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Issue #002 - What's new
11th July 2004

The Practical HT Guide Update  brings you the latest additions in a series of informative home theater design articles, unbiased system reviews, practical guidelines and free advice. If you like this e-zine, please do a friend and me a BIG favor and "pay it forward."

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Welcome to the 2nd edition of our Practical HT Guide Update. Its holiday time for many, yet we continued working on our website as we plan to take our holidays sometime in September.

Recent Additions:

As expressed in our first issue, during the last weeks, we have been busy working on developing and re-structuring our Home Theater Design section.

Recent additions under this category include:

A relatively detailed article that deals with the correct placement of speakers -including delay settings in surround systems and the different requirements in speaker placement between home theater and multi-channel music programs. Find out more here.

During the last weeks, we have also manage to add an online store to our site - a Home Theater Store that has been setup in association with This means that as an associate of amazon, we are in a position to offer you the largest selection of home theater products on the web at all price brackets.  To visit our online store, click here.

As stated on our 'Home theater Store', we receive a small commission from - which will go to help support our web site - if you purchase products after you link to Amazon from our Home Theater Store.  If there is a product of interest, just click on the product's link for more information or to order. Amazon will then deliver the product to you through their excellent service. Thank you for your support.

We hope that  'YOU'  will enjoy and profit from these new additions to our site!


Articles in the Pipeline

At present we are at an advance stage of finalizing a set of articles on home theater cables and audio/video interconnects. Hopefully, these articles will be published on our site prior to the end of this month.

Home theater cables are an essential, yet often overlooked element in any home theater setup. No home theater system is complete without the home theater cables and speaker wire that connects the various home theater system components together. These articles will not only present the various audio and video interconnects in use today, but will also discuss in detail basic cable anatomy - including implications on cable quality and performance, and cable connection tips.

So stay tuned!


Please feel free to submit your comments, suggestions, remarks, etc., to To visit the Practical Home Theater Guide Homepage, click here.



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