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VIZIO E50-C1 50-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

Are you in the market for a new HDTV or AV receiver? Would you like to have a true understanding of the latest TV specs without the hype that often the latest technology? Do you know what it takes to enjoy the best 3D TV experience?

Would you like to know how to go about designing a home theater within the limitations of your budget, or how to select the best projection screen for your needs? Are you confused by the different audio formats? Help is here!

Practical Home Theater Guide is set to serve as a comprehensive guide to home theater—from the art and science of home theater design, to home theater systems installation and product reviews; all articles are complemented by easy-to-follow information and practical installation tips.

Home theater systems can do a remarkable job towards achieving a great cinematic experience in the home.

It is all about an intermix effect brought together by the TV or projection screen, the home theater sound, and the overall room decor. These all play a key role in the cinematic experience.

Through the information published on Practical Home Theater Guide, we show you that it is all a question of selecting the appropriate gear and of following the necessary implementation principles for a correct home theater setup.

It is not true the bigger an HDTV is, the better, or that you will enjoy better sound by pumping more power into your sub-woofer! Just follow through the articles appearing on Practical Home Theater Guide to discover more.

Website Objective

We hope that Practical Home Theater Guide will serve as a comprehensive reference source with easy-to-follow information on all aspects of home theater. Our aim is to help you achieve through your own home theater system that same magical experience we enjoy at movie theaters. We are therefore presenting a series of informative articles and setup guides that discuss the various aspects of home theater.

Practical Home Theater Guide covers various sections targeting specific areas of interest:

– HDTVs installation guides

– Product reviews

– Home theater video projectors

– Projector screens

– Multi-channel sound systems

– AV receivers and wireless speakers

– Home theater calibration and setup discs

– Power supplies and equipment protection

– Digital and satellite TV systems

 … and more.

Each section includes the relevant home theater guides that discuss in detail the respective design criteria, setup constraints, equipment selection, and overall equipment integration. Related home theater system reviews are also included, while links to manufacturers’ sites and major online suppliers are provided whenever possible.

Home Theater Design: We are also featuring an interesting series of Home Theater Design guides that takes a full 360o approach to the subject, starting with the basics in the design concept, to final implementation.

Topics covered include basic home theater room planning budget constraints and available space, room acoustics, lighting, room decor, home theater seating, screen size, equipment and speaker placement, home theater wiring, etc.

On our part, we are committed to continuing developing this website into a complete resource of free home theater guides and product reviews.

We hope that you will enjoy and profit from the articles appearing on Practical Home Theater Guide.