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Review date:  November 2, 2005
December 13, 2012

Philips HDTV Rear Projection Systems
Philips WP-9363 and WP-9383 Series

Product Review

Overlooked by many in the US, yet top-selling Philips HDTV Rear Projection Systems are of comparable quality as those from the world's leaders in the imaging technology.

Mitsubishi WD-82840 3D-ready Internet-connected DLP TV
Mitsubishi WD-82840 3D DLP TV

This 82-inch DLP HDTV features 3D, Internet-TV, is ISFccc-ready, and includes a 16-speaker soundbar for great TV sound. More information available in our review here.

Philips HDTV Rear Projection Systems

Philips Electronics is one of the world's biggest electronics companies and Europe's largest. It is also a global leader in the general electronics market, with a vast product portfolio ranging from color television sets and one-chip TV products to medical systems.

Philips rear projection HDTV systems are comparably priced to similar offerings from leading manufacturers. They maybe not of the same ranking as the Sony in terms of features - in particular set-up menus on some of the Philips HDTV RPTV sets seem to lack that intuitive touch found on today's HDTVs. Otherwise, Philips HDTV rear projection systems offer a good level of performance and picture quality. This applies also to the Philips HDTV rear projection sets covered in this review article; these are the Philips 55PW9363 55" and the Philips 60PW9383 60" rear projection 16:9 HD-ready TVs. The selected rear projection Philips HDTV sets are capable of producing a full 1080i signal via optional digital set top box. Display Format Conversion ensures that you see the image the way you want it – no matter what the source. The Philips HD Optics system includes micro phosphor CRTs, hybrid projection lenses, first surface mirrors, fine pitched lenticular screens and Philips Wideband Video amplifier. Connectivity is good with the available AV terminals.

Main Features for PX9363 and 9383 Philips HDTV Series

High-definition display - 1080i/480p

- Philips High definition optics

- Auto IntelliSense Focus: an interesting feature designed to automatically adjust the picture convergence at the push of a button; it responds to the natural and man-made magnetic field conditions where the TV is located to ensure the best possible picture.

- HD, DVI and Components inputs: In particular, the HD connection offers color purity, crisp color detail and reduced color noise.

- Active Control - which continuously monitors all incoming signals to provide the best picture quality.

- Eye fidelity, with selective, progressive, or interlaced scan, for a most appropriate picture scanning technique in accordance to the type of picture or event being displayed.

- Automatic phosphor aging compensation to help prevent screen burn left by non-moving images.

- Multi-point digital convergence - a 35-point based process for a flawless convergence of the red, green and blue projection tubes.

- Protective screen filter to prevent accidental damage to the delicate front lenticular screen.

- 3-D Y/C digital comb filter

- Virtual Dolby surround

- Double-window, two tuner picture-in-picture

- OS display

- Slim design

- Home-cinema universal remote with backlighting

Philips 55PW9363 55" HDTV rear projection set55PW9363 55" Widescreen Philips RPTV

List Price: $2100

Audio output: 2 x 10WRMS

Dimensions: 25.6" (D) x 52.6" (W) x 57" (H)

Power supply: AC 110+/- 10%, 60 Hz

Power consumption: 180watts (less than 1 watt in standby)

Item Weight: 190lb

Warranty on Parts and labor: 12 Months with limited warranty on CRT parts for two years and 30days free service on the projection TV screen.

Philips 60PW9383 60" HDTV rear projection set60PW9383 60" Widescreen Philips RPTV

The 60PW9383 is an upgrade version in terms of image size of the slightly smaller Philips 55PW9368, and with almost identical specs.

List Price: $2600

Audio output: 2 x 15WRMS

Dimensions: 27" (D) x 56.7" (W) x 59.4" (H)

Power supply: AC 110+/- 10%, 60 Hz

Power consumption: 180 watts (less than 1 watt in standby)

Item Weight: 210lb

Warranty on Parts and labor: 12 Months with limited warranty on CRT parts for two years and 30days free service on the projection TV screen.

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