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Update: November 30, 2012

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When compared to the giants in the industry like Da-Lite, Stewart, and Elite Screens, AccuScreens is a relatively small brand of projection screens. What many do not know is that AccuScreens is backed by Draper Inc., another 'BIG' in the projector screen business. Draper markets AccuScreens separate from its Draper line of home theater projector screens, with the AccuScreens line targeting mainly the beginner home theater.

AccuScreens projector screen solutions are among the least expensive within their class. This is no surprise; AccuScreens pride themselves as making home theater affordable, targeting mainly the home theater on a budget. There is not much of a wide range of products to choose from, but there is still sufficient range of projection screen solutions to cover most requirements budget home theaters would ever come across.

Read here to discover more what is available for your home theater under the AccuScreens brand.

AccuScreens - Electric screen 106-inch diagonal with Matte White BalanceView screen surface

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AccuScreens: Projection screen solutions for your home entertainment

AccuScreens projector screen do not come with the same fancy features like electric adjustable masking systems for proper aspect ratio control.

And up to two years, their electric screens did not even come with a convenient low voltage trigger to synchronic the lowering or rising of the screen with the projector power cycle; this is no longer the case and a 12V trigger is now available on all AccuScreens electric screens as standard. Rather, projector screen solutions within the AccuScreens brand now incorporate a number of versatile control systems including IR & RF remote controls, in-line switch, and even a separate decorative wall switch with built-in IR receiver.

But unlike other major brands, one main limitation with the AccuScreens brand is the rather limited number of available projection screen surfaces, with just a choice of three surfaces. One has to keep in mind here that these are projector screen solutions for the home theater on a budget where the main requirement is an inexpensive projector screen but that is still functional under most conditions, and that can still deliver a great image, one worth enjoying.

In this respect, AccuScreens projector screens represent an outstanding screen solution for a beginner's home theater, one that looks good but that costs significantly less than similar-sized projector screen solutions from other brands. In this short projector screens review article, we will look at the AccuScreens range of screen solutions for the home theater to see what this small brand has to offer for the home entertainment market.

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AccuScreens: A Compact line of Projector Screen Solutions

AccuScreens line comprises four types of screen arrays―manual projection screens, electric screens, fixed-frame screens, and portable tripod solutions. Sizes vary from 7 feet diagonal 4:3, to 120-inch diagonal HDTV format.

Manual screens

100-inch diagonal 16:9 Manual screen from AccuScreens, wall or ceiling mounted [Available from amazon]

AccuScreens 92-inch 16:9 Manual
Projection Screen with BalanceView

Main features include a white screen case to blend in with walls and ceilings, a variable locking spring roller system to position your screen where you want it, and a black leader above the screen and black masking around the picture area.

The available projector screen surface is AccuScreens BalanceView matte white screen surface; this has a gain of 1.1 and an almost flat response over a 180-degrees angle of view.

BalanceView matte white is relatively good all-rounder, delivering a great beautiful image under most environments; however, for the best image results, viewing should take place in a darkened room. This AccuScreens surface is easy to clean with mild soap and water.

AccuScreens manual projector screen solutions are among the least expensive irrespective of brand. The 92-inch diagonal 16:9 projection screen shown here is selling on amazon at a reduced price of less than $120; despite the cheap price, this screen still delivers a clean image with deep blacks especially in a darkened room.

AccuScreens Electric Projector Screen Solutions
96-inch AccuScreens Motorized Front Projection Screen - Wall or Ceiling Mountable

8Ft Diagonal AccuScreens 4:3 Electric Wall

These electric screens are basically the same manual screens but with a synchronous electric motor driven mechanism to lower or raise the screen.

In fact, like the manual version, all electric AccuScreens come with the same BalanceView Matte White screen fabric, while the screen includes the same black leader above the screen and black masking around the picture area.

Activation of electric AccuScreens is either by an IR/RF remote or with an in-line switch. Included is also a 12V trigger to synchronic the lowering or rising of the screen with the projector power cycle.

Price-wise, these are relatively inexpensive electric projection screens - as if to keep with AccuScreens motto of making home theater affordable. In fact, the 8ft diagonal electric screen featured here is selling online at under $275 while a bigger 106" AccuScreens electric screen is selling on amazon for less than $350.

Tripod - Portable Screen

AccuScreens Tripod screen solution provides a portable projection screen for use both in home entertainment and business presentations. Their extremely light and compact design allows for easy transport. The screen height can be easily adjusted to match your projected image format.

As with the screen arrays referred to above, Tripod screens come with AccuScreens BalanceView surface. Available screen sizes range from 72-inch diagonal to 136-inch diagonal 1:1 aspect ratio.

Fixed-Frame Solutions:

One last screen array from AccuScreens is their line of fixed-frame projector screen solutions. These definitely represent an interesting affordable solution for the more serious home theater, a solution that is easy to assemble and install.

AccuScreens 106-inch diagonal fixed-frame projection screen

This 106" Diagonal AccuScreens 16:9
fixed-frame projection screen is a favorite among home theater enthusiast - offering the right size projection screen for the home in an acoustic transparent screen surface at a most affordable price.

Available from amazon

The mounting frame produces a perfectly tensioned screen for improved screen flatness, while the frame comes with a pleasing black velvet cover around the screen; the latter helps absorb light overshoots.

Mind you, this is not the type of professional projection screen you get from Stewart Filmscreen or Draper, but at less than $300 for a 106-inch diagonal 16:9 screen, AccuScreens have managed to come up with a winning price/performance combination.

All fixed-frame AccuScreens come with AccuScreens SoundScreen projector screen fabric; this screen fabric is available in either Matte White or High Contrast Gray, and as its name suggests, is acoustically transparent.

The latter makes it an ideal choice for use in the home theater as it enables the center speakers to be placed behind the screen; this leads to a more immersive viewing experience thanks to a sound field that better encompasses the screen action and the viewer.

Are you looking for an affordable
AccuScreens Screen Solution?

AccuScreens SolutionsAccuScreens projector screen arrays are readily available from amazon.com and B&H PhotoVideo.

However, Amazon often offers more buying options at reduced prices.

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