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Issue #004 - What's new
16th October 2004

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Welcome to this issue of Practical HT Guide Update.

During the month of September, we had our much awaited holidays, yet it wasn't just all holidays - we decided to take a few home theater books and magazines to read during the traveling, but not only!

The truth is that we took quite a good number of publications with us in view of the new content that we had in mind to prepare for our site. It all started following a request from a friend of ours to suggest some 'solid' home theater books - written in plain English - to hopefully get a better understanding of home theater; what he was after was to learn how to choose the equipment, put it all together, and set-up his home theater.

Recent Additions:

So as you may have already imaged, the new content on our site is all about a comprehensive collection of reviews covering some of the best home theater magazines and books presently available in bookstores and on magazine stands.

In total, we have three new pages with some 11 reviews. However, in addition to the reviews, there is also a short article that discuss the role of home theater books and magazines at a time when so much info is available for 'FREE' on the internet.


So, here what's new on 'Practical-Home-Theater-Guide.Com' :

  • Reviews - Best Home Theater Books
    Home theater books are your only way to research information in a time efficient manner. Grab a good home theater book as your reference guide and you are on the fast track to a thorough understanding of home theater.
    For our reviews and recommendations,
    click here.

  • Reviews - Best Home Theater Magazines
    A subscription to a good home theater magazine is one of the most effective ways to remain abreast with the latest developments in the fast developing world of home theater. For our reviews and recommendations, click here.

  • Books and Magazines in the Home Theater
    Want to avoid costly mistakes, save time and disappointment, whenever you are planning to set up a home theater or making a new equipment purchase? There is only one sure way ahead - grab a few home theater books and magazines.
    If you would like to discover more,
    click here.

We hope that  'YOU'  will enjoy and profit from these new additions to our site!

 So stay tuned!


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