Which 3D LED TV to buy in 2010? A wise suggestion

I have been following and studying various trends in technology advancements in the 3D field especially 3D LED TVs. From Indian consumer market perspective, there are three key brands that are fighting each other for a substantial space in 3D LED TV market…Sony, Samsung and LG…

After reviewing their lines closely in person at showrooms and at various review forums, I have reached to the final conclusion that none of the models launched by these 3 companies fit into a true 3D LED TV experience that is worth spending money…

Sony and Samsung lack in refresh rates and Full LED whereas LG lacks in 2D to 3D conversion…

In a nutshell, my recommendation is to wait for 3D technology to evolve more so as you have a final TV set that has: a) Full LED, b) 2D to 3D conversion, c)refresh rates of 400Mhz or more…and that all within a price bracket of INR 1,50,000/- (USD 3000)…then only, its worth to go for 3D LED TVs else go for LED with full LED local dimming…

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Who’s wisdom
by: Anonymous

I must admit, I am not overly zealous about 3D in the market place. I, too, have been watching these items, since this is part of the business I am in. However, I must say that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.

We just returned from the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta. All the major manufacturers were on hand, displaying devices, as well as their 3D sets.

Sony is the only brand we recommend at this time. I’m sure the 400MHz reference was a typo and our submitter meant 400Hz. However, I do agree that the refresh rate does need to be substantial. Sony has a 240Hz that looks great (there is a substantial difference between Hz and MHz).

Still, some people like the 3D. Go for at least 240Hz and you should be fairly pleased.

Now, the major concerns with 3D are the camera guy’s. While CGI images look great in 3D, live action is a little different. Cameramen are still being trained as to how to shoot 3D. There are some focal lengths, etc, that are optimum, while others are not that great. As a result, some sports and other programs still lack a little in being, what I feel, acceptable. However, here again, I am not a real fan of 3D, but who am I to express my opinion.

My suggestion: Stay away from the Big Box stores and go to a real professional that can show and explain the difference, in lay terms. Then, look at the product and choose for yourself.


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