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Da-Lite has a vast selection of projection screen surfaces and screen arrays to cover practically any imaginable projection environment. This is no surprise. Da-Lite has been designing, manufacturing and marketing the most comprehensive line of projection screens for over 100 years!

In the process, Da-Lite's product portfolio has developed into one that offers the widest selection of proprietary projection screen fabrics and materials. Whether you are looking for a solution to your home entertainment or a corporate boardroom media presentation, you can be sure there is always a Da-Lite solution to cover your needs.

In this article, we discuss some of the most popular Da-Lite projection screen fabrics available for the Home Theater and Home Entertainment market.

69Inx92In Model B Da-Lite Manual Pull Down Screen Matte White

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Introduction to the world of Da-Lite Screens:

Da-Lite offers the world's widest selection of projection screen arrays and projection fabrics. This vast selection of Da-Lite screens and screen accessories is in itself a reflection of the heavy investment by this screen manufacturer in to-day's presentation technology.

Whatever your constraints and requirements, ambient light conditions, projector technology, screen size, budget restrictions, etc., Da-Lite projection screens offer a solution to your needs. These cover a variety of screen arrays ranging from fixed, electric, manual, concealed-in-ceiling, ceiling hung, wall-mounted, floor pull-up, etc.

Included as standard with all Da-Lite projection screens are black masking borders; electrically adjustable borders and drops are also available to enable you to change the screen format.

Electric screens and masks are available in both 110 volt and 220 volt ac models. In addition, all screen arrays are available in different projection screen fabrics. 

For the DIY Home theater enthusiasts and custom applications, Da-Lite screens are also available straight off-the roll, cut to size for use with user provided frames in fixed installations. This service is available for all screen fabrics described in this article.

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Which Da-Lite Screen fabric is best for your home theater application?

Unfortunately, the vast choice of screen surfaces available from Da-Lite often leads many into serious difficulties when choosing a projection screen surface. In the face of the vast choice of projection screens, some would often try to simplify the whole matter by assuming that in the end, any projection surface will do.

This is not the case. There is no magic screen material that performs perfectly well in every situation. Each home cinema design has distinct and unique demands. And projection screen manufactures know this very well. It is for this reason that major AV screen suppliers like Da-Lite have developed specially formulated screen fabrics with different reflective and colorimetric values to cope with different application requirements.

Da-Lite range of front projection screen fabrics covers over thirty different screen surfaces, each designed to suit different applications, site constrains, and custom requirements. All Da-Lite screens make use of a washable, flame retardant, and mildew resistant screen fabric. Da-Lite projection screen fabrics are also certified under the GREENGUARD® Children and Schools program for indoor air quality.

In this Da-Lite product guide, we discuss fifteen of the most popular Da-Lite projection screen fabrics in the home theater and home entertainment. These different screen fabrics can be grouped into eight different types of screen surfaces:

- Matte White and HC (High-Contrast) Matte White

- Cinema Vision, HC Cinema Vision and HC Cinema Perf

- Da-Mat and HC Da-Mat

- Audio Vision and HC Audio Vision

- Silver Lite 2.5 and 3D Virtual Grey

- HD Progressive 1.1 Perf

- Pearlescent and Video Spectra

- High Power

The main characteristics for each of these different Da-Lite screen fabrics are being summarized below:

Matte White and High-Contrast Matte White

Da-Lite Matte White comes with a screen gain of 1.0 and a viewing cone of 120 degrees.

This is the most versatile of all Da-Lite projection screen surfaces and often represents the primary choice where ambient light is controllable. It distributes light evenly over a wide viewing area while colors remain bright and life-like, with no shifts in hue.

Manual 106-inch Diagonal HDTV Format Home Theater Fa-Lite Screen with High Contrast Matte White Fabric

Manual 106" HDTV Format Home Theater Screen with
High Contrast Matte White Fabric

The High Contrast Matte White version of Da-Lite screens comes with a slightly higher screen gain of 1.1 but with a slightly reduced viewing cone of 100 degrees.

