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December 14, 2012

Sony Rear Projection TVs
Sony KP-46WT500 and the KP-57WV600 RPTVs

Product Review

Sony are the undisputable leaders in this field - they have been delivering excellent feature-rich reliable products for over a decade. In this product review, we discuss the two top-selling CRT Sony rear projection TVs for home theater use, the Sony KP-46WT500 and the KP-57WV600.

Mitsubishi 73-inch WD-73642 3D DLP HDTV
Mitsubishi WD-73642 3D DLP TV

This is the most affordable 3D 73-inch HDTV presently available on the market. It is true that this Mitsubishi DLP TV comes with a reduced feature set, but you get a massive 73-inch 3D TV for the price of a 50-inch LED TV.

More on 2012 Mitsubishi DLP HDTVs can be found in our rear projection TV review page here

Sony CRT Rear Projection TVs

The Sony KP-46WT500 and the KP-57WV600 were among the top-selling Sony rear projection TVs following their release in late 2002. These products have now been discontinued by Sony and replaced by their 2004 line of CRT rear projection TVs.

This means that you can only find these rear projection TVs refurbished or second hand; however, they still represent an interesting big screen option. Both products featured in  this review article are capable of delivering amazing picture quality - their main difference being the screen size. These Sony rear projection TVs are set to render vivid, smooth, and detailed images especially when watching DVDs with the progressive scan - it is literally like being at the movies!

Interesting features include:

Sony's Twin View is a multi-image driver (MIDX) to watch two programs side by side, with the ability to zoom in one of them. You can watch the two different sources (in 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i) simultaneously, though only the left window can display 1080i, 720p, and 480p content. And since not everything you watch will be high-definition in origin, these Sony rear projection TVs incorporate the Sony's DRC (Digital Reality Creation). This upconverts all video signals by replacing the signal's NTSC waveform with a near-high-definition equivalent, doubling the number of vertical and horizontal lines in the process. This gives you four times the density for quality sources like DVD, satellite systems, and digital camcorders. You can select interlaced, progressive, or CineMotion (3:2 pulldown) outputs.

A feature called DRC Palette lets you customize the level of detail (Reality) and smoothness (Clarity) to create and store up to three custom palettes.

The CineMotion 3:2 pulldown circuitry identifies film-based content from DVDs and reassembles the frame sequence to more accurately reproduce a movie's original 24-frame rate. This process eliminates artifacts and gives you sharp, accurate full-frame progressive images. The set's HD Detailer wideband video amplifier adds a finishing touch, rendering high-definition and standard-definition images alike.

A 3D Y/C digital comb filter processes RF and composite-video signals for a sharp, clean picture. This filter significantly reduces detail noise, seen as shimmering or flicker, in complex or intricate scenes.

Although for a real home theater experience, a dedicated HT receiver is recommended - this being regardless of the make or model of your rear projection tv, yet it is worth mentioning that these units come equipped with 2 x 20W speaker outputs. Sony's TruSurround simulates an enveloping, surround-sound experience right from the set's two speakers, while Steady Sound maintains television volume within a preset range regardless of the source signal.

These Sony rear projection TVs are loaded with connections of all stripes, including a DVI-HDTV (Digital Visual Interface) input, which channels a pure, uncompressed video connection with your DTV receiver or set-top box. The set also offers two HD component-video inputs and several composite-video and S-video connections to accommodate all your home-video components. A set of audio/video outputs (composite-video with one fixed- and one fixed-/variable-level audio) facilitates hookup with an AV receiver and speaker system or other external component.

Other features include scrolling index (which lets you preview and select programs from scrolling representative images), favorite channels, and V-Chip parental control (which lets you block unsuitable programming from younger viewers).

Sony have been consistent in delivering a vast selection of high quality feature-rich products and great reliability. These Sony rear projection TVs are no exception and surely represent an excellent option for any home theater.

Sony KP-46WT500 46'' Widescreen HDTV TV

Sony KP-46WT500 46inch widescreen HDTV

With the different audio and video setups, multiple inputs (including a convenient front input), and universal remote, you'll surely be very pleased with all that this Sony rear projection TV has to offer, independent of whether you're watching the latest movie on DVD, or watching your favorite TV program in HD.

