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Issue #009 - What's new
9th March 2005

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Welcome to this issue of Practical HT Guide Update.

Recently, we were invited to write an article on home theater technology to appear on the Home Technology E-Magazine published monthly by HomeToys Inc. This online magazine is an interesting e- publication with a variety of interesting topics each month.

Contributing to such a highly successful magazine is a real honor. Our article discusses the use of surge suppressors as protection devices in the home theater, and will appear in the April issue of the HomeToys E-Magazine. In reality, the article is an excerpt from a series of articles appearing on our site dealing with power protection in the home theater.

But there is more...

We took this opportunity to revise all content appearing under this section. Now, we have seven articles that discuss various power protection related issues - ranging from the use of surge suppressors to the more elaborated power line conditioners and complete home theater power-plants.

For the budget conscious, we also investigate the possible use of inexpensive computer-grade power supplies as part of a power protection solution in the home theater.

In reality, power protection can be expensive - yet there is a lot one can do when well informed - and this does not necessarily imply that you have to spend thousands on power protection solutions.

Recent Additions:

A Guide to Power protection in the Home Theater  
Section index page

We discuss the problems related to dirty and dangerous AC power. But not only... There are other sources feeding your equipment and that may have an impact on system performance.

We look at the operational principles behind surge suppressors. We also explain the various surge suppressor ratings used to describe the surge protection capabilities of these devices.

Surge suppressors represent the most common form of power protection - designed properly, surge suppressors will work over and over again, but do not take surge suppressors for granted...

We discuss the different power protection solutions as used in power line conditioners, together with the pros and cons of each. It is one thing if you are after power protection alone, and another if you want to get the best out of your cutting-edge audio and video home theater set-up. 

The purist in home audio and video would surely discard such a preposition ...but what if budget is an issue? Discover more in this article.

We have prepared a 'what to look for guide' when planning a power protection solution. You will also find a 'before-you-buy check-list' that should further assist in the process.

We have also undated the vast selection of power protection gear available at our Online Store.

Products range from small inexpensive  power protection strips, reasonably priced UPS, and complete home theater power centers for improved system performance.

We hope that  'YOU'  will enjoy and profit from these new additions and updates to our site!

Stay tuned!  


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