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Issue #007 - What's new
14th January 2005

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Welcome to this issue of Practical HT Guide Update.

Well, we are already within the 2nd week of 2005. This reminds us that we are somewhat lagging behind on our site maintenance exercise.

The process is taking longer than originally planned for two main reasons - we are not simply checking for possible broken links, typos, etc., we are also updating the contents on each revised page while including new material as well. However, a lot of activity has been going on from our part on the site.

In addition, we have started to include a 'Last Updated' date information on each new or revised page that we are publishing. We know that most sites do not including such information but we think that publishing this information can at times be beneficial.

Recent Additions:

  • Site Search
    SiteSearch facility for Practical Home Theater Guide

Use the search facility provided here to search our site for the required information. Powered by Google, the search facility is now accessible through the navigation bar for ease of access from all pages. Visit the Site Search page here.

  • DIY Projection TV Pages - Update
    Imagine watching movies or your favorite sports in real life-size without spending a fortune! BUT...

    We have update our  DIY Projection TV section to include a review of the LumenLab DIY LCD video projector,  an update on the MaxTheater DIY Projection TV kit, as well as new links to sites offering 'FREE' DIY projection TV plans.

    The information provided under this section should help remove any 'mysteries' underlying the operation of DIY projection TV, as well as identifies some of the serious limitations behind these DIY TV systems.

    Find out more here.

  • Home Theater Cables - Update
    A complete guide to selecting home theater cables, audio and video interconnects, and speaker wires.

    The updated Home Theater Cables section now includes special application products such as the ultra-flat speaker wire from DeCorp, etc., as well as additional information on cable anatomy, audio and video interconnects, speaker wires, and connecting terminals.

    But there is more!  We are also featuring a short article discussing the implications of gold-plated connectors and silver-coated copper conductors on system performance. Cable manufactures seem to imply that their expensive 'silver' interconnects would produce a quantum jump in overall system performance. Is this really so?

    Find out more here

Planned Website Activity

We will continue with our site update exercise; in the meantime, we will also be publishing new articles as well.

One particular topic we are working on and which we hope to publish in the coming weeks is 'Wireless Home Theater Systems' and 'Multi-room Audio'.

We will let you know about these site updates through our e-zine - however, we recommend that you subscribe to our RSS feed as this gives you an easier option to remain abreast with the latest additions without the need to directly visit the site.

We hope that  'YOU'  will enjoy and profit from these new additions and updates to our site!

Stay tuned!  


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