to generate the out-of-the-head effect and that helps reduce listener's fatigue. More info here.

  • Dolby Headphone (2) - Continue
    In this second part, we look at what is needed to enjoy Dolby Headphone technology. We also examine its limitations vis-à-vis a multi-channel speaker set-up. Finally, for those who would like to discover more, we present a short list of links for further reading. More info here.

  • Headphones Basics and Buying Tips:
    We also look at Headphones Basics - and in particular, identify the features to look for when making a wireless headphone purchase. More info here.

  • Headphone Accessories:
    We conclude this series of headphone technology guides by taking a look at how one can maximize the headphone listening experience through the use of one of the most important headphone accessories - dedicated headphone amplifiers.

But not only! We also reveal how to treat the [.1] in a multi-channel audio. Many complain that when it comes to headphones, they do not 'feel' the bass. Surprisingly as it may seem, yet it is still possible to feel the shake when listening to your headphones even though the subwoofer is turned off! More info here.

We hope that  'YOU'  will enjoy and profit from these new additions and updates to our site!

Stay tuned!  


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