Designed for moderate output DLP and LCD projectors, this Da-Lite screen surface is ideal when video images are the main source of information being projected and where ambient light is moderately controlled.

With its specially designed gray base material and reflective top surface, this screen material is able to provide very good black levels without sacrificing the white level output.

Cinema Vision, High Contrast Cinema Vision, and High Contrast Cinema Perf

Da-Lite fixed frame with Cinema Vision Screen Fabric

100" Diagonal Video Format Fixed Frame Da-Lite screen with Cinema Vision

Da-Lite Cinema Vision comes with a slightly higher screen gain of 1.3 and a viewing cone for 50% peak gain of 90 degrees.

This is an unsupported vinyl surface that offers a bright, uniform image with no color shift no matter at what angle you view the image. This surface is designed to provide a higher amount of brightness for lower output projector types such as CRT. Its increased reflectivity will help enhance the image brightness in situations where low ambient light levels are present.

In particular, this Da-Lite screen surface is a good choice when projecting video images.

Da-Lite Tensioned 84-inch Diagonal Video Format Home Theater Electric Screen with High Contrast Cinema Vision Fabric

Tensioned 84" Video Format Home Theater Electric Screen with
Da-Lite High Contrast Cinema Vision Fabric


The High Contrast Cinema Vision version of Da-Lite screens comes with a screen gain of 1.1 and a viewing cone of 100 degrees. This is a derivative of the Cinema Vision screen fabric series, a smooth, gray vinyl finish surface designed for moderate output DLP and LCD projectors.

This surface improves the perceived contrast by lowering black levels while offering moderate gain. It is a flexible unsupported vinyl fabric and may be folded or rolled. This high contrast version is available on all screen arrays offered with the Cinema Vision Da-Lite screen fabrics.

High Contrast Cinema Vision Da-Lite screens also come pre-tensioned for an extra flat surface; this helps maintain optimum image quality. One such example is the 84-inch diagonal electric screen shown here.

Da-Lite Tensioned 92-inch HDTV Format Home Theater Electric Screen with High Contrast Cinema Perf Fabric

Tensioned 92" Electric Screen with
High Cont Cinema Perf

Da-Lite High Contrast Cinema Perf is a professionally grade screen. This is essentially the same High Contrast Cinema Vision fabric but with perforations in the screen surface to render the material acoustically transparent.

In fact, it comes with the same 100 degrees viewing cone and a screen gain of 1.1 as the Cinema Vision fabric.

This Da-Lite screen is ideal for use in environments with moderate control of ambient light.

Da-Mat and High Contrast Da-Mat

Da-Lite multi-format electric screen with Da-Mat screen finish

100-inch Diagonal Multi-format Da-Lite electric screen with
Da-Mat Screen Fabric

Da-Lite Da-Mat is a smooth, white, vinyl surface finish with a screen gain of 1.0 and a supported viewing cone of 100 degrees.

It is the projection screen surface to choose where precise image reproduction is essential. It provides an exceptionally wide angle of view with little loss of resolution. It is made from a highly flexible unsupported vinyl fabric and may be folded or rolled.

A prime quality product in the range of Da-Mat screens designed for professional use is the Da-Lite Tensioned Ceiling recessed home theater electric screen shown here. It supports multi-format video through a four position masking system that can be set through the simple touch of a button!

Da-Lite 150-inch Diagonal Video Format Home Theater Fixed Frame Screen with High Contrast Da-Mat Fabric

150" Video Format Home Theater Fixed Frame Screen with High Contrast Da-Mat Fabric

The High Contrast Da-Mat Da-Lite screen fabric comes with a somewhat reduced screen gain of 0.8 and a viewing cone of 90 degrees.

It is a flexible unsupported vinyl fabric and may be folded or rolled; it comes with a smooth, gray, vinyl finish surface for high output LCD and DLP projectors. The perceived high contrast effect is achieved as the gray finish effectively lowers the black levels in the projected image.

This high contrast version is available on all screen arrays offered with the Da-Mat surface. It is available in both 4:3 video and HDTV formats, with screen sizes ranging from 72" diagonal to 240" diagonal.

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