3DTV will take off soon

I believe 3D will take of soon as most manufacturers have already started to incorporated 3D technology into their flagship sets, consumers who just want the very best 2D image quality will end up buying sets that also happen to do 3D. Manufacturers are also including 2D to 3D conversion as standard too such as DDD groups Tridef technology on Samsung 3DTV’s.

The gaming industry is also due to release 3D consoles, the new Nintendo 3DS is due out soon. The Nintendo 3DS has a unique 3D screen that can be viewed without glasses, as shown in this link:

This screen is rumored to be made by Sharp Corporation as they hold patents for this kind of technology:

In addition to the TV and gaming industry, 3D will also be available on mobile phones next year; this is the same technology as the Nintendo 3DS screen:

3D TV Picture

I’ve watched 3d TV w the shutter glasses and the effect is wonderful. The picture is actually clearer than the large screen in the movie theater.

I have no problem wearing the glasses.

Is 3D Worth It?

Is 3D worth it? For me, yes, as I have loved the effect of 3D since first viewing it back in the early 50’s. I soon discovered that there was a sweet spot to sit in the cinema to get the best effect and I believe that the same applies to home cinema 3D.

I recently have the pleasure of help set up a home cinema which used a professional digital projector and shutter glasses. The screen is 2 meters high, curved and has a maximum width of 5 meters. It is near the best 3D I have ever seen only being surpassed by the 3D High Definition Panavision 60fps display that was at Cape Canaveral in the mid 1980s.

I remember being so impressed with the quality that I managed to get to talk to the projectionist about the technical details and hope I have remembered the frame rate correctly. I well remember the beautiful smooth action of the higher frame rate as even to day the one thing that bugs me is the flicker of 24fps in cinemas.

I have looked at 3D TV displays on 37inch to 50inch LCD and plasma and the larger the display the better the effect. I am looking forward with great interest to seeing the 65inch Panasonic 3D Plasma as I found the 50 inch still too small.

3D TV Is Worth It

I do think 3D is worth getting into right now because you can get 3D TV’s and blu-ray players for the same price as ones that aren’t capable. Mitsubishi DLP is always the best choice when you are in the market for a new TV. You can get a much larger screen and great quality for less money.

I went with Mitsubishi because I didn’t have to settle for a smaller TV and I was able to save money too! It has everything I wanted, and 3D too.

But without HD programming, you won’t get the quality picture you want from your TV. I get my HD through my employer, DISH Network. Because DISH has the best technology, HD programming, and 3D pay-per-views, it compliments my TV nicely.


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