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Issue #006 - What's new
20th December 2004

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Welcome to this issue of Practical HT Guide Update.

Unfortunately, this issue is a little bit late than usual in that we normally try to publish our e-zine by the beginning of the second week of the month - but at times, the unforeseen happen - and that's normal!

We did not manage to start with the planned site maintenance as originally planned, but in the meantime, we have concluded a lot of work on our site.

Recent Additions:

We have finalized a new section that covers the subject of Satellite Television.

Satellite TV is delivering entertainment and excitement to millions across the US through hundreds of TV channels packed with sporting events, latest news and classic action movies.  We therefore thought of covering this subject in substantial detail.

Items discussed under this section include:

  • The availability of satellite HDTV services, satellite TV installation, antenna tuning, and receiver choice.

  • We have also included a comprehensive Satellite TV Glossary of terms and acronyms.

  • We also take a look at the present 'free' offers for satellite TV services first time customers from DISH Network and DirecTV. 

For the actual content details, check out section index below:

Satellite TV Section Index:

  • Satellite TV does it ALL! A comprehensive Online Guide to Digital Satellite TV (Main Section Index).

  • Digital Satellite Television - a basic introductory guide
    Exposing the advantageous and understanding the drawbacks of Digital Satellite Television systems.

  • More About Satellite HDTV
    Digital Satellite is surely the way to go, but to enjoy HDTV, this has to be supported with the appropriate high definition video systems, receivers, and equally important, an action-packed HD programming package from one of the main DSS providers.

  • Digital Satellite or Cable Television?
    Digital Cable TV is the biggest competitor to satellite television. Technically, digital cable and digital satellite have a lot in common; yet there are a few major differences between these two television services that will surely impact on your decision, and which are therefore worth considering, before taking the satellite or cable route.

  • Satellite Dish Installation Guide
    Installing a satellite dish yourself is not difficult and can save you a couple of hundred dollars or more. Through this guide, we show you - in an easy-to-follow approach - how to select your dish, choose the best location, install, and even fine tune your satellite antenna for best satellite TV reception.

  • Choosing Your Satellite Decoder
    The satellite Television decoder, receiver, or descrambler as sometimes it is called, forms an integral part of your digital satellite TV system setup. In this article, we discus the features to look for when purchasing a satellite TV receiver.

  • A Glossary of Satellite Television Terms and Definitions
    Satellite systems represent a new technology that is making its way in may homes. And as with every new technology, digital satellite comes with its whole lot of terms and acronyms that most have absolutely no idea what they actually mean. Well, help is on its way!

  • FREE satellite Television Offers
    Both DirecTV and DISH Network have come up with a number of 'innovative' FREE satellite TV offers in an attempt to get an even bigger market share - offers worth a couple of hundred dollars in free equipment and installation, but…  

We hope that  'YOU'  will enjoy and profit from these new additions to our site.

Planned Website Activity

As already announced last month, we will now be embarking on general site maintenance. Considering the number of pages to revise, this should easily take at least six to eight weeks; we will let you know about these site updates through our e-zine.

We also plan to hopefully start including RSS feeds; we believe that these should provide added value to our readers.

Stay tuned !

In the meantime, we wish you all...

The Very BEST for a Blessed Christmas
and a Happy New Year 2005

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