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Issue #008 - What's new
15th February 2005

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Welcome to this issue of Practical HT Guide Update.

A lot of activity is going on with respect to the present general site maintenance, but not only. During the last few weeks, we were also working on a totally new section: Wireless Home Entertainment and Wireless Home Theater.

Anything related to wireless home systems is turning out to be HOT, and wireless home entertainment is no exception. We therefore thought that it is the right time to discuss this topic at Practical Home Theater Guide.

For many, wireless home entertainment is all about a set of wireless speakers for their home theater rear surround sound channels, or a remote set of stereo speakers in the garage, kitchen, etc., connected to a home theater AV receiver.

Wireless speaker systems and wireless home theater in-a-box solutions offer a convenient alternative when in-wall wiring is not an option - thus eliminating unsightly speaker wires crossing your home theater room. Wireless speaker systems in particular, may also turn out to be a cheaper option to in-wall wiring in a multi-room audio set-up.

BUT Wireless Home Entertainment is more than just adding a set of wireless speakers in a remote room. Rather, it encompasses access to all your digital content accessible through a home network - irrespective of whether this is present on a home PC, downloadable through an internet connection, etc., with the scope of playing this same content over whatever constitute your home entertainment system. The latter can be an existing TV in the kids room, a stereo wireless speaker system in a garage, or a big screen in your dedicated home theater room.

Recent Additions:

In total, we have five new articles; details are given hereunder:

System Guides:

  • A Practical Guide to Wireless Home Theater Systems
    Wireless Speakers Systems - Add-on Units and Integrated Solutions

    Wireless speakers systems offer greater flexibility and convenience to home theater owners. But there is more than just doing away with some speaker wire when considering a wireless home theater solution! More info here.

  • Wireless Home Entertainment Systems
    PC to Home Entertainment Integration through Wireless Media Players

    Wireless Media Players and WI-FI enabled HT systems take home entertainment to a new level. Now, even average PC users can experience their entire collection of digital content - music - videos - photos - in full glory without being tied to a PC. More info here.


Product Reviews:

Wireless Speakers let you eliminate unsightly home theater speaker wires crossing your living room for the rear speakers in a surround sound system, or across your rooms in a multi-room home entertainment audio set-up. More info here.

Your choice for wireless home theater in-a-box solutions is still very much limited. Discover more what your real options are through this systems review article. More info here.

Wireless digital media players can turn your wireless networking from a simple home-office to a fully integrated wireless home entertainment system. Today's technology has made all this easily achievable. Discover more how you can take full advantage of this wireless home entertainment reality through this product reviews article. More info here.


Planned Website Activity

We will continue with our planned site maintenance exercise - the main target for the coming month being to revise all articles appearing under our Home Theater Design section; in the process, we will be adding some new content as well,  always under this same section.

We hope that  'YOU'  will enjoy and profit from these new additions and updates to our site!

Stay tuned!  


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