Additional Technical data

Display Type : HDTV Monitor

Projection system: 3 picture tubes (7-inch high brightness monochrome types) optically coupled with 3 large diameter F1.1 lenses horizontal in-line system and liquid cooling system.

Widescreen TV : Yes

Screen Size : 46 Inch

Cabinet Color : Silver

Convergence Type : Automatic

First Surface Mirror : Yes

Built-In Screen Shield : Yes

Remote Type : Universal

Number A/V Inputs (Front/Rear) : 1 / 6

Number S-Video Inputs (Front/Rear) : 1 / 2

Number HD Component Video Inputs (Front/Rear) : 0 / 2

Number Standard Component Inputs (Front/Rear) : 0 / 2

Number RF Jacks : 2

PC Compatible : No

Built-in Satellite Receiver : No

Variable Audio Output Jacks : Yes

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) : YES (2-Tuner Split-Screen)

Menu Languages : English, Spanish, French

Channel Labels : Yes

Dimensions: 24.00 inches x 42.80 inches x 40.20 inches

Power supply: AC 120V, 60 Hz

Power consumption: 230 watts (less than 1 watt in standby)

Item Weight: 135lb

Warranty on Parts and labor : Typically 12 Months

Conclusion: Another great product from within the range of Sony rear projection TVs.

SONY KP-57WV600 57" 16:9 HDTV Projection Television

Blazing forth with its huge screen, Sony style, and a complete list of high-tech features, the KP-57WV600 Sony rear projection TV is set to render vivid, smooth, and detailed images from DVD players, digital TV set-top boxes, digital satellite systems, cable television boxes, etc. 

Sony KP-57WV600 57inch HDTV

In addition to the standard features mentioned earlier on, this Sony rear projection TV also incorporates:

ClearEdge VM Velocity Modulation which improves the definition at picture edges, creating sharper images by slowing the CRT (cathode-ray tube) beam's horizontal scanning during demanding work--say, when rendering transitions from light to dark parts of an image--and speeding it up when scanning easily rendered sections, like broad dark areas.

A Memory Stick picture viewer. Just pop your Memory Stick media card into the front-panel slot (it accepts 8 to 128 MB Sticks) to view images from your digital camera or personal computer.

Additional Technical data:

Projection system: 3 picture tubes (7-inch high brightness monochrome types) optically coupled with 3 large diameter F1.1 lenses horizontal in-line system and liquid cooling system.

Color: Silver with black trim

Screen size: 57 inches

TV type: Rear-projection

HDTV capable: Yes

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Invar shadow mask: No

Signal type: NTSC, decoded ATSC

Protective screen guard: Yes

Auto channel setup: Yes

Channel labeling: Yes

Closed captioning: Yes

Mute: Yes

Surfing: Favorite channels (up to 8)

Picture modes: Normal (4:3), Full (16:9), Zoom, or Wide Zoom

Picture enhancements: Flash Focus, 63-point manual adjustment, Digital Reality Creation (DRC), HD Detailer (wideband video amplifier)

Multilingual menu: Yes (English, Spanish, French)

Picture-in-picture (PIP): Yes (2-tuner, with zoom)

Remote control: Yes

SAP: Yes

Auto clock set: No

Sleep timer: Yes

Audio tone controls: Yes

Audio balance: Yes

VGA/SVGA input: No

Audio outputs: 2 stereo analog (left/right) RCA (1 fixed, 1 switchable fixed/variable)

Audio inputs: 7 stereo analog (left/right) RCA

Video outputs: 1 (composite-video)

Video inputs: 12

Headphone jack: No

Digital video input: 1 (DVI-HDTV)

Component video: 2 (HD)

Composite video: 4

S-video: 3

RF: 2 in, 1 out

Control ports: 1 in, 1 out

Monitor: No (includes 181-channel NTSC tuner)

Color temperature control: Yes

Front AV jacks: Yes

Side AV jacks: No

Power supply: AC 120V, 60 Hz

Power consumption: 295 watts (less than 1 watt in standby)

Item weight: 216 pounds

Dimensions: 27.2 inches x 53.6 inches x 54.8 inches

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

An affordable set truly capable of delivering amazing picture quality from within the range of Sony rear projection TVs.

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