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Issue #003 - What's new
11th August 2004

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Welcome to the 3rd edition of our Practical HT Guide Update.

During the last few weeks, we were super-busy adding contents and updating our web site. We have decided to put in more effort than usual for the simple reason that In the coming weeks, we will be on holidays - finally!

Basically, we will not be adding any contents to our site till the last week of September. We therefore thought of making up for this short break by building as much content as possible before leaving for our holidays. This also means that we will not be issuing any updates for the month of September while the October issue of the Practical HT guide Update will most probably be published towards the end of the month.

Recent Additions:

As expressed in our last issue, we were working on a totally new section dealing with home theater cables and interconnects. This section is now readily available online.

Further more, we have also re-written and updated the whole Plasma displays section. Originally, our Plasma Television articles were accessible only through the 'Direct-View TV' section. However, many were missing this section completely. We therefore thought of re-writing and updating the contents while making it accessible directly via the navigation bar.


So, here what's new on 'Practical-Home-Theater-Guide.Com' :

In total, there are six articles under this section as follows:

Quality, cable length, and performance implications
How does cable quality and cable length impact on system performance?

Home Theater Connections - an introduction to cable anatomy
A short article that discuss the makeup of home theater cables and the effort put in by manufacturers to improve home theater cable performance.

Audio Cables
An introductory guide to analog and digital home theater audio interconnects.

Video Cables
An introductory guide to analog and digital video interconnects

Speaker Wires & Connectors
A guide to home theater speaker wires and connectors.

Home Theater Cable - Connecting tips
Easy-to-follow tips to get the best results out of your cables and interconnects.

Articles covered under this section include:

The Plasma Display 'invasion'
Why plasma displays are becoming so popular? What is it really that is driving plasma television sales? 

Pros and Cons of Plasma versus LCD displays
Are you being faced with the dilemma of choosing between a plasma television and a LCD Tv?  Discover the pros and cons of plasma versus LCD.

This article presents a set of guidelines to help you determine where either of these two flat panel display technologies fit best.

Plasma display technology - Basic Operational Principles
A short easy-to-follow description of the operation behind plasma flat-panel display technology.

Plasma Tv reviews
Take a look at our selection of present top-selling Plasma television sets and display panels; included in our plasma Tv reviews section is one of the most affordable plasma television sets ever put on the market - a 42-inch model for just $2000!

We hope that  'YOU'  will enjoy and profit from these new additions to our site!

So stay tuned!

Please feel free to submit your comments, suggestions, remarks, etc., to To visit the Practical Home Theater Guide Homepage, click here.



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